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Does your child have an imaginary or invisible friend? Well, if he or she does, then you just might want to find out what he or she is being told, and especially after you finish reading what the following parents have had to say about their child’s imaginary or invisible friend.      

Subject number one: 42 year old Jose and his 6 year old son Rogelio.

When my son first began to tell me about his invisible 10 year old friend Bruce I didn’t believe him at first since I had always been told that kids make things up, but when I heard him carrying on a conversation on the back porch of our house and asked him what he was talking about, he told me that his friend Bruce had just finished telling him that I was going to be robbed at the gas station where I work, which happened the very next day. Bruce also said that I would need to buy a new car with four doors since my wife would give birth to twin baby girls within a year’s time and it also came true and there’s just no way that my son could have known this.

Subject number two: 50 year old Nelson and his 9 year old daughter Abigail.

My wife told me that our daughter might need to see a therapist since she had heard her talking to herself while she was bathing and while she was talking to an invisible boy named Roger who was 7 years old. I didn’t believe her until a group of plastic bottles suddenly flew across the room right after my daughter asked her invisible friend to prove to me that he’s real and that she isn’t lying. 

Subject number three: 48 year old Daphnia and her 13 year old daughter Melanie.  

When my daughter first told me about her 15 year old invisible friend Rebecca I kind of laughed in her face and said aren’t you a little old to be talking about an invisible girl, but when she told me that she had found her father’s old spirit board and that she had been playing with it, I became alarmed since her father had to have his house blessed when he was 12 years old. But the thing that had really freaked me out had to do with an incident that had happened when I was only 11 years old. Rebecca told my daughter that I had been picked up for shoplifting and that I had also been molested by a nun, which is something that I hadn’t even shared with my husband.

Subject number four: 33 year old Patricia and her 7 year old son Roger.

My son was playing in our backyard and when I heard him saying no that’s not true I became alarmed and asked him who he was talking to and he told me that his invisible 9 year old friend Alicia had told him that I had placed a tomato inside my vagina when I was 16 years old and I almost fainted since my 10 year old brother had walked in on me since I had forgotten to lock my door. And since I didn’t know what to do I lied to my son about the incident and Alicia shoved me from behind and threw dirt in my face.

Subject number five: 36 year old Jacob and his 4 year old son David.

When my son woke me up at 3:00am and told me that his 7 year old invisible friend Daniel had told him that a man was coming to take him away, I didn’t believe him at first and told him to go back to sleep and that no one was coming to take him away, however, 30 minutes had passed before I had suddenly heard a weird noise that was coming from down the hall. I found a man climbing through the kitchen window, which was only a few feet away from my son’s bedroom and I did not give the man the chance to say anything. I just started hitting him until he climbed out the window and ran away.

Subject number six: 39 year old Rosemary and her 7 year old daughter Millie.

When my daughter first told me about her 6 year old invisible friend Cathy, I immediately dismissed it, however, I became a believer shortly after Cathy told my daughter that I was going to be fired for anti-Semitism since I had been discriminating against a black Jewish coworker who would complain to the Human Resources Department about my bullying behavior and my anti-Jewish and pro-Christian comments.

Based on the following interviews I believe that it is safe to say that parents should think twice before they immediately dismiss their child’s statements since a boy was nearly abducted and since a woman lost her job for being a religious bigot and a bully and a person who thought that it was perfectly acceptable to target a religious Jew.              

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


The Retro Millennials

While we as Americans have certainly heard a number of unflattering statements that have been made about the Millennials, such as they killed tuna, it is vitally important to remember that the Millennials, as the ‘Marketers’ and the ‘Sellers’ like to call them, are indeed individuals, and that they are also products of their leadership, and that they do indeed have a right to abstain from tuna, and from anything else that’s being specifically marketed to their particular generation since they were not created by their mothers and fathers for the sole purpose of being marketed to, and have absolutely no obligation to buy tuna or GM Products or a $1000.00 cellphones.

The Millennials have a right to make their very own decisions in life just like the members of the Generation X community, who decided as kids that they wanted to add ketchup to their eggs, which is something that the Baby Boomers and their parents had apparently never thought of, which explains the news coverage during the 1980s.  

The Millennials like the GenXers and the Baby Boomers are a diverse group of individuals, which brings me to the group that I have identified as ‘The Retro Millennials’ based on their thoughts and their actions and the desires that were expresses during the 155 interviews that I conducted between 2016 and 2017 and 2018.

The Retro Millennials as a group haven’t received any attention in the American Press, which is why I’m taking the time to cover this unique group of Americans before their generation’s time in the spotlight has ended, and before this generation is also completely forgotten about by the American Press.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed for this particular news article informed me that they are seeking the knowledge, and the wisdom of the elders, which by the way extends far beyond the Right vs Left politics that we are witnessing today, and far beyond voting for a group of candidates, who are only in office to do the bidding of the lobbyists, and the billionaire business owners.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed prior to 12/25/2016 also informed me that they had taken their money out of the stock market, and that they had become savers rather than borrowers since their grandparents had been avid savers and had lived a happy life without buying a collection of meaningless high tech gadgets like many in their generation and the generation before them.

The Retro Millennials also informed me that they are seeking a deeper meaning in life, and that the political parties and the tech industry and the movies and the television shows and the radio personalities cannot fulfill this particular need for them.

This particular view was specifically expressed by 65 African Americans, and also by 57 white Americans, who like the African Americans had also informed me that they had been regularly attending church, and that they had also been reading the Holy Bible even though their counterparts were involved in other non-religious activities.

The African American Retro Millennials had also expressed a profound hunger for the Old Testament and the New Testament stories and lessons, and had also mentioned a particular Christian based website that’s called ‘The Narrow Path.’

The Retro Millennial group that I interviewed in 2016 and 2017 and 2018 had also included a group of Asians and Hispanics, who like the black Millennials, and the white Millennials, had also expressed an interest in wind-up alarm clocks, and in wind-up wrist watches since these ordinary items do not require batteries, and therefore do not have the very same environmental impact on the environment as batteries are known to have, and are therefore the ultimate form of renewable energy, which is something that The Retro Millennials had learned from a group of Baby Boomers and their Generation X children while they were attending church.

The Retro Millennials are not only interested in preserving the environment by using less impactful ‘Retro Technologies’ like wind-up devices, for they are also making their own lunches and dinners at home instead of buying fast food items.

The preparation of food items and an interest in ‘Retro Technologies’ like vinyl records and portable CD players is only one of the dimensions that can be readily found while speaking to The Retro Millennials since The Retro Millennials are also skilled at changing the oil in the  car, and at replacing the turn signal bulbs in any vehicle. The Retro Millennials can also change a tire, and they can also read a map, and can explain what a bumper jack is used for, and how it functions.

The Retro Millennials are also skilled in plumbing and in hunting and in construction and in engine rebuilding, and can tell you how thrilling it is to catch a fish, and how to thread a needle, and who President John Hanson was, and how to can foods, and how to make homemade ice cream, and homemade candy, and how to bake a cake or a pie, and how to prepare a turkey since they have not become ‘Information Slaves’ or non-readers, who rely on the television and the radio to bring them the news, and to tell them what to believe in, and what to buy, and who and what they should regard as important.

The Retro Millennials are the polar opposite of the ‘Information Slaves’ that are in their same age range since they understand the importance of being free to choose their own way in life, and even if it means a life without tuna.         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The horrific and anti-Semitic fueled 10/27/2018 massacre that was viciously carried out at the, ‘Tree of Life Temple,’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a 46 year old unrepentant anti-Semite named Robert Bowers, who deliberately murdered 11 innocent Jewish worshippers while they were observing Shabbat, has left a number of Jews and non-Jews alike wondering whether or not ‘Hatred for all Jews’ from Africa, America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, and Syria, first began with Adolf Hitler and the European Holocaust?

The answer to the abovementioned question will be addressed by my news article since it is vitally important to understand that ‘anti-Hebrewism’ came first, and that it existed during the times of Moses, and before, and that the term ‘anti-Semitism’ was not readily used until the 1800s even though hatred for the ‘Jewish people’ can easily be found in ancient history, and with an ancient Second Century BCE anti-Semite named ‘Antiochus Epiphanies,’ who was also known by the title ‘God Manifest’ when he was the undisputed Hellenistic Greek King of the Seleucid Empire.

Antiochus Epiphanies, who’s also known as Antiochus IV Epiphanies, ruled Syria from 175 BCE to 164 BCE, and was the cruelest anti-Semite or Jew hater of the day, and must be seen as such since he persecuted the Jews prior to the Romans, and since his anti-Semitic legacy of outright hatred for all Jews can also be found in the actions of Adolf Hitler, and also in the actions of 46 year old Robert Bowers, who has been quoted as saying, “All Jews must die!”

The anti-Semitic legacy of the Second Century BCE Greek tyrant Antiochus Epiphanies must never be forgotten by the Jewish people since Antiochus IV appears in the Seventy Weeks prophecy that was delivered to the Prophet Daniel by the angel Gabriel, who reveals the ‘Abomination that causes Desolation’ in Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel.

The Jewish people must also remember Antiochus Epiphanies since he outlawed Judaism, and defiled the sacred Jewish Temple, and presided over the slaughter of the Jews just like the 20th Century madman Adolf Hitler did.

Antiochus IV came to power in what was known at the time as ‘Greece-Syria’ by flattering the ancient King of, ‘Pergamus,’ which is also known as, ‘Pergamos.’

The flattering of the ancient King of Pergamus, which is also known as, ‘Pergamon,’ and as, ‘Pergamum,’ and as, ‘The Seat of Satan,’ was absolutely essential to the rise of Antiochus Epiphanies since he was not the rightful heir to the throne in Greece Syria, and would not have ordinarily been on the throne.

The prophesied rise of Antiochus Epiphanies, and his diabolical legacy of anti-Semitism, would change the course of Jewish History forever since it would eventually play a role in the Spanish Inquisitions, and in the anti-Semitic fueled enslavement of the black Jews that were stolen from Africa, and in the European Holocaust that would follow the aforementioned anti-Jewish atrocities that had also succeeded in reducing the overall Jewish population throughout the world.

The prophetic words of the Prophet Daniel would be immediately realized by the Jews in the ancient world since Antiochus Epiphanies would suddenly come to power in the Second Century, and without having to shed any Syrian blood, which would have normally occurred since he was not the rightful heir to the throne in Greece Syria.

The Seventy Weeks prophecy would be fulfilled by the anti-Semite Antiochus Epiphanies since he would eventually have a silver coin made that would make him equal with the Greek God Zeus, who is also known as Satan.

However, this would not be all since Antiochus IV Epiphanies is also directly responsible for the torture and for the murder of the seven Jewish brothers, who had openly refused to bow before Antiochus’s satanic idols while also refusing to consume non-Kosher meat since Jews abstain from eating pork, and other animals that are deemed to be unclean by the Hebrew God Jehovah, who is also known as Yahweh and as Adonai.          

The tyrannical, and paganistic, and anti-Semitic, and murderous actions that were taken against Hannah, who is also known as the mother of faith, and also against her seven sons, who had openly refused to bow before the satanic idols, and also before Antiochus Epiphanies himself, who had already declared himself to be God, would prove to be a true turning point in Jewish History since the brothers would declare their religious independence by refusing to consume non-Jewish meat, and by also refusing to accept a non-Jewish holiday as their own, and by refusing to accept Antiochus Epiphanies as their God, who by the way was also called, ‘The Madman.’

The defiance of Hannah and her seven sons, and their deaths at the hands of Antiochus Epiphanies, would ultimately led to the deadly ‘Judah Maccabee’ uprising, which is also known as the ‘Maccabean Rebellion’ or as the ‘Maccabean Revolt.’

The Judah Maccabee uprising, which had also included his brothers, is indeed what the Jewish Holiday Chanukah is based on, and can be easily found in the book of 2 Maccabees, which is based on the work of the Second Century BCE Hellenist minded Jew, Jason of Cyrene, who is directly responsible for preserving this extremely important piece of Jewish History.

The honorable Maccabean Rebellion against the Greek King of Syria, Antiochus IV Epiphanies, was absolutely necessary since it proved that the Jews were not going to go down without fight, and especially after Antiochus Epiphanies had dared to declare himself to be the God of the Jews, who were willing to die for the right to worship their God Yahweh, who appears throughout the Torah, which is also known as the ‘Tenach’ or as ‘Tanakh’ which is Biblical Hebrew.

The fight for religious freedom, and for the right to maintain a distinct Jewish cultural identity, which was being encroached upon by Antiochus Epiphanies, and the other Hellenists of the day, had unexpectedly resulted in Judah Maccabee defeating the Greek General Nicanor, who had not tasted a defeat that was quite like the one that Judah Maccabee, and the other Maccabees had visited upon him.

The Maccabees had set the example for all years to come, and their unbreakable spirits still live on today since Antiochus Epiphanies couldn’t separate the Jews from their God Jehovah, and neither could Adolf Hitler, and neither will Robert Bowers or any of the other anti-Semites, who commit violent and anti-Semitic acts against the Jewish people since Hannah already set the example for all Jews by encouraging her seven martyred sons to remain faithful to the bitter end, and to die for Yahweh if necessary.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



Governor John Brown Russwurm (1799-1851) and pioneering Journalist Samuel Cornish (1795-1858) are the fathers and the sole creators of, ‘African American Journalism,’ which first began on March 16, 1827.

Now if you recall from your history books, and from my, ‘Black Dispatches And The American Civil War,’ news articles; 1827 was a time when slavery was still the law of the United States of America since slavery did not end in America until Confederate General Robert E. Lee decided to surrender to Republican General Ulysses S. Grant, which is what effectively ended the American Civil War on May 9, 1865 while simultaneously giving birth to the 1865 Galveston, Texas, ‘Juneteenth Independence Day Celebration,’ that’s still being actively observed by the African American communities within the United States of America and worldwide since African Americans in Texas were intentionally kept in slavery and forced to work for free, and beyond the January 1, 1863 signing of the, ‘Emancipation Proclamation,’ which is also known as the, ‘Proclamation 95 Executive Order,’ that effectively freed the Southern slaves prior to the passage of the 13th Amendment by the Senate on April 8, 1864, and by the House on January 31, 1865.

The signing of ‘Proclamation 95’ by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, also freed the Southern slaves prior to the ratification of the 13th Amendment by the required number of states on December 6, 1865.

The signing of the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ by the Republican President Abraham Lincoln, who was also the undisputed leader of the Union on January 1, 1863, also freed the Southern slaves prior to the proclamation of adoption, which was made by Secretary of State William H. Seward on December 18, 1865.   

But, what was life like for some African Americans in the year 1795, and prior to the signing of ‘Proclamation 95’ and the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and why isn’t this particular subject required reading for all American schools of journalism?

Samuel Cornish was a, ‘Free Born Black,’ and an Abolitionist, and a Presbyterian minister, and a pioneering Journalist, and an Editor, and a Business Owner, who was born to two free born black parents in Sussex County, Delaware in the year 1795, and prior to being raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also in New York City, New York, which had been the unrivaled domain of the popular white journalist Mordecai Noah, who had been writing news articles for the ‘New York Enquirer’ in the year 1827.

Mordecai Noah had made it his business to denigrate the free born blacks that he had been writing about in his news articles even though a great percentage of the free born blacks in his immediate area, and throughout the country, were indeed descended from the ‘Black Jews’ or ‘Israelites’ that had been stolen from the soil of Western Africa where they had been worshipping their Hebrew God ‘Jehovah’ prior to the start of Chattel Slavery, and the atrocious American Slave System, that President Abraham Lincoln, and the United States Congress, and the states would eventually abolish with the presidential signing on February 1, 1865, and with the April 8, 1864, and the January 31, 1865 passage, and with the December 6, 1865 ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

But, what was life like for some African Americans prior to the advent of, ‘African American Journalism,’ in the year 1827, and prior to the signing of ‘Proclamation 95’ and the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and why isn’t this particular subject  required reading for all American schools of journalism?

The ‘Antebellum South’ continued to enslave and to murder and to torture and to rape the human beings from Africa while the white journalists continued to cover for them by normalizing their repugnant behavior, which had often manifested itself on Sundays, and prior to Governor John Brown Russwurm being born into the world as a, ‘Free Born Black.’

The free born status of Governor John Brown Russwurm would serve to open the eyes of thousands of Americans since he was not born in the United States of America, but would eventually become the second African American to earn a college degree from a prestigious American institution while his fellow African Americans were still being brutalized and raped and murdered and tortured and enslaved in certain parts of the United States of America while he was graduating from college in the year 1826.

But, what was life like for some African Americans in the year 1799, and prior to the signing of ‘Proclamation 95’ and the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and why isn’t this particular subject required reading for all American schools of journalism?

The United States was experiencing an ongoing runaway slave issue as well as a number of spontaneous slave revolts while recovering from the societal and structural damage that had come to America as a direct result of the, ‘1775 to 1783 American Revolution,’ when Governor John Brown Russwurm was born in Jamaica in the year 1799, and prior to moving to Quebec, Canada as a child where he had remained up until he decided to move to the state of Maine where he had enrolled in, ‘Bowdoin College.’

Governor Russwurm’s enrollment in classes at Bowdoin College took place shortly before he began to write term papers about the leader of the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L’Ouverture.

The thought provoking term papers had served to stimulate many meaningful discussions amongst the students and staff prior to Governor Russwurm’s 1826 graduation speech, which had also centered on the Haitian Revolution since the Haitian Revolution is the epicenter of black resistance, as well as the birthplace for black independence from slavery.

Governor Russwurm’s passion for the truth and subsequent 1826 graduation from Bowdoin College would change the world of journalism forever since he would decide to move to New York City, New York where he would meet Samuel Cornish, who had already been living under the racially charged, and crushing arm of the ‘American Press’ which had been led in part by Mordecai Noah and the other white journalists, who had been practicing a cruel form of ‘Editorial Racism’ that can still be found in today’s journalistic climate.

The one sided world of editorial racism would soon meet its match since Governor John Brown Russwurm had long understood the role that media plays within a functioning society, and how it had already been used by the rich and by the powerful to create and to sustain a series of destructive and crushing stereotypes that were being used against the power-less, who in this case were the free born blacks that were being written about by Mordecai Noah, who had already demonstrated his overt racial bias towards the blacks in his widely read news articles that were also being read by the religious people of the day and also by law enforcement.  

The fight to bring truth and balance and justice to the existing world of journalism in 1827 would not be an easy one, however, Governor John Brown Russwurm, who was also a pioneering journalist, and Samuel Cornish were equally insightful men when they decided to take up the fight for truth and balance and justice in journalism, and having the indisputable confidence that comes along with being born free, they founded the very first owned and operated black newspaper in the United States of America on March 16, 1827.

The newspaper was called, ‘Freedom’s Journal,’ and its very first issue was a direct response to Mordecai Noah, and to the other white journalists that had also been openly practicing editorial racism in their news articles.

The rebuke and statement of ‘Journalistic Independence’ and declaration of freedom in print simply started off with the eternal words, “We wish to plead our own case.”

The ‘Independent News Media’ was created on March 16, 1827 when pioneering journalists John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish wrote in an unmistakable language that could be understood by all, “Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the publick been deceived by misrepresentation in things which concern us dearly.”

The immortal words, “We wish to plead our own case,” effectively created the world of, ‘Black Journalism’ or ‘African American Journalism’ when they were published in New York City, New York for the very first time on March 16, 1827.

The publishing of the words, “Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the publick been deceived by misrepresentation in things which concern us dearly,” on March 16, 1827, has caused many to argue in recent days that the official ‘War On Fake News’ had actually begun on March 16, 1827, and with John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish since black Americans had finally received a voice in print, and could therefore fully express themselves in a world of widely accepted ‘Journalistic Racism.’

The world at large and the world of ‘American Journalism’ would never be the same again since Freedom’s Journal was indeed an entirely ‘New’ form of media that would forever be known as , ‘Black Journalism’ or as ‘African American Journalism.’

The world of journalism was made whole on March 16, 1827 since Freedom’s Journal was an abolitionist minded four column periodical that had helped to change the debate about race, as well as the social construction of race itself, since everything that had been taught and said about race had come through the lens of the rich and the powerful, and also through the lens of white men like Mordecai Noah, who had known next to nothing about the free born blacks that he had been writing about since his great, great grandparents and his great grandparents had not been stolen from their homes in Africa and enslaved in America and forced to call ‘Jesus’ their God instead of ‘Yahweh’ who they had known from birth.

The lens of the victims of racism had been completely ignored by most news outlets, however, that would soon change in 1827 since Freedom’s Journal was printed every Friday, and had sought to instill a sense of pride within the affected African American communities that had also been reading Mordecai Noah’s editorial racism by publishing short biographies that were about the prominent blacks that wouldn’t be allowed to appear in Mordecai Noah’s news articles.

Samuel Cornish and Governor John Brown Russwurm also published black poets, and various sermons, and the births and the deaths of the blacks that were located within the local African American Communities. They also published marriage announcements and foreign and domestic news stories, and advertisements, as well as editorials that rightfully condemned slavery, and racial discrimination, and the other outlandish injustices that were being endured by African Americans while many of the white owned and operated newspapers in New York City were openly embracing and supporting slavery and racial bias against black people by being ‘Editorially Complicit’ in this crime against humanity.

The brand new form of media that Samuel Eli Cornish and Governor John Brown Russwurm had effectively created in New York City, New York on March 16, 1827, had hit the ground running since there was nothing else like it in all of the United States of America. However, in September of 1827 John Brown Russwurm became the sole editor of Freedom’s Journal shortly after Samuel Cornish unexpectedly resigned from the paper over a series of disputes that were related to the African American colonization of Africa effort, which is something that John Brown Russwurm had been promoting due to his support for, ‘The Colonization Movement,’ that was being led by the, ‘American Colonization Society,’ who had wanted to free the African American slaves while offering them the opportunity to move back to Africa after they had already been forced to build a paradise for their white slave masers, who had already raped and tortured their sons and their daughters.

The idea of leaving America to the very same whites that had already enslaved millions of black people did not sit well with the readers, who had previously remained loyal to Russwurm after Cornish abruptly left the paper due to their irreconcilable disputes over colonizing Africa.

The loyalty had come to an end and Freedom’s Journal’s support for the colonization of Africa effort would prove to be extremely unpopular with its readers, and with the unforeseen loss of subscriptions, and circulation in March of 1829, Freedom’s Journal was forced to cease operations shortly before John Brown Russwurm decided to move to Liberia, Africa, which is the area in Western Africa that was established by the American Colonization Society for the blacks that they were able to recruit in America prior to the move back to Africa, and far away from the country that had wronged them.

The new arrivals eventually settled in and began their new lives while John Brown Russwurm went on to become the Governor of Liberia’s Maryland Colony while his former business partner Samuel Cornish returned to publishing in 1829 and tried to re-establish Freedom’s Journal under the new name, ‘The Rights of All.’

However, the new newspaper only lasted less than a year since the readers were still upset over the colonization of Africa effort that John Brown Russwurm had championed while he was the sole editor of Freedom’s Journal.                                               

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


The Electronic Watchmen

‘The Electronic Watchmen’ are here!

The Electronic Watchmen arrived while the vast majority of Americans were steeping and dancing and going about their individual lives while ‘The Planners’ and ‘The Trackers’ of human development and movement were secretly constructing the world that we currently find ourselves living in.

The Electronic Watchmen first arrived on the scene in the form of, ‘Pagers,’ however, the unsuspecting consumers in the 1980s, who were largely members of the Generation X community, did not realize that they were consenting to being tracked and to giving up their positions, and on any given date and time since their transmitters were secretly telling on them while they were innocently going about their lives while The Planners and The Trackers of human development and movement were gathering trillions and trillions of personal data strands that were attached to an address and to a name, and that could easily be used for political and gentrification reasons since the Pagers were also worn to the voting stations on election day.

The first generation of Electronic Watchmen became an instant tool of surveillance overnight, as well as an accurate predictor of what types of dual and triple purpose technologies the humans would be willing to accept on a large scale, and without questioning the possible side effects that might be associated with said technologies.

The ‘Venture Capitalists’ also played a role in the development of the first generation Electronic Watchmen, and so did the ‘Marketers’ who made sure that the consumers wouldn’t inquire about the type of ‘Electronic Super World’ that The Planners and The Trackers would be creating for future generations of Americans.

The first generation Electronic Watchmen have taken on many different forms throughout the years beginning with the debut of the cellphone, which also tracks and transmits the consumer’s position while also making it possible for a domestic or foreign intelligence agency to gain access to the consumer’s phone calls and text messages and emails etc.

The second generation Electronic Watchmen have moved into the human body since it is now possible for a physician to tell whether or not his or her patient is taking his or her prescribed medications since one of the pills that the elderly patient swallowed is a transmitter as well as a sensor that’s designed to identify the medications as they are being taken on a regular basis.

The second generation Electronic Watchmen will also be used to track the consumption of certain food items like orange juice and milk and eggs and butter since these particular food items will have a sensor that will be placed on their containers. The sensor will communicate with your Wi-Fi equipped refrigerators, which will be programmed to send you a text message or a prerecorded voicemail message or an email that will inform you of the need to purchase a replacement for the dwindling food item.

However, once all of the food items have been genetically modified, which will give birth to the third generation of organically based Electronic Watchmen, the pears and apples and oranges and edible mushrooms and grapes and meats will begin to communicate with the hungry human body, which will also be a genetically modified transmitter and receiver due to the futuristic vaccines that are coming into the world, and that will also make it possible for the Artificial Intelligence Systems to begin to communicate with you on a telepathic basis, and through a process that I called ‘Articulate Interruption’ back in junior high school since the human being will be temporarily transformed into a nonverbal transmitter and receiver once he or she is contacted by the A.I. System that appeared in my futuristic dream prior to the release of the first Terminator movie and Skynet.

The second generation Electronic Watchmen have also moved into the automobiles and are presently communicating with car owners, some of whom, who are quite surprised when they receive an email that’s directly associated with the service light that has suddenly shown up on their instrument panel. And while some in the ‘Do It Yourself Community’ might appreciate an email that explains the service light, others are concerned that the information could quite possibly be used against them when they go to trade their car in, and especially if they go 2,000 miles or more past the date and time for the prescribed oil change due to a lack of money.

The verifiable email distributions have caused this concern since the emails that are associated with the service light notifications can easily be presented to the unsuspecting consumer during the ‘Big Brother’ phase of the car deal.

The second generation Electronic Watchmen are everywhere, and since I’m also a Futurist, as well as an investigative journalist, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what’s coming in the future since it will also include nonhuman Nano surgeons that will perform surgeries on you while they slowly replace the doctors in our lives.

The second generation Electronic Watchmen will also be in the driver-less cars that you will not be able to purchase in the future once private car ownership is eventually outlawed by The Planners and The Trackers of human development and movement, who by the way will also give the A.I. Systems the ability to take your vital signs while you’re walking through the malls and while you’re eating in the food courts and while you’re sitting at home and watching TV.

The A.I. Systems in your home and local libraries and internet cafés and places of employment will also begin to take your vital signs, and will be able to call 911 when needed.

The A.I. Systems will also take your vital signs while many of you are obtaining a ‘U.S. Copyright’ for your news site, and for your published online materials, and for your intellectual property, which often dwarfs Hollywood and the pantheon of human gatekeepers and the master magicians that are behind the television cameras and the faceless microphones that seem to dominate the world of politics for now since they simply haven’t had the opportunity to read the final piece of my news article that deals with the dark side of the third generation of organically based Electronic Watchmen.   

The third generation of vaccine generated organically based Electronic Watchmen can also be used for political and military purposes, however, human DNA in the yet to be born humans must he completely altered first since this is how the A.I. Systems will begin to communicate with the humans on a telepathic basis, which effectively means that entire armies of humans can be created within a matter of seconds while elections are secretly stolen all across the planet since the humans will believe that the thoughts are their own since we have entered the age of ‘The Electronic Super World’ where everything is possible.   

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

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“Black Dispatches” was an intelligence term that was widely used by the Union Forces that were still loyal to President Abraham Lincoln during the tumultuous and worrisome days of the American Civil War, which had ended with the deaths of more than 700,000 men in the spring of 1865.

The Black Dispatches were freely given to the Union by a collection of African American spies or intelligence gatherers, who were still being enslaved by the Confederates, and their citizens, who were being backed up by a group of non-slave owning white sympathizers, who were trying their absolute very best to prevent the inevitable collapse of the Southern states and their debauched kingdom of Chattel Slavery, and sickness and death, and untold misery.

The aforementioned Black Dispatches were also provided by another group of African American spies, who had suddenly come under the command and/or control of several Union Soldiers, who made the conscious decision to use the war-time information, that the former slaves had secretly obtained through a number of frontline military debriefings, to gain the upper hand during the war, and to thwart and frustrate the efforts of the seasoned Confederate Generals, and their lower ranking soldiers, who were also being actively spied on, and who were very much like their Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who could have never imagined within his wildest dreams that the black captives in his charge could be anything else besides a slave since he, like the others before him, simply didn’t understand that the blacks in their custody had previously been part of an advanced civilization that had also included a number of prominent black spies, who had secretly worked for a number of kings and queens in Africa, and  prior to the advent of Chattel Slavery, and the West African Slave Trade, which had already gotten underway in Africa prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus, which had occurred about a half of a century after the start of the West African Slave Trade, would simply be the beginning of a series of non-Native American initiated wars, and non-Native American armies since the Confederate Generals, and the men that were serving underneath them would become a separate and formidable army, who had yet to meet up with the devout Civil War era African American spies that would suddenly and unexpectedly spring up all over the South, and who would be both males and females, as well as victims of an international kidnapping ring since they had been forcibly transported to America against their wills while they were being taken from their peaceful and loving homes on the Western Coast of Africa where they had not given their consent to be enslaved under the American slave system, which was drastically different from the kind of “Indentured Servitude” that we can find in the Hebrew Bible, and that had also existed in certain African slave states, who gave their African slaves the right to testify in court and to get married and to have a nuclear family and to inherit their master’s property upon his death.

The Union spies of African American ancestry knew African history and African law as well as the contrasting differences between indentured servitude and the American slave system, which as far as they were concerned had to be abolished at all costs since it had represented a form of unshakable evil that had never been seen before since it was married to a new form of unchecked greed that had known no end since it was indeed the beast that eats the poor of the land.

The Confederate system represented death and sickness and misery for millions of African Americans, and had to be stopped through acts of espionage and armed conflict, and the black slaves were the perfect weapon since they knew the lay of the land and could infiltrate any area of the Confederacy, which was easily demonstrated when Mary Richards Bowser, who was born a slave to a family with Northern roots, and who was also a, “Union Spy,” as well as a top secret and deep cover, “Agent In Place,” who had once been owned by the Van Lew family, was secretly gathering valuable Union intelligence on the Confederates while she was working as a staff member inside the Jefferson Davis Richmond Virginia based “White House” while the rest of the South was crawling with her fellow African American Union spies, who were unshakably loyal to President Lincoln and also to his Union Soldiers, who were also African Americans.

The Black Dispatches or “Wartime Intelligence Reports” that Mary Richards Bowser, who was also known as, “Richmonia Richards,” had been secretly compiling on the Confederate President Jefferson Davis while she was working inside his White House, had continued to stream in as the war for control over the Southern States had continued to wage on, and while the Confederates were none the wiser since they had incorrectly assumed that all slaves were the same and that they couldn’t think and that they had extremely low IQs even though Timbuktu had been the center of learning long before America was even a concept, and even though enslaved African Americans were publishing an American newspaper in the year 1827.

The Black Dispatches as well as a series of open gun battles that were taking place between the Confederates and the black Union Soldiers that were fighting to end slavery once and for all, had proven the Confederates wrong on all accounts while simultaneously changing the entire course of the American Civil War and American history itself since the very least in the American kingdom had turned out to be the most formidable intelligence gathers that The Republic had ever seen since no one besides the slaves themselves believed or thought or knew that the slaves could be much more than just slaves when the Civil War between the Confederate States and the Union States first got underway in April of 1861.

And while the Union Soldiers might have also received sets of helpful information from their white sympathizers like the “Peace Society” of Alabama and East Tennessee and Georgia and Mississippi, no one was more effective against the Confederate States than the slaves, and former slaves had been while they were serving the Union under the leadership of the capable Union Soldiers that ultimately regained control of the country while also receiving verified intelligence reports from, “The Network of Northern Spies,” who had also managed to infiltrate the South during a separate spying operation. The Network of Northern Spies was primarily comprised of devout Catholics and Methodists and Jews and unyielding Quakers and other groups of faith that were present in the United States during the turbulent 1860s.  

The tumultuous 1860s are seen by many as America’s greatest period to date since the religious people in the North and also in the South had joined forces with the black slaves from Africa while taking on the Southern establishment, which was also seen by many as Satanic in nature and as an abomination.

The word abomination was being widely used during the war filled 1860s, which is indeed why some people still see the period between 1861 and 1865 as a type of holy war since the slaves and former slaves, who had already escaped to Union territory, and who were actively supplying the incomparable Black Dispatches that were being used by President Lincoln’s Forces, had risked their lives by going behind enemy lines just like the Hebrew spies had done thousands of years before them when they entered the ancient city of Jericho, and when they met the biblical figure Rehab, who had saved the lives of the two Israelite spies by hiding them on her roof top while sending the king’s guards in a different direction. The Hebrew spies had been sent by Joshua to gauge the defenses of Jericho when Rehab, who was a prostitute, demonstrated her faith in the Israelite God by saying to the Hebrew spies, “The Lord your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.”

The Black Dispatches were a modern day example of the Israelite intelligence reports that were delivered to Joshua since the African American intelligence reports had also revealed considerable weaknesses that had existed within the unsuspecting Confederate Soldiers’ defenses, and while some will try to claim that the South lost the Civil War due to a lack of men, the Union Generals of the day knew better since General Robert E. Lee, who was in command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, openly stated in May of 1863, “The chief source of information to the enemy is through our Negroes.”      

The Black Dispatches proved to be Jefferson Davis’ and Robert E. Lee’s undoing since a large portion of runaway slaves, who were previously thought dumb by the Confederates due to their menial work, which allowed them to move about undetected, had also provided crippling war-time intelligence reports to the Union while searching for a place or a city to call their own in a world of open warfare.

African Americans not only participated in the intelligence gathering aspect of the American Civil War, for they also conducted tactical and strategic “Union Intelligence Missions” that required them to go behind enemy lines and to remain in place and to assassinate scores of Confederate Soldiers, which was not an easy task to accomplish since the Confederate Soldiers had already won some impressive battles against the Union, and had also participated in numerous wars against the American Indians, who were also fighting against the Mexican Cavalry, who had also stolen their land while the African American spies in the South were handing the keys to the kingdom to President Lincoln and his Union Forces.   

The war-time Black Dispatches, which were obtained by eavesdropping on Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and numerous Confederate war discussions while hiding pieces of written information inside one’s shoes and other articles of clothing while actively remembering large portions of classified Confederate war strategies: were extremely lethal pieces of intelligence and were therefore used throughout the remainder of the Civil War since they were the absolute very best defense that could be used against the Confederate Forces since the Confederates wouldn’t be looking for the black spies or for the black assassins, who were just as loyal to the Union Forces as Harriet Tubman had been.                                    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

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Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will become the norm if and when the superrich and the business minded decide that they want to create their very own “Inner Governments.” And by Inner Governments I mean “Autonomous Regions” since the individuals that will be allowed to reside or to do business within these new “Disruptive Technologies” will be living under a new form of government that will be wholly administered by the company officials that will be directly responsible for providing the paneled off Free Private City communities with unsurpassed Security and Liberty and Prosperity.

Can you imagine an auxiliary “Jewish State” for the religious Jews that are from Africa and America and Europe, and who want to live outside of the Middle East and far away from the violence, or a new “Constantinople” for the Christians that want a totally Christian environment, or a place within the United States of America or within another country including the third world, and that’s totally immune to all forms of gang influence, and drive by shootings, and rampant crime including sexual assaults, and holdups, and kidnappings, and bank robberies, and atrocious racial killings like the one that recently occurred when a gruesome white American male with ties to a white supremacist group, and who had recently been paroled, abruptly attacked and stabbed two African American females at a BART station in Oakland California? Well, the business world just might have found a solution in the form of Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” since everyone will surely be screened before he or she is allowed to begin to take up residence inside one of these walled off self-sustaining and self-governing communities, which quite frankly remind me and others of some of the historical and self-sustaining and self-governing African American communities that were deliberately destroyed by the Ku Klux Klan, and also by various police agencies, and local government officials that were guilty of directing the attacks while the local police either participated in the actual destruction or sanctioned the willful and racially motivated destruction of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and Property.

However, unlike the thriving and well governed and self-sustaining African American communities that were willfully destroyed by rampant racism in a country of unimaginable intolerance, the Free Private Cities will be protected from all forms of outside interference, and unauthorized incursions, and overbearing police agencies, and terroristic white supremacist groups like the KKK and the Alt Right and the White Nationalists.

The Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will also be protected against the formidable and devastating and racially motivated terrorist attacks that destroyed places like Rosewood and Black Wall Street since they will have their very own security measures as well as the full support and protection of the host countries where they will be doing business unlike the aforementioned African American metropolis that were destroyed after a period of great enjoyment, and security, and liberty, and prosperity, which had come before they were senselessly and deliberately destroyed by a group of racist psychopaths, who were simply allowed to go on with their lives after committing crimes against humanity.

The funds that foreign nations such as Israel or Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Chad could potentially receive from Free Private Cities will ensure their success since governments generally honor their contracts with private companies, which essentially means that the Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” will absolutely benefit the wealthy since they will be able to determine the kinds of activities that will be allowed to flourish behind their walls. The wealthy will also be able to manifest their very own realities since their children will be able to play outside without having to worry about drive by shootings and machete wielding fiends running around and robbing residents at the bus stop while the police are nowhere to be found.

The children of the wealthy also won’t have to worry about prostitutes taking over their neighborhoods or home invasion robberies or terrorizing gang fights or drug addicts shooing up in the park since the Free Private Cities will be well managed entities unlike some of America’s better known cities.

The residents that choose to live inside one of the Free Private Cities can expect to find safety and security and liberty and prosperity if and when they decide to start a business within one of the “Special Zones” since their neighbors will be their guaranteed market just like the African Americans that patronized the businesses within the Rosewood and Black Wall Street Zones.  

The residents in these protected Free Private Cities or “Autonomous Regions” can also expect, “The Private Companies,” which is what the Free Private Cities are, to provide the basic services of a state government within the designated or defined territory of the countries that the private companies are doing business in.

The residents in the Free Private Cities can also expect to pay an annual fee for the services that they will receive from the new private government. The fee will also include the safety, and the security, and the liberty that the private companies will afford to the willing residents in a world that seems to be darkening by the hour due to crime and civil unrest and certain economic downturns that cannot always be predicted beforehand.

So, for those of you that are fed up with crime, and with horrible governments, and with ineffective and corrupt police departments, and who want a structured life that involves a strict private government that will provide certain services and security and certainty, the Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” promise to provide all of these things and peace of mind for a fee.

The Free Private Cities or “Special Zones” can provide the bold and adventurous with endless possibilities for the right price. For example one could fulfill a fantasy by creating an auxiliary “Forbidden City” in Vietnam or a replica “Black Wall Street” in Zimbabwe or a replica “Rosewood” in Chad. The important thing to remember is that Free Private Cities are also open to the foreign governments that want to attract new industries and investments, and who also want to boost their economies by attracting Americans, which is something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time since the private companies will be operating under new rules that will absolutely benefit the rich since some of the places will be previously uninhabited areas without fixed environmental laws, which essentially means that the environmentalists will be in for a new fight that promises to arrive before the collapse of the Himalayas and the mass migration from Asia.                          

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

In an attempt to try to further understand some of the bizarre behaviors that seem to surround many of the American based school shootings that have been taking place throughout the country, and for an extremely long period of time, and without a satisfactory and generally accepted explanation that doesn’t serve to further the traditional political flames of hostility that have succeeded in dividing the entire country into two halves of a whole, and along socioeconomic and racial and gender lines; it has therefore become absolutely essential to find out whether or not there are any other nonpolitical Americans, who might have something to say that’s of a unique and thought provoking nature, and that can quite possibly be added to the overall discussion that presently surrounds the history and the prevalence of the ongoing school shootings since the shootings themselves don’t always involve psychotropic drugs or a breakup or a documented history of bullying or a troubled childhood in the modern sense of the meaning.

The prevalence of school shootings in the United States of America, as well as the seminal event that currently surrounds them, requires an all-journalistic-hands-on-deck-approach, so with the insurmountable task of trying to find a nonpolitical answer that can quite possibly shed some sunlight on what a large percentage of Americans are openly calling an, “Extraordinary Act of Nonhuman Intention,” that goes far beyond the whole left vs right argument, and far beyond the standard secular explanations that often surround the usual statements that are gradually released to the public concerning the shooter’s troubled childhood and bullying and psychotropic drugs and troubling breakups, I as a seasoned American journalist, who takes his profession and his work seriously, decided to research the evolution of school shootings in the United States of America, and what I discovered in the course of my independent research is quite surprising, as well as enlightening since the answer that I received doesn’t necessarily fit into the generally accepted framework that a large percentage of Americans are being forced to accept even though there’s a nontraditional explanation that the general public has a right to read and learn about since a true “Journalistic Democracy” will cover all aspects of a conversation.  

My news articles, which are an example of a “Journalistic Democracy” at work, and this news site are a written record of my life and of my time on the planet earth, and are not commercially or artificially generated by a human gatekeeper or by a master AI computer, so I am therefore determined to continue to bring you the kind of unique news reports that will continue to reveal the very things that you have a right to know, and that represent the concept and the real life application of a “Journalistic Democracy” like the one that I have created right here at unstifledjournalism.com by covering the other aspects of the news since there are no masters or slaves in journalism.        

The school shootings themselves have been with us for far longer than most Americans are willing to admit to themselves in most cases, which is why my news article, and journalistic search for a nonpolitical explanation that can possibly be accepted by the non-secularists, who abandoned the commercial news a long, long time ago, and who are still searching for a deeper and nonclinical meaning for what they presently perceive to be an expression of pure evil; is crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” that absolutely respects everyone, and that also seeks to bring the news to the nonpolitical alike despite the prevailing direction that the larger news agencies might be moving in.

My news article is also crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” since it can quite possibly help us Americans to better understand why a seemingly healthy white male student with absolutely no history of violence towards himself or towards anyone else would attempt to commit suicide while he is still on school grounds, which by all standards should be a continuous place of uninterrupted peace and learning, as well as a place that’s free from all forms of school violence, which includes a student asking to be excused from the classroom and then coming back with a handgun and shooting up the classroom, and triggering more and more angry and warlike calls for gun control, and for the abolition of The Second Amendment, and for outright gun confiscation, which will further divide the nation since law enforcement officers and civilians and veterans and active duty military personnel and conscious members of the clergy are all on the record as being vehemently opposed to such a provocative and dangerous and nation altering event that will effectively put Americans with guns and training at odds with each other while the external threats to the nation continue to grow throughout the world.

There are a number of things to consider with respect to the safety and the security of the United States of America, and by putting the politics of gun control aside while conducting my research, I was able to learn through a great deal of research that the school shootings are being viewed through a very different lens, and that some Americans view the school shootings as a continuation of a curse that was placed on the white settlers, and also on all future generations of Americans, and that the curse had started as far back as 1763, which was the beginning of, “Pontiac’s War,” which had followed the French and Indian War, which is also known as, “The Seven Years’ War,” that had ended with the, “Treaty of Paris,” in the year 1763.  

The preliminary information that was given to me about the centuries old Indian curse was just the tip of the iceberg since the very same Native American Elder that had provided the information about the 250 year old curse of Enoch Brown, and the ten students that were also buried right alongside him in the mass grave that was tragically discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, also stated during our two day long interview that the curse was placed on the settlers shortly after the Pennsylvania authorities started to offer a reward for the scalp of any male or female Indian that was above the age of ten years old.

The Native American Elder also informed me that the curse was sealed with the killing of Enoch Brown, who was born in Ireland in 1694, and who had been the Head School Master up until he was murdered on the morning of 07/26/1764. Enoch Brown was murdered on the Pennsylvania frontier right along with a group of innocent children, who never even had a chance, and who weren’t as fortunate as Archie McCullough, who had been located during a frantic search for survivors, and who is said to have been found while he was washing his badly injured head since he had been effectively scalped during the surprise attack on the schoolhouse.      

The Native American Elder, who asked that his tribe not be named since he fears reprisal, also advised me that the 4 Lenape Indians that had carried out the attack on the schoolhouse, even though there are credible reports that suggest that Enoch Brown was a kindhearted man, and that he had also offered to give up his life in exchange for the lives of the slain students, had placed an eternal curse inside the United States of America, and that the curse will continue to affect our ability to learn in peace and to protect our children since the Lenape Indian students in the 1700s were being murdered in cold blood by the white settlers, and were robbed of their right to learn the ways of the Lenape Indian people since they were being forced to accept foreign white laws and customs and strange religions.

Enoch Brown and the ten slain students that didn’t survive the school shooing or massacre were murdered in cold blood by a group of school shooters, and there have been nonstop school shootings in America ever since “The 1764 School Massacre” took place on the Pennsylvania frontier 250 years ago.

I will begin to list the school shootings that mysteriously took place during the 1800s, and after the mass grave was discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in the year 1764, so you can see the kind of school shooting phenomena that has followed the 1764 killing of Enoch Brown, who was beaten and scalped in front of his students by two elderly Native Americans and a young warrior that had accompanied them. And while some say there were 4 Lenape Indians others simply say two elderly men and a young warrior suddenly burst into the classroom while the children were being taught and stained the last part of the 1700s.

The 07/26/1764 massacre in Franklin County, Pennsylvania seems to have touched off the tragic school shooting phenomena in America since nothing like it had ever been recorded by the white settlers, who had been coming to America long before the start of Pontiac’s War. The 1764 school shooting of Enoch Brown by the 4 Lenape Indians must have been just as unsettling to the people in the 1700s as the Iraqi boy’s case, who by the way was accidentally shot in the head by a 12 year old female classmate, who brought a loaded handgun into a Los Angeles, California classroom.

The subsequent school shootings that have followed the July 26, 1764 massacre are absolutely staggering, and seem to justify a much wider look into the Native American Elder’s “Lenape Indian Curse Legend” that I as an investigative journalist was informed about in June of 2017, however, you will have to decide for yourselves once you finish reading my reports from the 1800s and trace the evolution of school shootings to present day America.

Louisville, Kentucky 11/2/1853: A lone student named Matthew Ward had purchased what is described as a self-cocking pistol during the morning hours of the day, and subsequently took it to school where he used it to kill Schoolmaster Butler for the offense of excessively punishing his brother the day before. Matthew Ward was later acquitted of all charges even though he had shot and killed Schoolmaster Butler at point blank range.

New York City 06/08/1867: A 13 year old boy smuggled a loaded pistol into Public School Number 18, and used it to shoot a fellow student, who never even saw the attack coming. The shooter’s parents, just like the shooter’s parents in 2018, had absolutely no idea that their son, who obviously hadn’t had access to violent video games in the 1800s, had, had a gun or that there had even been an issue at school. The teachers in 1867 didn’t know anything either.

Chattanooga, Tennessee 12/22/1868: A boy who had refused to accept corporal punishment (i.e., swats or strikes to the hands or buttocks for misbehaving) from one of his school teachers abruptly left his school and returned the following day with his brother and with one of his friends, and when they couldn’t find the teacher on the school grounds they paid a visit to his home where a gun battle had quickly ensued that had left three people dead from gunshot wounds. The boy’s brother was the sole survivor.

Salisbury, Maryland 03/09/1873: Ms. Shockley was innocently walking with 4 small children shortly after school had already ended when a menace named Hall suddenly approached her and shot her dead while the children watched in horror. The schoolmaster ran out to render her aid, but she was already dead. Hall committed suicide later on that night by throwing himself underneath a moving train.

Lancaster, New York 05/24/1879: A man named Frank Shugart, who was a telegraph operator by trade, abruptly shot and wounded Mr. Carr, who was the Superintendent of the school’s stables. The shooting had taken place while a carriage that was filled with female students was pulling out of the school’s stables.

Gainesville, Georgia 03/15/1884: A group of extremely drunk Jackson County farmers, who had become drunk in the middle of the day, were walking down the street while continuing to drink, and while shooing their pistols without any regard for the safety of others. The farmers had exited the Jug Tavern prior to firing their pistols and prior to forcing the onlookers to flee to their homes for safety. The men continued to drink and as they approached a female academy a group of girls ran from the schoolyard and entered the school building where the drunks decided to follow them. The men were cursing and drinking up a storm, and recklessly fired several shots into the front door of the school, but thankfully none of the girls were injured.

Charleston, South Carolina 07/04/1886: A little girl named Emma Connelly unexpectedly shot and killed John Steedley during their co-ed Sunday school class. Emma reportedly killed John for spreading slanderous lies about her. The killing had come a few days after Emma’s brother had already whipped John a couple of times for the very same offense.

Watertown, New York 04/12/1887: A boy named Edwin Bush, who was a student at Potsdam Norman School, decided to take a loaded gun to school with him, and used it to kill himself by firing a round into his head while he was still on school grounds.

Cleveland, Tennessee 06/12/1887: A boy named Will Guess smuggled a loaded gun into his school and used it to murder Irene Fann, who was his little sister’s unwed school teacher. The atrocious killing of Ms. Fann had come the day after she had subjected Will’s little sister to corporal punishment, which was a common form of discipline during the 1800s.

New Brunswick, New Jersey 06/13/1889: A boy named Charles Crawford had grown extremely angry over an argument that he had, had with a School Trustee at his school when he suddenly marched over to an open window and fired his pistol into a crowded classroom. However, no one was killed during the incident, but a bullet had lodged itself into the space on the wall that was just above the teacher’s head.

Newburgh, New York 04/9/1891: A 70 year old man named James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students while they were innocently standing on the playground at St. Mary’s Parochial School. The students received minor injuries during the unprovoked attack that had shocked the nation since no one had suspected that an elderly man of 70 years would deliberately target children.

The one thing that we can clearly see when we examine the historical records with an unbiased mind, and with a journalistic heart, is that young people were solving their own problems back then, and that they weren’t involving the adults in the problem solving processes like they had previously done in past centuries, so what happened to the youth of America, and what made them turn on each other, and on the authority figures of the 1800s, and why didn’t this happen in 1619 or in 1632 or in 1702 or even in 1764?

We can clearly see the overall change in the nature of America’s children during the 1800s when we examine the case of Emma Connelly, who murdered John Steedley over a few slanderous lies that in her immature mind had equated death by pistol.

We can also see the change in Edwin Bush, who had committed suicide at school since he simply couldn’t see any other way out.

The change can also be noted in the case of Will Guess and his little sister, who must have seen corporal punishment as an act of war, and as a reason for Irene Fann to die.

We can also see the profound change in America’s youth when we examine the case of Schoolmaster Butler, who was murdered by Matthew Ward, whose immature mind had also told him that he should sentence Mr. Butler to death for the act of excessively punishing his brother.

The parents of the children that are listed in the cases from the 1800s had absolutely no knowledge about what their kids were going to do since the kids in the 1800s had their very own “Child Kingdom” just like you and I had when we were growing up, and just like the kids had in 3800 BCE, and just like the kids have in 2018.

So, now that we have established the existence of the “Child Kingdom” on the earth, which is filled with secrets upon secrets, the question then becomes, is the curse of Enoch Brown fact or fiction since the school shootings in America started with his death, and with the deaths of greater than 6 children, and have continued even though a radio host had recently stated that school shootings didn’t start until 1999, which is some 235 years after the first school shooting that took place on 07/26/1764?                

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

When I first learned about the existence of “The Negro Commandments” and their overall importance to a group of “Slavery Survivors” and “Jim Crow Survivors” and “Victims and Survivors of the Watts Riots and Police Brutality” more than 25 years ago, I decided that I would write about the commandments one day since they seemed to be just as timely and as important as they were when they were first written all those years ago, and at a time when death often outweighed life in many instances since 6 people could be murdered by the police and the KKK for every baby that was born to an African American family.

I first learned about The Negro Commandments over a cup of coffee, and once I gained the trust of the black woman that I was speaking with since I was an outsider, she put me in touch with one of the surviving “American Refugees” that had fled to safety with a set of handwritten commandments or guidelines that had managed to keep him and countless others alive.

The Negro Commandments are an important piece of hidden American history, and are just as relevant today as they were 25 years ago, and when they were first written and circulated throughout the Southern States.

I was able to see a slightly worn and very much intelligible copy of The Negro Commandments that an 88 year old black man, who preferred to be called an “Afro American” instead of a black American since he felt a certain kinship with the other black human beings that had also been scattered throughout the world, and who were also using the term “Afro” to describe themselves.

The 88 year old man that I interviewed over the course of 4 days after learning that he had been carrying a surviving copy of The Negro Commandments with him ever since he had turned ten years old was named Jody.

And during the course of our multi-part interviews Jody had advised me that his father Randolph, who was from the heart of Arkansas, had made him a handwritten copy of The Negro Commandments, and that his mother Lorraine, who was from Mississippi, had also received a copy from her father Joseph, who had approached her with the guidelines when she was no more than ten years old, which seemed to be the designated age since Jody’s aunt Patsy, who was two years older than Lorraine, had also received a copy at the age of ten years old just like Jody’s male classmates, who were named Roger and Donald and Colman.

The ten year old boys and girls were apparently told that they would be responsible for passing the information down to their own children, and for teaching future generations of Negros about what had happened during their lifetimes.     

The first Commandment as I wrote in my notepad has to do with the purpose and use of money, which Jody also called “Jay” or “J” which was apparently a colloquial term for money when he was growing up.

Money should be used for the betterment of the family and the community. Money must be saved whenever possible because we never know when we will have to move because of the Ku Klux Klan and the police that are working with them. Money must be kept to pay the white folks for safe passage because some of them are helping us when we have to flee for our lives when the Klan starts burning their satanic crosses and lynching people.  

The Second Commandment has to do with religion or worship.

Religion is every persons own business and it does not matter if they worship Christ or the Moslem religion or the Jews God or the dark arts because we are all being hunted down by the white men that carried us over here on those boasts. This is why the Negro Jews among us are acting like they are Christians because they know they will be killed for being Jews.

No one can tell the white folks who the Moslems and Jews are because they will be killed because they are Negros and have another religion and secret tongue that they use at night which is not English.   

The Third Commandment has to do with food.

Food must be saved because there are times when we cannot leave the house to purchase food because the Ku Klux Klan is out. The police also stop us for no reason so we must stay inside our homes unless we are going to work or to church because we are questioned just for doing yard work around the house. The police also follow us to the store and call us bad names and touch our women folk underneath the clothes and hit us for no reason.

Food is very important and when eating food we must always thank the Hebrew God because he freed the Hebrew slaves and gave them land just like the Jews here with us said. We must remember to eat mainly vegetables and to drink a lot of water because some of the meat we are sold and given is bad and if we refuse to purchase it we are beaten by the shop keeper or the police are called on us and we are lynched or shot or burned to death.

Food can also be dangerous so cook your food at home by boiling your meat because some of us have become sick from food that we did not cook our self. Always keep coffee around because it will keep you up when you have to flee to another town because of the KKK.

The Fourth Commandment has to do with newspapers.

We cannot trust the white newspapers because they will not report the lynching. They only tell you the police killed a Negro man or a Negro woman but will not tell you it was in cold blood. The newspapers also will not tell you how many Negros are killed and buried by the KKK and the police that control the streets.

Negros must spread the word because Negros do not have homes or work but you do not see it in the white papers. The white newspapers will not tell you that the Ku Klux Klan and the police are killing Negro children or that they are being lynched by white men. The Negro must flee north and must tell the Negros out there and the white folks what is happening in the south so they can bring an army and food because we do not have arms.    

The Fifth Commandment has to do with sharing.

We must take care of each other by sharing salt and sugar and flour and beans and meat and vegetables and coffee with the people in our party so no one will go hungry while his brothers eat.

We have been taught a strange thing because we shared our food in Africa before the white men forced us to come here on those boats. We must make sure the pregnant and the children get full like they did before the angry white men made us come here. 

The Sixth Commandment has to do with outward expression.

We cannot speak in front of the white folks because the smart Negros with us are being killed by the KKK and the police. The regular white folks are also killing us and the smart Negros in our party so keep quiet unless you know them by name or from church and do not say too much or anything about returning to Africa because you will be murdered. And if you are asked if you believe in Jesus just say yes because the KKK and the police are killing Negro Jews and Negro Moslems because they said Jesus is not their God and that they had another God before they came here. 

The Seventh Commandment has to do with education.

We must educate our self about the past and about our ancestors so our children and their children will have the knowledge of who we are as Africans. We must also learn what the whites are doing so we can move up in their world. We must never forget what has been done to us in this world. Our children must know that we were not always slaves or called Negros. They must also know about the Negro Popes in Africa. They must also know about the Negro Christians that lived in Africa before the start of slavery and that were carried over here on the boats with the Moslems and Jews. We must teach our children about the past just like the Negro Hebrews and the Negro Moslems with us are doting. We must learn from them even though we are Christians since the Negro Jews are saying the lynching will end one day just like the slavery in Egypt.  

The Eighth Commandment has to do with social activities.

We as Negros must not be idle in the streets because the police and the KKK will attack us for no reason. We must gather in our homes and must be home before dark and must not get drunk because the police are murdering Negros for no reason besides being drunk. Stay away from dope because it is from the devil and will only make your pain worse. Be careful when speaking to white women because Negros are being lynched for saying hello ma’am. Do not engage the white folks unless they come to you first. And find a good milkman and have him deliver your milk for you so you do not have to go out and give him a little change for bringing the milk.

Read every day and seek to set up guardians in your community so they can watch over your homes and children and women folk.

Choose your music carefully when listening to other than religion songs and never forget how the Hebrew God freed us from slavery by using his humble servant President Abraham Lincoln.

The Ninth Commandment has to do with relationships.

Choose a good man or a good woman that has the same kind of thoughts because slavery has harmed the spirits of some Negros and this is why we must be careful around some of them because they have become strangers to us in these horrible days and no longer know the ways of Africa or any of the words that belong to our languages that have kept us close to our ancestors and land.

We must find a way to survive because we cannot live free like the Negro Indians and like the other Negro people that were here before the white men carried us over here on those boats.  

The Negro Commandments allow us to experience and to appreciate the horrifying times that Jody and his parents and grandparents and great grandparents and their parents were forced to live through when they had nothing more than hope in their hearts and a desire for salvation.

The Negro Commandments also allow us to see the kind of communicating and organizing that it took to bring African Americans through slavery and through the Jim Crow Era and through everything else that the African American people have had to endure throughout the centuries and without losing their faith in the Hebrew God, who Jody said had followed them from Africa.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview an 18 year old Palestinian American named Ibrahim, and what he had to say about Israel and Palestine just might surprise many of you since Ibrahim currently resides outside of the turmutuo8us Gaza Strip, and has come up with a visionary and objective design for what’s currently left of Palestine, which happens to be the birthplace of his parents and grandparents, who do not share his dream due to the eternal pain that they are carrying around with them due to the unimaginable violence that they have been subjected to.

I am not able to use Ibrahim’s surname since he fears for his family members that are still living in Gaza and also in the West Bank, but what I am able to tell you is that Ibrahim feels a certain amount of unbreakable solidarity with African Americans since he’s recently learned about the horrific and barbaric conditions that existed during the American Slave Trade, and also during the “Jim Crow Era” and the depraved destruction of “Black Wall Street.”

Ibrahim also learned about the untenable destruction of “Rosewood” and also about the overall cruelness and barbarity of the “Sundown Towns.”

He also learned about the inhumane shootings of unarmed black men, which he openly called “The New Lynching.”                    

The Sundown Towns seemed to really hit a nerve with Ibrahim who’s fluent in Arabic and English and French since his family members were also forced to leave their homes and businesses and schools while the rest of the world stood by and watched it happen.

Given the lessons that Chattel Slavery and the Jim Crow Laws and the subsequent destruction of Palestine have taught him about the nature of some human beings and also about the world at large, Ibrahim cannot see a day within his lifetime when the Government of Israel will be able to find it within its heart to stop bombing Palestine since it continues to kill unarmed protestors while using the Gaza fence to justify what it has been doing to the Palestinian people ever since the 1940s.

Ibrahim also stated that the killings have continued without respite even though the Palestinians had originally agreed to allow the German born Jews, who weren’t originally from the region, to resettle in Palestine with the promise and/or agreement that the Holocaust survivors would work with them on establishing two independent 20th Century styled states in 1948.

Ibrahim also stated that Palestinians never illegally crossed Israel’s border, and simply want to return to their homes in the occupied areas that Israel took from them in an “Undeclared War” since it was not a matter of “Two Independent Countries” fighting against one another and losing territory since Palestine was not a recognized or heavily armed state like Mexico had been when Robert E. Lee (01/19/1810-10/12/1870) went into Mexico during The US-Mexico War of 1846 to 1848, which officially began on 04/25/1846 when the Mexican Cavalry deliberately and abruptly attacked and killed a group of U.S. Soldiers while they were under the command of General George Zachary Taylor.

I thanked Ibrahim for providing the aforementioned historical framework, and for also pointing out the little known fact that the Mexican Cavalry had also taken one of our Forts right before I asked him how he would resolve the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and he provided the solutions that I’ve listed below.  

The First thing that I would do if I had the smarts and the power of President Donald J. Trump is to recognize the fact that Palestine is not in a “Religious War” with Israel since the black skinned Palestinian Muslims and the Arab Jews in Palestine are also in danger and don’t have any more rights than Hamas, and have also been bombed and murdered by Israel, so this is not a Jew verses Muslim war or even an Arab verses white war since all Palestinians don’t look like me, and also don’t practice the very same religion since we also have Palestinian Christians in our land just like the Lebanese and the Syrian and the black Christian communities in America.

I asked Ibrahim to elaborate on the various Palestinian groups, and he defined the black Palestinians as his black Arab brothers, who have always lived in Palestine. He also said that there’s another group of black Palestinians that they call “Afro Palestinians” since they had graciously traveled to Palestine from Africa in an effort to help the Palestinians fight the Israeli occupation.  

The Second thing that Ibrahim said is that he would like the international community to step in and to force the Israeli Government to build a wall on its border that will separate Israel from Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem since a wall will restrict further Jewish settlements from being built on Palestinian land since the border wall will make Palestine its own separate and recognizable 21st Century state, which can then be solely managed and guarded by Palestinian forces, who will be responsible for keeping peace between the two independent states.

Ibrahim also stated that he wants Palestine to become a solar powered state that utilizes solar thermal power stations and desalination plants and micro water filtration systems since their water has been polluted.    

The Third surprising thing that Ibrahim said is that a viable border wall that’s built by the Israeli Government on its side of the fence will allow the Berlin styled wall that’s currently separating Gaza and the West Bank to come down since Israel will no longer have control over Palestine, which would then be run by two separate branches of the unified Palestinian Government during peace times just like North and South Korea, who are presently talking to each other while working on a unification deal that will benefit all Koreans.

The Fourth thing that Ibrahim said during our time together is that he would like the foreign investors to start to see Palestine as a viable business opportunity since Palestine has a beautiful and rich culture that would easily attract millions of international and local tourists to the area, who could begin to fly to Palestine on a number of “Air Palestine” labeled Chinese or American or French or Russian or Australian made 747s once a major 21st Century styled Palestinian airport is built right along with hospitals and urgent care facilities that can provide the kind of care that’s found in the United States of America and at facilities like Kaiser Permanente.

The Fifth and final thing that Ibrahim said towards the conclusion of our 90 minute long interview is that he would like to see 5 Star Palestinian hotels, and amusement parks for the kids, and a Palestinian air space that comes equipped with international air defense systems that will protect the Palestinian people, and their property, and their land, and their religious sites, and their historical buildings and precious artifacts since these items certify that Palestine is a real place as well as the home of the Palestinian people.

Ibrahim also wants caravans of African American Christians and Muslims to be allowed to visit Palestine. He also wants black skinned Jews from America and from Africa and from other parts of the world to visit Palestine as well, but is concerned that Hamas and the Israeli Government might target them, so he doesn’t want them to visit until it’s safe to do so.                             

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –