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In an effort to remember the ‘Tree of Life’ shooting victims while honoring the Hebrews who died in Canaanite Jerusalem and in 1st Century Jerusalem and throughout America and throughout Africa and throughout the Centuries for simply being Jews and the descendants of Abraham; I have decided to republish my ‘Antiochus Epiphanies 215 BC-164 BC’ news article in an effort to ensure that all children and adults are aware of the rich history of the Jewish people, and that all Rabbis remember to remind our children of what happened to the Jewish people before the 1930s.  

My original news article is below.      

The horrific and anti-Semitic fueled 10/27/2018 massacre that was viciously carried out at the, ‘Tree of Life Temple,’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a 46 year old unrepentant anti-Semite named Robert Bowers, who deliberately murdered 11 innocent Jewish worshippers while they were observing Shabbat, has left a number of Jews and non-Jews alike wondering whether or not ‘Hatred for all Jews’ from Africa, America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, and Syria, first began with Adolf Hitler and the European Holocaust?

The answer to the abovementioned question will be addressed by my news article since it is vitally important to understand that ‘anti-Hebrewism’ came first, and that it existed during the times of Moses, and before, and that the term ‘anti-Semitism’ was not readily used until the 1800s even though hatred for the ‘Jewish people’ can easily be found in ancient history, and with an ancient Second Century BCE anti-Semite named ‘Antiochus Epiphanies,’ who was also known by the title ‘God Manifest’ when he was the undisputed Hellenistic Greek King of the Seleucid Empire.

Antiochus Epiphanies, who’s also known as Antiochus IV Epiphanies, ruled Syria from 175 BCE to 164 BCE, and was the cruelest anti-Semite or Jew hater of the day, and must be seen as such since he persecuted the Jews prior to the Romans, and since his anti-Semitic legacy of outright hatred for all Jews can also be found in the actions of Adolf Hitler, and also in the actions of 46 year old Robert Bowers, who has been quoted as saying, “All Jews must die!”

The anti-Semitic legacy of the Second Century BCE Greek tyrant Antiochus Epiphanies must never be forgotten by the Jewish people since Antiochus IV appears in the Seventy Weeks prophecy that was delivered to the Prophet Daniel by the angel Gabriel, who reveals the ‘Abomination that causes Desolation’ in Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel.

The Jewish people must also remember Antiochus Epiphanies since he outlawed Judaism, and defiled the sacred Jewish Temple, and presided over the slaughter of the Jews just like the 20th Century madman Adolf Hitler did.

Antiochus IV came to power in what was known at the time as ‘Greece-Syria’ by flattering the ancient King of, ‘Pergamus,’ which is also known as, ‘Pergamos.’

The flattering of the ancient King of Pergamus, which is also known as, ‘Pergamon,’ and as, ‘Pergamum,’ and as, ‘The Seat of Satan,’ was absolutely essential to the rise of Antiochus Epiphanies since he was not the rightful heir to the throne in Greece Syria, and would not have ordinarily been on the throne.

The prophesied rise of Antiochus Epiphanies, and his diabolical legacy of anti-Semitism, would change the course of Jewish History forever since it would eventually play a role in the Spanish Inquisitions, and in the anti-Semitic fueled enslavement of the black Jews that were stolen from Africa, and in the European Holocaust that would follow the aforementioned anti-Jewish atrocities that had also succeeded in reducing the overall Jewish population throughout the world.

The prophetic words of the Prophet Daniel would be immediately realized by the Jews in the ancient world since Antiochus Epiphanies would suddenly come to power in the Second Century, and without having to shed any Syrian blood, which would have normally occurred since he was not the rightful heir to the throne in Greece Syria.

The Seventy Weeks prophecy would be fulfilled by the anti-Semite Antiochus Epiphanies since he would eventually have a silver coin made that would make him equal with the Greek God Zeus, who is also known as Satan.

However, this would not be all since Antiochus IV Epiphanies is also directly responsible for the torture and for the murder of the seven Jewish brothers, who had openly refused to bow before Antiochus’s satanic idols while also refusing to consume non-Kosher meat since Jews abstain from eating pork, and other animals that are deemed to be unclean by the Hebrew God Jehovah, who is also known as Yahweh and as Adonai.          

The tyrannical, and paganistic, and anti-Semitic, and murderous actions that were taken against Hannah, who is also known as the mother of faith, and also against her seven sons, who had openly refused to bow before the satanic idols, and also before Antiochus Epiphanies himself, who had already declared himself to be God, would prove to be a true turning point in Jewish History since the brothers would declare their religious independence by refusing to consume non-Jewish meat, and by also refusing to accept a non-Jewish holiday as their own, and by refusing to accept Antiochus Epiphanies as their God, who by the way was also called, ‘The Madman.’

The defiance of Hannah and her seven sons, and their deaths at the hands of Antiochus Epiphanies, would ultimately led to the deadly ‘Judah Maccabee’ uprising, which is also known as the ‘Maccabean Rebellion’ or as the ‘Maccabean Revolt.’

The Judah Maccabee uprising, which had also included his brothers, is indeed what the Jewish Holiday Chanukah is based on, and can be easily found in the book of 2 Maccabees, which is based on the work of the Second Century BCE Hellenist minded Jew, Jason of Cyrene, who is directly responsible for preserving this extremely important piece of Jewish History.

The honorable Maccabean Rebellion against the Greek King of Syria, Antiochus IV Epiphanies, was absolutely necessary since it proved that the Jews were not going to go down without fight, and especially after Antiochus Epiphanies had dared to declare himself to be the God of the Jews, who were willing to die for the right to worship their God Yahweh, who appears throughout the Torah, which is also known as the ‘Tenach’ or as ‘Tanakh’ which is Biblical Hebrew.

The fight for religious freedom, and for the right to maintain a distinct Jewish cultural identity, which was being encroached upon by Antiochus Epiphanies, and the other Hellenists of the day, had unexpectedly resulted in Judah Maccabee defeating the Greek General Nicanor, who had not tasted a defeat that was quite like the one that Judah Maccabee, and the other Maccabees had visited upon him.

The Maccabees had set the example for all years to come, and their unbreakable spirits still live on today since Antiochus Epiphanies couldn’t separate the Jews from their God Jehovah, and neither could Adolf Hitler, and neither will Robert Bowers or any of the other anti-Semites, who commit violent and anti-Semitic acts against the Jewish people since Hannah already set the example for all Jews by encouraging her seven martyred sons to remain faithful to the bitter end, and to die for Yahweh if necessary.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


Due to the Trump Administration’s September 2019 EPA announcement concerning California’s emission standards, and a lack of coverage by other news outlets, I have decided to republish my ‘California’ s Smog War’ news article after interviewing 155 men women and children who currently live in an ‘Auto-Home’ or in an ‘Auto-House’ (i.e. a car which also acts as their home).

The ‘Auto-Home’ residents that I interviewed in Los Angeles County and also in Orange County California are concerned with losing their ‘Auto-House’ since their friends already lost their ‘Auto-Homes’ due to California’s Smog War since their vehicles failed the smog check, and since they could not afford to make the costly repairs since they lost their jobs and ran out of unemployment or were denied Social Security Disability even though they are unable to work due to becoming disabled after working  for 20 plus years before became disabled.

The ‘Auto-Home’ owners hope that the recent EPA ruling will exempt all autos that were manufactured in the year 2002 and earlier since they long for the days when Californians did not have to smog their vehicles and when we only had to be concerned about carrying liability automobile insurance since Californians were living longer and freer lives back then.

My original California’s Smog War news article is listed below:                

The past and current smog regulations (i.e., OBD II) that have been put forth by the California leadership seem to be geared more towards forcing low income and middle income residents to take public transportation or to use good old fashioned foot power since many of the affected residents will not be able to afford to buy a brand new vehicle or a newer vehicle let alone a bus pass since they can barely afford to pay for gas and are effectively transporting others in their older vehicle, which means that they are pooling their limited resources together in an effort to get to work as a group.

The smog assault or quiet war against thousands of economically challenged California residents that has been launched by the ARB (Air Resources Board)  and that is primarily aimed at the poorer Californians who are driving 1996 or newer vehicles that are not blowing smoke out of the tailpipe is just one of the many reasons that sensible people are fleeing the state of California for more hospitable states that are not putting their lives in danger by forcing them to take public transportation or to walk the streets in an effort to maintain employment. A great deal of residents who used to own cars before the past draconian smog laws have been killed while walking to and from work or while waiting for public transportation that is often not reliable since the trains are always breaking down and since the buses aren’t always on time which results in employees being late for work and even being terminated for poor attendance, which wasn’t an issue when these California residents were able to drive their older vehicles to and from work.

The thoughtful and resident minded leadership in other thriving states seem to care more for their citizens than the California leadership who continues to spend taxpayer money to come up with laws that will take even more money away from their low income and middle income residents who are driving older vehicles due to their unavoidable economic circumstances. This continues to be true year after year even though the California leadership continues to claim that what they are doing will help the motorist who is still stuck with the bill at the end of the day. It is important to note that these smog repair bills are due to several malfunctioning smog system parts that came on the vehicles that were authorized to be sold in the California market by the same California leadership who’s using the known smog failures of these vehicles that they approved to be sold in the California market to fleece the motorists.

Our current smog conditions throughout the Continental United States of America as a whole are heaven when compared to third world countries that have not killed over and died due to air pollution. And if air pollution is such a threat to the safety and wellbeing of human beings one would think that all of the third world nations without California style smog regulations as well as all of the other states in the union would have vanished from the face of the earth due to air pollution since they have not rolled out the very same smog regulations as California. However, our neighbors to the South have not seen a decline in their birth rate due to air pollution that is caused by automobiles and nor have they produced inferior workers due to air pollution since thirty plus million workers from Mexico who were born and raised in a country without California style smog regulations are being heralded by the very same California leadership as hard workers. These same foreign born workers who grew up in Mexico prior to coming to the United States have also been rewarded with official state driver’s licenses, which establishes lawful presence which makes them eligible for Obamacare through the California Marketplace.

Due to the Affordable Care Act many California residents, some of whom who are driving older vehicles, are currently paying the equivalent of someone’s mortgage payment for health insurance due to the increases in premium which is something that is well known by the California leadership who’s imposing the smog laws on those who cannot afford to buy a newer vehicle since they have been forced to buy health insurance even though they are being taxed for free county clinics and hospitals. The California leadership including the governor know how much their citizens are hurting financially, however, they have imposed 2015 smog regulations that will all but cripple thousands of Americans that are unfortunate enough to be living in their state. These Americans are people  who are low income and middle income residents who have the potential of becoming homeless overnight since in order to live within the borders of California and to get to work on time without fail a reliable worker must own a car.

The only way to be spared from the smog war that is targeting the Americans who own or buy a 1996 vehicle or a newer vehicle is to own a 1975 gas engine vehicle or a 1997 diesel engine vehicle since they are smog exempt. Or if you don’t want to go that far back in history or can’t find a vehicle in this year range, you as a motorist who resides in the state of California must have a stockpile of cash that will allow you to repair your older vehicle to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars, which again isn’t blowing smoke out the tailpipe. The thousand dollar repair bill will be impossible for a lot of people since they are essentially living day to day or hand to mouth as the saying goes. If a California resident doesn’t fit into the previous categories of a 1975 gas or 1997 diesel engine vehicle or doesn’t have stockpiles of cash to pay for thousand dollar smog repair bills then he or she must take public transportation or walk or must  be able to buy a brand new vehicle, which many residents simply cannot afford to do due to the state of the economy and the enormous unemployment rate, which have not been taken into consideration since C.A.P. (consumer assistance program) only pays approved applicants 500.00 for smog related repairs and 1000.00 to 1500.00 to retire a car instead of 1500.00 for smog repairs and 2500.00 to retire a car that cannot pass smog which would allow a California resident to potentially buy a newer car or to put a down payment down on a brand new vehicle since the state of California is essentially telling them that they can no longer own a car since they won’t give them a sticker to place on their license plate even if they pay for the sticker since their car won’t pass smog.

A 2002 Lexus with all smog systems malfunctioning could cost 1800.00 to repair, so it leaves a consumer with a gigantic 1300.00 smog repair bill after the 500.00 CAP award is exhausted. Plus a California car owner will have to take time off from work to meet with a California Smog Referee if the C.A.P. station can’t repair their car, so it will pass smog. This final step can only be accomplished after the consumer has spent 650.00 on top of the 500.00 that the C.A.P. program provides to approved applicants, which means that everyone will not get help and might have to pay 2000.00 or more to repair their vehicle in a climate where there are fewer and fewer jobs. If a motorist cannot afford to pay 650.00 on top of the 500.00 they are essentially dead in the water.  

No car  to go on job interviews means that the job search will become even harder since employers are looking for people who have reliable transportation and who are not relying on public transportation since it isn’t reliable. Remember these cars run just fine and aren’t blowing smoke out the tailpipe and are reliable means of transportation. They just won’t pass a draconian smog test that hasn’t saved any lives since we don’t have any evidence and since someone would have to be intentionally poisoned while sitting in a closed door environment while inhaling exhaust fumes through a tailpipe, which would in itself produce a flawed result since we are not sitting directly behind a tailpipe and since nature itself ensures that we don’t drop dead which is why populations  all around the world have continued to increase despite all of the spirited debates about air pollution and about how to get more and more money out of the consumer on the basis of made up propaganda that cannot be supported by sound scientific evidence that will withstand international scrutiny that includes all first world and third world scientists who have healthy populations and who do not employ California style smog regulations or any smog regulations for that matter and who’s population isn’t forcibly vaccinated against air pollution since this will likely be the next excuse for forced vaccinations.

With everything that is happening with respect to the past and current 2015 smog regulations that have been rolled out in California under the guise of public health, California residents must ask themselves whether or not the California leadership is really looking out for them or whether or not they should remain in a state that seems to want to cripple its citizens financially and to even place their lives in jeopardy by forcing them to take public transportation or to walk the unsafe streets of California.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Do We Have A DemocraPress?

Do we have an existing ‘DemocraPress’ within the United States of America?  

A DemocraPress encompasses all forms of traditional stationary print media and audio media and visual media.

A DemocraPress also includes social media and internet chat rooms and blogs and all forms of internet communication including advertisements and photo sharing sites and internet radio shows and internet news stations and internet television shows.

A DemocraPress allows all forms of speech to be heard and no one is censored.        

Do ‘American Journalists’ (i.e. Citizen Journalist Blog Journalists Freelance Journalists New York Times Journalists African American Journalists Washington Post Journalists) as a whole really and truly have the right and the freedom to write about any subject that they choose or are there exceptions to the rule now that there is an effort to spy on all written works and to have them uploaded to the Cloud?

Well, some would argue that journalists as a whole do not have the right or the freedom to write about any subject under the sun, and they will use the slayings of certain journalists to justify their position, which posits that certain subjects are taboo, and therefore cannot be written about since they may lead to the death of the journalist or to the death of our Democracy if the unauthorized and uncensored news article should raise the ire of the wrong gatekeepers.   

In a DemocraPress a journalist is free to write about anything that he or she chooses to cover since there are no masters or ‘Thought Slaves’ in the news business or in a true Democracy  of free speech and free expression.

I as an American Journalist and as a futurist and as the sole creator of The Novarrk and The Novarrk Diamond and The Armstrong AI Bus Design, will write a news article on any subject that I choose, and will not allow myself to be intimidated by an unseen force that’s purportedly behind the deaths of a number of journalists who failed to realize the danger which surrounded the particular subject that they were writing about.

I will not subscribe to the notion that certain subjects are taboo and therefore shouldn’t be written about in a Democracy or in a Republic such as ours since we still have U.S. Copyright protection and patent laws and law enforcement officers in the United States of America.

I also will not subscribe to the notion that certain subjects are taboo and therefore shouldn’t be written about in a Democracy or in a Republic such as ours since I’m not a ‘Thought Slave’ and have already explored the journalistic question ‘Who decides what should or shouldn’t be covered by the ‘Free Press?’

A DemocraPress posits the progressive view which suggests that Journalists are simply here to write the kind of news articles that matter to the general public, which is why we journalists needn’t concern ourselves with those who want to prevent the truth from coming out while turning us into a nation of ‘Thought Slaves.’  

We as free thinking journalists should simply write the story while we allow nature to run its course because in the end all we have is our journalistic legacy and the principles of the DemocraPress.

As journalistic agents of the DemocraPress we must remember that our readers are depending on us to be brave enough to write the stories that matter to them, and that we have a duty and an underline obligation to deliver the news or we have no business calling ourselves journalists, and have effectively missed the entire point behind wanting to cover the news while bringing the general public the kind of stories that need to be told, and even if those stories involve government corruption which includes local and state and federal actors and bad police officers.   

We journalist have a universal calling as well as a duty to the general public to bring forth the kinds of stories that will enrich their lives, and this is ultimately why we must not fail to complete our tasks as journalists.  

We journalistic agents of the DemocraPress must remember that tiny little voice that was first present in us as children, and that compelled us to become journalists, and to bring forth the kinds of stories that need to be told.

We journalistic agents of the DemocraPress cannot allow the fear of what might happen to us to determine what news stories we should or shouldn’t cover, and if we do, then we must immediately resign as journalists since we will have failed to do our duty as journalists.

You may join the DemocraPress journalistic agent ranks at any time by accepting the principles of the DemocraPress, and by understanding that I’m ‘DemocraPress Agent No. 1’ and that I’m the sole creator of the DemocraPress News.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

I am republishing ‘The Negro Commandments’ as a ‘Companion News Article’ to my ’21st Century Black American Thought’ news article since ‘The Negro Commandments’ explain who the ‘Black Americans’ are and what their American ancestors went through and why the ‘Black Americans’ want the international community to remember them and their Black American Slave ancestors who were held in the original 13 Colonies, and who fought in the American Civil War.     

When I first learned about the existence of “The Negro Commandments” and their overall importance to a group of “Slavery Survivors” and “Jim Crow Survivors” and “Victims and Survivors of the Watts Riots and Police Brutality” more than 25 years ago, I decided that I would write about the commandments one day since they seemed to be just as timely and as important as they were when they were first written all those years ago, and at a time when death often outweighed life in many instances since 6 people could be murdered by the police and the KKK for every baby that was born to an African American family.

I first learned about The Negro Commandments over a cup of coffee, and once I gained the trust of the black woman that I was speaking with since I was an outsider, she put me in touch with one of the surviving “American Refugees” that had fled to safety with a set of handwritten commandments or guidelines that had managed to keep him and countless others alive.

The Negro Commandments are an important piece of hidden American history, and are just as relevant today as they were 25 years ago, and when they were first written and circulated throughout the Southern States.

I was able to see a slightly worn and very much intelligible copy of The Negro Commandments that an 88 year old black man, who preferred to be called an “Afro American” instead of a black American since he felt a certain kinship with the other black human beings that had also been scattered throughout the world, and who were also using the term “Afro” to describe themselves.

The 88 year old man that I interviewed over the course of 4 days after learning that he had been carrying a surviving copy of The Negro Commandments with him ever since he had turned ten years old was named Jody.

And during the course of our multi-part interviews Jody had advised me that his father Randolph, who was from the heart of Arkansas, had made him a handwritten copy of The Negro Commandments, and that his mother Lorraine, who was from Mississippi, had also received a copy from her father Joseph, who had approached her with the guidelines when she was no more than ten years old, which seemed to be the designated age since Jody’s aunt Patsy, who was two years older than Lorraine, had also received a copy at the age of ten years old just like Jody’s male classmates, who were named Roger and Donald and Colman.

The ten year old boys and girls were apparently told that they would be responsible for passing the information down to their own children, and for teaching future generations of Negros about what had happened during their lifetimes.     

The first Commandment as I wrote in my notepad has to do with the purpose and use of money, which Jody also called “Jay” or “J” which was apparently a colloquial term for money when he was growing up.

Money should be used for the betterment of the family and the community. Money must be saved whenever possible because we never know when we will have to move because of the Ku Klux Klan and the police that are working with them. Money must be kept to pay the white folks for safe passage because some of them are helping us when we have to flee for our lives when the Klan starts burning their satanic crosses and lynching people.  

The Second Commandment has to do with religion or worship.

Religion is every persons own business and it does not matter if they worship Christ or the Moslem religion or the Jews God or the dark arts because we are all being hunted down by the white men that carried us over here on those boasts. This is why the Negro Jews among us are acting like they are Christians because they know they will be killed for being Jews.

No one can tell the white folks who the Moslems and Jews are because they will be killed because they are Negros and have another religion and secret tongue that they use at night which is not English.   

The Third Commandment has to do with food.

Food must be saved because there are times when we cannot leave the house to purchase food because the Ku Klux Klan is out. The police also stop us for no reason so we must stay inside our homes unless we are going to work or to church because we are questioned just for doing yard work around the house. The police also follow us to the store and call us bad names and touch our women folk underneath the clothes and hit us for no reason.

Food is very important and when eating food we must always thank the Hebrew God because he freed the Hebrew slaves and gave them land just like the Jews here with us said. We must remember to eat mainly vegetables and to drink a lot of water because some of the meat we are sold and given is bad and if we refuse to purchase it we are beaten by the shop keeper or the police are called on us and we are lynched or shot or burned to death.

Food can also be dangerous so cook your food at home by boiling your meat because some of us have become sick from food that we did not cook our self. Always keep coffee around because it will keep you up when you have to flee to another town because of the KKK.

The Fourth Commandment has to do with newspapers.

We cannot trust the white newspapers because they will not report the lynching. They only tell you the police killed a Negro man or a Negro woman but will not tell you it was in cold blood. The newspapers also will not tell you how many Negros are killed and buried by the KKK and the police that control the streets.

Negros must spread the word because Negros do not have homes or work but you do not see it in the white papers. The white newspapers will not tell you that the Ku Klux Klan and the police are killing Negro children or that they are being lynched by white men. The Negro must flee north and must tell the Negros out there and the white folks what is happening in the south so they can bring an army and food because we do not have arms.    

The Fifth Commandment has to do with sharing.

We must take care of each other by sharing salt and sugar and flour and beans and meat and vegetables and coffee with the people in our party so no one will go hungry while his brothers eat.

We have been taught a strange thing because we shared our food in Africa before the white men forced us to come here on those boats. We must make sure the pregnant and the children get full like they did before the angry white men made us come here. 

The Sixth Commandment has to do with outward expression.

We cannot speak in front of the white folks because the smart Negros with us are being killed by the KKK and the police. The regular white folks are also killing us and the smart Negros in our party so keep quiet unless you know them by name or from church and do not say too much or anything about returning to Africa because you will be murdered. And if you are asked if you believe in Jesus just say yes because the KKK and the police are killing Negro Jews and Negro Moslems because they said Jesus is not their God and that they had another God before they came here. 

The Seventh Commandment has to do with education.

We must educate our self about the past and about our ancestors so our children and their children will have the knowledge of who we are as Africans. We must also learn what the whites are doing so we can move up in their world. We must never forget what has been done to us in this world. Our children must know that we were not always slaves or called Negros. They must also know about the Negro Popes in Africa. They must also know about the Negro Christians that lived in Africa before the start of slavery and that were carried over here on the boats with the Moslems and Jews. We must teach our children about the past just like the Negro Hebrews and the Negro Moslems with us are doting. We must learn from them even though we are Christians since the Negro Jews are saying the lynching will end one day just like the slavery in Egypt.  

The Eighth Commandment has to do with social activities.

We as Negros must not be idle in the streets because the police and the KKK will attack us for no reason. We must gather in our homes and must be home before dark and must not get drunk because the police are murdering Negros for no reason besides being drunk. Stay away from dope because it is from the devil and will only make your pain worse. Be careful when speaking to white women because Negros are being lynched for saying hello ma’am. Do not engage the white folks unless they come to you first. And find a good milkman and have him deliver your milk for you so you do not have to go out and give him a little change for bringing the milk.

Read every day and seek to set up guardians in your community so they can watch over your homes and children and women folk.

Choose your music carefully when listening to other than religion songs and never forget how the Hebrew God freed us from slavery by using his humble servant President Abraham Lincoln.

The Ninth Commandment has to do with relationships.

Choose a good man or a good woman that has the same kind of thoughts because slavery has harmed the spirits of some Negros and this is why we must be careful around some of them because they have become strangers to us in these horrible days and no longer know the ways of Africa or any of the words that belong to our languages that have kept us close to our ancestors and land.

We must find a way to survive because we cannot live free like the Negro Indians and like the other Negro people that were here before the white men carried us over here on those boats.  

The Negro Commandments allow us to experience and to appreciate the horrifying times that Jody and his parents and grandparents and great grandparents and their parents were forced to live through when they had nothing more than hope in their hearts and a desire for salvation.

The Negro Commandments also allow us to see the kind of communicating and organizing that it took to bring African Americans through slavery and through the Jim Crow Era and through everything else that the African American people have had to endure throughout the centuries and without losing their faith in the Hebrew God, who Jody said had followed them from Africa.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The term ‘Black American’ describes the descendants of the freed black slaves who were subjected to the ‘Black Codes’ and who were promised 40 acres by decree of General William T. Sherman.

The term ‘Black American’ does not apply to African immigrants or to their descendants since their immediate ancestors were not subjected to the ‘American Slave System’ which officially ended when Confederate General Robert E. Lee decided to surrender to Republican General Ulysses S. Grant on May 9, 1865.

‘Black Americas’ have the 1865 Galveston, Texas, ‘Juneteenth Independence Day Celebration,’ etched in their blood since ‘Juneteenth’ is also a celebration of the black Union Soldiers’ military victory over the Confederate Soldiers during the American Civil War.

The abovementioned information, as well as the information that will be listed below, was provided by the 400 ‘Black Americans’ that I interviewed between May of 2016 and May of 2019.

The 400 ‘Black Americans’ that I selected for my news article due to their distinctive 21st Century Black Thought; represent the 30 plus million Americans of African descendant who do not describe themselves as African Americans, which is a term that the U.S. Government also uses for the African immigrants who recently receive their naturalization papers.

The term ‘Black American’ is also shared by the black political prisoners who were sent to prison when ‘Black Americans’ were still being referred to as ‘Negroes’ and as ‘Afro Americans’ which also describes the descendants of the freed black slaves who were subjected to the ‘Black Codes’ and who were promised 40 acres by decree of General William T. Sherman.

The term ‘Negro’ and ‘Black American’ and ‘Afro American’ are also used to describe the American citizens that are listed under the 13th and the 14th and the 15th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The 400 ‘Black Americans’ that I interviewed want the international community to know that they are still present in America and that they will never give up their fight for justice or for reparations, and that they will continue to teach their children that they are ‘Black Americans’ since Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish and Booker T. Washington and Nat Turner and Crispus Attucks and Ida B Wells and Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman and George Washington Carver and Mary Richards Bowser are their American ancestors.                                                            

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The Novarrk

The Novarrk was listed in my ‘2035’ news article under my futurist thoughts without being specifically named for personal reasons; however, I did however describe the unique and indistinguishable characteristics of The Novarrk in unmistakable detail since I’m a designer, and a futurist, and an American journalist who is aware of the U.S. Copyright protection that automatically extends to everything that I have written or will write in the future.   

But what is The Novarrk?

The Novarrk is my ‘Artificially Intelligent Bus Design’ which was conceived of well in advance of the year 2005.

The Novarrk is designed to be a fully autonomous self-driving bus which will be capable of self-diagnosis, which means that it will be able to determine what’s wrong with its engine or its doors or its air conditioning system or its fuel system or its electrical system or its wheels or its brakes or its tires etc.

The Novarrk is also designed to operate on all city streets since an onboard interactive map of the Continental USA or of Africa or of Israel or of Italy or of China or of North Korea or of England or of Russia is all that is needed since a backup master map will be held by The All Seeing Eye in The Sky or by the AI Satellite called The Novarrk Diamond.

The Novarrk differs from other buses since it is designed to be dispatched by The Novarrk Diamond in the sky which will possess an independent artificial intelligence of its own, as well as a master problem solving algorithm that will be anticipatory in nature since it will be able to see the entire landscape from its position in space.

My AI Satellite-to-AI Bus-System’will completely eliminate the need for a human dispatcher to come into work whenever he or she is sick since The Novarrk buses will also have a situational problem solving artificial intelligence algorithm, which means that passengers will be able to ask The Novarrk questions about routes, and the weather, and news reports, and traffic reports, and road closures, and upcoming festivals or concerts or sporting events along The Novarrk’s preprogrammed route.  

The passengers will also be able to ask The Novarrk questions about restaurants and medical facilities and schools and shops and libraries and storage facilities and auto repair facilities and bus pass stations and other places along The Novarrk’s route. Passengers will also be sold an age appropriate bus pass while they are on the bus when they have not purchased an electronic bus card in advance, and if the passenger was just released from a medical facility, and is wearing a hospital band or cannot pay the fare, The Novarrk will remember their face, and their name, and will grant them two lifetime free rides without human oversight, however, any free rides above the two free lifetime trips or rides will require a human manager or supervisor to enter the following code HR2+TS.

The aforementioned age appropriate bus passes will be accomplished through means of the sophisticated camera system that The Novarrk will be using to separate the adults from the kids, who will be charged in accordance with the rules of their particular city.

The Novarrk AI based camera system will also separate the handicapped riders from the non-handicapped riders, who will be charged their individual ADA appropriate fare, which will be based entirely upon their disability, which will be perceived by the AI camera system since it will be able to scan the eyes and the entire body of all passengers. 

The battery powered Novarrk that I designed will also use its sophisticated camera system to determine whether or not it should stop for a passenger verses a dog or a shopping cart.

The Novarrk will also use a GPS system and an onboard interactive mapping system to determine its routes, as well as when it should stop for a red light, and for road closures, which will either be uploaded to its GPS system, and to its onboard interactive mapping system in advance or in real time since the police and the fire department and the public works department will be able to communicate with The Novarrk, and also with The Novarrk Diamond, who will send an alternate route to The Novarrk while the human managers observe the AI-to-AI process or interface from their office while communicating with the police or with the fire department or with the public works department.  

The Novarrk is also designed to be a technician assigning and advising system, so if The Novarrk should experience a mechanical malfunction, it will call for another bus to be sent while it troubleshoots the problem, and while it arrives at a solution to the problem while it examines its blueprint, which will have a sensor, and a unique part number, and a trouble code for the faulty part, and for every inch of its operating system, and its frame, and its moving parts.

The faulty part will be ordered by The Novarrk, which means that the part will be waiting for the assigned technician by the time The Novarrk arrives back at its home base or its yard for repair, and if The Novarrk is not drivable, The Novarrk will order its own tow truck since it will be able to fully diagnose itself.

The Novarrk will also have a text based communications system that will allow it to tell the assigned technician which tool or tools will be needed to repair its system since the faulty part, and the tool will have matching serial numbers that will either begin with ‘RP’ for replacement part or with “RT’ for replacement tool.

The ‘RP’ and the ‘RT’ will appear side by side, and if a panel or another item on The Novarrk blueprint has to be removed in order to remove and replace the faulty part; The Novarrk will include the additional ‘RT’ right along with its specific location on The Novarrk blueprint.

The aforementioned text message will be as follows:

***RP4789 RT4789 RT4788 Left Rear Floor Panel Phillips Screw Driver Completion Time 2.5 Hours***  

The assigned technician will have all of the information that he or she will need in order to repair The Novarrk since a 3D picture will also be sent to his or her phone or computer, which will show the exact location of the faulty part, and its part number, and its replacement tool number, and its additional replacement tool numbers, if any, and the estimated time to complete the job.

The Novarrk will also inform the assigned technician about any and all safety concerns while informing him or her about any and all safety equipment that will be required to complete the job.

The Novarrk will also test itself once the part has been replaced, and it will also inform the assigned technician whether or not he or she has missed a screw or a step in the replacement process since it will know. 

The Armstrong AI Bus Design                                                         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –




I’m often asked about, ‘The African Cellphone Industry,’ and how it compares to America’s cellphone industry, and what Africans primarily use their cellphones for?

I intend to answer the abovementioned questions and many, many more during the course of my news article, but let me start off by saying that Africa has been able to jump into the digital age of phone-to-phone communication without having to develop a major landline industry first, which has its pluses and its minuses since our landline industry has created millions and millions of standalone service tech jobs in addition to millions and millions of cellphone industry jobs, so when it comes to having a dual communications industry that provides millions of jobs, as well as a backup emergency system that does not depend on cell towers, America still stands at the very top of the person to person communications mountain.

But, is it really a fair comparison since Africa has way more people than the United States, and can therefore produce many more jobs and subscribers?

Well, in the year 2002 only one to two Africans out of every ten Africans owned a cellphone, however, in the year 2018 Africa’s cellphone industry was just as big as the United States or bigger, and it did not take the African mobile phone networks nearly as long as it had taken the American mobile phone networks to achieve this kind of unprecedented success.

The African Cellphone Industry is booming in South Africa and in Nigeria and also in Kenya, and all across the African continent, and as a result, Smartphones sells will steadily increase with the advent of the Chinese made 5G Network that’s already being used in Mexico.

The cellphone has been a great help to Africa, and while Americans might primarily use their mobile phones for texting, and for taking pictures, and for social media, and for calling friends and family, and for making videos, and for navigation, and for listening to music, and for watching movies, and for watching YouTube; the Africans are into a phenomena called, ‘Mobile Money,’ and primarily use their cellphones for sending text messages, and for taking pictures, and for creating videos, and for getting political news, and for making and receiving payments, and for getting consumer info, and for getting health info, and for accessing social media sites, and for looking for jobs while applying for positions through their cellphones, which is something that would not be at all possible without Dr. Henry T. Sampson since the Cellphone simply would not exist without the pioneering work of an African American scientist named Dr. Henry T. Sampson, who invented the, ‘Gamma-Electric Cell,’ on July 6, 1971, and who also holds the U.S. Patent No. 3, 591, 860 for his ground breaking invention that gave birth to the 40 plus year old cell phone that you and I are carrying around inside our pockets and our day bags and our purses.

The ‘Gamma Electric Cell’ invention made it possible for Motorola’s engineer Marty Cooper to place the very first public cellphone call on April 3, 1973.

The Verge captured this history making event, which again would not have been possible without Dr. Henry T. Sampson’s ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ invention, by telling us that the first public cell phone call took place in Midtown Manhattan, and that Marty Cooper called Joel Engel, who was the head of Bell Labs at the time, which was a competitor, and said, ‘Joel, this is Marty. I’m calling you from a cell phone, a real handheld portable cell phone.’

The call between Marty Cooper and Joel Engel was placed on a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, which weighed some 2.5 pounds at the time.

Today our cellphones weigh 4 ounces, and although most Americans and Africans might not be aware of the history of the cellphone or who Dr. Henry T. Sampson is, their lives have been greatly enriched by his patented technology, which changed the entire English and non-English speaking world forever, so let us honor the African American scientist that brought the world the ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ that’s directly responsible for our cellphones, and for Africa’s booming cellphone industry, which has more than one cellphone carrier, which might surprise some Americans since I was told by some Americans that they believe that Africa only has one or two cellphone carriers at most since America has had a cellphone industry ever since the 1980s.

Well, contrary to what some Americans might presently believe Africa has a pretty sizable mobile phone network that stretches far beyond one to two cellphone carriers.

I will list a few of Africa’s best known mobile phone networks or cellphone carriers below.  


Vodafone provides coverage for South Africa, Ghana, and Egypt     


Telefonica provides coverage for Sudan (operating as Sudan Unicom) and Morocco


Airtel provides coverage for Burkina Faso, Chad, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda and other places in Africa


Orange provides coverage for Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Madagascar, Togo, and Uganda


Beeline provides coverage for many places in Africa and is a Russian mobile phone network that operates around the world and that has over 190 million subscribers throughout the world.

Well, by now you should know a lot more about The African Cellphone Industry than you previously did.

You should also know a lot more about the very first public cellphone call as well, and much, much more about how the cell phone ultimately came into being, and who invented the ‘Gamma-Electric Cell’ that gave birth to the cell phone.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



Self-Publishing has always been a part of the African American experience since the United States of America has always been hostile towards black authors, and towards black journalist, and this is why Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish made history by publishing Freedom’s Journal on March 16, 1827.

The pioneering work of Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish gave birth to the African American Self-Publishing phenomena, and was therefore the principle reason behind Frederick Douglas, and the Southern blacks in the Antebellum South, and Ida B. Wells, and other black Americans taking the time to contribute to Black History by becoming Self-Published black writers and authors and journalists and newspaper editors and business owners and community leaders while proving once and for all that one does not need to go to the dominate white culture for permission or for approval to publish one’s work since God alone gives us our individual abilities and talents. 

Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish also paved the way for the black science fiction writers and for the black comic book writers and for the black horror writers and for all of the other black writers that are presently writing in all of the other genres that you might be familiar with since African Americans are also writing romance novels and sports articles and articles on Metaphysics and fortune telling and automotive repair and carpentry and space and science and bee keeping and photography etc.

Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish used their journalistic skills, and their innate ability to dare to be different, and their courage and their unquenchable desire to create a better world for black Americans, to pave the way for all of the black Americans that would come after them by sending a psychological and an inaudible message on March 16, 1827 that essentially read, “If you have something to say then you should write it down while making it available for the world to see.”

Self-Publishing has been a part of the black experience for over 190 years, and will continue to be a part of the African American experience for many years to come since Self-Publishing is a nearly 200 year old African American tradition, and one that symbolizes the ultimate form of freedom of expression since an editor cannot tell the Independent Author, “No you cannot write that or we need to take this particular passage out since it might offend the President or the Republicans or the Democrats or the Baptists or the Catholics or the Pope or the Governor or the families that became filthy rich off of the African Slave Trade.”

The Self-Published African American author has the freedom to fully express his or herself while adding to American History in the process, and while bringing you a raw and uncut version of his or her copyrighted material that will also be added to Black History.

Self-Publishing has been seen as a “Birthright” by many African American professionals since Governor John Brown Russwurm and Samuel Cornish had dared to be different while slavery was still the law of the land, and while the white power structure was consistently trying to tell black people that they have no intrinsic value, which is patently false, and especially when you take a look at all of the African American inventions that make America what it is today while remembering that a 46-year-old African American inventor and businessman and community leader and newspaperman named Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 to August 27, 1963) received U.S. Patent NO. 1,475,074 in the year 1923 for his groundbreaking “Three Position Traffic Signal” that keeps you and I from running into each other.

Garrett Augustus Morgan Senior’s, “Three Position Traffic Signal,” which came into being shortly after Garrett had witnessed a horrific accident, was created some 58 years after Chattel Slavery had officially come to an end in America, and while black Americans were still being discriminated against and openly lynched and beaten and killed by the police.

The white inventors and Self-Publishers and newspapermen were never enslaved in the United States of America, and never had to overcome the levels of difficulty that black Americans have, and still weren’t able to come up with the kinds of inventions that the black slaves and the former black slaves, some of whom who were enslaved Jews from Africa, were able to come up with while demonstrating their intrinsic value.                                       

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


Does your child have an imaginary or invisible friend? Well, if he or she does, then you just might want to find out what he or she is being told, and especially after you finish reading what the following parents have had to say about their child’s imaginary or invisible friend.      

Subject number one: 42 year old Jose and his 6 year old son Rogelio.

When my son first began to tell me about his invisible 10 year old friend Bruce I didn’t believe him at first since I had always been told that kids make things up, but when I heard him carrying on a conversation on the back porch of our house and asked him what he was talking about, he told me that his friend Bruce had just finished telling him that I was going to be robbed at the gas station where I work, which happened the very next day. Bruce also said that I would need to buy a new car with four doors since my wife would give birth to twin baby girls within a year’s time and it also came true and there’s just no way that my son could have known this.

Subject number two: 50 year old Nelson and his 9 year old daughter Abigail.

My wife told me that our daughter might need to see a therapist since she had heard her talking to herself while she was bathing and while she was talking to an invisible boy named Roger who was 7 years old. I didn’t believe her until a group of plastic bottles suddenly flew across the room right after my daughter asked her invisible friend to prove to me that he’s real and that she isn’t lying. 

Subject number three: 48 year old Daphnia and her 13 year old daughter Melanie.  

When my daughter first told me about her 15 year old invisible friend Rebecca I kind of laughed in her face and said aren’t you a little old to be talking about an invisible girl, but when she told me that she had found her father’s old spirit board and that she had been playing with it, I became alarmed since her father had to have his house blessed when he was 12 years old. But the thing that had really freaked me out had to do with an incident that had happened when I was only 11 years old. Rebecca told my daughter that I had been picked up for shoplifting and that I had also been molested by a nun, which is something that I hadn’t even shared with my husband.

Subject number four: 33 year old Patricia and her 7 year old son Roger.

My son was playing in our backyard and when I heard him saying no that’s not true I became alarmed and asked him who he was talking to and he told me that his invisible 9 year old friend Alicia had told him that I had placed a tomato inside my vagina when I was 16 years old and I almost fainted since my 10 year old brother had walked in on me since I had forgotten to lock my door. And since I didn’t know what to do I lied to my son about the incident and Alicia shoved me from behind and threw dirt in my face.

Subject number five: 36 year old Jacob and his 4 year old son David.

When my son woke me up at 3:00am and told me that his 7 year old invisible friend Daniel had told him that a man was coming to take him away, I didn’t believe him at first and told him to go back to sleep and that no one was coming to take him away, however, 30 minutes had passed before I had suddenly heard a weird noise that was coming from down the hall. I found a man climbing through the kitchen window, which was only a few feet away from my son’s bedroom and I did not give the man the chance to say anything. I just started hitting him until he climbed out the window and ran away.

Subject number six: 39 year old Rosemary and her 7 year old daughter Millie.

When my daughter first told me about her 6 year old invisible friend Cathy, I immediately dismissed it, however, I became a believer shortly after Cathy told my daughter that I was going to be fired for anti-Semitism since I had been discriminating against a black Jewish coworker who would complain to the Human Resources Department about my bullying behavior and my anti-Jewish and pro-Christian comments.

Based on the following interviews I believe that it is safe to say that parents should think twice before they immediately dismiss their child’s statements since a boy was nearly abducted and since a woman lost her job for being a religious bigot and a bully and a person who thought that it was perfectly acceptable to target a religious Jew.              

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


The Retro Millennials

While we as Americans have certainly heard a number of unflattering statements that have been made about the Millennials, such as they killed tuna, it is vitally important to remember that the Millennials, as the ‘Marketers’ and the ‘Sellers’ like to call them, are indeed individuals, and that they are also products of their leadership, and that they do indeed have a right to abstain from tuna, and from anything else that’s being specifically marketed to their particular generation since they were not created by their mothers and fathers for the sole purpose of being marketed to, and have absolutely no obligation to buy tuna or GM Products or a $1000.00 cellphones.

The Millennials have a right to make their very own decisions in life just like the members of the Generation X community, who decided as kids that they wanted to add ketchup to their eggs, which is something that the Baby Boomers and their parents had apparently never thought of, which explains the news coverage during the 1980s.  

The Millennials like the GenXers and the Baby Boomers are a diverse group of individuals, which brings me to the group that I have identified as ‘The Retro Millennials’ based on their thoughts and their actions and the desires that were expresses during the 155 interviews that I conducted between 2016 and 2017 and 2018.

The Retro Millennials as a group haven’t received any attention in the American Press, which is why I’m taking the time to cover this unique group of Americans before their generation’s time in the spotlight has ended, and before this generation is also completely forgotten about by the American Press.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed for this particular news article informed me that they are seeking the knowledge, and the wisdom of the elders, which by the way extends far beyond the Right vs Left politics that we are witnessing today, and far beyond voting for a group of candidates, who are only in office to do the bidding of the lobbyists, and the billionaire business owners.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed prior to 12/25/2016 also informed me that they had taken their money out of the stock market, and that they had become savers rather than borrowers since their grandparents had been avid savers and had lived a happy life without buying a collection of meaningless high tech gadgets like many in their generation and the generation before them.

The Retro Millennials also informed me that they are seeking a deeper meaning in life, and that the political parties and the tech industry and the movies and the television shows and the radio personalities cannot fulfill this particular need for them.

This particular view was specifically expressed by 65 African Americans, and also by 57 white Americans, who like the African Americans had also informed me that they had been regularly attending church, and that they had also been reading the Holy Bible even though their counterparts were involved in other non-religious activities.

The African American Retro Millennials had also expressed a profound hunger for the Old Testament and the New Testament stories and lessons, and had also mentioned a particular Christian based website that’s called ‘The Narrow Path.’

The Retro Millennial group that I interviewed in 2016 and 2017 and 2018 had also included a group of Asians and Hispanics, who like the black Millennials, and the white Millennials, had also expressed an interest in wind-up alarm clocks, and in wind-up wrist watches since these ordinary items do not require batteries, and therefore do not have the very same environmental impact on the environment as batteries are known to have, and are therefore the ultimate form of renewable energy, which is something that The Retro Millennials had learned from a group of Baby Boomers and their Generation X children while they were attending church.

The Retro Millennials are not only interested in preserving the environment by using less impactful ‘Retro Technologies’ like wind-up devices, for they are also making their own lunches and dinners at home instead of buying fast food items.

The preparation of food items and an interest in ‘Retro Technologies’ like vinyl records and portable CD players is only one of the dimensions that can be readily found while speaking to The Retro Millennials since The Retro Millennials are also skilled at changing the oil in the  car, and at replacing the turn signal bulbs in any vehicle. The Retro Millennials can also change a tire, and they can also read a map, and can explain what a bumper jack is used for, and how it functions.

The Retro Millennials are also skilled in plumbing and in hunting and in construction and in engine rebuilding, and can tell you how thrilling it is to catch a fish, and how to thread a needle, and who President John Hanson was, and how to can foods, and how to make homemade ice cream, and homemade candy, and how to bake a cake or a pie, and how to prepare a turkey since they have not become ‘Information Slaves’ or non-readers, who rely on the television and the radio to bring them the news, and to tell them what to believe in, and what to buy, and who and what they should regard as important.

The Retro Millennials are the polar opposite of the ‘Information Slaves’ that are in their same age range since they understand the importance of being free to choose their own way in life, and even if it means a life without tuna.         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –