As a child that was clearly beyond his years since I was reading medical dictionaries while observing The Evolution of Goods and Services while my peers were playing hopscotch and the game of basketball, I sought to understand the inner workings of “The Death Notice” that seemed to be all around me at the time since people were dying just about every month.  

A recent passing took me back to my childhood, and it also reminded me of a promise that I had made to myself all those years ago, and now as I sit here as a Journalist Futurist Designer and Inventor, who is actively engaged in taking stock of the world, I can honestly tell you that the phenomena that is known as The Death Notice is taking place on a daily basis, however, I can only provide antidotal evidence or eyewitness testimonies since no empirical scientific module currently exists since the phenomena is random and cannot be readily reproduced at will which is indeed what makes it all the more perplexing since it affects both males and female alike as well as all of the nations.

The fact that the evidence is antidotal or based on eyewitness testimonies should not alarm you since eyewitness testimonies are good enough for a court of law and since they have been used to sentence the accused to death and to life in prison. Plus millions upon millions of humans have experienced The Death Notice beginning with the 12 Apostles who according to the biblical account were told of Jesus’s death in advance.

Lucinda: Told her son’s wife to take care of her son after visiting them for the very last time. She also told her son who is African American that he would never see her again after that day and he simply shrugged it off since his mother wasn’t sick and had come to his home for dinner. Lucinda died two days later and her son could not get out of bed when he heard the news of his mother’s passing.

Harry: Told his three adult sons that they would have to take care of their mother when he was gone. He also gave them his insurance papers and told them not to tell their mother what he had discussed with them since he didn’t want her to worry about him. Harry died in a car accident three days later.

Maria: Told her father that he wouldn’t have to pick her up from school anymore and when he asked why she simply said you will see. Maria was killed by a stray bullet as she was saying bye to the 11 year old boy that she loved.

Benjamin: Told his mother that she needed to make sure that she had burial insurance for him since she would need it, and when she told him not to talk like that since he was in the third grade he simply walked away. He was hit by a car that jumped the curb a week later.

Samantha: Told her 6 grade teacher that she was turning in her last homework assignment since she was going to die during the summer break and that she was going to drown. And it happened just as she had predicted.

Milton: Told his mother that he didn’t want to go to school since her mother was going to die. His grandmother died two hours after his mother dropped him off to school so he never had a chance to say good bye.

Naomi: Told her mother that she would need to get another husband and that her unborn brother would need a new sister because the house would be empty. Naomi and her father died in a car accident on Halloween. The deaths came some two weeks after the announcement.  

In rap song Tupac said I see death around the corner. He also talked about headlines of his death and most people simply understood his statements as music even though the lyrics came true.

The Death Notice is being experienced each and every day since there are multiple eyewitnesses to the pre-death phenomena.


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –