The endless wars in Chicago have produced more “Chi-Town Refugees” than we can count since African Americans have been fleeing Chicago ever since the 1970s since governor after governor and mayor after mayor and police official after police official has fueled the violence and corruption through inaction.

This year alone over 3700 Americans have been shot and injured in Chicago, and well over 555 have been murdered while a Democratic mayor and a Republican governor are governing the state of Illinois. So far the elected officials don’t seem to have a solution to the ever widening problem or the will to try to solve the issue of violence even though President Trump has also weighed in on the situation.

The Chi-Town Refugees that I interviewed stated that they lost jobs since they could not get to work due to the violence on the public transportation system that never seems to end since there are fights all the time and since people are being shot on the bus while others are using drugs. The refugees are also afraid to take their kids on the bus since used needles and other drug related items are often present.

The scene in Chicago has been described as “The Valley of The Shadow of Death” since American citizens are leaving their homes for school or for work or for sport and never returning home since they are being caught in the crossfire. Americans are also being shot and killed while they are watching television and while they are eating dinner at the kitchen table. And according to the Chi-Town Refugees that have had to flee their place of birth due to the violence and corruption that exists many of the police officers are on the take and are selling drugs while killing rival drug dealers and men and women that owe them money.

The Chi-Town Refugees told me that if I wanted to understand Chicago then and now then I would need to imagine a world where jobs are scarce and where poverty and racism are rampant and where my city is being militarized and where there is no one to turn to since snitches and spies and con artists and gamblers and hustlers and prostitutes and FBI surveillance and black sites and killers and dope fiends are everywhere.

The Chi-Town Refugees that are in their 80s now stated that the violence increased exponentially right after they received a new batch of vaccines during the 1970s. They also described not being able to concentrate and having strange thoughts and unexplained and uncontrolled episodes of anger and a feeling of being stuck by thousands of needles at a time.

Our world literally changed overnight is what the Chi-Town Refugees told me during the Illinois interviews that deal with the awful state of affairs in Chicago and the Chi Town Refugees themselves.        

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –