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Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will become the norm if and when the superrich and the business minded decide that they want to create their very own “Inner Governments.” And by Inner Governments I mean “Autonomous Regions” since the individuals that will be allowed to reside or to do business within these new “Disruptive Technologies” will be living under a new form of government that will be wholly administered by the company officials that will be directly responsible for providing the paneled off Free Private City communities with unsurpassed Security and Liberty and Prosperity.

Can you imagine an auxiliary “Jewish State” for the religious Jews that are from Africa and America and Europe, and who want to live outside of the Middle East and far away from the violence, or a new “Constantinople” for the Christians that want a totally Christian environment, or a place within the United States of America or within another country including the third world, and that’s totally immune to all forms of gang influence, and drive by shootings, and rampant crime including sexual assaults, and holdups, and kidnappings, and bank robberies, and atrocious racial killings like the one that recently occurred when a gruesome white American male with ties to a white supremacist group, and who had recently been paroled, abruptly attacked and stabbed two African American females at a BART station in Oakland California? Well, the business world just might have found a solution in the form of Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” since everyone will surely be screened before he or she is allowed to begin to take up residence inside one of these walled off self-sustaining and self-governing communities, which quite frankly remind me and others of some of the historical and self-sustaining and self-governing African American communities that were deliberately destroyed by the Ku Klux Klan, and also by various police agencies, and local government officials that were guilty of directing the attacks while the local police either participated in the actual destruction or sanctioned the willful and racially motivated destruction of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and Property.

However, unlike the thriving and well governed and self-sustaining African American communities that were willfully destroyed by rampant racism in a country of unimaginable intolerance, the Free Private Cities will be protected from all forms of outside interference, and unauthorized incursions, and overbearing police agencies, and terroristic white supremacist groups like the KKK and the Alt Right and the White Nationalists.

The Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will also be protected against the formidable and devastating and racially motivated terrorist attacks that destroyed places like Rosewood and Black Wall Street since they will have their very own security measures as well as the full support and protection of the host countries where they will be doing business unlike the aforementioned African American metropolis that were destroyed after a period of great enjoyment, and security, and liberty, and prosperity, which had come before they were senselessly and deliberately destroyed by a group of racist psychopaths, who were simply allowed to go on with their lives after committing crimes against humanity.

The funds that foreign nations such as Israel or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Chad could potentially receive from Free Private Cities will ensure their success since governments generally honor their contracts with private companies, which essentially means that the Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will absolutely benefit the wealthy since they will be able to determine the kinds of activities that will be allowed to flourish behind their walls. The wealthy will also be able to manifest their very own realities since their children will be able to play outside without having to worry about drive by shootings and machete wielding fiends running around and robbing residents at the bus stop while the police are nowhere to be found.

The children of the wealthy also won’t have to worry about prostitutes taking over their neighborhoods or home invasion robberies or terrorizing gang fights or drug addicts shooing up in the park since the Free Private Cities will be well managed entities unlike some of America’s better known cities.

The residents that choose to live inside one of the Free Private Cities can expect to find safety and security and liberty and prosperity if and when they decide to start a business within one of the “Special Zones” since their neighbors will be their guaranteed market just like the African Americans that patronized the businesses within the Rosewood and Black Wall Street Zones.  

The residents in these protected Free Private Cities or “Autonomous Regions” can also expect, “The Private Companies,” which is what the Free Private Cities are, to provide the basic services of a state government within the designated or defined territory of the countries that the private companies are doing business in.

The residents in the Free Private Cities can also expect to pay an annual fee for the services that they will receive from the new private government. The fee will also include the safety, and the security, and the liberty that the private companies will afford to the willing residents in a world that seems to be darkening by the hour due to crime and civil unrest and certain economic downturns that cannot always be predicted beforehand.

So, for those of you that are fed up with crime, and with horrible governments, and with ineffective and corrupt police departments, and who want a structured life that involves a strict private government that will provide certain services and security and certainty, the Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” promise to provide all of these things and peace of mind for a fee.

The Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” can provide the bold and adventurous with endless possibilities for the right price. For example one could fulfill a fantasy by creating an auxiliary “Forbidden City” in Vietnam or a replica “Black Wall Street” in Zimbabwe or a replica “Rosewood” in Chad. The important thing to remember is that Free Private Cities are also open to the foreign governments that want to attract new industries and investments, and who also want to boost their economies by attracting Americans, which is something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time since the private companies will be operating under new rules that will absolutely benefit the rich since some of the places will be previously uninhabited areas without fixed environmental laws, which essentially means that the environmentalists will be in for a new fight that promises to arrive before the collapse of the Himalayas and the mass migration from Asia.                          

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview an 18 year old Palestinian American named Ibrahim, and what he had to say about Israel and Palestine just might surprise many of you since Ibrahim currently resides outside of the turmutuo8us Gaza Strip, and has come up with a visionary and objective design for what’s currently left of Palestine, which happens to be the birthplace of his parents and grandparents, who do not share his dream due to the eternal pain that they are carrying around with them due to the unimaginable violence that they have been subjected to.

I am not able to use Ibrahim’s surname since he fears for his family members that are still living in Gaza and also in the West Bank, but what I am able to tell you is that Ibrahim feels a certain amount of unbreakable solidarity with African Americans since he’s recently learned about the horrific and barbaric conditions that existed during the American Slave Trade, and also during the “Jim Crow Era” and the depraved destruction of “Black Wall Street.”

Ibrahim also learned about the untenable destruction of “Rosewood” and also about the overall cruelness and barbarity of the “Sundown Towns.”

He also learned about the inhumane shootings of unarmed black men, which he openly called “The New Lynching.”                    

The Sundown Towns seemed to really hit a nerve with Ibrahim who’s fluent in Arabic and English and French since his family members were also forced to leave their homes and businesses and schools while the rest of the world stood by and watched it happen.

Given the lessons that Chattel Slavery and the Jim Crow Laws and the subsequent destruction of Palestine have taught him about the nature of some human beings and also about the world at large, Ibrahim cannot see a day within his lifetime when the Government of Israel will be able to find it within its heart to stop bombing Palestine since it continues to kill unarmed protestors while using the Gaza fence to justify what it has been doing to the Palestinian people ever since the 1940s.

Ibrahim also stated that the killings have continued without respite even though the Palestinians had originally agreed to allow the German born Jews, who weren’t originally from the region, to resettle in Palestine with the promise and/or agreement that the Holocaust survivors would work with them on establishing two independent 20th Century styled states in 1948.

Ibrahim also stated that Palestinians never illegally crossed Israel’s border, and simply want to return to their homes in the occupied areas that Israel took from them in an “Undeclared War” since it was not a matter of “Two Independent Countries” fighting against one another and losing territory since Palestine was not a recognized or heavily armed state like Mexico had been when Robert E. Lee (01/19/1810-10/12/1870) went into Mexico during The US-Mexico War of 1846 to 1848, which officially began on 04/25/1846 when the Mexican Cavalry deliberately and abruptly attacked and killed a group of U.S. Soldiers while they were under the command of General George Zachary Taylor.

I thanked Ibrahim for providing the aforementioned historical framework, and for also pointing out the little known fact that the Mexican Cavalry had also taken one of our Forts right before I asked him how he would resolve the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and he provided the solutions that I’ve listed below.  

The First thing that I would do if I had the smarts and the power of President Donald J. Trump is to recognize the fact that Palestine is not in a “Religious War” with Israel since the black skinned Palestinian Muslims and the Arab Jews in Palestine are also in danger and don’t have any more rights than Hamas, and have also been bombed and murdered by Israel, so this is not a Jew verses Muslim war or even an Arab verses white war since all Palestinians don’t look like me, and also don’t practice the very same religion since we also have Palestinian Christians in our land just like the Lebanese and the Syrian and the black Christian communities in America.

I asked Ibrahim to elaborate on the various Palestinian groups, and he defined the black Palestinians as his black Arab brothers, who have always lived in Palestine. He also said that there’s another group of black Palestinians that they call “Afro Palestinians” since they had graciously traveled to Palestine from Africa in an effort to help the Palestinians fight the Israeli occupation.  

The Second thing that Ibrahim said is that he would like the international community to step in and to force the Israeli Government to build a wall on its border that will separate Israel from Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem since a wall will restrict further Jewish settlements from being built on Palestinian land since the border wall will make Palestine its own separate and recognizable 21st Century state, which can then be solely managed and guarded by Palestinian forces, who will be responsible for keeping peace between the two independent states.

Ibrahim also stated that he wants Palestine to become a solar powered state that utilizes solar thermal power stations and desalination plants and micro water filtration systems since their water has been polluted.    

The Third surprising thing that Ibrahim said is that a viable border wall that’s built by the Israeli Government on its side of the fence will allow the Berlin styled wall that’s currently separating Gaza and the West Bank to come down since Israel will no longer have control over Palestine, which would then be run by two separate branches of the unified Palestinian Government during peace times just like North and South Korea, who are presently talking to each other while working on a unification deal that will benefit all Koreans.

The Fourth thing that Ibrahim said during our time together is that he would like the foreign investors to start to see Palestine as a viable business opportunity since Palestine has a beautiful and rich culture that would easily attract millions of international and local tourists to the area, who could begin to fly to Palestine on a number of “Air Palestine” labeled Chinese or American or French or Russian or Australian made 747s once a major 21st Century styled Palestinian airport is built right along with hospitals and urgent care facilities that can provide the kind of care that’s found in the United States of America and at facilities like Kaiser Permanente.

The Fifth and final thing that Ibrahim said towards the conclusion of our 90 minute long interview is that he would like to see 5 Star Palestinian hotels, and amusement parks for the kids, and a Palestinian air space that comes equipped with international air defense systems that will protect the Palestinian people, and their property, and their land, and their religious sites, and their historical buildings and precious artifacts since these items certify that Palestine is a real place as well as the home of the Palestinian people.

Ibrahim also wants caravans of African American Christians and Muslims to be allowed to visit Palestine. He also wants black skinned Jews from America and from Africa and from other parts of the world to visit Palestine as well, but is concerned that Hamas and the Israeli Government might target them, so he doesn’t want them to visit until it’s safe to do so.                             

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –