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Is Hollywood really welcoming of all original stories that are written by writers who are other than white?

The more and more that I speak to struggling screenwriters and also to novelists, the more I begin to question whether or not there is room in Hollywood for all American writers? I developed this particular question after learning that some writers who are not white have been offered money for their original stories, without actual recognition, which is to say that the original storytellers are flat out told that someone else’s name will be placed on the original storyinstead of the true author, and perhaps this is why Hollywood tends to look unfavorably on copyrighted screenplays and novels since the author creates a public record by having his or her original story copyrighted.

It is clear that some whites in Hollywood are taking credit for stories that they couldn’t possibly have written, and that they don’t want to give others credit for their original stories. This is clearly a problem because when we as moviegoers go to see a movie, and see a name up on the big screen, we want to be able to trust that we are being told the truth about the real creator of the original story that we are paying to see since the movie going experience is much about the individual writer as it is about the action on the screen and the movie itself and its many actors and actresses. .

If Muhammad or Jamaal or Dante or La Kiesha or Lamar or another ethnically identifiable name wrote the story that the movie is based on, we should know about it, and we shouldn’t see “Daniel Kaufman” if he didn’t write the story because part of racism in its most extreme form is creating the illusion that all creative stories that deal with space and supernatural creatures and fantasy lands originate from whites writers when nothing can be further from the truth.

It is time to end racism in Hollywood. It is time for other than white writers to get recognition for their original stories.  

If we don’t have honesty in the creative arts; we continue to deceive the entire world, who actually believes that only white writers can dream up fantastic stories and that black writers can only write ethnically based feature films when nothing can be further from the truth.

The independent film industry is being touted by all of the writers that I talked to as the only true film industry since everyone can obtain full recognition while selling their work without having it stolen by a “Hollywood Word Thief” named “Sunset Bob” or “Dream Catcher Sally.”

The Matrix continued to come up whenever I asked for examples of original stories that were deliberately stolen from a person of color. 

No one should be able to take your ideas without paying you for them and without giving you full recognition or the American principles that we believe in are false.       

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


Oblivion is a fantastically created futuristic thriller that everyone should make it a point to see due to the overall message that is to be had in this creative work of art.

Tom Cruise provides yet another thrilling performance, and the C.S.A. did a great job when casting Morgan Freeman as Malcolm and Olga Kurylenko as Julia and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sykes and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria and Zoe Bell as Kara. These brilliant and accomplished actors did a magnificent job, and they helped to make the movie the success that it is today.

Moviegoers that decide to watch Oblivion will find themselves cheering for the human race and they will be proud to call themselves members of the earth dwelling race of primates that call the planet earth their home. But that’s just the beginning because the individual moviegoer will also experience an uncontrolled urge to cheer for the good guys and he or she will be filled with feelings of wanting the characters to succeed once the reality of what is at stake finally registers inside their hearts and minds.

The writers of this science fiction thriller did an excellent job and Oblivion provides just the right amount of action that one would expect for such an undertaking, and the special effects make the tale absolutely believable as well as enjoyable for all ages since older moviegoers choose substance over a group of stunts that are too perfect to believe since anything can happen in a real fight and since the good guy is not always the victor as life has taught us time after time.

I don’t believe that I’ve seen another futuristic thriller that I like more than Oblivion or that everyone can fully understand which certainly isn’t the case with a lot of science fiction movies that routinely roll off the Hollywood assembly line.

Now without giving too much away since everyone hasn’t had the opportunity to see Oblivion, and since I’m vehemently opposed to writing a piece that’s a spoiler and that takes the thrill out of seeing the movie, let me just say that you’ll see what happens when a man that just wants to do the right thing is suddenly confronted with what has been previously hidden from him by an unseen enemy.

The question that the movie ultimately poses to all moviegoers is what decision would you ultimately make if placed in a similar circumstance? Would you risk nothing by going back to sleep and by continuing to slavishly tow the line or would you choose to risk it all by doing something with the information that has invaded your reality?

I recommend that everyone make it a point to see Oblivion because it’s well worth the time and the money that you’ll spend and Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and the rest of the cast won’t disappoint you with their performances. And if you’ve already seen the movie, then see it again, but with the aforementioned questions in mind.

Oblivion was reviewed on Sunday 05/05/2013.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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Bullying Discussions and Solutions

In light of the incredible surge in bullying, and the undeniable devastating effects of it, the entertainment community that comprises Hollywood as well as the sports entertainment field has come out in full force while lending their far reaching voices in hopes that their voices of reason will help to put an end to bullying once and for all.

The WWE is one such organization that is dedicated to ending bullying and it routinely provides top level Wrestling Super Stars as well as talented WWE Divas that meet with children and that talk to them about bullying and the message seems to be sinking in since the children have started to listen, and since they are reporting those that are bullying their classmates and their friends and their family members, and since many of the children have decided to befriend rather than to bully.

Based on my ongoing discussions with children the consensus is that more after school educational programs are needed since they give children a real sense of belonging as well as something to look forward to doing after school. The after school educational programs also teach the children team work while building self-esteem and they provide children with a safe environment where they can meet up with their friends and where they can also discuss the events of the day and where they can share homework tips with one another.

New and interesting things are also learned during the after school sessions since they aren’t a part of the standard curriculum which makes it especially enjoyable for the children who long to learn something new at the end of the day.

After school sports programs are also important to the youth of today since they help children achieve physical fitness and since there’s always an adult around that can supervise the children and that can intervene in the event that bullying starts to occur. This is something that the children volunteered on their own and perhaps we should listen to them since they often know best.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –