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The Novarrk

The Novarrk was listed in my ‘2035’ news article under my futurist thoughts without being specifically named for personal reasons; however, I did however describe the unique and indistinguishable characteristics of The Novarrk in unmistakable detail since I’m a designer, and a futurist, and an American journalist who is aware of the U.S. Copyright protection that automatically extends to everything that I have written or will write in the future.   

But what is The Novarrk?

The Novarrk is my ‘Artificially Intelligent Bus Design’ which was conceived of well in advance of the year 2005.

The Novarrk is designed to be a fully autonomous self-driving bus which will be capable of self-diagnosis, which means that it will be able to determine what’s wrong with its engine or its doors or its air conditioning system or its fuel system or its electrical system or its wheels or its brakes or its tires etc.

The Novarrk is also designed to operate on all city streets since an onboard interactive map of the Continental USA or of Africa or of Israel or of Italy or of China or of North Korea or of England or of Russia is all that is needed since a backup master map will be held by The All Seeing Eye in The Sky or by the AI Satellite called The Novarrk Diamond.

The Novarrk differs from other buses since it is designed to be dispatched by The Novarrk Diamond in the sky which will possess an independent artificial intelligence of its own, as well as a master problem solving algorithm that will be anticipatory in nature since it will be able to see the entire landscape from its position in space.

My AI Satellite-to-AI Bus-System’will completely eliminate the need for a human dispatcher to come into work whenever he or she is sick since The Novarrk buses will also have a situational problem solving artificial intelligence algorithm, which means that passengers will be able to ask The Novarrk questions about routes, and the weather, and news reports, and traffic reports, and road closures, and upcoming festivals or concerts or sporting events along The Novarrk’s preprogrammed route.  

The passengers will also be able to ask The Novarrk questions about restaurants and medical facilities and schools and shops and libraries and storage facilities and auto repair facilities and bus pass stations and other places along The Novarrk’s route. Passengers will also be sold an age appropriate bus pass while they are on the bus when they have not purchased an electronic bus card in advance, and if the passenger was just released from a medical facility, and is wearing a hospital band or cannot pay the fare, The Novarrk will remember their face, and their name, and will grant them two lifetime free rides without human oversight, however, any free rides above the two free lifetime trips or rides will require a human manager or supervisor to enter the following code HR2+TS.

The aforementioned age appropriate bus passes will be accomplished through means of the sophisticated camera system that The Novarrk will be using to separate the adults from the kids, who will be charged in accordance with the rules of their particular city.

The Novarrk AI based camera system will also separate the handicapped riders from the non-handicapped riders, who will be charged their individual ADA appropriate fare, which will be based entirely upon their disability, which will be perceived by the AI camera system since it will be able to scan the eyes and the entire body of all passengers. 

The battery powered Novarrk that I designed will also use its sophisticated camera system to determine whether or not it should stop for a passenger verses a dog or a shopping cart.

The Novarrk will also use a GPS system and an onboard interactive mapping system to determine its routes, as well as when it should stop for a red light, and for road closures, which will either be uploaded to its GPS system, and to its onboard interactive mapping system in advance or in real time since the police and the fire department and the public works department will be able to communicate with The Novarrk, and also with The Novarrk Diamond, who will send an alternate route to The Novarrk while the human managers observe the AI-to-AI process or interface from their office while communicating with the police or with the fire department or with the public works department.  

The Novarrk is also designed to be a technician assigning and advising system, so if The Novarrk should experience a mechanical malfunction, it will call for another bus to be sent while it troubleshoots the problem, and while it arrives at a solution to the problem while it examines its blueprint, which will have a sensor, and a unique part number, and a trouble code for the faulty part, and for every inch of its operating system, and its frame, and its moving parts.

The faulty part will be ordered by The Novarrk, which means that the part will be waiting for the assigned technician by the time The Novarrk arrives back at its home base or its yard for repair, and if The Novarrk is not drivable, The Novarrk will order its own tow truck since it will be able to fully diagnose itself.

The Novarrk will also have a text based communications system that will allow it to tell the assigned technician which tool or tools will be needed to repair its system since the faulty part, and the tool will have matching serial numbers that will either begin with ‘RP’ for replacement part or with “RT’ for replacement tool.

The ‘RP’ and the ‘RT’ will appear side by side, and if a panel or another item on The Novarrk blueprint has to be removed in order to remove and replace the faulty part; The Novarrk will include the additional ‘RT’ right along with its specific location on The Novarrk blueprint.

The aforementioned text message will be as follows:

***RP4789 RT4789 RT4788 Left Rear Floor Panel Phillips Screw Driver Completion Time 2.5 Hours***  

The assigned technician will have all of the information that he or she will need in order to repair The Novarrk since a 3D picture will also be sent to his or her phone or computer, which will show the exact location of the faulty part, and its part number, and its replacement tool number, and its additional replacement tool numbers, if any, and the estimated time to complete the job.

The Novarrk will also inform the assigned technician about any and all safety concerns while informing him or her about any and all safety equipment that will be required to complete the job.

The Novarrk will also test itself once the part has been replaced, and it will also inform the assigned technician whether or not he or she has missed a screw or a step in the replacement process since it will know. 

The Armstrong AI Bus Design                                                         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –




I’m often asked about, ‘The African Cellphone Industry,’ and how it compares to America’s cellphone industry, and what Africans primarily use their cellphones for?

I intend to answer the abovementioned questions and many, many more during the course of my news article, but let me start off by saying that Africa has been able to jump into the digital age of phone-to-phone communication without having to develop a major landline industry first, which has its pluses and its minuses since our landline industry has created millions and millions of standalone service tech jobs in addition to millions and millions of cellphone industry jobs, so when it comes to having a dual communications industry that provides millions of jobs, as well as a backup emergency system that does not depend on cell towers, America still stands at the very top of the person to person communications mountain.

But, is it really a fair comparison since Africa has way more people than the United States, and can therefore produce many more jobs and subscribers?

Well, in the year 2002 only one to two Africans out of every ten Africans owned a cellphone, however, in the year 2018 Africa’s cellphone industry was just as big as the United States or bigger, and it did not take the African mobile phone networks nearly as long as it had taken the American mobile phone networks to achieve this kind of unprecedented success.

The African Cellphone Industry is booming in South Africa and in Nigeria and also in Kenya, and all across the African continent, and as a result, Smartphones sells will steadily increase with the advent of the Chinese made 5G Network that’s already being used in Mexico.

The cellphone has been a great help to Africa, and while Americans might primarily use their mobile phones for texting, and for taking pictures, and for social media, and for calling friends and family, and for making videos, and for navigation, and for listening to music, and for watching movies, and for watching YouTube; the Africans are into a phenomena called, ‘Mobile Money,’ and primarily use their cellphones for sending text messages, and for taking pictures, and for creating videos, and for getting political news, and for making and receiving payments, and for getting consumer info, and for getting health info, and for accessing social media sites, and for looking for jobs while applying for positions through their cellphones, which is something that would not be at all possible without Dr. Henry T. Sampson since the Cellphone simply would not exist without the pioneering work of an African American scientist named Dr. Henry T. Sampson, who invented the, ‘Gamma-Electric Cell,’ on July 6, 1971, and who also holds the U.S. Patent No. 3, 591, 860 for his ground breaking invention that gave birth to the 40 plus year old cell phone that you and I are carrying around inside our pockets and our day bags and our purses.

The ‘Gamma Electric Cell’ invention made it possible for Motorola’s engineer Marty Cooper to place the very first public cellphone call on April 3, 1973.

The Verge captured this history making event, which again would not have been possible without Dr. Henry T. Sampson’s ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ invention, by telling us that the first public cell phone call took place in Midtown Manhattan, and that Marty Cooper called Joel Engel, who was the head of Bell Labs at the time, which was a competitor, and said, ‘Joel, this is Marty. I’m calling you from a cell phone, a real handheld portable cell phone.’

The call between Marty Cooper and Joel Engel was placed on a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, which weighed some 2.5 pounds at the time.

Today our cellphones weigh 4 ounces, and although most Americans and Africans might not be aware of the history of the cellphone or who Dr. Henry T. Sampson is, their lives have been greatly enriched by his patented technology, which changed the entire English and non-English speaking world forever, so let us honor the African American scientist that brought the world the ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ that’s directly responsible for our cellphones, and for Africa’s booming cellphone industry, which has more than one cellphone carrier, which might surprise some Americans since I was told by some Americans that they believe that Africa only has one or two cellphone carriers at most since America has had a cellphone industry ever since the 1980s.

Well, contrary to what some Americans might presently believe Africa has a pretty sizable mobile phone network that stretches far beyond one to two cellphone carriers.

I will list a few of Africa’s best known mobile phone networks or cellphone carriers below.  


Vodafone provides coverage for South Africa, Ghana, and Egypt     


Telefonica provides coverage for Sudan (operating as Sudan Unicom) and Morocco


Airtel provides coverage for Burkina Faso, Chad, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda and other places in Africa


Orange provides coverage for Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Madagascar, Togo, and Uganda


Beeline provides coverage for many places in Africa and is a Russian mobile phone network that operates around the world and that has over 190 million subscribers throughout the world.

Well, by now you should know a lot more about The African Cellphone Industry than you previously did.

You should also know a lot more about the very first public cellphone call as well, and much, much more about how the cell phone ultimately came into being, and who invented the ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ that gave birth to the cell phone.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



Are we as Americans potentially condemning our children to an anguished filled life that is overflowing with the complications of Type II Diabetes simply by deciding to give our children certain potentially harmful substances to eat for breakfast?

The question has to be asked of all parents because it has the potential to spark a healthy and meaningful discussion that can be instrumental in saving many lives since most people simply aren’t aware of some of the hidden dangers that they are placing on the kitchen table for their children to consume on a constant and daily basis.

Now before I continue let me just state for the record that everyone isn’t affected by the foods that we consume on a regular basis, which is exactly what the statisticians will argue in defense of the companies that they often represent. However, since we cannot determine beforehand who will be adversely affected by the foods that are being marketed to our children, and that are also being marketed to their often uninformed parents who just want the very best for their children; don’t we as consumers as well as members of the media, have a pronounced responsibility to ask certain questions of the manufacturers and proponents of these foods as well as an undeniable responsibility  to take certain measures to protect our children that lack the nutritional knowledge to make their very own decisions about the foods that line the shelves of their local grocery stores?

My independent research suggests that the problem with Type II Diabetes seems to start for a number of people with the consumption of cereals and especially sugary cereals, which we as consumers are told are good for us, however, combining cereals and milk without coupling them with protein teaches the body to run off of pure sugar and off of a variety of simple carbohydrates that are quickly converted into sugar or glucose. The body will eventually learn to convert all non-protein items into sugar just as soon as they enter the person’s mouth. This causes an immediate spike in the blood sugar, which can eventually become lethal since everyone isn’t able to regulate their blood sugar without medication or without the application of insulin.

Milk and cereal without protein are not the only things to be concerned about because countless independent studies have proven that aspartame is linked to Type II Diabetes, however, this substance is being added to chewing gum that already contains sugar, which causes many to question why this is being done since aspartame is touted as being a hundred times sweeter than sugar.  Is it really necessary to add aspartame to chewing gum that already contains sugar, and if it isn’t, then why is this being done and for what unspoken purpose? Parents must start to ask certain questions of the producers of the foods that we consume on a constant and daily basis, so they can make the very best decisions for their children. Parents must also seek to partner with certain health care professionals that are informed about the potential dangers.

When I was in college the onsite nurse instructed me to start my day off with protein and to avoid eating vegetables and anything else without starting the meal with protein. She also advised me to avoid all sugary substances since sugar has no nutritional value.  This information was volunteered once I signed up for a physical education course. We need more health care professionals like the nurse that I had because if I hadn’t followed her advice then I would most likely be like the millions of Americans that cannot lower their blood sugar levels without medication or insulin.

Additional sources for information on the toxicity of aspartame are EMC 205 Aspartame and Dr. Tenpenny as well as Dr. Brackett.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

While there’s certainly been much debate about whether or not 12/21/2012 is literally the end of the world as we currently know it, there are several noted authorities that should be consulted when it comes to planetary matters, and one such authority is NASA.

As an organization that comprises the best and the brightest scientific minds that the world has to offer, NASA has never hinted at the possibility that the world is going to come to an end on 21 December 2012, which should be of some comfort to those that are stockpiling food and water in anticipation of a worldwide cataclysmic event of epic proportions.  There simply isn’t any concrete evidence that suggests that our way of life is going to come to a screeching halt on 12/21/2012, which is only a little more than ten days from today.

However, fear generates profits and there are those that have built their entire careers around the Mayan Calendar and its purported doomsday prophecy, which no one seems to be able to confirm.  Today, there are multiple books and DVDs that one can purchase and that do a spectacular job of forecasting the end of the world, however, the ten million dollar question that has yet to be answered is what will happen to the individuals that have devoted their entire careers to 12/21/2012 when everyone is still here on 12/22/2012?

Surely these individuals haven’t contemplated the possible political and financial ramifications and repercussions that may follow once their grandiose doomsday predictions fail to manifest themselves. We’re told that solar flares are going to scorch the earth and that hordes of zombies are going to rise up against the helpless humans while their terrified government officials hide themselves inside a series of pre-constructed underground shelters that have enough food and water to last the occupants for three to four years.  And we’re also told by those that are not paranormal investigators that the mysterious and illusive Planet X is going to appear prior to a group of aliens invading the planet earth.

Well, the respected former museum space science curator and former NASA consultant to Walter Cronkite and to CBS News, Richard C. Hoagland has a very different take on 12/21/2012, and he has stated on many different occasions that the world isn’t going to come to an end. Richard C. Hoagland is an authority when it comes to space and science and he would definitely know if the world were going to suddenly come to an end.

For most people that follow mainstream science 12/21/2012 is simply the beginning of the December Solstice.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA —

This article was also published by Examiner.com