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In an attempt to try to further understand some of the bizarre behaviors that seem to surround many of the American based school shootings that have been taking place throughout the country, and for an extremely long period of time, and without a satisfactory and generally accepted explanation that doesn’t serve to further the traditional political flames of hostility that have succeeded in dividing the entire country into two halves of a whole, and along socioeconomic and racial and gender lines; it has therefore become absolutely essential to find out whether or not there are any other nonpolitical Americans, who might have something to say that’s of a unique and thought provoking nature, and that can quite possibly be added to the overall discussion that presently surrounds the history and the prevalence of the ongoing school shootings since the shootings themselves don’t always involve psychotropic drugs or a breakup or a documented history of bullying or a troubled childhood in the modern sense of the meaning.

The prevalence of school shootings in the United States of America, as well as the seminal event that currently surrounds them, requires an all-journalistic-hands-on-deck-approach, so with the insurmountable task of trying to find a nonpolitical answer that can quite possibly shed some sunlight on what a large percentage of Americans are openly calling an, “Extraordinary Act of Nonhuman Intention,” that goes far beyond the whole left vs right argument, and far beyond the standard secular explanations that often surround the usual statements that are gradually released to the public concerning the shooter’s troubled childhood and bullying and psychotropic drugs and troubling breakups, I as a seasoned American journalist, who takes his profession and his work seriously, decided to research the evolution of school shootings in the United States of America, and what I discovered in the course of my independent research is quite surprising, as well as enlightening since the answer that I received doesn’t necessarily fit into the generally accepted framework that a large percentage of Americans are being forced to accept even though there’s a nontraditional explanation that the general public has a right to read and learn about since a true “Journalistic Democracy” will cover all aspects of a conversation.  

My news articles, which are an example of a “Journalistic Democracy” at work, and this news site are a written record of my life and of my time on the planet earth, and are not commercially or artificially generated by a human gatekeeper or by a master AI computer, so I am therefore determined to continue to bring you the kind of unique news reports that will continue to reveal the very things that you have a right to know, and that represent the concept and the real life application of a “Journalistic Democracy” like the one that I have created right here at unstifledjournalism.com by covering the other aspects of the news since there are no masters or slaves in journalism.        

The school shootings themselves have been with us for far longer than most Americans are willing to admit to themselves in most cases, which is why my news article, and journalistic search for a nonpolitical explanation that can possibly be accepted by the non-secularists, who abandoned the commercial news a long, long time ago, and who are still searching for a deeper and nonclinical meaning for what they presently perceive to be an expression of pure evil; is crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” that absolutely respects everyone, and that also seeks to bring the news to the nonpolitical alike despite the prevailing direction that the larger news agencies might be moving in.

My news article is also crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” since it can quite possibly help us Americans to better understand why a seemingly healthy white male student with absolutely no history of violence towards himself or towards anyone else would attempt to commit suicide while he is still on school grounds, which by all standards should be a continuous place of uninterrupted peace and learning, as well as a place that’s free from all forms of school violence, which includes a student asking to be excused from the classroom and then coming back with a handgun and shooting up the classroom, and triggering more and more angry and warlike calls for gun control, and for the abolition of The Second Amendment, and for outright gun confiscation, which will further divide the nation since law enforcement officers and civilians and veterans and active duty military personnel and conscious members of the clergy are all on the record as being vehemently opposed to such a provocative and dangerous and nation altering event that will effectively put Americans with guns and training at odds with each other while the external threats to the nation continue to grow throughout the world.

There are a number of things to consider with respect to the safety and the security of the United States of America, and by putting the politics of gun control aside while conducting my research, I was able to learn through a great deal of research that the school shootings are being viewed through a very different lens, and that some Americans view the school shootings as a continuation of a curse that was placed on the white settlers, and also on all future generations of Americans, and that the curse had started as far back as 1763, which was the beginning of, “Pontiac’s War,” which had followed the French and Indian War, which is also known as, “The Seven Years’ War,” that had ended with the, “Treaty of Paris,” in the year 1763.  

The preliminary information that was given to me about the centuries old Indian curse was just the tip of the iceberg since the very same Native American Elder that had provided the information about the 250 year old curse of Enoch Brown, and the ten students that were also buried right alongside him in the mass grave that was tragically discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, also stated during our two day long interview that the curse was placed on the settlers shortly after the Pennsylvania authorities started to offer a reward for the scalp of any male or female Indian that was above the age of ten years old.

The Native American Elder also informed me that the curse was sealed with the killing of Enoch Brown, who was born in Ireland in 1694, and who had been the Head School Master up until he was murdered on the morning of 07/26/1764. Enoch Brown was murdered on the Pennsylvania frontier right along with a group of innocent children, who never even had a chance, and who weren’t as fortunate as Archie McCullough, who had been located during a frantic search for survivors, and who is said to have been found while he was washing his badly injured head since he had been effectively scalped during the surprise attack on the schoolhouse.      

The Native American Elder, who asked that his tribe not be named since he fears reprisal, also advised me that the 4 Lenape Indians that had carried out the attack on the schoolhouse, even though there are credible reports that suggest that Enoch Brown was a kindhearted man, and that he had also offered to give up his life in exchange for the lives of the slain students, had placed an eternal curse inside the United States of America, and that the curse will continue to affect our ability to learn in peace and to protect our children since the Lenape Indian students in the 1700s were being murdered in cold blood by the white settlers, and were robbed of their right to learn the ways of the Lenape Indian people since they were being forced to accept foreign white laws and customs and strange religions.

Enoch Brown and the ten slain students that didn’t survive the school shooing or massacre were murdered in cold blood by a group of school shooters, and there have been nonstop school shootings in America ever since “The 1764 School Massacre” took place on the Pennsylvania frontier 250 years ago.

I will begin to list the school shootings that mysteriously took place during the 1800s, and after the mass grave was discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in the year 1764, so you can see the kind of school shooting phenomena that has followed the 1764 killing of Enoch Brown, who was beaten and scalped in front of his students by two elderly Native Americans and a young warrior that had accompanied them. And while some say there were 4 Lenape Indians others simply say two elderly men and a young warrior suddenly burst into the classroom while the children were being taught and stained the last part of the 1700s.

The 07/26/1764 massacre in Franklin County, Pennsylvania seems to have touched off the tragic school shooting phenomena in America since nothing like it had ever been recorded by the white settlers, who had been coming to America long before the start of Pontiac’s War. The 1764 school shooting of Enoch Brown by the 4 Lenape Indians must have been just as unsettling to the people in the 1700s as the Iraqi boy’s case, who by the way was accidentally shot in the head by a 12 year old female classmate, who brought a loaded handgun into a Los Angeles, California classroom.

The subsequent school shootings that have followed the July 26, 1764 massacre are absolutely staggering, and seem to justify a much wider look into the Native American Elder’s “Lenape Indian Curse Legend” that I as an investigative journalist was informed about in June of 2017, however, you will have to decide for yourselves once you finish reading my reports from the 1800s and trace the evolution of school shootings to present day America.

Louisville, Kentucky 11/2/1853: A lone student named Matthew Ward had purchased what is described as a self-cocking pistol during the morning hours of the day, and subsequently took it to school where he used it to kill Schoolmaster Butler for the offense of excessively punishing his brother the day before. Matthew Ward was later acquitted of all charges even though he had shot and killed Schoolmaster Butler at point blank range.

New York City 06/08/1867: A 13 year old boy smuggled a loaded pistol into Public School Number 18, and used it to shoot a fellow student, who never even saw the attack coming. The shooter’s parents, just like the shooter’s parents in 2018, had absolutely no idea that their son, who obviously hadn’t had access to violent video games in the 1800s, had, had a gun or that there had even been an issue at school. The teachers in 1867 didn’t know anything either.

Chattanooga, Tennessee 12/22/1868: A boy who had refused to accept corporal punishment (i.e., swats or strikes to the hands or buttocks for misbehaving) from one of his school teachers abruptly left his school and returned the following day with his brother and with one of his friends, and when they couldn’t find the teacher on the school grounds they paid a visit to his home where a gun battle had quickly ensued that had left three people dead from gunshot wounds. The boy’s brother was the sole survivor.

Salisbury, Maryland 03/09/1873: Ms. Shockley was innocently walking with 4 small children shortly after school had already ended when a menace named Hall suddenly approached her and shot her dead while the children watched in horror. The schoolmaster ran out to render her aid, but she was already dead. Hall committed suicide later on that night by throwing himself underneath a moving train.

Lancaster, New York 05/24/1879: A man named Frank Shugart, who was a telegraph operator by trade, abruptly shot and wounded Mr. Carr, who was the Superintendent of the school’s stables. The shooting had taken place while a carriage that was filled with female students was pulling out of the school’s stables.

Gainesville, Georgia 03/15/1884: A group of extremely drunk Jackson County farmers, who had become drunk in the middle of the day, were walking down the street while continuing to drink, and while shooing their pistols without any regard for the safety of others. The farmers had exited the Jug Tavern prior to firing their pistols and prior to forcing the onlookers to flee to their homes for safety. The men continued to drink and as they approached a female academy a group of girls ran from the schoolyard and entered the school building where the drunks decided to follow them. The men were cursing and drinking up a storm, and recklessly fired several shots into the front door of the school, but thankfully none of the girls were injured.

Charleston, South Carolina 07/04/1886: A little girl named Emma Connelly unexpectedly shot and killed John Steedley during their co-ed Sunday school class. Emma reportedly killed John for spreading slanderous lies about her. The killing had come a few days after Emma’s brother had already whipped John a couple of times for the very same offense.

Watertown, New York 04/12/1887: A boy named Edwin Bush, who was a student at Potsdam Norman School, decided to take a loaded gun to school with him, and used it to kill himself by firing a round into his head while he was still on school grounds.

Cleveland, Tennessee 06/12/1887: A boy named Will Guess smuggled a loaded gun into his school and used it to murder Irene Fann, who was his little sister’s unwed school teacher. The atrocious killing of Ms. Fann had come the day after she had subjected Will’s little sister to corporal punishment, which was a common form of discipline during the 1800s.

New Brunswick, New Jersey 06/13/1889: A boy named Charles Crawford had grown extremely angry over an argument that he had, had with a School Trustee at his school when he suddenly marched over to an open window and fired his pistol into a crowded classroom. However, no one was killed during the incident, but a bullet had lodged itself into the space on the wall that was just above the teacher’s head.

Newburgh, New York 04/9/1891: A 70 year old man named James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students while they were innocently standing on the playground at St. Mary’s Parochial School. The students received minor injuries during the unprovoked attack that had shocked the nation since no one had suspected that an elderly man of 70 years would deliberately target children.

The one thing that we can clearly see when we examine the historical records with an unbiased mind, and with a journalistic heart, is that young people were solving their own problems back then, and that they weren’t involving the adults in the problem solving processes like they had previously done in past centuries, so what happened to the youth of America, and what made them turn on each other, and on the authority figures of the 1800s, and why didn’t this happen in 1619 or in 1632 or in 1702 or even in 1764?

We can clearly see the overall change in the nature of America’s children during the 1800s when we examine the case of Emma Connelly, who murdered John Steedley over a few slanderous lies that in her immature mind had equated death by pistol.

We can also see the change in Edwin Bush, who had committed suicide at school since he simply couldn’t see any other way out.

The change can also be noted in the case of Will Guess and his little sister, who must have seen corporal punishment as an act of war, and as a reason for Irene Fann to die.

We can also see the profound change in America’s youth when we examine the case of Schoolmaster Butler, who was murdered by Matthew Ward, whose immature mind had also told him that he should sentence Mr. Butler to death for the act of excessively punishing his brother.

The parents of the children that are listed in the cases from the 1800s had absolutely no knowledge about what their kids were going to do since the kids in the 1800s had their very own “Child Kingdom” just like you and I had when we were growing up, and just like the kids had in 3800 BCE, and just like the kids have in 2018.

So, now that we have established the existence of the “Child Kingdom” on the earth, which is filled with secrets upon secrets, the question then becomes, is the curse of Enoch Brown fact or fiction since the school shootings in America started with his death, and with the deaths of greater than 6 children, and have continued even though a radio host had recently stated that school shootings didn’t start until 1999, which is some 235 years after the first school shooting that took place on 07/26/1764?                

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

When I first learned about the existence of “The Negro Commandments” and their overall importance to a group of “Slavery Survivors” and “Jim Crow Survivors” and “Victims and Survivors of the Watts Riots and Police Brutality” more than 25 years ago, I decided that I would write about the commandments one day since they seemed to be just as timely and as important as they were when they were first written all those years ago, and at a time when death often outweighed life in many instances since 6 people could be murdered by the police and the KKK for every baby that was born to an African American family.

I first learned about The Negro Commandments over a cup of coffee, and once I gained the trust of the black woman that I was speaking with since I was an outsider, she put me in touch with one of the surviving “American Refugees” that had fled to safety with a set of handwritten commandments or guidelines that had managed to keep him and countless others alive.

The Negro Commandments are an important piece of hidden American history, and are just as relevant today as they were 25 years ago, and when they were first written and circulated throughout the Southern States.

I was able to see a slightly worn and very much intelligible copy of The Negro Commandments that an 88 year old black man, who preferred to be called an “Afro American” instead of a black American since he felt a certain kinship with the other black human beings that had also been scattered throughout the world, and who were also using the term “Afro” to describe themselves.

The 88 year old man that I interviewed over the course of 4 days after learning that he had been carrying a surviving copy of The Negro Commandments with him ever since he had turned ten years old was named Jody.

And during the course of our multi-part interviews Jody had advised me that his father Randolph, who was from the heart of Arkansas, had made him a handwritten copy of The Negro Commandments, and that his mother Lorraine, who was from Mississippi, had also received a copy from her father Joseph, who had approached her with the guidelines when she was no more than ten years old, which seemed to be the designated age since Jody’s aunt Patsy, who was two years older than Lorraine, had also received a copy at the age of ten years old just like Jody’s male classmates, who were named Roger and Donald and Colman.

The ten year old boys and girls were apparently told that they would be responsible for passing the information down to their own children, and for teaching future generations of Negros about what had happened during their lifetimes.     

The first Commandment as I wrote in my notepad has to do with the purpose and use of money, which Jody also called “Jay” or “J” which was apparently a colloquial term for money when he was growing up.

Money should be used for the betterment of the family and the community. Money must be saved whenever possible because we never know when we will have to move because of the Ku Klux Klan and the police that are working with them. Money must be kept to pay the white folks for safe passage because some of them are helping us when we have to flee for our lives when the Klan starts burning their satanic crosses and lynching people.  

The Second Commandment has to do with religion or worship.

Religion is every persons own business and it does not matter if they worship Christ or the Moslem religion or the Jews God or the dark arts because we are all being hunted down by the white men that carried us over here on those boasts. This is why the Negro Jews among us are acting like they are Christians because they know they will be killed for being Jews.

No one can tell the white folks who the Moslems and Jews are because they will be killed because they are Negros and have another religion and secret tongue that they use at night which is not English.   

The Third Commandment has to do with food.

Food must be saved because there are times when we cannot leave the house to purchase food because the Ku Klux Klan is out. The police also stop us for no reason so we must stay inside our homes unless we are going to work or to church because we are questioned just for doing yard work around the house. The police also follow us to the store and call us bad names and touch our women folk underneath the clothes and hit us for no reason.

Food is very important and when eating food we must always thank the Hebrew God because he freed the Hebrew slaves and gave them land just like the Jews here with us said. We must remember to eat mainly vegetables and to drink a lot of water because some of the meat we are sold and given is bad and if we refuse to purchase it we are beaten by the shop keeper or the police are called on us and we are lynched or shot or burned to death.

Food can also be dangerous so cook your food at home by boiling your meat because some of us have become sick from food that we did not cook our self. Always keep coffee around because it will keep you up when you have to flee to another town because of the KKK.

The Fourth Commandment has to do with newspapers.

We cannot trust the white newspapers because they will not report the lynching. They only tell you the police killed a Negro man or a Negro woman but will not tell you it was in cold blood. The newspapers also will not tell you how many Negros are killed and buried by the KKK and the police that control the streets.

Negros must spread the word because Negros do not have homes or work but you do not see it in the white papers. The white newspapers will not tell you that the Ku Klux Klan and the police are killing Negro children or that they are being lynched by white men. The Negro must flee north and must tell the Negros out there and the white folks what is happening in the south so they can bring an army and food because we do not have arms.    

The Fifth Commandment has to do with sharing.

We must take care of each other by sharing salt and sugar and flour and beans and meat and vegetables and coffee with the people in our party so no one will go hungry while his brothers eat.

We have been taught a strange thing because we shared our food in Africa before the white men forced us to come here on those boats. We must make sure the pregnant and the children get full like they did before the angry white men made us come here. 

The Sixth Commandment has to do with outward expression.

We cannot speak in front of the white folks because the smart Negros with us are being killed by the KKK and the police. The regular white folks are also killing us and the smart Negros in our party so keep quiet unless you know them by name or from church and do not say too much or anything about returning to Africa because you will be murdered. And if you are asked if you believe in Jesus just say yes because the KKK and the police are killing Negro Jews and Negro Moslems because they said Jesus is not their God and that they had another God before they came here. 

The Seventh Commandment has to do with education.

We must educate our self about the past and about our ancestors so our children and their children will have the knowledge of who we are as Africans. We must also learn what the whites are doing so we can move up in their world. We must never forget what has been done to us in this world. Our children must know that we were not always slaves or called Negros. They must also know about the Negro Popes in Africa. They must also know about the Negro Christians that lived in Africa before the start of slavery and that were carried over here on the boats with the Moslems and Jews. We must teach our children about the past just like the Negro Hebrews and the Negro Moslems with us are doting. We must learn from them even though we are Christians since the Negro Jews are saying the lynching will end one day just like the slavery in Egypt.  

The Eighth Commandment has to do with social activities.

We as Negros must not be idle in the streets because the police and the KKK will attack us for no reason. We must gather in our homes and must be home before dark and must not get drunk because the police are murdering Negros for no reason besides being drunk. Stay away from dope because it is from the devil and will only make your pain worse. Be careful when speaking to white women because Negros are being lynched for saying hello ma’am. Do not engage the white folks unless they come to you first. And find a good milkman and have him deliver your milk for you so you do not have to go out and give him a little change for bringing the milk.

Read every day and seek to set up guardians in your community so they can watch over your homes and children and women folk.

Choose your music carefully when listening to other than religion songs and never forget how the Hebrew God freed us from slavery by using his humble servant President Abraham Lincoln.

The Ninth Commandment has to do with relationships.

Choose a good man or a good woman that has the same kind of thoughts because slavery has harmed the spirits of some Negros and this is why we must be careful around some of them because they have become strangers to us in these horrible days and no longer know the ways of Africa or any of the words that belong to our languages that have kept us close to our ancestors and land.

We must find a way to survive because we cannot live free like the Negro Indians and like the other Negro people that were here before the white men carried us over here on those boats.  

The Negro Commandments allow us to experience and to appreciate the horrifying times that Jody and his parents and grandparents and great grandparents and their parents were forced to live through when they had nothing more than hope in their hearts and a desire for salvation.

The Negro Commandments also allow us to see the kind of communicating and organizing that it took to bring African Americans through slavery and through the Jim Crow Era and through everything else that the African American people have had to endure throughout the centuries and without losing their faith in the Hebrew God, who Jody said had followed them from Africa.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

When we first hear the alarming words ‘Household Hazards’ the first things that often come to mind are pesticides or cleaning supplies that children can get a hold of when we’re not looking. We also tend to think about matches and cigarette lighters that can easily injure children and that can also cause deadly household fires. We also add unguarded or unattended personal fans to the list of potentially deadly household hazards since a child could potentially stick his or her finger into the area where the fan blades are operating.

However, we don’t often think about such things as nutmeg since most kitchens across the world contain this particular spice since it is used for food preparation. We also overlook cinnamon since we like to add it to our favorite beverages since we enjoy the aroma as well as the taste.

If a child were to consume too much cinnamon it could cause an unexpected drop in his or her blood sugar, which could cause coma and even death. Plus if the child were to survive his or her ordeal with exposure to too much cinnamon in a single serving there could be serious lingering psychological problems that could potentially persist since the brain needs sugar or glucose in order to survive and to function optimally. The absence of this important substance for an extended period of time could be a game changer for a tiny person that cannot tell you what’s wrong or why they’re sweating or why they’re about to pass out or why they’re shaking or why they’re bumping into things since they cannot see due to extremely low levels of blood sugar.

Parents who are not fully aware of the potential dangers of spices that can be abused or misused often leave certain items like cinnamon within the reach of children since they don’t understand the dangers that common household spices can pose for the unsuspecting teenager or child who doesn’t understand what can happen to them if they consume too much of the legally purchased food item. The same at risk teenagers and children who find innocuous looking household spices in the kitchen cupboard and who start self-administering them out of complete ignorance and without adult supervision don’t realize that their actions can result in an emergency room visit if they consume more than the recommended safe serving.

The sudden drop in blood sugar after abusing cinnamon is why some teenagers that have been foolish enough to experiment with cinnamon have suddenly passed out. The adolescents that we often see in YouTube videos and who decide to take several tablespoons of cinnamon in a single setting obviously don’t understand  that cinnamon can cause them to experience extremely low blood sugar.

Education is the key!

Nutmeg is another spice that can cause some unwanted side effects if taken in high doses or in tablespoons like some unsuspecting teenagers and children are currently doing since they simply don’t understand what it can do to them and since their parents think that all spices are created equal when they most certainly are not.

When taken orally in higher than recommended doses or servings, nutmeg, which is found in households all around the world, can cause extreme drowsiness, which can potentially lead to a deadly automobile accident if the-nutmeg-intoxicated-party that has become extremely intoxicated by taking nutmeg, and who is suffering from delayed reaction times as a result of nutmeg intoxication, is irresponsible and decides to get behind the wheel of a car while he or she is under the influence of nutmeg. High doses of nutmeg can also cause an individual to experience delirium as well as instant sleep, which means that the intoxicated party can suddenly run off the road due to falling asleep behind the wheel of a moving car.

Myristica oil is found in nutmeg and accounts for the physical effects that occur in the human body (i.e., the drowsiness and eventual sleep and delayed reaction times). Plus the exterior covering of the nutmeg seed contains a hallucinogenic compound called myristicin which can cause a child or a young adult or an adult to have some serious hallucinations that are akin to the ones that mescaline users are known to experience. As little as 14 grams of nutmeg can place an individual in a powerful dreamlike state. Plus the person that decides to abuse nutmeg will also experience a rapid heartbeat which is frightening in and of itself. The same nutmeg abuser will also experience a dry mouth as well as agitation and a marked sense of impending doom which could eventually lead to violence if the right circumstances exist.

An example of this potential violence can be realized when a person believes that a number of enemy troops are coming to his or her home to apprehend him after watching a movie or after listening to a news report on the radio. The nutmeg abuser may arm his or herself with a weapon and may unintentionally harm another person or the first innocent cat or dog that suddenly appears out of the blue. The-nutmeg-intoxicated-party will not realize who or what it is until it’s far too late since he or she will be under the influence of nutmeg.

Educating children about the potential dangers of spices is essentially the only way to responsibly protect them.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com

Recently the entire world was seemingly shaken to their very core when news broke that a third grader at John Adams Elementary School had sexually assaulted someone of the same gender on numerous occasions.

Sadly this sort of thing happens more often than anyone is willing to admit, and in some cases, more often than most people know, and I say this because this kind of grade school sexual assault was going on when I was in elementary school even though certain Southern California news agencies were reluctant to report on it.

When I was in elementary school there was a group of boys and girls at the school that knew who they were early on, and these same boys and girls collectively ran the schoolyard together, and they would target certain kids during our official classroom break, and all of the sexual assaults took place either in the bathroom or in the back of the class or around the building, and out of the view of the playground attendants and teachers and maintenance workers that were present at recess.

The girls at my school would surround the new girl or girls and they would make them perform certain sex acts on them, which included making the new arrivals kneel down in front of the girls that were in charge of the schoolyard prior to the aggressors exposing their bare genitals to the confused and outnumbered girl or girls and prior to the bullies demanding that the outnumbered girl or girls perform cunnilingus on them if they didn’t want to be beaten up and stripped naked in front of the boys that were watching the whole ordeal while acting as look outs for the girls. The threat that was made by the bullies also included cutting off all of the girls hair if she didn’t do what they told her to do, which amounted to cunnilingus in elementary school language since the girls didn’t have a big enough vocabulary to use the term cunnilingus.

Everyone on the playground and in the classroom knew that this sort of thing was going on, and some of the teachers also knew about the sexual assaults that were taking place, however, no one wanted to say anything for fear of being sued by an angry parent since most parents won’t admit that their child is gay and since a child that’s attending elementary school isn’t supposed to know that he or she is gay.

Well, this is simply not true because the boys that ran with the girls that were carrying out these grade school sexual assaults were doing the very same thing and one day they surrounded me while I was inside the bathroom along with two other boys that were my classmates, and they demanded that we kneel down and that we perform a sex act on them while the girls that they had snuck into the boy’s bathroom watched, however, I refused right away, but the other two boys chickened out and gave in since we were outnumbered and since they were afraid of being beaten up by the bullies that were demanding the sex act.

The boys that surrounded us while the snickering girls were watching and while they were egging the boys on screamed ‘Slob on my knob’ which meant that the bullies wanted fellatio from their frightened victims even though they were far too young to experience it.

I fought my way out of the restroom because I was not going to slob on anyone’s knob, and after I took a stand by punching the kid that was standing directly in front of me square in the nose, which caused him to hit the floor back first, the group of boys and girls that were sexually assaulting the other kids tried to recruit me later on that day since they knew that I would stand up for myself, and that I was not going to do what they told me to do, and that I was willing to fight back even though I was outnumbered, and that I didn’t have any reservations about hurting one of them if I were backed into a corner.

I turned the bullies down of course since my actions were purely defensive and since I was not going to go around forcing kids to perform unwanted sex acts just because I was running with a clique that thought that they were tough simply because they had greater numbers and simply because they had an exotic outlook on life that was far different from the rest of the kids that didn’t have a heterosexual clique to call their own.

After turning the boys and girls down for the third time since they kept asking me to join their clique since they were afraid to allow me to be independent since they couldn’t predict what I was going to do, and since they knew that I could handle myself in a fight, I eventually intervened in a classroom scuffle while the girls were trying to force another girl to perform cunnilingus on them in the back of the room after the teacher stepped out of the classroom to use the restroom, and from that day forward a number of the kids in my class started to look to me for protection since they knew that the girls and boys that were from the other clique wouldn’t bother them as long as they were hanging out with me.

What happened with the third grader at John Adams Elementary School in Riverside California is unfortunately not an isolated incident since I witnessed the same kind of grade school sexual assaults when I was in grade school.

Bullies are all the same despite their sexual orientation.


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com


Inner City Bullying

Inner City Bullying is a problem that often goes undiagnosed for several reasons, and one of those reasons has to do with terminology. For example, when an inner city child is purposely picked on in front of his or her classmates, the onlookers who are a collection of their peers as well as a group of immature adults who have yet to accept their societal roles as guardians of the young, normally don’t call it bullying, they call it getting “Punked” by an older kid or by a classmate or by a sibling, which is drastically different from the kind of punked that Americans and others have been watching on television.

The kind of punked that inner city kids have grown accustomed to includes non-staged physical violence and outright harassment as well as intentional property damage and theft that’s not meant to be a prank that everyone is going to laugh at since it’s being recorded. No the kind of punked that involves property theft often includes the child’s lunch money and/or lunch, which means that the child that’s being punked often goes hungry for the day unless another child provides them with something to eat.

The abovementioned punked existed long before the television show was created and it involves ordinary citizens that are not celebrities.

Now in order to effectively fight bullying all across America, those that have taken on the enormous task of eradicating bullying throughout the entire continental United States of America, must first understand the terminology that is being used by all children, and since I understand that inner city kids use the term punked to unknowingly describe the characteristics of being bullied or to describe watching others being bulled, I’m including this journalistic intelligence in my news article, so that parents and educators alike will come to understand that they must use the correct terminology when speaking with children about certain problems that might exist at their school or in their neighborhood.

I also want administrators and parents to understand that they must use the appropriate terminology if they ever expect inner city children to trust them and to reveal what they know about the bullies at their school and in their neighborhood, which quite often includes adults that are still behaving like children even though they’re twenty and thirty and sometime forty years old.

Getting punked by another child as well as by an adult that’s seeking sexual gratification has become an expected and assumed activity in some inner city communities since some of the residents have accepted the role of acting tough as a way of life since their communities are crime ridden due to certain unscrupulous law enforcement agencies purposely turning a blind eye to crime for a number of reasons, which include receiving payment from certain sinister figures that control the criminal underworld.

Law enforcement agencies being on the take is just a fact of life as well as something that I have personally witnessed as a journalist that was covering an unrelated story when a drug dealer rolled up to an unmarked police car and handed a gang enforcement officer a hand full of cash. This sort of thing was rather disturbing since the individual that freely accepted the cash is supposed to be enforcing the law.

With this sort of dynamic in play bullying will never be brought under full control unless we find a way to effectively reach all children, and to teach them that getting punked and that watching others getting punked is not acceptable and that it is the same kind of bullying that they hear certain prominent individuals discussing on television, and that it affects us all, and that it should be reported to a responsible and trustworthy adult, so the appropriate disciplinary action can be taken at once since punking someone is the same as bullying them and crushing their spirit.

This must be made clear to inner city kids because their communities are not always structured like the communities that we often see on television where there are a hand full of African American kids in a predominantly white or Hispanic school.

Bullying is also based on race and gender, and this illuminating message must also be communicated to children, so they can readily understand the signs of being bullied and so the appropriate corrective action can be taken by school administrators or by adult supervisors or by law enforcement depending on the severity of the bullying incident since there are degrees to bullying that don’t necessarily rise to the point of involving the police.

Based on my independent research which includes interviewing certain individuals that haven’t come from Harvard backgrounds or from affluent families, I can honestly say, that a great deal of bullies grow up to be abusers of the elderly and adult sex offenders as well as adolescent sex offenders and that these sex offenders include both sexes, and this is why it is extremely important to diagnose the problem and to take the appropriate corrective action since bullying and child molestation and rape and elder abuse are about controlling another individual that is perceived as being powerless as well as isolated.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Most adults that are willing to talk about being bullied as children, and that remember experiencing the awful humiliation that’s often associated with being bullied, never want to see their bullies again for as long as they live, which is exactly how Tom felt after being repeatedly bullied by a tyrannical high school bully named Alexander.

Well, this all changed one evening because Tom, who had become quite the success story after high school, had the unusual opportunity to confront his less than successful high school bully while the two of them were innocently having dinner at the very same Italian restaurant without knowing beforehand that it was their collective favorite hangout or that the two of them loved and cherished the very same seventy nine year old restaurant owner as well as the savory Italian dishes that are routinely served on a constant and daily basis without fail.

Hearing a familiar and unpleasant grunt coming from a certain section of the restaurant that he never ventures into, Tom was flabbergasted by the sound and he was also overtaken by a flood of emotions after recognizing Alexander’s unforgettable voice since he had read him the riot act on a daily basis throughout his entire four years of high school, which turned out to be the worst four years of his life since he was constantly seeking sanctuary from his much stronger bully that didn’t seem to care that he didn’t want any trouble.

Tom’s experience is like many Americans that have been bullied and tortured by a much older kid despite their overall willingness to want to be friends and despite their genuine desire to want to get along with everyone at the school.

This particular friendly outlook on life didn’t seem to matter to Tom’s bully and as Tom recalls it he was sitting inside the restaurant in a complete daze when he suddenly recognized the fact that he and Alexander were no longer in high school and that he no longer had to be afraid of his former bully, and with this empowering knowledge on his side, Tom began to rehearse all of the horrible things that he was going to say to Alexander prior to walking over to his table, however, after he saw what dreadful condition Alexander was in, he immediately stuck out his hand prior to shaking Alexander’s trembling hand and prior to reintroducing himself since he and Alexander hadn’t seen each other in well over thirty years, and since he had only heard rumors of Alexander’s many successes and failures that had contributed to his unhealthy condition.

Alexander was hardly recognizable when Tom first approached his table, and unlike the scrawny little kid that he had taken great pleasure in picking on for four years straight, he had been in and out of prison ever since he graduated from high school and he had also been unemployed for three years and was in desperate need of surgery after getting into a bar fight approximately six months before running into Tom, who was surprised to see how disheveled he had become over the years since he had an uncombed beard that was nearly down to his chest, and since he was also walking with the assistance of a bamboo stick, and since his hair looked as though it hadn’t been cut in at least eight months or more due to the length and due to the unhealthy look as well as the repugnant stench.

Standing there and seeing the once powerful Alexander reduced to a quivering and repulsive wreck of a man, and no longer angry at his former bully due to what he had become after high school, Tom took the time to catch up with the man that he had once regarded as an enemy due to being constantly attacked for no reason other than the color of his skin.

You see Tom is African American and despite their difference in race he immediately offered to pay for his former bully’s dinner since he could tell that Alexander could hardly afford to cover the bill and that he was eating lightly because he couldn’t afford any of the more expensive dishes that would sustain him throughout the night and that would also replenish the protein and the vitamins that he had been losing due to a lack of food and supplements.

Alexander wasn’t a tenth of the man that he had once been, and feeling a certain degree of remorse for the things that he had done to Tom out of hatred, and also responding to the kind gesture that was extended to him by Tom, which was based entirely on Tom’s unbiased Christian love for all men, Alexander’s face quickly turned from a somewhat proud pale white to an attention grabbing flush of embarrassment, which got everyone’s attention since they were aware of his racist views. The kind gesture didn’t end with Tom offering to pay for his meal because he also invited Alexander to join him at his table that was filled with the finest dishes and he also offered him a job despite his past brushes with the law.

The new full time job that came with a healthcare package allowed Alexander to obtain the kind of surgery that he required due to the three on one bar fight that he had gotten into and that had left him partially crippled and with no hope of ever getting any better without undergoing the kind of necessary surgery that was needed to repair the damage that was caused by the three drunken men that he had gotten into a fight with over a spilt drink and over a few peanuts that were scattered on the counter of the dive bar that he had wandered into.

The kindness of Tom and the much needed surgery not only allowed Alexander to pick himself up out of the dirt; for it also allowed him to ditch the humiliating bamboo stick that he had found inside a trash dumpster and that he had been using to support himself with since he couldn’t afford to purchase a real cane and since he didn’t have the kind of medical insurance that would have provided him with a cane once he was treated by a doctor.

The kindness and the forgiveness of the freshmen that was bullied from the very start of his high school experience also allowed Alexander to regain some of the dignity that had been lost as a result of being injured and as a result of being out of work for an extended period of time since no one would hire him due to his checkered past and due to his obvious disability and due to his unstable housing history since he had been living in a homeless shelter prior to moving into a friend’s garage.

Well, as you can certainly tell from the interview that was conducted on 03/25/2013 with both men who spoke candidly, facing one’s bully as an adult is not always about tearing him or her down since some occasions call for the deepest of understandings and for an unbiased heart that is filled with compassion as well as with forgiveness for past mistakes.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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“I became a bully out of a deep desire to obtain that which my parents were unwilling to purchase for me,” says Kim who doesn’t want to use her last name.

“And had my parents been a little more understanding then a lot of kids wouldn’t have gotten bullied since all I really wanted was to fit in with the rest of the cool kids at my school,” Kim openly stated during our forty five minute interview that was conducted on 12/06/2012 with the understanding that her last name wouldn’t be used.

Kim also confided in me that she became a bully as far back as elementary school, and she also stated that it started with her bullying another little girl that eventually brought a friend in an effort to take some of the heat off of her since Kim demanded loyalty and respect as well as secrecy. And with two girls hopelessly under her control Kim began to rack up more and more followers and her new recruits would eventually help her topple the toughest girl at the school since cliques are essentially a numbers game.

Kim’s schoolyard rival quickly found herself seriously outnumbered since her crew only consisted of a total of four girls, and with the numbers advantage being in her rival’s favor, the toughest girl at the school was accosted inside the girls restroom, and with her crew easily scared off by the sheer numbers advantage, Kim ordered her seven faithful soldiers to hold the girl down while she struck her genitals with her closed fists, which caused the victim to acquiesce to her demands and to accept the role as Kim’s second in command.

Kim continued to be a bully until she bullied a girl that had two older brothers that were willing to go to bat for their sister, which is what caused Kim to eventually change her ways since the girl’s older brothers were in high school when they paid her an unexpected visit at her junior high school. No blows were ever exchanged between the kids. A convincing threat of retaliation was all that was needed to set Kim on the right course; and her role quickly shifted from out of control bully to proponent for peace; and today she regularly speaks to boys and girls about the dangers of bullying.

More often than not, all it takes is a stern talking to and this is where authority figures come in. Titles tend to matter to children whether those titles be accompanied by badges or not. The boys that talked to Kim on their sister’s behalf were athletes and this is why Kim felt compelled to listen to what they had to say since everyone can’t very well become an athlete and since she revered what they collectively represented.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA —

This article was also published by Examiner.com

Although most never think of the library as being a safe haven for those that are seeking sanctuary from the world of bullying; the library has proven to be just that.

While researching some of the antidotes that children have developed on their own in an effort to escape the bullies that often rule their pintsized worlds, I discovered that children often choose the library as a way to escape the bullies that have tormented them throughout their many hours of school. The library is often the first choice on the list since it provides children with a way to educate themselves in addition to around the clock adult supervision which means that no bullies are allowed.

One child described the library as being the ultimate clubhouse that’s equipped with a ladder that extends so high up into the air that it makes it extremely difficult for the bully to reach the children that are playing inside.

The Cerritos Library is one such place since it affords children with the opportunity to interact with one another while inside the confines of their very own library, which is separately located inside the main library. The children that frequent the Cerritos Library can either join their parents or their older brothers and sisters in the main library or they can spend all of their time inside the children’s library, which routinely provides performances that are designed for their age group.

The Cerritos Library also has a Friends of the Cerritos Library onsite bookstore which allows children and others to purchase books and gifts at a discount, and as another child put it, ‘The library is no place for bullies since they like to do things in secret.’

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA —

This article was also published by Examiner.com

Bullying Discussions and Solutions

In light of the incredible surge in bullying, and the undeniable devastating effects of it, the entertainment community that comprises Hollywood as well as the sports entertainment field has come out in full force while lending their far reaching voices in hopes that their voices of reason will help to put an end to bullying once and for all.

The WWE is one such organization that is dedicated to ending bullying and it routinely provides top level Wrestling Super Stars as well as talented WWE Divas that meet with children and that talk to them about bullying and the message seems to be sinking in since the children have started to listen, and since they are reporting those that are bullying their classmates and their friends and their family members, and since many of the children have decided to befriend rather than to bully.

Based on my ongoing discussions with children the consensus is that more after school educational programs are needed since they give children a real sense of belonging as well as something to look forward to doing after school. The after school educational programs also teach the children team work while building self-esteem and they provide children with a safe environment where they can meet up with their friends and where they can also discuss the events of the day and where they can share homework tips with one another.

New and interesting things are also learned during the after school sessions since they aren’t a part of the standard curriculum which makes it especially enjoyable for the children who long to learn something new at the end of the day.

After school sports programs are also important to the youth of today since they help children achieve physical fitness and since there’s always an adult around that can supervise the children and that can intervene in the event that bullying starts to occur. This is something that the children volunteered on their own and perhaps we should listen to them since they often know best.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –