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As innocent children growning up in the United states of America many of us were erroneously taught in grade school that the women’s restroom was clean enough for God himself to visit, and that angels often hung out in the women’s restroom since it was simply divine.

We were also taught by our female teachers that little girls washed their hands after using the restroom and that little boys didn’t, howver, it would seem that we were purposely being lied to all along, and proof of the lie is revealed in the candid interviews that I conducted because the courageous women that I interviewed for this particular tell all decided to reveal every unpleasant detail about their collective restroom experiences. They also talked about the caliber of females that frequented these restrooms.

I began my investigation by interviewing a woman named Nancy O. who grew up during the 1950s, and who wanted to speak out on some of the myths that surround the cleanliness of the women’s restroom. After we began the twenty minute interview Nancy stated in a clear and unassuming voice that the girls restroom has been ddirty for as long as she could remember. She also stated that she dreaded using the girls restroom during the fifties because toilets weren’t being flushed and girls weren’t washing their hands after taking number ones and number twos, and that girls were also affixing boogers to the walls just to gross other girls out.

Nancy also remarked that she got tired of seeing human waste floating in the toilet and would either hold it in or ask her older brother and his friends to sneak her into the boys restroom so she could use it after school. The uncleanliness of the girls restroom is the only thing that Nancy hated about her childhood since there was nothing that she could personally do about someone else’s poor hygiene practices that she had felt started at home with girls mothers who must not have been very clean themselves since they behaved like this out in public.

I also interviewed Barbara Sue who grew up in Southern California after her mother and father divorced and after her mother forced her to leave Houston Texas in 1966. According to Barbara Sue her life as a child in Socal was a living hell because the Northerners didn’t have any manners to speak of since they would see you standing at the sink while washing your hands right before they would let out a loud and unpleasant ball of gas that would cause you to gasp for air due to the rotten egg smell.

Barbara Sue also complained about the toilets not being flushed and about girls urinating on the floor and leaving used toilet tissue lying around the commode that had started to attract flies. The smell itself would have run off a rapist Barbara Sue remarked as she seemed to throw up in her mouth as she was revisiting the horror scene that was the girls restroom when she came to Southern California at the age of thirteen years old.

Melody A. grew up during the 1970s and stated that girls were passed out drunk in the women’s restroom and that some of the girls had even gone to the restroom on themselves before they could get their pants down, and that the ones who had managed to unclothe themselves before sitting on the toilet had fallen asleep while doing the number two and that you could smell it just as soon as you hit the door. Melody also remembers that girls would be snoring like it was no ones business while sitting on the toilet passed out.

Melody also recalled an incident that involved a girl who was shooting heroin. This particular girl died of an overdose while a group of girls stood outside the stall waiting to use the restroom while pounding on the door to the stall.

Angela H. got into a physical altercation with a female in 1988 who thought that it was appropriate to shave her pubic hairs while standing at the sink in the women’s restroom. The fight started between Angela and the offending female after Angela told her that she needed to do that sort of thing at home since it was highly unsanitary. Angela’s comment although true infuriated the shaving female and the girl started cursing her out which prompted Angela to tell her that no one wanted to see her ugly and disgusting vagina, and that what she was doing out in the open was digusting and animal like. The girl responded by slapping Angela in the face which caused Angela to kick her below the belt, and as the two of them started to struggle near the sink area Angela managed to wrestle the razor out of her weakened opponents left hand, and when the girl resorted to biting Angela on the wrist and left shoulder, Angela who was fifty pounds heavier slammed the girl’s head into the floor fight before sitting her on stomach while she placed the razor against the girl’s completely exposed clitoris which got the girl’s undiidded attention.

Angela threatened to circumcise her aggressor by cutting off her clitoris which caused the girl to beg for mercy as Angela continued to pin her to the floor and as she trapped her legs which prevented the girl from getting up.

Belinda who was freckled faced and as mean as a junkyard dog never said another word to Angela for as long as they went to high school together because she knew just how cfose she came to being maimed by Angela who was a heavy set black female who didn’t bother anyone, but who wasn’t going to allow anyone to disrespect her by slapping her in the face and by biting her.

Michelle H. told me during our thirty minute interview that she stopped using the restroom in college after a girl stood nexr to her and started washing her vagina in the sink because she was going out with a new guy in 1997 who was loaded according to the offending party.  Michelle was especially horrified when she looked back at the stall that the girl had come out of and saw a tampon that resembled a crime scene. The only think that she could think is why didn’t she flush the toilet and how can you be going out with a guy in this conditiona dnd she should tell him that she’s on her period, so he won’t touch her because if he discovers blood on himself after they finish having sex he’s going to get really, really upset.

Fast forward to 2013 and you will see that not much has changed since Vanessa L. developed bowel problems after not wanting to use the girl’ restroom at her high school since girls were leaving tampons in the toilet and on the floor and since they weren’t flushing the toilet after defecating and since they weren’t washing their hands. According to Vanessa these same girls had the nerve to offer her food after she had just seen them eating with unwashed hands after stinking up the restroom.

Urine on the floor is another reason why Vanessa didn’t want to use the women’s restroom and especially after some of it got on her underwears since she didn’t see it since she was in a hurry to sit down since the line outside the girls’s restroom had been especially long after lunch. Finding human waste floating in the toilet that was the size of a cucumber made Vanessa mad enough to punch the girl out who hadn’t flushed the toilet and who just walked out without washing her hands.

All of the women that I interviewed for this news article were eager to speak about the problems with the women’s restroom since they have seen twenty and thirty and even fifty year olds using the restroom without flushing the toilet and without washing their hands.

When I asked what the women believed the root cause to be for why women aren’t as clean as we ecpect them to be or as clean as we were taught that they were. They all blamed the women’s’ mothers because they said the mother sets the tone for cleanliness and if she isn’t clean then her daughters won’t be clean either.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

On 05/18/2015, I set out to investigate numerous complaints that had been brought to my attention concerning the business practices that are being employed by the Enterprise Rent-A- Car that’s located at 10901 Auto Square Drive Cerritos, CA. 90703. Tel: 562-860-3500.

The complaints that I received explained that the terms of the individual reservation, which is attached to the customer’s name and telephone number during the telephone call to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car representative, routinely change once the unsuspecting customer arrives at the individual location where the rental is said to be waiting for them. The car classification might be in stock, however, the employees at the Enterprise rental counter who haven’t personally taken the reservation over the phone, but who can see what the call center representative has placed in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car system, seem to go out of their way to completely change the terms of the telephone reservation which is what I experienced when I went to pick up my rental that I had reserved with the call center representative.

Prior to arranging for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick me up, I was assured that my rental would be 25.00 a day and that the deposit would be 100.00 if I provided a major credit card which is what I presented to Tanner upon arrival. However, Tanner stated that the deposit would be 300.00 and that it is only 100.00 if a third party is paying for the rental because the customer has been involved in an accident.

The cheerful female employee taking the reservation over the phone never mentioned anything about a third party needing to pay for the rental in order for the deposit to be 100.00 because if she had then I wouldn’t have wasted my time going to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car office to pick up a vehicle. By the way I could not get any documentation to support Tanner’s claims about a third party needing to pay for the rental in order for the deposit to be 100.00. There also wasn’t anything posted in the office or outside the building.

In addition, Tanner could not provide an explanation for why the person taking the reservation over the phone would have deliberately lied about the price for the rental per day as well as the 100.00 deposit with a major credit card. Tanner was also extremely rude to me when I explained to him that the price that I was given over the phone as part of my official reservation, which was issued a reservation number during the call, was completely different from what I had agreed to while making the reservation..

Based on the extreme rudeness and unprofessional behavior of Tanner as well as the reservation change, I advised Tanner that I no longer wanted to rent the car since the terms of the reservation that I had agreed to were suddenly being changed from what I was originally told.

After politely informing Tanner that I would not be doing business with Enterprise Rent-A-Cara since my reservation had suddenly changed, Tanner began to raise his voice towards me in the presence of customers prior to snapping my credit card down on the counter in an angry manner, which could have caused the credit card to sustain irreparable damage.

The entire ordeal was like something straight out of a Twilight Zone movie, and during our conversation, Tanner who was dressed in a suit and tie, and who was still very much angry with me for not wanting to pay a higher amount than what I was originally given over the telephone, also stated that they don’t go by what the reps say over the phone and that they use a different system altogether, so the price is not going to be the same. Now with this haunting statement alone, If Tanner is to be believed, it would appear to the objective investigator that the reps on the telephone are there to get the customer in the front door and that they accomplish this by promising things that will not be honored by the individual location. This wasn’t always the case because I’ve rented numerous vehicles from this same location in the past without any issues of this kind.

The rude and unprofessional approach that Tanner Hudson. took with me, whose business card states that he’s an Assistant Manager for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Division, is something that I’ve never experienced before when renting a car, and since I’m not a consumer who’s going to allow himself to be taken advantage of, I simply asked Tanner for his business card and called myself a taxi cab prior to renting a car from an entirely different company who required a deposit of 300.00. I gladly paid the 300.00 to the other car rental company since the company hadn’t lied to me just to get me in the door.

In addition to my personal encounter with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which was part of my official investigation since I had received several complaints, there were several customers of senior citizen age who had also experienced their reservations suddenly change once they arrived to pick up their vehicle. During my visit on 05/18/15, I personally witnessed three senior citizen customers expressing their displeasure with the sudden reservation change which amounted to nothing short of an unexpected price hike. The complaints about the reservation change and price hike were made directly to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car staff, who were also asking for a 300.00 deposits instead of the 100.00 that the senior customers were told over the phone while making their reservation.

One senior citizen explained that she couldn’t  charge more than a 100.00 on her credit card since this was all the credit that she had available.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car should be able to find out who the telephone employees were if the recorded telephone conversations are reviewed from 05/18/2015. The calls will reveal the 100.00 deposit statements since I spoke to a male employee over the phone before I set up the reservation with a female employee during a separate telephone call to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car call center. During both calls I was assured that the price for the deposit would be 100.00 and there was no mention of a third party needing to pay for the rental.

Share this news article with your local news channel or radio station and ask them to investigate the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in your neighborhood because the public needs to be fully aware of what is transpiring at some Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations. The public needs this information, so it can collectively make the very best choice when it comes to their rental car needs since there are a lot of choices when it comes to renting a vehicle due to car repairs or simply out of wanting a newer car for a road trip.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


From Woman To Man

On November 10, 2013, I had the opportunity to interview a woman named Melissa Rodriguez, and she provided me with critical insight into why she ultimately made the decision to transition from a woman to a man.

Melissa who had not yet completed her transition stated that her decision to become a man had nothing at all to do with any notion of her being oppressed by men or feeling inadequate and powerless as a woman. Melissa also stated that her decision to become a man had nothing at all to do with the feminist ideology and that what she was ultimately going to do should not be used by this particular political group to demonstrate that a woman felt so powerless and helpless in a society that men set up and that they built skyscrapers in and automobiles in and other remarkable technological devices in that she had to assume the identity of the male oppressor in order to feel whole since this is simply not true.

Ms. Rodriguez stated that she has never felt oppressed by men and that her father has always been a factor in her life and that she simply felt more of a kinship towards males than she ever felt with members of her soon to be former sex. Rodriquez also told me that she used to watch her little brother urinate when she would take him to the restroom and that she felt that she was meant to use the restroom while standing up instead of while sitting down. Rodriguez also stated that when one of her female friends showed her a pornographic movie during a sleep over that she fell in love with the male body once she was able to see the male penis do more than just urinate.

Melissa then began a campaign that consisted of her hanging around with males and secretly studying them and asking them what they liked most about being male. The males that Melissa hung around with were both heterosexual and homosexual which allowed her to gain insights from both worlds since each of the males could tell her how they viewed other males and females.

However, this wasn’t enough for Melissa because she also wanted to know whether or not she would be accepted by the males in her group and in the larger society of males if she were to have the sex change operation that she desired. The males in Melissa’s high school group and then eventually in her college group asked whether or not Rodriguez was serious about giving up her breasts as well as the use of her vagina? They also wanted to know what she felt about sporting an artificial penis and whether or not she would be okay with being unfairly targeted in person and in the media by members of the feminist political party who hold a tremendous amount of animosity towards the entire male population that currently exists on the planet earth and especially in America?

Once Melissa stated to her friends that she wanted to be male more than anything else in the entire world, and that she was ready to join their ranks, and that she didn’t give a damn about what the feminists were talking about, the males asked one final question which was. How do you feel about not having children since God is the only one that can produce real testicles which means that you won’t be able to impregnate a woman since you won’t have sperm to offer her?

To the final question Melissa proudly stated that she would simply join the ranks of the men who are unable to have children due to biological reasons and that after watching the gay pornographic film “LadyBoy Confidential” that she had come to realize that having children with a woman is not the ultimate victory in life, for it is just being happy with who and what you are.

Melissa who is now known as Patrick O. underwent her sex change operation in the summer of 2014. The transformative operation was performed outside of the United States and he absolutely loves being a man and he described feeling great joy in his life now that he can look at himself in the mirror from the waist down and see what he always wanted to see. He also enjoys sex for the first time in his life since he feels that he was always meant to be a giver rather than a receiver.

Patrick O. makes a little less money as a man than he did when he was a woman and he also notices that he gets far less discounts on clothing and shoes and other items as a man than he did when he was a woman and that he pays more for drinks as a man than he did as a woman since bars aren’t giving men happy hour specials. Also since he doesn’t know very much about cars he’s still getting ripped off by the same people that were ripping him off when he was a woman even though he has a mustache and doesn’t have large breasts like he used to.

During our post operation interview Patrick related to me that the same repairman that he had argued with as a woman had tried to charge him 130.00 for a car repair that he had only paid 85.00 for as a woman and that when he told the repairman that he used to be the same Melissa Rodriguez that he had asked out 8 months before the price suddenly dropped back down to 85.00 since the guy stated that he only charges guys more for being girly men who don’t know anything about cars.

Despite the lack of discounts and being ripped off by repair shops Patrick O. is happier as a man than he ever was as a woman and has also engaged in sex with homosexual males and states that he enjoys it since he’s able to relate to them and can finally give them what they want since he’s physically able to do what he could have never done as a female. Patrick also stated that he can now determine how much he has enjoyed sex with a particular woman since his penis allows him to make an informed decision just like other men.

Patrick also informed me during our follow up post operation interview that mutual masturbation between women which is the kind of sex that lesbians from his former sex have with one another and that he also had before he became a man is a false sexual experience since a woman can never experience the true joys of sexual intercourse that can be experienced by a man who has sex with a woman since a woman is physically unable to experience real sexual intercourse with another woman since she must have a functioning penis that is connected to her nerve endings and that responds to direct stimulation during intercourse and that produces an orgasm as a result of the direct stimulation that is experienced during intercourse.

My pre-operation and post-operation interview with Melissa Rodriguez who is now Patrick O. was indeed a real eye opener since Patrick had sex with both males and females prior to his surgery and afterwards and was able to articulate what was experienced before and after and how it is different and why her lesbian sexual encounters prior to becoming a man were false sexual experiences.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

California’s Smog War

The past and current smog regulations (i.e., OBD II) that have been put forth by the California leadership seem to be geared more towards forcing low income and middle income residents to take public transportation or to use good old fashioned foot power since many of the affected residents will not be able to afford to buy a brand new vehicle or a newer vehicle let alone a bus pass since they can barely afford to pay for gas and are effectively transporting others in their older vehicle, which means that they are pooling their limited resources together in an effort to get to work as a group.

The smog assault or quiet war against thousands of economically challenged California residents that has been launched by the ARB (Air Resources Board)  and that is primarily aimed at the poorer Californians who are driving 1996 or newer vehicles that are not blowing smoke out of the tailpipe is just one of the many reasons that sensible people are fleeing the state of California for more hospitable states that are not putting their lives in danger by forcing them to take public transportation or to walk the streets in an effort to maintain employment. A great deal of residents who used to own cars before the past draconian smog laws have been killed while walking to and from work or while waiting for public transportation that is often not reliable since the trains are always breaking down and since the buses aren’t always on time which results in employees being late for work and even being terminated for poor attendance, which wasn’t an issue when these California residents were able to drive their older vehicles to and from work.

The thoughtful and resident minded leadership in other thriving states seem to care more for their citizens than the California leadership who continues to spend taxpayer money to come up with laws that will take even more money away from their low income and middle income residents who are driving older vehicles due to their unavoidable economic circumstances. This continues to be true year after year even though the California leadership continues to claim that what they are doing will help the motorist who is still stuck with the bill at the end of the day. It is important to note that these smog repair bills are due to several malfunctioning smog system parts that came on the vehicles that were authorized to be sold in the California market by the same California leadership who’s using the known smog failures of these vehicles that they approved to be sold in the California market to fleece the motorists.

Our current smog conditions throughout the Continental United States of America as a whole are heaven when compared to third world countries that have not killed over and died due to air pollution. And if air pollution is such a threat to the safety and wellbeing of human beings one would think that all of the third world nations without California style smog regulations as well as all of the other states in the union would have vanished from the face of the earth due to air pollution since they have not rolled out the very same smog regulations as California. However, our neighbors to the South have not seen a decline in their birth rate due to air pollution that is caused by automobiles and nor have they produced inferior workers due to air pollution since thirty plus million workers from Mexico who were born and raised in a country without California style smog regulations are being heralded by the very same California leadership as hard workers. These same foreign born workers who grew up in Mexico prior to coming to the United States have also been rewarded with official state driver’s licenses, which establishes lawful presence which makes them eligible for Obamacare through the California Marketplace.

Due to the Affordable Care Act many California residents, some of whom who are driving older vehicles, are currently paying the equivalent of someone’s mortgage payment for health insurance due to the increases in premium which is something that is well known  by the California leadership who’s imposing the smog laws on those who cannot afford to buy a newer vehicle since they have been forced to buy health insurance even though they are being taxed for free county clinics and hospitals. The California leadership including the governor know how much their citizens are hurting financially, however, they have imposed 2015 smog regulations that will all but cripple thousands of Americans that are unfortunate enough to be living in their state. These Americans are people  who are low income and middle income residents who have the potential of becoming homeless overnight since in order to live within the borders of California and to get to work on time without fail a reliable worker must own a car.

The only way to be spared from the smog war that is targeting the Americans who own or buy a 1996 vehicle or a newer vehicle is to own a 1975 gas engine vehicle or a 1997 diesel engine vehicle since they are smog exempt. Or if you don’t want to go that far back in history or can’t find a vehicle in this year range, you as a motorist who resides in the state of California must have a stockpile of cash that will allow you to repair your older vehicle to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars, which again isn’t blowing smoke out the tailpipe. The thousand dollar repair bill will be impossible for a lot of people since they are essentially living day to day or hand to mouth as the saying goes. If a California resident doesn’t fit into the previous categories of a 1975 gas or 1997 diesel engine vehicle or doesn’t have stockpiles of cash to pay for thousand dollar smog repair bills then he or she must take public transportation or walk or must  be able to buy a brand new vehicle, which many residents simply cannot afford to do due to the state of the economy and the enormous unemployment rate, which have not been taken into consideration since C.A.P. (consumer assistance program) only pays approved applicants 500.00 for smog related repairs and 1000.00 to 1500.00 to retire a car instead of 1500.00 for smog repairs and 2500.00 to retire a car that cannot pass smog which would allow a California resident to potentially buy a newer car or to put a down payment down on a brand new vehicle since the state of California is essentially telling them that they can no longer own a car since they won’t give them a sticker to place on their license plate even if they pay for the sticker since their car won’t pass smog.

A 2002 Lexus with all smog systems malfunctioning could cost 1800.00 to repair, so it leaves a consumer with a gigantic 1300.00 smog repair bill after the 500.00 CAP award is exhausted. Plus a California car owner will have to take time off from work to meet with a California Smog Referee if the C.A.P. station can’t repair their car, so it will pass smog. This final step can only be accomplished after the consumer has spent 650.00 on top of the 500.00 that the C.A.P. program provides to approved applicants, which means that everyone will not get help and might have to pay 2000.00 or more to repair their vehicle in a climate where there are fewer and fewer jobs. If a motorist cannot afford to pay 650.00 on top of the 500.00 they are essentially dead in the water.

No car  to go on job interviews means that the job search will become even harder since employers are looking for people who have reliable transportation and who are not relying on public transportation since it isn’t reliable. Remember these cars run just fine and aren’t blowing smoke out the tailpipe and are reliable means of transportation. They just won’t pass a draconian smog test that hasn’t saved any lives since we don’t have any evidence and since someone would have to be intentionally poisoned while sitting in a closed door environment while inhaling exhaust fumes through a tailpipe, which would in itself produce a flawed result since we are not sitting directly behind a tailpipe and since nature itself ensures that we don’t drop dead which is why populations  all around the world have continued to increase despite all of the spirited debates about air pollution and about how to get more and more money out of the consumer on the basis of made up propaganda that cannot be supported by sound scientific evidence that will withstand international scrutiny that includes all first world and third world scientists who have healthy populations and who do not employ California style smog regulations or any smog regulations for that matter and who’s population isn’t forcibly vaccinated against air pollution since this will likely be the next excuse for forced vaccinations.

With everything that is happening with respect to the past and current 2015 smog regulations that have been rolled out in California under the guise of public health, California residents must ask themselves whether or not the California leadership is really looking out for them or whether or not they should remain in a state that seems to want to cripple its citizens financially and to even place their lives in jeopardy by forcing them to take public transportation or to walk the unsafe streets of California.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

We have certainly heard an awful lot about the kind of deplorable racism that currently exists inside the Hollywood subculture  as it relates to actors and actresses, however, we don’t often hear much about the specific types of racism that is currently being perpetrated against African American novelists and screenwriters who want to write about  other than ethnically based subjects that subconsciously teach immaturity as well as violence against one’s own kind and also against others that increasingly find themselves in the role of crime victim since a certain percentage of the unconscious viewers of these ethnically based movies will begin to act out the violent scenes that they’ve ingested while watching a Hollywood produced and funded ‘Violence-Fest ‘ that’s filled with young and misguided and sexually active and angry black  protagonists.

Whenever a dominant culture is insecure enough to deliberately stymie the creative works of a particular group of people who were enslaved physically and mentally and economically throughout slavery, and who still are in 2015, it speaks volumes about the collection of people who outwardly represent the tribe that is playing host to the minority members of its society. If there isn’t room for everyone to express themselves by creating the kinds of stories that they want and love, then the end result is tainted because the unconscious onlooker will begin to believe that the members of the minority group that is being oppressed by the dominant group can only write about certain ethnically based subjects because they are somehow inferior as well as less intelligent. This is how the Hollywood subculture controls reality.

African Americans are still being controlled intellectually and economically by the racist majority that controls Hollywood even though much is not said about the unpleasant subject of intellectual control that exists in Hollywood. This is due in part to an intentional media blackout since few journalists have the courage to report on what’s really taking place behind the scenes. The fact that Hollywood will only provide money for African American themed movies that show blacks in a negative or less than flattering light proves that there is a racist conspiracy that involves secretly influencing public opinion about African Americans. Young black males and females are seen as non-serious entities who aren’t interested in anything outside of sex and alcohol and marijuana and going to clubs when nothing can be further from the truth since many young black males and females are also interested in space and medicine and art and all of the other things that normal human beings are interested in which is why blacks were heavily into surfing prior to the advent of Gangsta Rap.

Young black males who wear their clothes in a manner that resembles hobos learned to dress like this by watching ethnically based movies that had secret white writers who had an agenda to corrupt young black minds and to clandestinely influence public opinion about blacks and to replace the images from the Civil Rights Movement with images of gang bangers and drug dealers and drug addicts and thieves.  The subculture of gang bangers and drug dealers and drug addicts and thieves quickly became the prevailing image of African Americans due to the Hollywood conspirators and their counterparts at the news stations and at the various newspaper outlets.

As part of Black History Month African Americans or blacks and Americans in general and foreign nationals are encouraged to look at footage from the past because by doing so a media savvy person, who looks at the photographs and at the news footage that represents African Americans prior to the 1960s, will be able to see how it differs from the Hollywood created version of blacks as well as the true untainted nature of African Americans. The creation and magnification of the subculture of African Americans was deliberate in nature and it was spread throughout the United States and the world through movies and television and radio. The Hollywood version of African Americans did not exist prior to the 1960s because blacks as a whole dressed like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and also like President Barack Obama and they also had dreams of being more than gang bangers and drug dealers and drug abusers and thieves and inmates in a correctional facility and unwed mothers with a legacy of welfare.

So, what happened to the blacks that wanted more out of life prior to the turbulent 1960s?

African Americans were influenced by the negative images that they saw on television and at the movies and also by the immaturity that they collectively heard coming through the radio. Prior to the negative influences invading their lives black males and females wanted to be like George Washington Carver and like Fredrick Douglas and like W.E.B. Du Bois and now they want to be like the gang bangers and the drug dealers and the drug abusers and unwed mothers and thieves and scam artists that they have come to know through watching the news and television shows and ethnically based movies and also by listening to entertainers that have lived the Gangsta lifestyle.

The aforementioned negative behavior is also reinforced by employers who discriminate against intelligent blacks while rewarding blacks that talk about getting high and who want to sleep with everyone in the office since they have not expanded their horizons by educating themselves since they have come to believe that ignorance is simply the state that the must achieve and maintain for the remainder of their days.

This is the result of not allowing blacks to write about other subject matter such as horror and science fiction and love stories that depict nearly all white cast members. The only kind of love stories that blacks are permitted to write about and that will be made into motion pictures are the kind of love stories that show abuse of alcohol and drugs and promiscuous behavior which further influences public opinion about blacks as a whole.

If I as a journalist were to write a screenplay about a group of white friends who don’t have any black friends, the whites in Hollywood would say you have to change your story because you must include someone black since this is what we expect a black person to do. You must also make sure he or she isn’t as smart as the whites in your story because whites must always be seen as the dominant entities unless there are even smarter whites in the story. In addition, the black character must be emotional and he must be seen to see women as a piece of meat since this reinforces the cruel myths of slavery as well as the images that Americans already have of blacks.

The racist tactics that exist in Hollywood and that control blacks intellectually are not openly discussed in the media, however, they go on all the time and racist remarks are always present and ideas are often stolen from African Americans since the whites that control Hollywood want writers to submit non-copyrighted works and since whites as a whole state that they can take your idea without using your specific characters which amounts to dishonesty and outright thievery which speaks volumes about the perceived dominant culture who has made it clear that they don’t want any intellectual competition or any stories from blacks that do not cast African Americans in a perpetual negative light.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

The innocuous sounding term ‘Pharm Party’ is an unusual term that most Americans are not readily familiar with, and that they will slowly begin to add to their individual vocabularies once they or a family member or a friend or a relative or a coworker comes face to face with a personal tragedy that unexpectedly hits close to home, and that will provide an unmistakable explanation for the term that sounds innocuous on the surface.

Pharm Parties are increasingly taking place all over the Continental United States of America as more and more young adults and preteens are experimenting with prescription drugs that have not been legally prescribed for them. Young adults and preteens who are looking for the ultimate experience or for an unforgettable high are secretly pilfering their parents’ and neighbors’ and relatives’ prescription medication while claiming to need to use the restroom, so the unsuspecting adult will leave them alone long enough for them to execute their theft. Once securely inside the restroom the door is locked and the pill thieves begin to raid the medicine cabinet in a premeditated effort to obtain any type of psychoactive drug that they can get their youthful and inexperienced hands on.

The highly deceptive pill thieves are also known for knocking on a stranger’s door prior to asking to use the restroom, and once they gain entry into the stranger’s home due to their youthful and non-threatening manner, they immediately start stealing tablets and capsules that have been legally prescribed for various medical conditions. Some of the pill thieves are even bold enough to enter the stranger’s bedroom while the unsuspecting person, who is a senior citizen in 9 out of 10 cases, is nice enough to be preparing coffee or tea or hot chocolate for them since they feel that it is something that the young person needs.

The pill thieves are even heartless enough to stay in the stranger’s home long enough to consume the freely given beverage all the while knowing that they have stolen the senior person’s prescription meds. The pill snatchers raid closets and dresser drawers and shoe boxes and other places inside the stranger’s bedroom that they suspect that the senior citizen might have placed their medication. The same thing is also done to family members and also to parents of friends.

The stolen drugs are then taken to the local Pharm Party where they are placed inside an empty bowl right along with other stolen prescription drugs that have been legally prescribed. The young adults and preteens that are attending the underground Pharm Party begin to gather around the table where the bowl has been placed and once it is clear that all pilfered drugs have been placed inside the bowl they begin to grab handfuls of pills right before swallowing them without caring whether or not they are taking anti-psychotic medications or anti-depressants that suppress the Central Nervous System. The prescription drug consuming Pharm Party participants are simply seeking an unusual high or experience that is often deadly since drug interactions often occur since the young adult or preteen has absolutely no idea why the medication was prescribed in the first place or what signs to look for that could quite possibly spell death.

Young adults and preteens are so desperate to acquire legally prescribed drugs that they have resorted to combing through landfills at wee hours of the morning in search of discarded medications that are classified as psychoactive substances. Some preteens are even ditching school, so they can knock on the doors of strangers in an effort to steal prescription medications. The same kids that are playing hooky are also visiting landfills where they pay certain individuals to allow them to comb through the garbage for medications that can be sold at Pharm Parties and also consumed by them and their peers.

Young Americans are essentially playing Russian roulette with stolen prescription medications since many of them simply believe that the legally prescribed medications must be safe since they have been prescribed by a doctor. However, they have absolutely no idea what the pharmacist or the prescribing doctor has told the patient about the medications. They also haven’t bothered to do any research that would reveal the side effects of the drugs and consequently lose their lives due to ignorance.

Some of the prescription meds that find their way into ‘Pharm Party Bowls’ that resemble jellybean spreads are given to young adults and preteens by adults who don’t understand that the young adult or preteen must be evaluated by a medical professional who will determine what kind of medication if any they might need. The medical professional will also determine the duration that the medication should be taken as well as the proper dosage. Without knowing the possible sides effects of the drug or the duration and proper dosage and what condition or conditions the medication has been prescribed for, the young adults and preteens are asking for trouble and especially when mixing a handful of prescription drugs with alcohol which is exactly what’s being done on a consistent basis. Young adults and preteens are putting their lives in jeopardy all in the name of having fun at a Pharm Party.

Young adults and preteens are stealing prescription drugs without understanding that some drugs have been placed on a Q.L. List or on a Quantity Limitation List and therefore cannot simply be replaced if stolen since the federal government has set a total number of pills for a 30 day or 15 day supply.  The young adults and preteens also don’t understand that some private insurance companies and Medicare plans will not pay for stolen or lost medications, which means that the senior citizen will have to go without the medication for an undetermined amount of time if they cannot afford to buy another batch of meds after securing another prescription from their doctor, which essentially means that two lives are being placed into danger since the senior citizens needs their medication and since the pill thief might not leave the Pharm Party alive after swallowing a handful of unknown prescription drugs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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When we first hear the alarming words ‘Household Hazards’ the first things that often come to mind are pesticides or cleaning supplies that children can get a hold of when we’re not looking. We also tend to think about matches and cigarette lighters that can easily injure children and that can also cause deadly household fires. We also add unguarded or unattended personal fans to the list of potentially deadly household hazards since a child could potentially stick his or her finger into the area where the fan blades are operating.

However, we don’t often think about such things as nutmeg since most kitchens across the world contain this particular spice since it is used for food preparation. We also overlook cinnamon since we like to add it to our favorite beverages since we enjoy the aroma as well as the taste.

If a child were to consume too much cinnamon it could cause an unexpected drop in his or her blood sugar, which could cause coma and even death. Plus if the child were to survive his or her ordeal with exposure to too much cinnamon in a single serving there could be serious lingering psychological problems that could potentially persist since the brain needs sugar or glucose in order to survive and to function optimally. The absence of this important substance for an extended period of time could be a game changer for a tiny person that cannot tell you what’s wrong or why they’re sweating or why they’re about to pass out or why they’re shaking or why they’re bumping into things since they cannot see due to extremely low levels of blood sugar.

Parents who are not fully aware of the potential dangers of spices that can be abused or misused often leave certain items like cinnamon within the reach of children since they don’t understand the dangers that common household spices can pose for the unsuspecting teenager or child who doesn’t understand what can happen to them if they consume too much of the legally purchased food item. The same at risk teenagers and children who find innocuous looking household spices in the kitchen cupboard and who start self-administering them out of complete ignorance and without adult supervision don’t realize that their actions can result in an emergency room visit if they consume more than the recommended safe serving.

The sudden drop in blood sugar after abusing cinnamon is why some teenagers that have been foolish enough to experiment with cinnamon have suddenly passed out. The adolescents that we often see in YouTube videos and who decide to take several tablespoons of cinnamon in a single setting obviously don’t understand  that cinnamon can cause them to experience extremely low blood sugar.

Education is the key!

Nutmeg is another spice that can cause some unwanted side effects if taken in high doses or in tablespoons like some unsuspecting teenagers and children are currently doing since they simply don’t understand what it can do to them and since their parents think that all spices are created equal when they most certainly are not.

When taken orally in higher than recommended doses or servings, nutmeg, which is found in households all around the world, can cause extreme drowsiness, which can potentially lead to a deadly automobile accident if the-nutmeg-intoxicated-party that has become extremely intoxicated by taking nutmeg, and who is suffering from delayed reaction times as a result of nutmeg intoxication, is irresponsible and decides to get behind the wheel of a car while he or she is under the influence of nutmeg. High doses of nutmeg can also cause an individual to experience delirium as well as instant sleep, which means that the intoxicated party can suddenly run off the road due to falling asleep behind the wheel of a moving car.

Myristica oil is found in nutmeg and accounts for the physical effects that occur in the human body (i.e., the drowsiness and eventual sleep and delayed reaction times). Plus the exterior covering of the nutmeg seed contains a hallucinogenic compound called myristicin which can cause a child or a young adult or an adult to have some serious hallucinations that are akin to the ones that mescaline users are known to experience. As little as 14 grams of nutmeg can place an individual in a powerful dreamlike state. Plus the person that decides to abuse nutmeg will also experience a rapid heartbeat which is frightening in and of itself. The same nutmeg abuser will also experience a dry mouth as well as agitation and a marked sense of impending doom which could eventually lead to violence if the right circumstances exist.

An example of this potential violence can be realized when a person believes that a number of enemy troops are coming to his or her home to apprehend him after watching a movie or after listening to a news report on the radio. The nutmeg abuser may arm his or herself with a weapon and may unintentionally harm another person or the first innocent cat or dog that suddenly appears out of the blue. The-nutmeg-intoxicated-party will not realize who or what it is until it’s far too late since he or she will be under the influence of nutmeg.

Educating children about the potential dangers of spices is essentially the only way to responsibly protect them.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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There are genuine church outreach programs, and there are less than genuine community based outreach programs that are fronts for drug smuggling and for gun running and for money laundering operations.

Genuine community outreach programs display diversity, which means that various professions and ethnic groups are represented. For example, engineers attend services right along with cashiers and librarians and business owners and college students and journalists and homemakers from all ethnic groups. The members of these churches that can be considered genuine houses of worship are also welcoming of others, and do not automatically become suspicious because someone from a different ethnic group comes to join them for service since no criminal activity is going on behind the scenes and since they genuinely accept and believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith.

Less than genuine community outreach programs or churches are replete with former gang members and drug dealers who are still active members in the criminal underworld. These unsavory individuals are using the church to conceal their criminal activity since most people are less and less suspicious of churches and community based outreach programs that are run by individuals that display a changed outward appearance.

On the flip side of things there are an overwhelming amount of genuine community outreach programs that have ex-gang members and drug dealers who have truly given their lives to Jesus Christ and who have left the criminal underworld far, far behind them and who don’t associate with their former criminal associates and who welcome all ethnic groups and professions to come and worship with them.

The genuine community outreach programs mirror society and aren’t trying to conceal their criminal activity and don’t have any issues with law enforcement officers attending services at their churches since these law enforcement officers are part of the community and genuinely believe in the principles of the Christian faith.

There are certain nontraditional community outreach programs that currently exist and that a number of unsuspecting Christians have been viciously assaulted at for simply being a member of the wrong ethnic group and for stumbling into the restroom during a gun deal or during a narcotics exchange.

Many of these nontraditional community outreach programs are not true houses of worship since true houses of worship welcome everyone and are not hubs for drug transactions and gun running and money laundering operations that have strong ties to drug cartels that provided the blood money to establish many of these churches as well as the community outreach programs that are run out of a number of these churches.

The Christian that wants to attend holiday services should research the church before attending, and the victims that have been attacked at some of these nontraditional churches or community outreach programs or that have been subjected to less than desired unchristian like behavior might want to post their experiences on Facebook or on Twitter, so that others won’t fall into the same trap.

Sadly, everyone that says that he or she is a Christian or a pastor or a deacon or an assistant pastor or an associate pastor cannot be trusted since the world is filled with a lot of deceivers that are actively seeking victims to deceive and to rob and to literally devour, which is why it is important to do your homework.

Now that we are presently in the holiday season which starts with Thanksgiving and which ends with New Years, and since a great deal of people are presently looking for churches to attend, I encourage everyone to do their research before attending a church that is unknown to them or to any of their family and friends since the consequences can often be irreversible.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

The Russian Pan Pathogen

In an effort to demonstrate that drug addiction or chemical dependency is a disease more than anything else; I will provide some information below that many will find both enlightening and disturbing as well as something to discuss with their neighbors and with their friends and with their children and with their grandchildren who might be experimenting with drugs or who might be contemplating illicit drug use.

The makers of the various illicit drugs that one is often compelled to put into their bodies for genetic reasons or due to personal self-esteem issues or due to untreated mental disorders simply do not care whether or not 10% of first time drug users live or die or whether or not they suffer a number of debilitating side effects since their number one priority is to get 90% of all humans hooked on their product, so they will keep coming back for more and more.

“The Dark Chemists” as I call them want the 90% that survive their first drug experience to influence others to try their product and to keep using it since they will eventually produce offspring that will become future customers since the drug will secretly alter their genetics behind the scenes thereby predisposing their unborn children to a potential life of drug abuse since the hidden cravings will be present just like the unquenchable cravings of a fictional vampire that craves human blood.

The makers of the Russian Pan Pathogen called Krokodil do not care that it is a flesh eating soul destroying drug that leaves the individual in a state of essential death or that it will cause the addicted person to seek out other sites on their body since the drug destroys the original injection site. The addicted drug user won’t stop using in many cases until he or she is dead. The Dark Chemists don’t care about the drug user since their aim is absolute drug addiction and a steady flow of cash even when the popularity of the drug wanes since there will still be customers.

The goal of The Dark Chemist is to make as much money as possible once the drug is first introduced to the general population and to add to the empire that he or she has built with residual income that trickles in after society becomes aware of the demise of the vulnerable users. The illicit drug manufacturer gets to keep all of his or her capital since they are not subject to lawsuits like the makers of cigarettes, so it’s a win, win situation for The Dark Chemist.

Young adults and children need to understand that The Dark Chemist is soulless and that he or she and their agents that peddle their death are just as deadly as the vampires that they see in the movies and that there is nothing romantic about being bitten by one of these fiendish individuals since maximum profit is their only goal in life and since irreversible death and destruction are just a part of the world that they have built for themselves and for the unsuspecting drug user who has absolutely no idea what kind of road they will be traveling down after they have their first experience since most individuals don’t know what ‘s hidden inside their genes and whether or not their genes are going to cause them to use until they experience an earthly death since they won’t be able to stop on their own in many cases without direct intervention from a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist since Illicit drugs will become their involuntary method of death.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

Is The War On Drugs Winnable?

Is the war on drugs winnable? Well, I guess that it would depend entirely on whom one poses his or her query to, and also on how in touch with reality the individual respondent is since the current war on drugs in nothing new.

I have posed the same question to several insiders (i.e., those that use drugs themselves or who sympathize with those that do) and the answer is always the same. You will always have people that will seek out drugs be those drugs licit drugs or illicit drugs since drug use is as old as time itself. The insiders also site the fact that licit drugs like coffee and tea and chocolate are being consumed in record numbers despite the fact that certain people are warning against the disastrous consequences that could follow if the legalized drugs are over consumed.

One candid female respondent that I spoke to said that there should be a total ban on the legalized drug that is known to the world as coffee since drinking it religiously made her paranoid and also suicidal once she became depressed. Janice W. also said that since coffee continued to elevate her blood pressure with every cup that she drank; that it should be banned as a dangerous substance since it caused her to lose a certain amount of desired sensitivity in her private region that has never come back even though she hasn’t had a cup of coffee in more than two years. Janice also stated that she noticed certain changes in her body, but that she couldn’t stop drinking the coffee since she had become addicted to it and only stopped her morning coffee ritual as a way to lower of blood pressure and to regain what she had lost by having four to five cups of coffee every day since she had reached the age of twenty one.

The first known attempt to regulate drugs occurred in 2240 B.C.E. and it involved alcohol which is a legalized drug in the United States of America after first being banned during the 1920s only to come back on the scene as a legalized substance during the 1930s. The Code of Hammurabi addressed the issue of over consumption of alcohol when it described problem drinking as a problem of men with too much leisure time on their hands and with lazy dispositions. If the Code of Hammurabi couldn’t stop drug use amongst the ancients then it’s unlikely that any amount of money that is thrown at the problem will work since people will always have a desire to ingest certain substances that are either licit or illicit.

People abuse prescription medication that causes one to sleep just like the ancients abused Homer’s Cup of Helen since it induced sleep and dulled the senses and gave one a since of freedom. Drug users also seek out marijuana for the same pharmacological effect, so any law that is passed will not stop the use of drugs since people have a desire to experience certain highs and lows for a variety of reasons. The mandrake root which causes hallucinations just like LSD was mentioned in Genesis 30:14-16 and was such a powerful and highly sought after substance that it was used to purchase sex. Leah gave some of the mandrakes to Rachel in exchange for having sex with Jacob. Drugs are also used to pay for sex to this very day since there are human beings that want the drugs and that are willing to do whatever it takes to get them.

The outsiders (i.e., those that don’t use drugs and that are in favor of banning all drugs both licit and illicit drugs) aren’t familiar with history in many cases and don’t realize that far greater men and women than those that exist in our time already tried to ban drugs unsuccessfully and that people will find a way to achieve the chemical experience that they’re looking for much like the children that inhale spray paint or gasoline fumes.

Besides the unquenchable human desire to use drugs that stretches all the way back to the Code of Hammurabi and beyond. There are far too many countries that are involved in the drug trade for any one country to be able to stop the flow of drugs since almost all of the shipments that are headed for the United States of America and for Europe are coming from countries that have large portions of their population that have migrated to host drug countries like the United States.

Some drug insiders that I spoke to believe that legal and especially illegal immigration is more about drug trafficking than anything else since Mexico is supplying drugs to the United States and to other parts of the world by using shipping satellites that have been established inside the United States of America by certain individuals that have come into the United States through less than legal means. Mexico isn’t the only player in the drug world because Iran and North Korea and Belgium and Bolivia and Guatemala and Brazil and Aruba and Australia and Germany are also major drug supplying countries although most journalists won’t write news articles that address the issue.

With so many drug countries that are involved in the distribution and consumption of drugs the war on drugs will never be won and must not be won because to do so would cause the collapse of all world governments and societies and not because of the loss of revenue, but because millions of people would stop going to work and there would be mass civil unrest as well as the overthrow of governments since millions and millions of people cannot function in a civilized society without drugs, which is precisely why world governments allow the vast majority of drugs to come into their individual countries while locking up a few here and there in order to make it seem like they’re tough on drugs.

The arrests are tactfully and strategically carried out, so enough people aren’t angered to the point of overthrowing the government that is carrying out the arrests since those that use drugs as a way of life are far more aggressive than those that don’t and would be spending every waking hour outside their home and place of work while looking for a way to get their fix.

According to the drug insiders that I had the privilege of speaking with the war on drugs in unwinnable by design since it would cause catastrophic consequences for those that are in power, and the end result would be the same because people would find a way to get their drugs since they have been doing so ever since the very beginning of organized human societies.

The complete stoppage of all drugs would create a “Drug Apocalypse” that would resemble a nightmarish zombie movie because drug addicted people would be everywhere and they would be attacking anything that resembles the unseen authority figures that took away their drugs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com