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Since we’ve certainly heard an awful lot from women who are vehemently opposed to an all-girls basketball team winning a basketball game that ends in a score of 100-0; I decided to explore the other side of the spectrum since there are a number of women who feel completely different about an all-girls team beating another all-girls team by 100-0.

The opinions of the women who are listed below are just as important and just as valid as those that have gotten national attention, which is why they are being given the opportunity to speak out on female sports since they are greatly underrepresented in the media.

Traci C. age 27 stated during our 08/26/15 interview that she feels that firing coaches and stripping players of a well-deserved victory sends a collective message to girls that they did something wrong by beating another team of players 100-0 even though they won according to the rules of the sport. Traci also stated that by not allowing girls to display their overall excellence in a game that results in a score of 100-0, it holds women back because it tells girls how they must behave in a sheltered society, and that they must allow an inferior team of players to score points, which is tantamount to cheating the sports fans out of a real experience since purposely allowing another team to put points on the board interferes with the overall integrity of the game.

Camille Ashbury age 56 commented during our 08/28/15 interview that men and women constantly interfering in all female team victories only serves to hurt the world of female sports since fans of both sexes want to see a real game, and a game where women and girls are at their absolute very best, which will result in 100-0 victories from time to time since no one can ever predict the outcome of an organized game unless it is fixed from the very start which is what some women and men are trying to do by taking away victories that are well-deserved.

Samantha Suarez age 35 was extremely frank during our 09/03/15 interview in which she abruptly stated that the whole point of organized sports is to teach players how to win and how to lose a game no matter how painful the loss might be since it’s preparation for life itself. Samantha who’s a diehard basketball fan, and whose 9 year old son plays the sport, also said that if the girls on either team aren’t prepared to get theii butts kicked in a game that results in a score of 100-0, then they shouldn’t be playing in the first place since she herself was a basketball player when her team lost 80-0 since they simply were outmatched by a team of serious black females who won the game by executing the fundamentals of basketball.

Samantha also stated that they never lost another game by 80-0 again for as long as she played the sport since the girls on her team rededicated themselves and realized that no one is going to give them anything in life and that they must earn  everything that they get since the world is not their very own personal paradise that’s filled with male and female servants who are going to fall at their feet simply because they were born female.

Consuelo Gonzalez age 49 told me during our 09/10/15 interview that she used to be a female boxer back in Mexico before she legally came to the United States as a student, and that girls and women were much, much tougher in her day than they are today. Consuelo also remarked that girls have become weak because they’re listening to the feminists who’ve never been in a real fight before and who cannot relate to the average woman who is poor and who is far less educated and who is not a homeowner or even the owner of an automobile.

Consuelo who also goes by Connie also told me during our interview that one time when she was around 25 years old, and in fighting shape, she got into an unexpected fight after she stopped by a local bar in Mexico to have a beer since this is just something that people occasionally do when they’re just trying to past the time.

The solo trip to the bar had started out innocent enough, however, an aggressive female patron who had recognized Connie as a boxer, and who  had threatened to beat her up after Connie told her that she didn’t want any trouble, and that she had just come there to have a drink, abruptly kicked Connie below the belt as the two women were facing each other, which caused Connie to collapse and to start clutching her genitals due to the pain. The woman then started to punch Connie in the face until Connie fought through the pain and threw the woman up against the bar.

After gaining her feet again after the unprovoked attack, Connie threw a couple of combinations that downed the woman that had attacked her without warning, and as the woman fried to crawl away, Connie returned the favor and kicked the woman below the belt from behind while she was on all fours, which caused the woman to collapse in pain, which gave Connie the opportunity to talk to the woman since she couldn’t very well go anywhere after the well placed kick that had caused her to scream at the top of her lungs.

With her aggressor no longer a threat, Connie was able to explain to her drunk friend that she’s a reall boxer and not just someone that puts on a show in front ot fans for money.

The woman who was ten years older than Consuelo apologized before limping away in pain.

At the conclusion of our interview, whivh was based on girls beating other girls 100-0, Connie advised me that she told me about the fight in order to demonstrate how tough the women in her day really were. She also said that an American woman who is kicked below the belt by another woman will immediately start to cry for her mother instead of defending herself, which is what girls in America are being taught to do whenever they lose a basketball game by 100-0.

Connie firmly believes that American females are being taught to be cowards instead of being taught to accept painful losses that build character and that prepare men and women for life’s challenges.

Before I could close my notepad Connie had a few more statements to make about American female athletes, which surprised me since she said that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey isn’t as tough as the women of her day and that she wouldn’t last one minute in a Mexican street fight since a female fighter from Mexico would kick her below the belt, which would cause her to quit the fight just like the female basketball players who quit instead of fighting back like a champion since this is what real athletes do just like male boxers who are hit below the belt and who keep fighting until the fight is over.         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Grandstand Grill

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Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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