As innocent children growning up in the United states of America many of us were erroneously taught in grade school that the women’s restroom was clean enough for God himself to visit, and that angels often hung out in the women’s restroom since it was simply divine.

We were also taught by our female teachers that little girls washed their hands after using the restroom and that little boys didn’t, howver, it would seem that we were purposely being lied to all along, and proof of the lie is revealed in the candid interviews that I conducted because the courageous women that I interviewed for this particular tell all decided to reveal every unpleasant detail about their collective restroom experiences. They also talked about the caliber of females that frequented these restrooms.

I began my investigation by interviewing a woman named Nancy O. who grew up during the 1950s, and who wanted to speak out on some of the myths that surround the cleanliness of the women’s restroom. After we began the twenty minute interview Nancy stated in a clear and unassuming voice that the girls restroom has been ddirty for as long as she could remember. She also stated that she dreaded using the girls restroom during the fifties because toilets weren’t being flushed and girls weren’t washing their hands after taking number ones and number twos, and that girls were also affixing boogers to the walls just to gross other girls out.

Nancy also remarked that she got tired of seeing human waste floating in the toilet and would either hold it in or ask her older brother and his friends to sneak her into the boys restroom so she could use it after school. The uncleanliness of the girls restroom is the only thing that Nancy hated about her childhood since there was nothing that she could personally do about someone else’s poor hygiene practices that she had felt started at home with girls mothers who must not have been very clean themselves since they behaved like this out in public.

I also interviewed Barbara Sue who grew up in Southern California after her mother and father divorced and after her mother forced her to leave Houston Texas in 1966. According to Barbara Sue her life as a child in Socal was a living hell because the Northerners didn’t have any manners to speak of since they would see you standing at the sink while washing your hands right before they would let out a loud and unpleasant ball of gas that would cause you to gasp for air due to the rotten egg smell.

Barbara Sue also complained about the toilets not being flushed and about girls urinating on the floor and leaving used toilet tissue lying around the commode that had started to attract flies. The smell itself would have run off a rapist Barbara Sue remarked as she seemed to throw up in her mouth as she was revisiting the horror scene that was the girls restroom when she came to Southern California at the age of thirteen years old.

Melody A. grew up during the 1970s and stated that girls were passed out drunk in the women’s restroom and that some of the girls had even gone to the restroom on themselves before they could get their pants down, and that the ones who had managed to unclothe themselves before sitting on the toilet had fallen asleep while doing the number two and that you could smell it just as soon as you hit the door. Melody also remembers that girls would be snoring like it was no ones business while sitting on the toilet passed out.

Melody also recalled an incident that involved a girl who was shooting heroin. This particular girl died of an overdose while a group of girls stood outside the stall waiting to use the restroom while pounding on the door to the stall.

Angela H. got into a physical altercation with a female in 1988 who thought that it was appropriate to shave her pubic hairs while standing at the sink in the women’s restroom. The fight started between Angela and the offending female after Angela told her that she needed to do that sort of thing at home since it was highly unsanitary. Angela’s comment although true infuriated the shaving female and the girl started cursing her out which prompted Angela to tell her that no one wanted to see her ugly and disgusting vagina, and that what she was doing out in the open was digusting and animal like. The girl responded by slapping Angela in the face which caused Angela to kick her below the belt, and as the two of them started to struggle near the sink area Angela managed to wrestle the razor out of her weakened opponents left hand, and when the girl resorted to biting Angela on the wrist and left shoulder, Angela who was fifty pounds heavier slammed the girl’s head into the floor fight before sitting her on stomach while she placed the razor against the girl’s completely exposed clitoris which got the girl’s undiidded attention.

Angela threatened to circumcise her aggressor by cutting off her clitoris which caused the girl to beg for mercy as Angela continued to pin her to the floor and as she trapped her legs which prevented the girl from getting up.

Belinda who was freckled faced and as mean as a junkyard dog never said another word to Angela for as long as they went to high school together because she knew just how cfose she came to being maimed by Angela who was a heavy set black female who didn’t bother anyone, but who wasn’t going to allow anyone to disrespect her by slapping her in the face and by biting her.

Michelle H. told me during our thirty minute interview that she stopped using the restroom in college after a girl stood nexr to her and started washing her vagina in the sink because she was going out with a new guy in 1997 who was loaded according to the offending party.  Michelle was especially horrified when she looked back at the stall that the girl had come out of and saw a tampon that resembled a crime scene. The only think that she could think is why didn’t she flush the toilet and how can you be going out with a guy in this conditiona dnd she should tell him that she’s on her period, so he won’t touch her because if he discovers blood on himself after they finish having sex he’s going to get really, really upset.

Fast forward to 2013 and you will see that not much has changed since Vanessa L. developed bowel problems after not wanting to use the girl’ restroom at her high school since girls were leaving tampons in the toilet and on the floor and since they weren’t flushing the toilet after defecating and since they weren’t washing their hands. According to Vanessa these same girls had the nerve to offer her food after she had just seen them eating with unwashed hands after stinking up the restroom.

Urine on the floor is another reason why Vanessa didn’t want to use the women’s restroom and especially after some of it got on her underwears since she didn’t see it since she was in a hurry to sit down since the line outside the girls’s restroom had been especially long after lunch. Finding human waste floating in the toilet that was the size of a cucumber made Vanessa mad enough to punch the girl out who hadn’t flushed the toilet and who just walked out without washing her hands.

All of the women that I interviewed for this news article were eager to speak about the problems with the women’s restroom since they have seen twenty and thirty and even fifty year olds using the restroom without flushing the toilet and without washing their hands.

When I asked what the women believed the root cause to be for why women aren’t as clean as we ecpect them to be or as clean as we were taught that they were. They all blamed the women’s’ mothers because they said the mother sets the tone for cleanliness and if she isn’t clean then her daughters won’t be clean either.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –