Is the war on drugs winnable? Well, I guess that it would depend entirely on whom one poses his or her query to, and also on how in touch with reality the individual respondent is since the current war on drugs in nothing new.

I have posed the same question to several insiders (i.e., those that use drugs themselves or who sympathize with those that do) and the answer is always the same. You will always have people that will seek out drugs be those drugs licit drugs or illicit drugs since drug use is as old as time itself. The insiders also site the fact that licit drugs like coffee and tea and chocolate are being consumed in record numbers despite the fact that certain people are warning against the disastrous consequences that could follow if the legalized drugs are over consumed.

One candid female respondent that I spoke to said that there should be a total ban on the legalized drug that is known to the world as coffee since drinking it religiously made her paranoid and also suicidal once she became depressed. Janice W. also said that since coffee continued to elevate her blood pressure with every cup that she drank; that it should be banned as a dangerous substance since it caused her to lose a certain amount of desired sensitivity in her private region that has never come back even though she hasn’t had a cup of coffee in more than two years. Janice also stated that she noticed certain changes in her body, but that she couldn’t stop drinking the coffee since she had become addicted to it and only stopped her morning coffee ritual as a way to lower of blood pressure and to regain what she had lost by having four to five cups of coffee every day since she had reached the age of twenty one.

The first known attempt to regulate drugs occurred in 2240 B.C.E. and it involved alcohol which is a legalized drug in the United States of America after first being banned during the 1920s only to come back on the scene as a legalized substance during the 1930s. The Code of Hammurabi addressed the issue of over consumption of alcohol when it described problem drinking as a problem of men with too much leisure time on their hands and with lazy dispositions. If the Code of Hammurabi couldn’t stop drug use amongst the ancients then it’s unlikely that any amount of money that is thrown at the problem will work since people will always have a desire to ingest certain substances that are either licit or illicit.

People abuse prescription medication that causes one to sleep just like the ancients abused Homer’s Cup of Helen since it induced sleep and dulled the senses and gave one a since of freedom. Drug users also seek out marijuana for the same pharmacological effect, so any law that is passed will not stop the use of drugs since people have a desire to experience certain highs and lows for a variety of reasons. The mandrake root which causes hallucinations just like LSD was mentioned in Genesis 30:14-16 and was such a powerful and highly sought after substance that it was used to purchase sex. Leah gave some of the mandrakes to Rachel in exchange for having sex with Jacob. Drugs are also used to pay for sex to this very day since there are human beings that want the drugs and that are willing to do whatever it takes to get them.

The outsiders (i.e., those that don’t use drugs and that are in favor of banning all drugs both licit and illicit drugs) aren’t familiar with history in many cases and don’t realize that far greater men and women than those that exist in our time already tried to ban drugs unsuccessfully and that people will find a way to achieve the chemical experience that they’re looking for much like the children that inhale spray paint or gasoline fumes.

Besides the unquenchable human desire to use drugs that stretches all the way back to the Code of Hammurabi and beyond. There are far too many countries that are involved in the drug trade for any one country to be able to stop the flow of drugs since almost all of the shipments that are headed for the United States of America and for Europe are coming from countries that have large portions of their population that have migrated to host drug countries like the United States.

Some drug insiders that I spoke to believe that legal and especially illegal immigration is more about drug trafficking than anything else since Mexico is supplying drugs to the United States and to other parts of the world by using shipping satellites that have been established inside the United States of America by certain individuals that have come into the United States through less than legal means. Mexico isn’t the only player in the drug world because Iran and North Korea and Belgium and Bolivia and Guatemala and Brazil and Aruba and Australia and Germany are also major drug supplying countries although most journalists won’t write news articles that address the issue.

With so many drug countries that are involved in the distribution and consumption of drugs the war on drugs will never be won and must not be won because to do so would cause the collapse of all world governments and societies and not because of the loss of revenue, but because millions of people would stop going to work and there would be mass civil unrest as well as the overthrow of governments since millions and millions of people cannot function in a civilized society without drugs, which is precisely why world governments allow the vast majority of drugs to come into their individual countries while locking up a few here and there in order to make it seem like they’re tough on drugs.

The arrests are tactfully and strategically carried out, so enough people aren’t angered to the point of overthrowing the government that is carrying out the arrests since those that use drugs as a way of life are far more aggressive than those that don’t and would be spending every waking hour outside their home and place of work while looking for a way to get their fix.

According to the drug insiders that I had the privilege of speaking with the war on drugs in unwinnable by design since it would cause catastrophic consequences for those that are in power, and the end result would be the same because people would find a way to get their drugs since they have been doing so ever since the very beginning of organized human societies.

The complete stoppage of all drugs would create a “Drug Apocalypse” that would resemble a nightmarish zombie movie because drug addicted people would be everywhere and they would be attacking anything that resembles the unseen authority figures that took away their drugs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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