There has certainly been a rise in violence amongst females which was first recognized on a national and international level after Lorena Bobbitt committed a heinous and unforgivable act of violence against her then husband. The world was further shocked when she essentially got off scot-free and wasn’t deported after mutilating an American citizen.  The civilized world also began to see America as a nation that was not serious about illegal immigration and that would not protect its own citizens. And at the time those in the Christian community who were both males and females said that what had transpired on the part of the United States Government who had failed to deport Lorena had marked the demise of civilized American society and that we would see ever increasing violence amongst women since what you promote you also permit.  

Were the Christians correct about us seeing an increase in violence amongst women who as they put it would become emboldened since nothing was done to Lorena?

Well we have seen women cutting open the stomachs of pregnant women and stealing their unborn children and we have also seen women burying and dumping newborn babies in the trash and even getting away with it in some cases and even when it is not their first offense. We have also seen women molesting children that have been placed in their trusting care and not being sent to prison for ruining their male or female student’s life. We have also witnessed women robbing banks and leading police on a high speed chase and some news outlets passing it off as the women catching up to their male counterparts which is tantamount to promoti9on  of criminal activity.

Women are also responsible for killing police officer and for running crime rings and for torturing defenseless senior citizens and handicapped individuals.  There’s also a case where a woman attacked a handicap man and severed his penis after pretending to be someone who was there to help a disabled person who had trouble getting around. The defenseless victim almost died due to blood loss. This was clearly attempted murder as are all cases like this since intentionally cutting open the body often leads to death which everyone knows.

In addition to being abusive towards senior citizens and handicapped person women have been murdering their own children. And further evidence of this is a Southern California woman who beat her son to death with a hammer as he set at the kitchen table while eating.

We also have two other disturbing and tragic cases of violence and that involves three black lesbians who committed heinous acts of vilence against children. One lesbian set the male toddler of her former lover on fire and another lesbian burned the genitals of a male child along with the assistance of his biological mother. The lesbian couple also burned the hands of the child on the stove.

The increase is violence amongst women is a real phenomenon despite any claims to the contrary because the evidence shows it.

I interviewed a woman who had been sentenced to prison in Texas and she talked about how women are walking around with razor blades inside their mouths as a way of protecting themselves against other extremely violent and dangerous females. I also interviewed a woman who was a former inmate in the Kentucky prison system and she showed me what had happened to her as a result of stealing some drugs from another hardened inmate. The woman was held down by four inmates while the woman that she stole from cut off her clitoris as well as her left nipple. The former inmate also explained that if a woman refuses to pleasure another inmate who has power inside the prison then her most prized possession will be cut off and flushed down the toilet. She also said that before she had become addicted to drugs and stole from another inmate that she herself had cut off another women’s clitoris or “Crown of Glory” after the new arrival had disrespected her and some of her friends who were dealing drugs behind bars.

I also interviewed a Hispanic woman in Southern California who was sent to a woman’s prison when she was still just a teenager. She was given a heavy sentence for stabbing and killing an adult female during a gang fight. The former inmate also told me how she had witnessed a gang fight inside the prison wherein five girls jumped another girl right before cutting up her face and breasts and vagina and that this particular incident had caused her to change her life since they came for her next right before her homegirls got involved. She also said that she had gotten stabbed between the legs while she was showering and that she didn’t think that she would be able to have kids until she gave birth to her first son about six years after getting out of prison and becoming a born again Christian.    

When we look back in history we can also find violent women, which is why those that have not been influenced by American politics will point to the women in the 1920s and in the 1800s who were killing adults and children in order to collect insurance money.

I believe a Christian woman put it best when she said we cannot believe what the feminist political party has to say about women being delicate creatures because my mother and grandmother were both violent women during the 30s and this was long before women were in violent Hollywood movies. Plus the Holy Bible says “If a woman grabs the testicles of a man from behind who her husband is fighting with then her hand should be cut off” which tells us that women were also violent in the Biblical days and that this law was enacted because this sort of thing was going on.  

No one can deny the fact that women are violent, however, some claim that the violence in women that we are experiencing in America means that the end is near while others say that the tenth planet is approaching and that this is why women have become so violent again and that a society has died once its women become violent.

Well whether you believe that America needs to be made whole again or great again or whether you believe that it’s the end of days or the tenth planet. The fact is that women have become increasingly violent and now we have a woman entering a restroom for two hours and then coming out completely naked before destroying a Subway restaurant. We also have a woman jumping up and down on her own car while only wearing a blanket around her waist. We also have a former female Mexican boxer who turned serial killer after she started killing elderly women. We also have teenage girls attacking law enforcement officers while trying to take their weapons. In addition we have women beating their female roommates to death prior to stealing their things and prior to going on a joy ride. We also have a woman who ran over her husband because he didn’t vote against President Obama when he first ran.

We also have women stealing cars and snatching purses and breaking into homes and committing terrorist attacks and bulling one another like never before and placing fight videos online. We also have women shooting other women below the belt and laughting about it and the list goes on.

Something has happened in America and throughout the world as result of international news  outlets coveraing the violence in America.   

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –