In an effort to demonstrate that drug addiction or chemical dependency is a disease more than anything else; I will provide some information below that many will find both enlightening and disturbing as well as something to discuss with their neighbors and with their friends and with their children and with their grandchildren who might be experimenting with drugs or who might be contemplating illicit drug use.

The makers of the various illicit drugs that one is often compelled to put into their bodies for genetic reasons or due to personal self-esteem issues or due to untreated mental disorders simply do not care whether or not 10% of first time drug users live or die or whether or not they suffer a number of debilitating side effects since their number one priority is to get 90% of all humans hooked on their product, so they will keep coming back for more and more.

“The Dark Chemists” as I call them want the 90% that survive their first drug experience to influence others to try their product and to keep using it since they will eventually produce offspring that will become future customers since the drug will secretly alter their genetics behind the scenes thereby predisposing their unborn children to a potential life of drug abuse since the hidden cravings will be present just like the unquenchable cravings of a fictional vampire that craves human blood.

The makers of the Russian Pan Pathogen called Krokodil do not care that it is a flesh eating soul destroying drug that leaves the individual in a state of essential death or that it will cause the addicted person to seek out other sites on their body since the drug destroys the original injection site. The addicted drug user won’t stop using in many cases until he or she is dead. The Dark Chemists don’t care about the drug user since their aim is absolute drug addiction and a steady flow of cash even when the popularity of the drug wanes since there will still be customers.

The goal of The Dark Chemist is to make as much money as possible once the drug is first introduced to the general population and to add to the empire that he or she has built with residual income that trickles in after society becomes aware of the demise of the vulnerable users. The illicit drug manufacturer gets to keep all of his or her capital since they are not subject to lawsuits like the makers of cigarettes, so it’s a win, win situation for The Dark Chemist.

Young adults and children need to understand that The Dark Chemist is soulless and that he or she and their agents that peddle their death are just as deadly as the vampires that they see in the movies and that there is nothing romantic about being bitten by one of these fiendish individuals since maximum profit is their only goal in life and since irreversible death and destruction are just a part of the world that they have built for themselves and for the unsuspecting drug user who has absolutely no idea what kind of road they will be traveling down after they have their first experience since most individuals don’t know what ‘s hidden inside their genes and whether or not their genes are going to cause them to use until they experience an earthly death since they won’t be able to stop on their own in many cases without direct intervention from a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist since Illicit drugs will become their involuntary method of death.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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