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After listening to numerous pro-illegal-immigration statements that were being made by dozens of Democrats that were up for reelection, I decided to launch an independent investigation into the overall effects of deportation since all of the statements that I listened to seemed to be one sided in nature, which speaks of activism. My investigation began right after I learned that a handful of Republicans were also echoing the very same sentiment due to having large immigrant populations within their respective districts.

I traveled to Mexico where I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview three distinct deportees that are still living in Mexico and who never returned to the United States of America after being deported for entering the country without going through the proper channels of immigration that all legal immigrants have gone through out of respect for the laws of the United States of America.

I will conceal the identities as well as the specific location of the deportees who fear political persecution for being candid about their experience and success as deportees. This was the agreement that was made in exchange for the interviews that are sure to be a real eye-opener since they will reveal a side of the illegal immigration discussion that cannot be readily found since most journalists only focus on the deportees that have reentered the country illegally for the third and fourth time.

The interviews are listed below.

Marisol: I am 33 years old and lived in El Monte California for 4 years before I was caught and deported for entering the United States by less than legal means. I was working at a fast food restaurant when I was discovered and deported in 2010. And at first I thought to myself what am I going to do since my husband and two boys are citizens, however, my husband said don’t worry because me and the boys will move to Mexico, so we can continue to be a family. He also said if a husband or a wife truly loves their spouse or kids then they will move to Mexico with them and that all of the talk about separating families is just about getting and keeping votes since the American politicians only care about votes.

What he said made perfect sense to me since the corrupt government officials in Los Angeles and the LAPD tried to protect the illegal gang member that killed the young black boy (Jamiel Shaw, Jr.) that was on his way to college since he was really, really good at football and was also doing good in school. This is crazy because the 17 year old boy that was killed was a citizen of the United States just like my husband and my kids who were angry over the killing since they said Jamiel was killed because he was black. Well, I no longer want to live in the USA since it is a dangerous place and since I started my own restaurant in Mexico which is something that I could not do in America. I started making plans right after I returned to Mexico where I found an abandoned house that my husband painted and attached the electricity and the water to. I turned the house into a thriving restaurant with the care packages and money that my family in America sent me. I make 600.00 US dollars a week which is way more than what I was making in America. Plus my husband found a job at a factory and my kids are going to school which is what I wish my younger brother could have done. We paid the coyotes 5,000 a piece to come to America and they raped me and electrocuted my brother’s genitals right before they shot him in the head shortly after he screamed I love you Marisol. I couldn’t do anything because five guys were holding me while they were torturing my brother right in front of me who was crying and screaming while they were using pliers and a battery and battery cables on him. My heart broke into a million pieces in 2006, but now I love my life in Mexico and visit my brother’s gave often.

Enrique: I am 27 years old and used to live in a small apartment in Anaheim California before I was deported for entering the USA illegally. I was in the US for 6 years and used to work at a movie theater, but now I have a good job working in a clothing factory and my wife and kids visit me monthly since they are citizens of the United States. My wife also sends me money and I live like a king down here as you can see by the way that I am dressed which is way better than many of the Americans that I used to live next to. My shoes are brand new and so are my clothes. Plus 25.00 will buy me enough food to last me for about 2 months. And my rent is only 100.00 a month and I make 60.00 a week at my job that I started working shortly after I was deported in 2013. I have absolutely no plans to return to the USA since I have already saved enough money to pay my rent for the next 10 years. Plus my wife and kids are going to be moving to Mexico within the next 6 months since I am looking at an abandoned house that was left behind by a family that went to work for Taco Bell in the USA. I don’t understand why they left since we have 15 available positions that we cannot fill at the factory since the people are paying coyotes so they can go to America instead of staying here in Mexico where people are creating business every day which is something that we are not supposed to talk to foreigners about but it’s okay since you’re a journalist.

My friend I am happy down here in Mexico because we don’t have any Chicano gangs around here like America. Plus I talk to my wife and kids on Skype and I also own a car and no longer have to worry about catching the bus like I was doing in America. Don’t believe the things that you see on TV because the Mexican Government is run by criminals who don’t care about the people and this is why militias are springing up all over Mexico since the people are tired of the cartels stealing their money and raping their wives and children at gunpoint. We don’t have that problem here since there is no market for the drugs. We are free!

Miguel: I am 48 years old and I moved to Mexico with my three kids in 2016 right after my wife was deported for entering the USA illegally. When I lived in Los Angeles California I was working like a dog and could never get a day off. But after I moved to Mexico I started my very own taxi service and now I work when I want to work. I was born in America to Chicano parents who refuse to visit Mexico since they don’t feel that they have anything in common with the Mexican people since they are Americans through and through and belong to a church that has black pastor that loves them. However, I love being in Mexico since everyone knows me and since I am respected down here since I started my own business from scratch. I simply bought a used car and started letting everyone know that I can take them places for a small fee.

I pick up passengers from the border every day and routinely take people shopping and when I don’t want to work I turn off my phone and take my wife and kids out to dinner. I couldn’t do this in America since they want you to have smog checks and licenses and all kinds of stupid things that stop people from starting a business. The people in America aren’t free like I am they only think that they are just like they think that their kids are getting a good education. I have compared Mexican schools to American schools and American schools are way, way behind. I don’t want my kids educated in the US.  

I conducted the interviews at the beginning of 2017 and fully expected to hear horror stories based on what many of the politicians in America have been saying about separating families by deporting Mexican nationals that have entered the USA illegally, which by the way happens to Haitians on a regular basis even though the Haitians helped America during the Revolutionary war.

The interviews were a real eye-opener since I learned that the Mexican Government is deporting Cubans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals that are trying to make it to America. I was especially surprised when I learned that Mexico has a wall that is designed to keep the Guatemalans and other Central Americans from entering Mexico illegally, however, no one is talking about how Mexico is separating families by deporting Cubans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to African immigrants and Cubans and Guatemalans and El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals. We definitely need more coverage on this particular subject since many of our American politicians and their local police departments seem to be behaving like agents of a foreign power which should make it illegal for them to possess firearms within our borders. The American people must demand answers of their local politicians and police departments if they want the truth behind why these particular individuals will not cooperate with federal immigration and are willing to put the safety and wellbeing of American citizens at risk by giving up federal funding in order to protect those that have entered the United States illegally. We must have the truth.    

I ended my interviews after Marisol said that she cannot wait for the wall to be built in America since it will cut into the business of the coyotes who are paying corrupt politicians on both sides of the border while they are raping and killing innocent victims that are being convinced by the Mexican Government that they must cross the border, so they can send money back to their families since Mexico is not responsible for supporting them since the American people have to give them welfare and jobs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Why A Good Cop Leaves

In April 2016 I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview two former members of law enforcement who were courageous enough to tell the truth about their respective police departments without endangering themselves by having their names published.

I also interviewed a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who is still listed as active duty, and he made some rather disturbing off-the-record statements which corroborate what the former members of law enforcement had to say. 

Officer Anonymous One: Is a 60 something year old former police officer who became so disgusted with the Los Angeles Police Department that he resigned after 30 plus years of service. Officer Anonymous One would not participate in planting drugs or guns on African American citizens. He also wouldn’t beat up African Americans while working out of the Rampart police station even though there was a running score card that many of the officers were keeping.

The culture of wanton police brutality never sat well with Officer Anonymous One since he didn’t agree with the value system that assigned 0s to blacks and browns and 1s to Asians and Indians an Arabs and 2s to poor whites since the white majority in America must be maintained for National Security reasons.

Officer Anonymous One stated that when he complained to his superiors about the police misconduct that he had witnessed, he was told that he didn’t have the stomach for police work since he is gay. Officer Anonymous One also stated that he witnessed police officers selling barbiturates in the locker room and that when he and a black officer reported the incident the black officer was fired and he was sent into an ambush where he was assaulted by gang members who had threatened to kill him.

Officer Anonymous One was also denied a transfer after several of his fellow police officers had assaulted him after he reported one of his fellow white officers for beating a pregnant black female across the stomach with his police issued nightstick. This was the last straw.

Officer Anonymous Two: Is a 40 something year old female who was shot at by a female police officer after she reported a disturbing incident that had involved a minor who she was sure would need psychological counseling.

While working for the Newton Street division of the LAPD, which by her estimation was just as deadly for African Americans and Mexican Americans as Rampart, Officer Anonymous Two was present at a racially motivated 8:30pm traffic stop that had involved a black male in his forties and his fifteen year old son who was seated in the front seat of the car.

According to Officer Anonymous Two there was absolutely no reason to stop the pair, however, the female officer that she was riding with outranked her so she couldn’t say anything as she watched her partner call the father and son the N word after the motorist simply asked what he had done wrong. The incident quickly got out of hand after the female officer ordered the father and son out of the car where she proceeded to embarrass the father in front of his son by taking his penis out of his pants while making his son watch. When the father protested the officer drew her gun and threatened to shoot his son in the face. The female police officer then began to purposely cause the compliant father to become erect in front of his teenage son, and when the visibly distraught motorist asked why she was doing such a horrible thing to him in front of his son, she simply said because I can. The female officer also took the 15 year old’s penis out of his pants and forced him to become erect in front of his father and when he started crying the white female officer told him to shut up or she would shoot him since crying is resisting arrest since blacks are supposed to shut down their emotions when in the presence of the police.

When Officer Anonymous Two reported the incident to her superiors while also advising them that her partner had also told the 15 year old that if she were to kick him below the belt she would have grounds to kill him if he grabbed his genitals since reacting to a strike that is delivered by a police officer is considered resisting arrest; she was told that she had better decide whose side she is on since the beating and killing of blacks and Mexican Americans fuels the American economy since blacks and Hispanics will need medical attention or a coroner or a wheelchair or crutches or mental health services or attorneys who will lose in court, which will be a gift to the prison system which relies on the police and the courts to send them a steady stream of inmates who just happen to be blacks and Hispanics and Asians and poor whites who don’t have a clue since they still haven’t figured out that it was decided long ago that blacks and Hispanics and Asians and poor whites would become permanent fixtures in the American economy which would collapse without the import of potential inmates since some blacks and whites and Asians have gotten wise to the system.

Officer Anonymous Two was also told that drugs are supplied to the gangs because a certain amount of annual drug overdoses are necessary since they drive the demand for antagonists. The cemeteries and insurance companies also profit due to parents seeking life insurance policies and burial plots for their kids who have become addicted and who live in high crime areas that must exist for the sake of the economy which relies on emergency room visits that cause supplies to have to be replenished. 

Deputy Anonymous Active: is a 40 something year old Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy who stated that corruption exists because the American economy depends on it and that drug dealing will never end since law enforcement supplies many of the drugs. Deputy Anonymous Active also stated that if all of the blacks and Hispanics who have criminal records were suddenly given jobs in their respective neighborhoods, which would solve the crime problem, then law enforcement as a whole would be put out of business overnight and that such an humane act would collapse the economy due to the closure of prisons and medical facilities and jails and drug addiction treatment centers and all of the home loans that are held by law enforcement.

Deputy Anonymous Active referred to blacks and Hispanics as “Super Clients” since these two groups of people rely on law enforcement to create a career path for them which is accomplished by allowing gangs to exist and drugs to permeate their neighborhoods.

According to Deputy Anonymous Active the beatings and killings of the members of these two groups is a necessary evil since it keeps them from understanding that there is a larger world that exists outside of their immediate neighborhoods. It also ensures that future generations of poor blacks and Hispanics will become radicalized against the police which guarantees future law enforcement jobs which will fund college educations while providing money for cars and homes and overseas vacations. Deputy Anonymous Active also stated that he has not reported misconduct because it could get him killed and that he is currently looking to move to a small town that is far, far away from the gruesome beatings and killings that are currently going on. He also said that the Twin Towers facility is seen as a real money maker since deputies wait until Christmas time before they start moving black inmates to other dorms while bringing in Hispanics who greatly outnumber the blacks which causes the Hispanics to attack the blacks which creates a situation of “Lockdown” which equates overtime which leads to greater Christmas gifts. I was also advised that this is how all riots get started in LA County facilities and that black inmates are always the ones that are attacked and that several white deputies laughed after they put two black male inmates in a chow hall with two hundred Hispanics who attacked and almost killed them.

Deputy Anonymous Active finally stated that a female deputy who is Hispanic purposely opened the door that divides the inmate housing dorms and that she allowed a group of Hispanic gang members to attack and stab black inmates while they were sleeping. The black inmates needed extensive medical attention and one even died. The incident never made the evening news since the ambush style attack was quickly covered up by county officials who didn’t want the general public to know that the attack was racial just like all of the other attacks that have involved blacks being attacked by Hispanics while they were taking a shower.

According to Deputy Anonymous Active Sheriff Sherman Block kept order inside the county jails, but after new leadership took over everything changed for the worse which is why the FBI had to get involved. The cover-ups became easy as well as an everyday occurrence since the lies and the corruption go all the way to the top which is why deputies smuggle drugs into the county jails while beating and murdering black inmates while also staging gang rapes which are accomplished by putting soft inmates in with stone cold killers who should be housed in single cell units that can be found in Super Max.

I asked all three members of law enforcement what course of action needed to be taken to improve things and they all said that televised congressional hearings should be held, so past and present law enforcement officers can come forward and talk about the atrocities that are being committed against American citizens and that if congress won’t listen then the United Nations needs to step in and hold its own televised hearings because law enforcement officers will talk if they are not going to face retaliation.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –