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On September 11, 2015, I started interviewing various females on the subject of a countrywide draft that would include the other half of the population of the United States of America, and some of their responses just might surprise you since they differ from a lot of the males who obviously still view females as property and as something to control and as something to bar from full participation in national activities that males have traditionally been selected for.  

Samantha R. who is white as well as a 36 year old veteran of the Armed Forces expressed the view that women as a whole should have been drafted during World War II when the men were fighting against the Nazis, and when I asked why she felt this way she replied that all Americans must do their part regardless of the type of underwear that they wear, and that it is unfair to the men for them to have to fight wars while the women sit at home and demand equal rights when they haven’t fought alongside the men who have fought to secure the very nation that we collectively call home and that we are equally responsible for protecting.

Samantha who’s a native of Southern CA. also stated that it was extremely unjust to draft black men and to force them to kill other human beings who they had no quarrel with and who they didn’t want to kill since black men are not property and since they were never treated fairly while white women sat at home instead of fighting for their country while black men who weren’t at war were being falsely accused of rape by white women and subsequently lynched by white mobs of idiots who should have been fighting for their country instead of carrying out acts of terror against defenseless and unarmed black males who were the faceless victims of unprovoked terrorist attacks that we conveniently call hate crimes.

I also interviewed Elisabeth Espinoza on 09/17/15 who is a proud 29 year old Mexican American who was born and raised in New Mexico and who expressed the view that women should definitely be included in the draft since women are capable of  fighting in wars just like the men, and since counties like Russia and China and North Korea and Israel have women who will fight to the very end for their country. Elisabeth also expressed the opinion that American women must do their part since ISIS has female fighters just like the Palestinians and many African countries who are currently fighting a group of terrorist organizations who have perverted Islam and who are more than capable of hundreds of San Bernardino California style terrorist attacks.

Pamela W. who is a 41 year old African American native of Texas who was interviewed on 09/23/15 is furious that women haven’t already been required to register for the draft and listed several reasons why women are needed in full combat. And one of the reasons that she provided has to do with eyesight and being on the front line during a fire fight or while acting as a lookout. Pamela who is the mother of two teenage girls who will sson be 18 years old as well as a devout Christian pointed out during her pro-draft for women explanation that instead of having a man on the front line who needs glasses to see objects that are far away, a female who doesn’t need glasses should be in his place since it doesn’t take a lot of strength to pull a trigger which is a fact that makes both men and women equal. Pamela also stated that if the man were to lose his glasses then he would be at serious disadvantage while the woman who doesn’t need glasses would still be able to fight the enemy while aiding her fellow soldiers.

Another point that was made by Pamela is that a smaller framed woman can be used to plant explosives underneath a building or a vehicle when a smaller framed man is not present in the unit.

Pamela who is enthusiastic about an approaching day when women will finally be included in the draft, which will mean full equality,  concluded her pro-draft for women statement by saying that if President Obama or Hillary Clinton or the Pentagon is at all serious about defending this nation against ISIS and Russian and Chinese aggression then they had better do the responsible thing and require women 18 to 42 to register for the draft so the insights of many eras can be brought to bear against  the enemies of America.

My final interview was conducted on 09/28/15 and it was with Dorothy L. who is a 19 year old Asian American who was born and raised in Arizona, and what Dorothy said really made me stop an think because she said that the days of fighting wars without the other fifty percent of the population are over, and that it doesn’t mean that the men can’t continue to fight by themselves, but that American women want to take their rightful place on the battlefield and that this is how it should have been from the get go since history has shown us that women fight wars just like Queen Boudica.

Dorothy also said that the days of believing that things are going to get better without action are far behind us and that the females of ISIS are fast proving that women belong in war just like the men, and that the days of Christian women escaping by dressing like Muslim women will soon come to an end because the female members of ISIS will eventually start doing body searches and that once the Christian women is found to be in possession of her female penis and/or clitoris she will either be circumcised by the female members of ISIS or put to death which is why American women must participate in the draft and in the war against ISIS and in all other wars that are against enemy states like North Korea and China and Russia.

Dorothy who is adamant about women registering for the draft since women have a right to be included and to fight for their country just like the men, angrily stated  that the only reason that women haven’t been required to register for the draft is because  a lot of men are still stuck in the Victorian Era and because the feminists are too busy trying to ban words instead of fighting for a woman’s right to be included in the draft and in all future wars since we have the right to fight for our country just like the men who have made more sacrifices for this country than we can ever repay.   

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


Is The Cloud Reasonably Safe?

Is The Cloud Reasonably Safe? Is a question that I’m quite often asked, and my temperd reply is always. I guess that it all depends on what you’re using it for since a number of famous people have had some rather compromising photos hacked by those that seem to be into that sort of thing.

In addition, since we are often told that this or that is for our safety, I’m still waiting for the U.S. Government or another government to openly address the security risks of uploading certain research papers to the Cloud since we’ve been told that ISIS has well refined internet skills as well as access to oil funds which could quite possibly be used to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

If I were a university student who’s studying nuclear physics and who’s discovered a breakthrough, I would not feel comfortable with my work being saved to the Cloud since it has been provien to be hackable. And while nude photos certainly don’t rise to the level of scientific secrets that could quite possibly put the United States of America at risk, they certainly reveal certain security concerns and show us how easily someone in a position of power could quite possibly be blackmailed into revealing scientific secrets since a great deal of Americans are very much into taking nude selfies.

I personally feel that eliminating standard Micosofft Word documents from new computers in place of the Cloud puts us all at risk since our secrets can be hacked. However, our government has yet to properly address the issue of scientific research papers being uploaded to the Cloud even though there have been obvious breaches in security.

Would Albert Einstein have been in favor of publishing his scientific secrets to the Cloud before they were implemented? And what about the Russian scientists and the Chinese scientsts and university students who are studying in their respective countries and who don’t publish to the Cloud? Do they know something that we don’t? 

Paris attack 11/13/2015.   

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –