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Time Travel

Throughout the ages humans have had an unquenchable desire to visit the past or to even gain insights into the future which has morphed into plans to build a time machine that will allow humans to communicate with those in the future or in the past.

There have also been numerous television shows and radio episodes and movies that have been solely dedicated to the subject of time travel; however, there are a number of questions that still need to be asked which will be raised in this news article as well as how time travel is already being achieved today.

One of the questions that still needs to be asked of the time machine builders is who gets to decide whether or not the people in the past or in the future are disturbed by the humans from our time, and do their opinions really matter? Which is to say have you ever considered the fact that the people who are living in the past or in the future might find your visit offensive or that they might not want to be disturbed?

Also, have you given very much thought to the inescapable possibility that some of the humans who are living in the past might experience a heart attack as a result of you visit? In addition, how can you predict how your father or mother might respond to a grown up version of their child prior to witnessing the evolution of the life that they brought into the world and especially when they won’t have the benefit of knowing any of your accomplishments or what a grown up version of you looks like since physical features change over time? And what if your parents respond badly to seeing you in the 1950s for example and it alters the entire course of their life since our individual evolution is based on all of the forces that we interact with?

How might you be received in the 1700s when you will look nothing like the humans that lived back then? And I don’t mean your costume. I mean your physical appearance since the people in the 1700s will not have taken a battery of vaccines or prescription medication and since they will not have lived in a highly industrialized age that has changed their environment and the way that they think and speak. Our manner of speech will not be well received since the 1700s didn’t have television or computers or fitness gyms or smartphones or any of the things that makes us modern day humans. The communication will be extremely limited and the time traveler or travelers may even be killed since they will not look anything like the indigenous population.  

An example of such an encounter can be witnessed by reading about the various European explorers who time traveled by visiting lands that had lived the same way for thousands and thousands of years. Many of these explorers were killed simply because they didn’t fit the scene.

Time travel is achieved whenever we interact with people or writings or technology or music or pictures or movies or paintings from the past. For example, when we read about the lives of Frederick Douglas or George Washington Carver or W.E.B. Dubois or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we are able to experience “Post Slavery Racism” as well as their individual struggle to overcome it. When we read about the life and times of President Abraham Lincoln we are able to witnesses the challenges that he faced for standing for the truth and for being a leader of all people including the blacks.

When we listen to a 1978 music recoding from Prince we are able to travel back in time since the overall atmosphere and the spirit of the 70s will never be repeated. We also travel back in time when we listen to the additional recordings that Prince made up until his untimely and tragic death.  

When we purchase and drive an automobile that was manufactured in 1972 we travel back in time since we are able to experience the technology of the 70s as well as the thinking processes of designers. We especially experience the thinking processes when we examine the all but forgotten AMC (American Motors Corporation) creations and the designers who brought us the unequalled AMX and the AMX Javelin. We also see an automotive company who could have been bailed out by the U.S. Government, but who was allowed to go under which gave rise GMC since it didn’t have any other competitors like AMC. The fall of AMC is still felt to this very day and certain senior citizens that I interviewed told me that GMC and the government made a deal and that this is why AMC was allowed to die a completely preventable automobile manufacturing death. This is the kind of time traveling that can only be achieved by interviewing men and women who lived when AMC was lost to time.

When we read the Quran or the Holy Bible or the Egyptian hieroglyphic writings or ancient African writings or ancient Chinese or European writings from the past we are able to safely achieve time travel without causing direct or indirect harm to the people who are living during these past times. We also time travel when we look at pictures and at movies and television shows and when we view paintings which are said to express a thousand words, but are all of the words consistent with the thoughts of the painter who is from a different era?

When we read past news articles we also time travel since they tell the history of the world. We also time travel when we read The Playground novel by Carmichael Wolfe which allows us to see what was going on during “The Black Civil War” which was fought between the Crips and Bloods during the 1980s and 90s. This war was fought on American soil and claimed the lives of over 30,000 Americans, however, the violence and the overall cover-up and Cubans being on the scene has not been covered in the historical news or by the alternative news agencies like Infowars. The CIA and the FBI and the US Military are also mentioned as well as their involvement in certain communities. The real reasons behind the drug wars as well as the subsequent unreported Black Civil War are also laid out in The Playground which has a number of hidden stoppers that will cause the unsophisticated to miss the entire point.

We also time travel when we read about the deadly Opium Wars as well as the backdrop that surrounds the FDA approval of certain lifesaving drugs. We also time travel when we read about past elections and the kings and queens of by gone eras. We also time travel when we read about the Roman Wars and the Viking Wars and the African Wars.

The American Civil War also allows us to time travel and I often wonder what the humans that are fifty years into the future will gain from our writings and our music and movies and pictures and television shows and news articles and technology and presidential elections.

Will the future humans understand that they are safely time traveling while interacting with the various personalities of our age?         

   Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Liberated Women And Gay Porn

Prior to deciding to dig deeper into this particular subject, I had heard that several heterosexual women had become heavily addicted to watching gay pornographic films, and decided to conduct several interviews to try to understand why this particular phenomena is occurring, and what you will be reading below will shed some light on this seldom talked about issue, and it will also provide several solid reasons for why and how this particular addiction first got started for the four courageous women that were interviewed prior to this news article being written.

The names of the women that I interviewed appear in the order that they were interviewed.

Marisol G. who is Hispanic and aged 34 and a housewife shared with me that she first started watching gay pornographic films after becoming increasingly interested in how two men have sex with one another. Marisol also stated that she happened to be in a video store one evening about five hours after hearing a pastor say that homosexuality was wrong and that those that engage in the activity are sinners. The lessons of the Sunday morning service were still fresh in Marisol’s mind when she accidentally bumped into a Hispanic man that she states was clearly a homosexual. The man was holding a DVD that depicted two men kissing one another, so she started to ask the stranger what kind of things he liked during sex, however, the man became angry with her and he told her that it was none of her business and that if she wanted to know how men have sex with one another then she should get a visual aid like the one that he was holding. Marisol quickly apologized to the man since her questions had obviously offended him, and she became hooked after watching the very first movie and currently watches gay pornographic films at least three times a week, and when asked why she watches the movies that many times a week, she stated that she watches them because she prefers to see transsexuals engaged in sex since there’s a lot more action in gay films and since she’s learning a lot of things that she didn’t already know. Marisol also confessed that she watches the films because she becomes stimulated by the male on male scenes.

Carol K. who is white and aged 52 and a legal secretary stated that she became addicted to gay pornographic films a little while after watching two men kissing in the park while on her way home from school. This was something that Carol had never seen before and when she asked her older brother what men did to each other when they were alone since she figured that he would know since he was a boy, she got nowhere since she didn’t understand that although her brother was anatomically male, he had absolutely no idea what men did in the privacy of their bedroom since he was a heterosexual male that was only attracted to females. Carol waited until she was old enough to buy a gay magazine and then she progressed to gay movies and after watching the men performing sex acts like women, she couldn’t stop watching the movies and has developed quite the collection, which she keeps hidden from her husband since he wouldn’t understand her addiction and since he’ll get upset since he’s a church going Christian that wouldn’t approve of her viewing selection. Carol’s husband may not approve of her viewing selection due to his religious beliefs, however, she stated to me that she has absolutely no intention of giving up her collection since they have exposed her to a world that she previously didn’t know existed and since the collection of movies have also helped her to become a better lover since the movies get her in the mood more often and since they also teach her new ways to satisfy her husband, who has a bigger smile on his face now that she’s watching the movies that he still doesn’t know about.

Gail W. who is Japanese and aged 23 and a college student stated that she got addicted to watching transsexual gay pornographic films after watching the movies with her brother’s best friend who happens to be openly gay. Gail also confessed to me that she had a major crush on her brother’s best friend, and thought that if she started watching the movies with him then it would make him sexually attracted to her like guys that become sexually attracted to women that also like to watch sports, however, she found out the hard way that it doesn’t work that way with gay men because they either want a woman or they don’t since there has to be sexual chemistry in order for the sexual relationship to work since opposites don’t always attract even though this is still an accepted scientific theory that is still being taught to children even though the homosexual community as a whole has proven that opposites don’t always attract. Gail was operating off of the principle that opposites always attract and by the time she realized that her love interest was never going to feel the same way about her that she felt about him she had already become addicted to watching gay porn and currently watches it at least four times a week since she states that she can’t get enough of the movies since they stimulate her and since they simply blow her mind since they’re an eye opening window into a new world that not very many people know about since they aren’t aware of how men make love to each other.

Kim S. who is African American and aged 26 and a social worker became addicted to gay pornographic films after finding a gay magazine while riding the bus while her car was in the repair shop for a week and a half due to major repairs that totaled more than five hundred dollars. In addition, to telling me about the seminal moment with the gay magazine that was lying on the seat next to her before she realized what it was, Kim also told me that she couldn’t stop looking at the magazine once she took it home and that she also parked outside a gay bar where she witnessed a group of gay white men kissing and hugging each, which only made her want to know more about the mysterious world that she wasn’t a part of and that she didn’t even know existed prior to finding the magazine that opened her eyes since she had never seen anything like it before. Kim desperately wanted to approach the men that were standing outside the bar with her questions, but was afraid that she would be sent away since she’s a woman, so she decided to put on a pair of dark sunglasses prior to entering an adult novelty shop and prior to paying cash for a couple of DVDs since she didn’t want to create a paper trail or an account in her name that would show that she was renting gay porn. After arriving at home with her newly purchased DVDs Kim became hooked from the very first scene that showed a fully functioning transsexual male and his chiseled lover having sex. The first scene had a profound effect on Kim since she never knew that men had sex in the very same positions as women and in other positions that women can’t achieve due to anatomical reasons. I asked Kim what she gets out of watching the movies and she stated that they stimulate her even though she doesn’t understand why. Kim also told me that she has more than fifty five DVDs since they’re nothing like the ordinary pornographic movies that she watched back in high school while she was attending a slumber party that consisted of ten girls.

None of the aforementioned women have ever watched lesbian porn, and stated that they don’t want to. The women also stated that this phenomenon is sweeping across America and that there are a lot of women that are addicted to gay pornographic films, but are afraid to say anything about it since they can’t understand why the male on male movies stimulate them or why they keep them coming back for more and more.

The only thing that the women have in common aside from being anatomically female is their overwhelming curiosity as well as their deep desire to understand a world that they can’t be a part of since they aren’t gay males.


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com


The Butler 2013

The Butler is a must see movie that only comes around once in a life time, and that could have only been made during the 21st Century due to some of the disturbingly accurate scenes that appear in the movie.

Lee Daniels and Danny Strong and Wil Haygood obviously took the utmost care and concern while working on The Butler because The Butler accurately describes the horrendous conditions that black Americans were forced to live under, and it also shows the disturbing mindset of the oppressive Southerners that were intent on inflicting the maximum amount of pain and suffering on the blacks that were living in the South.

No single actor could have done a better job as Cecil Gaines. Forest Whitaker brought his many struggles and triumphs to life like no other actor could have. Oprah Winfrey also did a great job while playing Gloria Gaines, who was the supportive wife of Cecil Gaines, and who also happened to have a serious drinking problem. Terrence Howard did a spectacular job as usual while playing Howard and Nelsan Ellis did a brilliant job of portraying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. James Marsden was the perfect John F. Kennedy and John Cusack was a convincing Richard Nixon. The entire cast of The Butler deserves a round of applause for their superb work.

The seminal scene in The Butler when Cecil Gaines loses his father was played out thousands of times while blacks were living under the conditions of slavery and thereafter, and this is why The Butler is an important piece of American history since it shows the overall cruelty of racism and slavery as well as the idiocy of those that were responsible. It also shows how the white elders were complicit in the atrocities that can only be described as human rights violations.

Young and old alike will gain valuable information about the Civil Rights movement because The Butler provides behind the scenes action that correlates to the black and white photographs and videos that most of us have seen without a full explanation of what was happening behind the scenes. The student as an instrument of change is also highlighted in the movie, which is important since nothing has ever changed without the full support of the youth.

The Black Panther Party also makes an appearance in the movie, which is important since they were also instrumental in bringing about change and in making the lives of ordinary black citizens better by providing certain community based programs that have been adopted by America. The lunch program was a Black Panther Party idea and now children all across America receive a free lunch when no one else had ever thought about providing this valuable service prior to The Black Panther Party coming on the scene and trying to make a difference in their community.

What I like most about The Butler is the fact the Cecil Gaines never gave up. He weathered the storm and eventually came to realize the importance of what his eldest son was trying to do while fighting against an oppressive system that didn’t value all of its citizens. The Butler shows the vicious attitudes and the unprovoked violence that was perpetrated against the blacks and whites that were fighting for black equality. It also shows what can be accomplished when good people stand together and when they are willing to die for what they believe in. The whites that stood hand and hand with the blacks were willing to give their lives, so their black brothers and sisters could be free which is exactly what the movie shows.

The many goings and comings of the White House are also highlighted during the movie as well as the contrasting personalities of the past Presidents. The unwillingness to participate in war is also shown during the movie as well as Dr. King’s last moments on earth and his courageous stance on the Vietnam War, which many still believe to this very day was the real reason that he was killed since war is big business.

I recommend that you see The Butler because it provides a piece of American history that shouldn’t be forgotten or repeated because what happened to black Americans is a stain that shall forever remain on the collective human soul.

The Butler was reviewed on August 20, 2013.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

Copperhead 2013

There is a powerful message to be had in Copperhead and you won’t find a more poignant message in any of the other Civil War movies since this particular movie provides the moviegoer with the human aspect of the American Civil War that was fought by two opposing parties that had their very own ideas about what justice and liberty for all should look like. Most of the Civil War movies that you and I have been fortunate enough to see only focus on the overall battle itself, but fail to show the human side of things, which is to say that the well meaning movie makers and script writers don’t put enough emphasis on the individual feelings of those that lived through this troubling time in American history.

Copperhead breaks with the time honored tradition of showing bloody gun battles and dying soldiers and crying women and children because the emphasis is placed squarely on the ideas and on the feelings of many of the citizens that did not necessarily take part in the bloody gun battles for whatever reason.

There are several powerful scenes in the movie that no one will be able to forget and one of the scenes in the movie is centered on the widespread fear that was held by certain Northerners, and that had to do with the North possibly being infiltrated by certain Southerners as well as what terrorist attacks the Southerners might launch since they had clearly lost the war. One of the fears had to do with a possible biological attack that would cause a great deal of casualties throughout the entire North. You will experience the heart wrenching fear that some of the Northerners were living with even though the North had soundly defeated the South and could have easily destroyed their entire political and social and military structure, which would have barred them from policing themselves since they would have been completely occupied by Northern forces if those in Washington hadn’t lost their nerve and if they hadn’t given the defeated Southern military leadership safe passage.

There’s another scene that takes place after a son loses his father after he is overcome with grief due to his actions. The father was a staunch abolitionist and he stood for the equal treatment of blacks; however, he joined a mob of white men that committed an evil act against one of his fellow neighbors that had voted for the Democratic Party which was in favor of slavery. Besides the scenes that have already been mentioned you will also see how certain Democrats were unfairly treated by those that voted Republican as well as how the Irish were viewed.

I can’t say enough about the moving and superb performances of Billy Campbell and Angus Macfadyen and Peter Fonda and Lucy Boynton and Casey Thomas Brown and Josh Cruddas and Augustus Prew  because their outstanding performances in Copperhead clearly reveal the raw feelings that certain people had concerning the slaves and Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War itself. Plus the interested moviegoer will find out through this magnificent Ronald F. Maxwell film that certain citizens that were living during the Civil War era hadn’t had any interaction with the slaves, but were compelled to ask the tough questions due to their strong Christian values, and since they were aware of what was actually contained in the Holy Bible.

There were others that vehemently opposed President Lincoln since they openly stated that what he was doing was unconstitutional, and if left up to them, black Americans, who were just as much citizens as the whites were since the whites had forcibly taken the land from the Native Americans, would still be slaves, however, Abraham Lincoln took the courageous and unpopular stance that he did because he was compelled to do the right thing due to his personal convictions and since he had an undeniable responsibility to make sure that all Americans had full access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I recommend that you see Copperhead because it provides a piece of American history that you don’t often hear being talked about since the emphasis is always on the individual gun battles as well as on the prominent members of the American Civil War that found themselves on both sides of the issue.

Copperhead was reviewed on July 25, 2013.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

After Earth 2013

I purposely didn’t read any of the reviews that were written about After Earth because I didn’t want to be influenced by the writer’s likes and dislikes and natural biases that are often directed at make believe tales or at science fiction thrillers.

And I made the right decision by ignoring what others had already written about the movie because it made my movie going experience all the more enjoyable and After Earth turned out to be a real treat that was viewed without any preconceived notions, and I can’t say enough about the performances of Will Smith who plays Cypher and his talented son Jaden Smith who plays a teenager named Kitai Raige.

These magnificent actors really made the story come to life, and the camera work was absolutely superb.

M. Night Shyamalan who co-wrote After Earth with Gary Whitta, which was based on an original story idea that was conceived by Will Smith, was the perfect director for this fine science fiction film because he made Mr. Smith’s original idea into a wonderful masterpiece that fans won’t soon forget because After Earth is one of those rare movies that comes along out of nowhere and that you just have to own a copy of, so you can watch it over and over again.

We don’t often see high profile coming of age movies that have an extraterrestrial underpinning and that are written and filmed strictly from a science fiction perspective, however, we certainly need to see more of them and especially the kind that depict strong male characters that stand for something and that are of African ancestry be those characters African Americans or otherwise.

The scenes in After Earth were shot to perfection and they were perfect for the kind of story that was being told, and the picturesque view that I saw while watching After Earth, will cause children and adults alike to dream, and some of the children that will begin to dream of space will become our future astronauts since everything essentially starts with a dream.

The aerial pursuit did it for me as well as what transpired between the pursuer and the pursued after the pursuit had ended. This was great acting and directing and storytelling as well as superb camera work, and no one can leave the theater without being affected by the moments that are shared between the pursuer and the pursued. Children and adults that haven’t been beaten down by the pressures of life will say, “WOW! I haven’t experienced anything like this before.”

I highly recommend After Earth for individual movie goers as well as for families, and it can also be a great date movie and especially if your date is looking for something of substance and for something that reveals the beauty of nature and the undying human spirit, and that doesn’t involve police corruption or inner city violence or buildings exploding or airliner hijackings, which are also good movies, but that aren’t suitable for everyone since people are as varied as the colors on a rainbow.

After Earth was reviewed on Monday 06/03/2013 at Regency Theatres in Westminster, CA.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com


Oblivion is a fantastically created futuristic thriller that everyone should make it a point to see due to the overall message that is to be had in this creative work of art.

Tom Cruise provides yet another thrilling performance, and the C.S.A. did a great job when casting Morgan Freeman as Malcolm and Olga Kurylenko as Julia and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sykes and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria and Zoe Bell as Kara. These brilliant and accomplished actors did a magnificent job, and they helped to make the movie the success that it is today.

Moviegoers that decide to watch Oblivion will find themselves cheering for the human race and they will be proud to call themselves members of the earth dwelling race of primates that call the planet earth their home. But that’s just the beginning because the individual moviegoer will also experience an uncontrolled urge to cheer for the good guys and he or she will be filled with feelings of wanting the characters to succeed once the reality of what is at stake finally registers inside their hearts and minds.

The writers of this science fiction thriller did an excellent job and Oblivion provides just the right amount of action that one would expect for such an undertaking, and the special effects make the tale absolutely believable as well as enjoyable for all ages since older moviegoers choose substance over a group of stunts that are too perfect to believe since anything can happen in a real fight and since the good guy is not always the victor as life has taught us time after time.

I don’t believe that I’ve seen another futuristic thriller that I like more than Oblivion or that everyone can fully understand which certainly isn’t the case with a lot of science fiction movies that routinely roll off the Hollywood assembly line.

Now without giving too much away since everyone hasn’t had the opportunity to see Oblivion, and since I’m vehemently opposed to writing a piece that’s a spoiler and that takes the thrill out of seeing the movie, let me just say that you’ll see what happens when a man that just wants to do the right thing is suddenly confronted with what has been previously hidden from him by an unseen enemy.

The question that the movie ultimately poses to all moviegoers is what decision would you ultimately make if placed in a similar circumstance? Would you risk nothing by going back to sleep and by continuing to slavishly tow the line or would you choose to risk it all by doing something with the information that has invaded your reality?

I recommend that everyone make it a point to see Oblivion because it’s well worth the time and the money that you’ll spend and Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and the rest of the cast won’t disappoint you with their performances. And if you’ve already seen the movie, then see it again, but with the aforementioned questions in mind.

Oblivion was reviewed on Sunday 05/05/2013.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com