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When I first learned about the existence of “The Negro Commandments” and their overall importance to a group of “Slavery Survivors” and “Jim Crow Survivors” and “Victims and Survivors of the Watts Riots and Police Brutality” more than 25 years ago, I decided that I would write about the commandments one day since they seemed to be just as timely and as important as they were when they were first written all those years ago, and at a time when death often outweighed life in many instances since 6 people could be murdered by the police and the KKK for every baby that was born to an African American family.

I first learned about The Negro Commandments over a cup of coffee, and once I gained the trust of the black woman that I was speaking with since I was an outsider, she put me in touch with one of the surviving “American Refugees” that had fled to safety with a set of handwritten commandments or guidelines that had managed to keep him and countless others alive.

The Negro Commandments are an important piece of hidden American history, and are just as relevant today as they were 25 years ago, and when they were first written and circulated throughout the Southern States.

I was able to see a slightly worn and very much intelligible copy of The Negro Commandments that an 88 year old black man, who preferred to be called an “Afro American” instead of a black American since he felt a certain kinship with the other black human beings that had also been scattered throughout the world, and who were also using the term “Afro” to describe themselves.

The 88 year old man that I interviewed over the course of 4 days after learning that he had been carrying a surviving copy of The Negro Commandments with him ever since he had turned ten years old was named Jody.

And during the course of our multi-part interviews Jody had advised me that his father Randolph, who was from the heart of Arkansas, had made him a handwritten copy of The Negro Commandments, and that his mother Lorraine, who was from Mississippi, had also received a copy from her father Joseph, who had approached her with the guidelines when she was no more than ten years old, which seemed to be the designated age since Jody’s aunt Patsy, who was two years older than Lorraine, had also received a copy at the age of ten years old just like Jody’s male classmates, who were named Roger and Donald and Colman.

The ten year old boys and girls were apparently told that they would be responsible for passing the information down to their own children, and for teaching future generations of Negros about what had happened during their lifetimes.     

The first Commandment as I wrote in my notepad has to do with the purpose and use of money, which Jody also called “Jay” or “J” which was apparently a colloquial term for money when he was growing up.

Money should be used for the betterment of the family and the community. Money must be saved whenever possible because we never know when we will have to move because of the Ku Klux Klan and the police that are working with them. Money must be kept to pay the white folks for safe passage because some of them are helping us when we have to flee for our lives when the Klan starts burning their satanic crosses and lynching people.  

The Second Commandment has to do with religion or worship.

Religion is every persons own business and it does not matter if they worship Christ or the Moslem religion or the Jews God or the dark arts because we are all being hunted down by the white men that carried us over here on those boasts. This is why the Negro Jews among us are acting like they are Christians because they know they will be killed for being Jews.

No one can tell the white folks who the Moslems and Jews are because they will be killed because they are Negros and have another religion and secret tongue that they use at night which is not English.   

The Third Commandment has to do with food.

Food must be saved because there are times when we cannot leave the house to purchase food because the Ku Klux Klan is out. The police also stop us for no reason so we must stay inside our homes unless we are going to work or to church because we are questioned just for doing yard work around the house. The police also follow us to the store and call us bad names and touch our women folk underneath the clothes and hit us for no reason.

Food is very important and when eating food we must always thank the Hebrew God because he freed the Hebrew slaves and gave them land just like the Jews here with us said. We must remember to eat mainly vegetables and to drink a lot of water because some of the meat we are sold and given is bad and if we refuse to purchase it we are beaten by the shop keeper or the police are called on us and we are lynched or shot or burned to death.

Food can also be dangerous so cook your food at home by boiling your meat because some of us have become sick from food that we did not cook our self. Always keep coffee around because it will keep you up when you have to flee to another town because of the KKK.

The Fourth Commandment has to do with newspapers.

We cannot trust the white newspapers because they will not report the lynching. They only tell you the police killed a Negro man or a Negro woman but will not tell you it was in cold blood. The newspapers also will not tell you how many Negros are killed and buried by the KKK and the police that control the streets.

Negros must spread the word because Negros do not have homes or work but you do not see it in the white papers. The white newspapers will not tell you that the Ku Klux Klan and the police are killing Negro children or that they are being lynched by white men. The Negro must flee north and must tell the Negros out there and the white folks what is happening in the south so they can bring an army and food because we do not have arms.    

The Fifth Commandment has to do with sharing.

We must take care of each other by sharing salt and sugar and flour and beans and meat and vegetables and coffee with the people in our party so no one will go hungry while his brothers eat.

We have been taught a strange thing because we shared our food in Africa before the white men forced us to come here on those boats. We must make sure the pregnant and the children get full like they did before the angry white men made us come here. 

The Sixth Commandment has to do with outward expression.

We cannot speak in front of the white folks because the smart Negros with us are being killed by the KKK and the police. The regular white folks are also killing us and the smart Negros in our party so keep quiet unless you know them by name or from church and do not say too much or anything about returning to Africa because you will be murdered. And if you are asked if you believe in Jesus just say yes because the KKK and the police are killing Negro Jews and Negro Moslems because they said Jesus is not their God and that they had another God before they came here. 

The Seventh Commandment has to do with education.

We must educate our self about the past and about our ancestors so our children and their children will have the knowledge of who we are as Africans. We must also learn what the whites are doing so we can move up in their world. We must never forget what has been done to us in this world. Our children must know that we were not always slaves or called Negros. They must also know about the Negro Popes in Africa. They must also know about the Negro Christians that lived in Africa before the start of slavery and that were carried over here on the boats with the Moslems and Jews. We must teach our children about the past just like the Negro Hebrews and the Negro Moslems with us are doting. We must learn from them even though we are Christians since the Negro Jews are saying the lynching will end one day just like the slavery in Egypt.  

The Eighth Commandment has to do with social activities.

We as Negros must not be idle in the streets because the police and the KKK will attack us for no reason. We must gather in our homes and must be home before dark and must not get drunk because the police are murdering Negros for no reason besides being drunk. Stay away from dope because it is from the devil and will only make your pain worse. Be careful when speaking to white women because Negros are being lynched for saying hello ma’am. Do not engage the white folks unless they come to you first. And find a good milkman and have him deliver your milk for you so you do not have to go out and give him a little change for bringing the milk.

Read every day and seek to set up guardians in your community so they can watch over your homes and children and women folk.

Choose your music carefully when listening to other than religion songs and never forget how the Hebrew God freed us from slavery by using his humble servant President Abraham Lincoln.

The Ninth Commandment has to do with relationships.

Choose a good man or a good woman that has the same kind of thoughts because slavery has harmed the spirits of some Negros and this is why we must be careful around some of them because they have become strangers to us in these horrible days and no longer know the ways of Africa or any of the words that belong to our languages that have kept us close to our ancestors and land.

We must find a way to survive because we cannot live free like the Negro Indians and like the other Negro people that were here before the white men carried us over here on those boats.  

The Negro Commandments allow us to experience and to appreciate the horrifying times that Jody and his parents and grandparents and great grandparents and their parents were forced to live through when they had nothing more than hope in their hearts and a desire for salvation.

The Negro Commandments also allow us to see the kind of communicating and organizing that it took to bring African Americans through slavery and through the Jim Crow Era and through everything else that the African American people have had to endure throughout the centuries and without losing their faith in the Hebrew God, who Jody said had followed them from Africa.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

On August 07, 2016, I interviewed an 11 year old African American named Jacob, and he had some rather interesting things to say about heaven. Jacob’s mother was also surprised by the things that her son had to say during our interview which was conducted shortly after he had finished attending his ancestral Roman Catholic church.

Jacob’s family has belonged to the Roman Catholic faith for longer than America has been a nation and he wouldn’t change his faith for anything in the world.

Now since I am familiar with the traditional Catholic view on heaven, I wanted to find out whether or not it is consistent with an inner city kid’s view of heaven since South LA didn’t exist when the traditional Christian views were first formed during a time of considerable turmoil.

When I first started the interview Jacob said heaven is where all of the believers will go to be with Jesus and God the father and Jesus’s mother Mary. And when I asked whether or not he had any other ideas about heaven he simply folded his little arms and said yeah I have a lot of things to say, but I don’t want to bother you since my mother told me not to bother grown folks when I was trying to talk to my father about my videogames while he was trying to take a nap after our Sunday dinner which was at 4:00pm.

I immediately advised Jacob that he wouldn’t be bothering me and that I wanted to know what he had to say since his thoughts and ideas about heaven and also about his immediate environment are extremely important from a journalist’s perspective. I also advised Jacob that his comments would help certain interested parties in their quest to determine the overall role that turmoil plays in developing certain belief systems that address the tumultuous times that human beings find themselves living in.  

Jacob’s comments about heaven are below.

When I get to heaven and meet Jesus and God and Mary they will allow me to live with my dog Kennedy who was run over by the police and killed when they drove onto the sidewalk right before jumping out and pulling guns on these three teenagers who were just reciting poetry while getting their kites ready for the park. And one of the guys was talking about wanting to learn how to play the saxophone before the police started accusing them of being in a gang. The police also searched them for no reason at all and made them put their hands in front of the engine and hit them every time they drew their hands back because the heat was burning them.

I asked the police why they ran over my dog and they just laughed at me. The white officers also told me not to call animal control and to throw my dog in the trash or to push him down the sewer since no one was going to believe me when I told them that the police had run over my dog. I buried Kennedy in my backyard when I was 8 years old.

When I get to heaven Jesus will have jobs for black people like my 22 year old brother and like my 47 year old uncle who was laid off.

When I get to heaven black males won’t have to cry because they can’t find a job or because the unemployment is running out.

When I get to heaven the suffering will end because Jesus will be the President and he will help black people since no one else cares about Americans who are black even though blacks were suffering before any of the other minorities came to America.

When I get to heaven blacks will be respected and won’t be setup and thrown in jail.

When I get to heaven I hope to meet the 15 year old neighborhood boy who had to travel to an all-white area by bus and who was finally given an opportunity to work at an ice cream place after asking the white female manager at least ten times. This same boy was also coming home at 11:00pm which is why the police were harassing him. And the old people that knew him said that the neighborhood boy did his work for 3.35 an hour when he lived in Los Angeles durind the 1980s. But I don’t believe that I will have this kind of opportunity when I become old enough to work because the same boy also did landscaping for a church on Saturdays and still kept his grades up.

When I get to heaven Jesus will provide sugar so the black lady across the street won’t have to send her seven year old son to ask her neighbors if she can borrow some sugar or some salt until she gets paid again. Sometimes I use my allowance to buy sugar and salt and bread for the family of four that lives across the street since the father is out of work and since I heard that the people in Russia are living better than us.

When I get to heaven the police won’t be shooting innocent black people because whden Jesus returns he is going to destroy all of the bad police officers like the ones that ran over Kennedy. My priest said that not everyone who calls themselves a Christian will be allowed into heaven and that bad cops are going to hell for the sins that they have committed against black people.

When I get to heaven black people will not be using drugs because they will finally be happy because racism will no longer exist.

When I get to heaven black people will only drink wine with Jesus since they will no longer be depressed since Jesus will wipe away all of their tears.  

When I get to heaven the fathers and the mothers who have been separated from their families because of police brutality will live with their children under the protection of Jesus.

When I get to heaven there won’t be any more gun shots because the police and gangs and drug dealers won’t exist in heaven.

When I get to heaven I can finally live in peace and the donut trucks and the ice cream trucks can come by and give all of the kids something to eat without the drug dealers having to pay for it since not all kids have money.  

When I get to heaven the white counselors and the bookmobiles and the neighborhood after school programs that I heard that they used to have in the 1980s will return to the black neighborhoods.

When I get to heaven the black construction workers will have work like they used to.

When I get to heaven I will be able to play with white kids and the only whites that are in my neighborhood won’t be the mean white police officers who call us names and who beat us up.

When I get to heaven I won’t have helicopters shaking my house and drowning out my videogames or making me feel like I’m living in a warzone.

I just want peace and quiet for a change and would love to have picnics in the park without the police showing up and harassing everyone.

I just want a future.    


 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Why A Good Cop Leaves

In April 2016 I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview two former members of law enforcement who were courageous enough to tell the truth about their respective police departments without endangering themselves by having their names published.

I also interviewed a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who is still listed as active duty, and he made some rather disturbing off-the-record statements which corroborate what the former members of law enforcement had to say. 

Officer Anonymous One: Is a 60 something year old former police officer who became so disgusted with the Los Angeles Police Department that he resigned after 30 plus years of service. Officer Anonymous One would not participate in planting drugs or guns on African American citizens. He also wouldn’t beat up African Americans while working out of the Rampart police station even though there was a running score card that many of the officers were keeping.

The culture of wanton police brutality never sat well with Officer Anonymous One since he didn’t agree with the value system that assigned 0s to blacks and browns and 1s to Asians and Indians an Arabs and 2s to poor whites since the white majority in America must be maintained for National Security reasons.

Officer Anonymous One stated that when he complained to his superiors about the police misconduct that he had witnessed, he was told that he didn’t have the stomach for police work since he is gay. Officer Anonymous One also stated that he witnessed police officers selling barbiturates in the locker room and that when he and a black officer reported the incident the black officer was fired and he was sent into an ambush where he was assaulted by gang members who had threatened to kill him.

Officer Anonymous One was also denied a transfer after several of his fellow police officers had assaulted him after he reported one of his fellow white officers for beating a pregnant black female across the stomach with his police issued nightstick. This was the last straw.

Officer Anonymous Two: Is a 40 something year old female who was shot at by a female police officer after she reported a disturbing incident that had involved a minor who she was sure would need psychological counseling.

While working for the Newton Street division of the LAPD, which by her estimation was just as deadly for African Americans and Mexican Americans as Rampart, Officer Anonymous Two was present at a racially motivated 8:30pm traffic stop that had involved a black male in his forties and his fifteen year old son who was seated in the front seat of the car.

According to Officer Anonymous Two there was absolutely no reason to stop the pair, however, the female officer that she was riding with outranked her so she couldn’t say anything as she watched her partner call the father and son the N word after the motorist simply asked what he had done wrong. The incident quickly got out of hand after the female officer ordered the father and son out of the car where she proceeded to embarrass the father in front of his son by taking his penis out of his pants while making his son watch. When the father protested the officer drew her gun and threatened to shoot his son in the face. The female police officer then began to purposely cause the compliant father to become erect in front of his teenage son, and when the visibly distraught motorist asked why she was doing such a horrible thing to him in front of his son, she simply said because I can. The female officer also took the 15 year old’s penis out of his pants and forced him to become erect in front of his father and when he started crying the white female officer told him to shut up or she would shoot him since crying is resisting arrest since blacks are supposed to shut down their emotions when in the presence of the police.

When Officer Anonymous Two reported the incident to her superiors while also advising them that her partner had also told the 15 year old that if she were to kick him below the belt she would have grounds to kill him if he grabbed his genitals since reacting to a strike that is delivered by a police officer is considered resisting arrest; she was told that she had better decide whose side she is on since the beating and killing of blacks and Mexican Americans fuels the American economy since blacks and Hispanics will need medical attention or a coroner or a wheelchair or crutches or mental health services or attorneys who will lose in court, which will be a gift to the prison system which relies on the police and the courts to send them a steady stream of inmates who just happen to be blacks and Hispanics and Asians and poor whites who don’t have a clue since they still haven’t figured out that it was decided long ago that blacks and Hispanics and Asians and poor whites would become permanent fixtures in the American economy which would collapse without the import of potential inmates since some blacks and whites and Asians have gotten wise to the system.

Officer Anonymous Two was also told that drugs are supplied to the gangs because a certain amount of annual drug overdoses are necessary since they drive the demand for antagonists. The cemeteries and insurance companies also profit due to parents seeking life insurance policies and burial plots for their kids who have become addicted and who live in high crime areas that must exist for the sake of the economy which relies on emergency room visits that cause supplies to have to be replenished. 

Deputy Anonymous Active: is a 40 something year old Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who stated that corruption exists because the American economy depends on it and that drug dealing will never end since law enforcement supplies many of the drugs. Deputy Anonymous Active also stated that if all of the blacks and Hispanics who have criminal records were suddenly given jobs in their respective neighborhoods, which would solve the crime problem, then law enforcement as a whole would be put out of business overnight and that such an humane act would collapse the economy due to the closure of prisons and medical facilities and jails and drug addiction treatment centers and all of the home loans that are held by law enforcement.

Deputy Anonymous Active referred to blacks and Hispanics as “Super Clients” since these two groups of people rely on law enforcement to create a career path for them which is accomplished by allowing gangs to exist and drugs to permeate their neighborhoods.

According to Deputy Anonymous Active the beatings and killings of the members of these two groups is a necessary evil since it keeps them from understanding that there is a larger world that exists outside of their immediate neighborhoods. It also ensures that future generations of poor blacks and Hispanics will become radicalized against the police which guarantees future law enforcement jobs which will fund college educations while providing money for cars and homes and overseas vacations. Deputy Anonymous Active also stated that he has not reported misconduct because it could get him killed and that he is currently looking to move to a small town that is far, far away from the gruesome beatings and killings that are currently going on. He also said that the Twin Towers facility is seen as a real money maker since deputies wait until Christmas time before they start moving black inmates to other dorms while bringing in Hispanics who greatly outnumber the blacks which causes the Hispanics to attack the blacks which creates a situation of “Lockdown” which equates overtime which leads to greater Christmas gifts. I was also advised that this is how all riots get started in LA County facilities and that black inmates are always the ones that are attacked and that several white deputies laughed after they put two black male inmates in a chow hall with two hundred Hispanics who attacked and almost killed them.

Deputy Anonymous Active finally stated that a female deputy who is Hispanic purposely opened the door that divides the inmate housing dorms and that she allowed a group of Hispanic gang members to attack and stab black inmates while they were sleeping. The black inmates needed extensive medical attention and one even died. The incident never made the evening news since the ambush style attack was quickly covered up by county officials who didn’t want the general public to know that the attack was racial just like all of the other attacks that have involved blacks being attacked by Hispanics while they were taking a shower.

According to Deputy Anonymous Active Sheriff Sherman Block kept order inside the county jails, but after new leadership took over everything changed for the worse which is why the FBI had to get involved. The cover-ups became easy as well as an everyday occurrence since the lies and the corruption go all the way to the top which is why deputies smuggle drugs into the county jails while beating and murdering black inmates while also staging gang rapes which are accomplished by putting soft inmates in with stone cold killers who should be housed in single cell units that can be found in Super Max.

I asked all three members of law enforcement what course of action needed to be taken to improve things and they all said that televised congressional hearings should be held, so past and present law enforcement officers can come forward and talk about the atrocities that are being committed against American citizens and that if congress won’t listen then the United Nations needs to step in and hold its own televised hearings because law enforcement officers will talk if they are not going to face retaliation.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –