Black History month is a time of celebration that includes the accomplishments of blacks that are spread throughout the entire world.

No celebration of black culture can truly end or begin with what has transpired in America, for black history covers much more than just the cruelty that blacks have had to endure ever since they were brought to America and enslaved. Black history goes far behind the brutality that blacks overcame while residing in the American South and while being targeted by J. Edgar Hoover’s F.B.I. and while residing in the areas that are covered by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Black history began in Africa when the first man and woman communicated directly with their God long before the Eastern and Western slave trade ever began, and it has continued with the Egyptians and with the Nubians as well as with great men like St. Maurice who headed up the Roman Legion that was known as the Theban Legion. Black history has also continued with influential men like W.E.B. Dubois and like Fredrick Douglas and like George Washington Carver. Harriet Tubman has also played a role in black history as well as Rosa Parks and President Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Malcolm X and Minister Farrakhan, for black history is an ongoing process or development that has no end in sight since everyone contributes to black history.

The past and present authors and actors and athletes and musicians and others that have exhibited excellence have all contributed to black history and continue to do so since their actions demonstrate what blacks did from the very beginning of time. The aforementioned authors and actors and athletes and musicians and others effectively demonstrate the resilience of blacks as a people since they went from being slaves under a totalitarian system to participants in a free society after being subjected to a great deal of cruelties. And what sets blacks apart from others that have faced the same system of oppression in America, which was based on physical characteristics, is their overall resilience and desire to succeed despite the insurmountable odds that they faced and continue to face since racism still exists in certain parts of America. In addition, what makes the accomplishments of blacks so remarkable is the fact that they have succeeded in a society that was completely foreign to them since they had to embrace a different system and language and culture before they could demonstrate their overall excellence and their ability to create and to contribute to a society that was not their own.

After slavery ended blacks were simply told, “You’re free,” and the question was, “Free to do what since this is all that we’ve known since being brought to America?”

The blacks that lived after the end of slavery as well as their offspring have answered the above mentioned question each and every day of their lives by becoming players on the world stage and in a society that was never intended for them since the framers of said society could never have conceived of a world with black authors and actors and athletes and musicians and dramatists and inventors and radio hosts and television personalities and designers and insurance agents and homeowners and home builders and senators and congress people and Presidents.

To fully comprehend the total meaning and significance of black history month the conscious onlooker must understand that the African American story is much like the story of King Sakura because he went from being a slave in the land of Mali to becoming the King of Mali after winning his freedom from his Mali masters.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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