“Black Dispatches” was an intelligence term that was widely used by the Union Forces that were still loyal to President Abraham Lincoln during the tumultuous and worrisome days of the American Civil War, which had ended with the deaths of more than 700,000 men in the spring of 1865.

The Black Dispatches were freely given to the Union by a collection of African American spies or intelligence gatherers, who were still being enslaved by the Confederates, and their citizens, who were being backed up by a group of non-slave owning white sympathizers, who were trying their absolute very best to prevent the inevitable collapse of the Southern states and their debauched kingdom of Chattel Slavery, and sickness and death, and untold misery.

The aforementioned Black Dispatches were also provided by another group of African American spies, who had suddenly come under the command and/or control of several Union Soldiers, who made the conscious decision to use the war-time information, that the former slaves had secretly obtained through a number of frontline military debriefings, to gain the upper hand during the war, and to thwart and frustrate the efforts of the seasoned Confederate Generals, and their lower ranking soldiers, who were also being actively spied on, and who were very much like their Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who could have never imagined within his wildest dreams that the black captives in his charge could be anything else besides a slave since he, like the others before him, simply didn’t understand that the blacks in their custody had previously been part of an advanced civilization that had also included a number of prominent black spies, who had secretly worked for a number of kings and queens in Africa, and  prior to the advent of Chattel Slavery, and the West African Slave Trade, which had already gotten underway in Africa prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus, which had occurred about a half of a century after the start of the West African Slave Trade, would simply be the beginning of a series of non-Native American initiated wars, and non-Native American armies since the Confederate Generals, and the men that were serving underneath them would become a separate and formidable army, who had yet to meet up with the devout Civil War era African American spies that would suddenly and unexpectedly spring up all over the South, and who would be both males and females, as well as victims of an international kidnapping ring since they had been forcibly transported to America against their wills while they were being taken from their peaceful and loving homes on the Western Coast of Africa where they had not given their consent to be enslaved under the American slave system, which was drastically different from the kind of “Indentured Servitude” that we can find in the Hebrew Bible, and that had also existed in certain African slave states, who gave their African slaves the right to testify in court and to get married and to have a nuclear family and to inherit their master’s property upon his death.

The Union spies of African American ancestry knew African history and African law as well as the contrasting differences between indentured servitude and the American slave system, which as far as they were concerned had to be abolished at all costs since it had represented a form of unshakable evil that had never been seen before since it was married to a new form of unchecked greed that had known no end since it was indeed the beast that eats the poor of the land.

The Confederate system represented death and sickness and misery for millions of African Americans, and had to be stopped through acts of espionage and armed conflict, and the black slaves were the perfect weapon since they knew the lay of the land and could infiltrate any area of the Confederacy, which was easily demonstrated when Mary Richards Bowser, who was born a slave to a family with Northern roots, and who was also a, “Union Spy,” as well as a top secret and deep cover, “Agent In Place,” who had once been owned by the Van Lew family, was secretly gathering valuable Union intelligence on the Confederates while she was working as a staff member inside the Jefferson Davis Richmond Virginia based “White House” while the rest of the South was crawling with her fellow African American Union spies, who were unshakably loyal to President Lincoln and also to his Union Soldiers, who were also African Americans.

The Black Dispatches or “Wartime Intelligence Reports” that Mary Richards Bowser, who was also known as, “Richmonia Richards,” had been secretly compiling on the Confederate President Jefferson Davis while she was working inside his White House, had continued to stream in as the war for control over the Southern States had continued to wage on, and while the Confederates were none the wiser since they had incorrectly assumed that all slaves were the same and that they couldn’t think and that they had extremely low IQs even though Timbuktu had been the center of learning long before America was even a concept, and even though enslaved African Americans were publishing an American newspaper in the year 1827.

The Black Dispatches as well as a series of open gun battles that were taking place between the Confederates and the black Union Soldiers that were fighting to end slavery once and for all, had proven the Confederates wrong on all accounts while simultaneously changing the entire course of the American Civil War and American history itself since the very least in the American kingdom had turned out to be the most formidable intelligence gathers that The Republic had ever seen since no one besides the slaves themselves believed or thought or knew that the slaves could be much more than just slaves when the Civil War between the Confederate States and the Union States first got underway in April of 1861.

And while the Union Soldiers might have also received sets of helpful information from their white sympathizers like the “Peace Society” of Alabama and East Tennessee and Georgia and Mississippi, no one was more effective against the Confederate States than the slaves, and former slaves had been while they were serving the Union under the leadership of the capable Union Soldiers that ultimately regained control of the country while also receiving verified intelligence reports from, “The Network of Northern Spies,” who had also managed to infiltrate the South during a separate spying operation. The Network of Northern Spies was primarily comprised of devout Catholics and Methodists and Jews and unyielding Quakers and other groups of faith that were present in the United States during the turbulent 1860s.  

The tumultuous 1860s are seen by many as America’s greatest period to date since the religious people in the North and also in the South had joined forces with the black slaves from Africa while taking on the Southern establishment, which was also seen by many as Satanic in nature and as an abomination.

The word abomination was being widely used during the war filled 1860s, which is indeed why some people still see the period between 1861 and 1865 as a type of holy war since the slaves and former slaves, who had already escaped to Union territory, and who were actively supplying the incomparable Black Dispatches that were being used by President Lincoln’s Forces, had risked their lives by going behind enemy lines just like the Hebrew spies had done thousands of years before them when they entered the ancient city of Jericho, and when they met the biblical figure Rehab, who had saved the lives of the two Israelite spies by hiding them on her roof top while sending the king’s guards in a different direction. The Hebrew spies had been sent by Joshua to gauge the defenses of Jericho when Rehab, who was a prostitute, demonstrated her faith in the Israelite God by saying to the Hebrew spies, “The Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.”

The Black Dispatches were a modern day example of the Israelite intelligence reports that were delivered to Joshua since the African American intelligence reports had also revealed considerable weaknesses that had existed within the unsuspecting Confederate Soldiers’ defenses, and while some will try to claim that the South lost the Civil War due to a lack of men, the Union Generals of the day knew better since General Robert E. Lee, who was in command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, openly stated in May of 1863, “The chief source of information to the enemy is through our Negroes.”      

The Black Dispatches proved to be Jefferson Davis’ and Robert E. Lee’s undoing since a large portion of runaway slaves, who were previously thought dumb by the Confederates due to their menial work, which allowed them to move about undetected, had also provided crippling war-time intelligence reports to the Union while searching for a place or a city to call their own in a world of open warfare.

African Americans not only participated in the intelligence gathering aspect of the American Civil War, for they also conducted tactical and strategic “Union Intelligence Missions” that required them to go behind enemy lines and to remain in place and to assassinate scores of Confederate Soldiers, which was not an easy task to accomplish since the Confederate Soldiers had already won some impressive battles against the Union, and had also participated in numerous wars against the American Indians, who were also fighting against the Mexican Cavalry, who had also stolen their land while the African American spies in the South were handing the keys to the kingdom to President Lincoln and his Union Forces.   

The war-time Black Dispatches, which were obtained by eavesdropping on Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and numerous Confederate war discussions while hiding pieces of written information inside one’s shoes and other articles of clothing while actively remembering large portions of classified Confederate war strategies: were extremely lethal pieces of intelligence and were therefore used throughout the remainder of the Civil War since they were the absolute very best defense that could be used against the Confederate Forces since the Confederates wouldn’t be looking for the black spies or for the black assassins, who were just as loyal to the Union Forces as Harriet Tubman had been.                                    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –