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The Untelevised 60s

While it is undeniably true that the vast majority of us Americans have certainly seen the ubiquitous images of women openly baring their breasts in public while chanting various political slogans; the aforementioned journalistic and photographic moments in time failed to tell the story of the other 60s which is indeed why it is extremely important to document the untold experiences of the Americans that didn’t have access to the media and who also lived during the ensuing political storm.

And while it is certainly true that free love, and the various marches, and police brutality, and marijuana use, and political races, and the KKK, and the disturbing racial killings of African Americans during the 60s, were indeed a focal point of the tumultuous times, some African Americans also want an accurate historical record that also tells what some of their lives were like before and during the Political Assassinations and The Days of Dr. King and the Vietnam War and the Antiwar marches and the bombings and shootings that were a clear example of Bottom Up Political Violence.

The sole purpose of this 2018 news article is to paint an accurate picture of Southern California during the 1960s while highlighting the individual lives of the African Americans that lived in the other 60s that weren’t necessarily seen on the evening news while the ubiquitous episodes of political violence and police brutality, which certainly define most of the televised 60s, were being ingested by the entire world.

To fully understand what life was really like during the untelevised 60s for a good percentage of middle classed African Americans, who have since seen their once peaceful neighborhoods forever changed by gang violence, and drugs, and widespread police brutality, and illegal immigration, and the loss of good paying industrial jobs, as well as the loss off healthcare, which would have helped millions, I decided to conduct a series of interviews with the African Americans that were born and raised in Los Angeles and in the adjacent areas since the images that we often see on TV don’t exactly represent the entire African American experience as the participants pointed out during the interviews that explain their thoughts and feelings and experiences during the untelevised 60s that have been essentially lost to time.    

John W. aged 74: I was born and raised in what was previously referred to as South Central Los Angles and at the time I had white neighbors and they were some fine church going folks that would always welcome us in. And I mean the whole neighborhood would have a barbeque and one time in the mid-60s the KKK wandered into our neighborhood and you should have seen the white folks coming out of their homes with their guns. The hooded Klansmen were surrounded by more than 30 people and they were told to leave or they would be killed. The KKK quickly turned their trucks around and took off while a group of blacks and whites pointed their guns at them. The moment was extremely tense and some of the KKK members were even crying while asking the blacks not to shoot them since they had a wife and kids. Once the Klan was gone everyone went back to having fun again and me and my white friend Sally took turns pushing each other on the swings.

Now aside from what you’ve seen on TV my personal experience in LA during the 60s was cool because we would set up tents in our backyards and star gaze all night long while toasting marshmallows. And whenever Sally got a flat tire she would always bring her bike to my house so I could fix it for her since I had all of the patches and stuff. Man those were some good times back then and I sure miss the clubhouses that we used to build and the picnics in the park on Saturdays since my brothers Louis and Ellis and I would fly our kites until the sun went down.

The 60s were some of the best times of my life since we didn’t have all of this gang nonsense and widespread drug use, and since I had two jobs back then and a motorcycle and a car.          

Elisabeth P. aged 66: We used to go downtown during the 60s and we would spend all day since we knew what time the last bus was leaving or when our father was coming to pick us up. The State Theater was our favorite hangout and sometimes it would be 15 of us on a Sunday since we would have saved up our allowance by then. Plus my brother Benjamin and his friends would have earned money by mowing lawns on Saturday, so they would always cover the kids that didn’t have money. And since horror films were our favorites we couldn’t wait to get the paper after our mother and father had finished reading it. And once we knew what was playing we would take the bus trips to Downtown LA practically every weekend, so we didn’t have time for any of the marches and I certainly wasn’t going to bare my breasts in public. Plus my mother and father had already told me and my two brothers to stay away from the marches.

Alexander C. aged 70: In the 60s Saturdays were sacred since they meant that my dad and I and my grandfather would get to work on the car together while my great grandfather supervised us from the porch while he and my great grandmother sipped sun tea under the beautiful Compton California sunlight. I loved the 60s and was sad to see what followed them since we used to skip breakfast any time we managed to get up before my mother since she would insist on preparing breakfast before any work could be done which meant that we couldn’t start at 5:30am.

My neighborhood was generally busy on Saturdays and sometimes we would have up to 4 families that would be working on their cars all at the same time and we would be lending and borrowing and buying tools and parts at the auto parts store throughout the day. And if a neighbor got stuck on a car project or on a plumbing issue or on an electrical job we would stay up as a neighborhood until the job was done and it didn’t matter if it took us until 12 Midnight just as long as the job was completed before the start of church. It also didn’t matter whether or not the neighbor was a new neighbor or an old neighbor or whether he was black or white since the entire neighborhood was a family.

Doris M. aged 71: During the 60s we had slumber parties and would stay up all night playing Checkers and Hangman and Candy Land while my father read various newspaper articles and the Wall Street Journal. We also played with the Ouija board as well whenever my father went to take a bath at 9:07pm on Saturdays. He would always wonder why we were giggling when he returned to the kitchen table at 10:00pm where he would enjoy his hot chocolate until 11:00pm which meant that it was time for us girls to go to bed.  

I grew up in Watts and we used to get together with the kids in Compton and from Los Angeles and Culver City and Long Beach and we would have ourselves a ball baking cakes and cookies and playing kick ball and hand ball and tether ball and softball with the boys and volley ball against the grownups who always managed to beat us since our parents and aunts and uncles had been playing together and against each other ever since they were kids.

The 60s bring back so many fond memories for me because you see we went on blind dates back then and I still remember my very first kiss since it was delivered by a boy named Lawrence when we were rehearsing for a play. I was completely knocked off of my feet because I didn’t think that he liked me, however, the kiss confirmed it and I would have married him but the letters suddenly stopped coming a little while before we learned that he had been killed in Vietnam exactly one day after he had mailed his final letter to me which I still have all these years later since he asked me to marry him in his final letter.

I don’t mean to cry. It’s just that he was my very first love, and although I am happily married, and have kids, a piece of my heart is still in Vietnam, so let’s just end on a happier note.  

You know what? I think that we ate far too much candy during the 60s; however, we were happy with our lives since we were enjoying our lives while my brother and I were writing poetry and taking piano lessons since we already knew how to play the guitar and the harmonica.

Joseph K. aged 72: Man the 60s were happening back then because we had a lot of black surfers and black artists on the beach in 63 when my girlfriend Maria and I had our portraits painted during our fourth date. We got married about 4 months later and I love her just as much today as I did in June of 1963, and when we tell young people how long we have been married they are shocked because everyone that they know is either getting divorced or are already divorced. I think that the young people of today are watching far too much television which is why they think that all marriages end after only a few years and that they know everything that there is to know about the 60s when they simply don’t. And this is why I am glad that you’re documenting the untelevised stories of the 60s because you see we used to race our 57 Chevys on an actual race track since we were always concerned about public safety which is why we used scrape plates to prevent an explosion. We also road horses back then and went camping and skiing and fishing at the piers and on Native American lands, so I don’t understand all of the violence and marching and gang shootings and drug dealing because in the 60s the gang leaders would fight each other over gang territory and there was always a rematch at the park. Plus the gang bangers would hide their beer and their dice from grownups. They would also take off their hats whenever the old folks walked by and good morning or good evening sir or ma’am was all they said or I will be at church on Sunday mister or ma’am.

Cathleen L. aged 67: During the 60s, and after the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and even into the early 80s, I had white neighbors right here in what they are now calling South LA. However, it was South Central Los Angeles when I was growing up and this is all I will ever know it as because you see my best friend Ursula was married to a kind hearted Filipino man way before the name change ever took place. Ursula’s husband was one of the nicest men that I had ever met during the 60s and no one ever treated him any different since he was one of us. Plus we had a lot in common since he was also Catholic just like us.

Now one of the interesting things that you won’t hear about the 60s has to do with our cordial relationship with the Jewish people that lived in our neighborhoods and also in the surrounding areas. You see the white Jews and the black Jews in Los Angeles used to pay us grade school and high school kids 50 cents in advance to light their stoves for them on Saturdays since they couldn’t do any work on Saturdays due to their religious beliefs.

The 60s were a lot different from what most people have seen on TV because you see Boyle Heights used to be a Jewish town back in the day and Long Beach was ruled by the KKK as well as certain parts of LA and Orange County. Plus African Americans were being lynched in Fontana California even though you might not have seen it covered by the evening news which has a long history of covering up widespread corruption and atrocious police brutality and jail beatings and killings and KKK murders in California and in other parts of The North including Bakersfield.

My cousin who wasn’t even 4 feet tall at the time would see black men hanging from lamp posts in Fontana while he was walking to his elementary school along with a number of other kids that were also witnessing the very same horrors. The terrifying sight of these innocent fathers and uncles and brothers and sons and cousins and boyfriends and employees mercilessly dangling from lamp posts just outside of his home had a profound effect on my cousin since he was still in grade school, so you tell me what race of people wouldn’t be affected by their fellow citizens being lynched in The North which was supposed to be a sanctuary for black people before it was correctly identified as just another stage of hell.

How can I feel good about the history of my country when it pertains to its treatment of African Americans, who were still going to work, and who were still inventing things while they were being lynched and murdered in the streets simply for being Africans or for hailing from Cush? Black people were also going to work and inventing things right after Dr. King was assassinated in 1968 for taking a stance on the Vietnam War and for trying to help poor people, so you see we still haven’t had a break since racism against black people is still present.

Now don’t get me wrong because I love my country and am not going anywhere since my ancestors fought and died for this land and are buried all across America in mass graves. I will however criticize my country and my government since I was born here and have a right to do so since I am a US citizen as well as a voter that still votes Republican just like my grandfather Melvin. My grandfather was 12 years old when he had to flee The South shortly after his mother Rachel and aunt Dorothy were brutally lynched while leaving the local grocery store with him and his 6 year old brother Isaiah. The murders occurred on a Saturday morning while my grandfather and his brother were being held in place by a group of white women that were cheering while his mother and aunt were being murdered. The lynching took place while the police, who were also Democrats and KKK members, stood there with their hands in their pockets while two human beings were being savagely murdered.

The marching in The South hadn’t accomplished much which is why my 79 year old grandfather finally turned to me and said, “The only sanctuary for blacks is death since it is the only place that the whites don’t control.”                                

The interviews above highlight the untelevised 60s while providing the 21st Century with a very different look into the past. The interviews also deal with the common man’s thoughts and feelings as he and she experienced the other 60s that never received the proper coverage that they deserved since the newspapers and the networks seemed to be focused on telling the story of resistance.             

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



I like you have certainly heard numerous claims about there being an attack on Christmas and a coordinated effort to change the language around the Christmas holiday which begs the question. What is different about the world that the individuals are living in that causes them to believe that Christmas is being assaulted by a group of unseen conspirators that want to ban Christmas altogether and whether or not it is working?

While investigating the assault on Christmas I have found no evidence that the alleged attempted attack on Christmas has had the desired effect on African Americans or Filipino Americans or Mexican Americans since these particular groups continue to celebrate Christmas in its original form and had absolutely no idea that there was an assault on Christmas since they never stopped saying Merry Christmas since it’s a time honored family tradition. They also never considered replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays since they have never been involved in discriminating against anyone on the basis of their religious preference.

The Filipino Americans that I interviewed still put up their Christmas decorations in the month of September and keep them up throughout the month of December, so they have not been affected by the alleged attack on Christmas since they regularly attend church and greet all of their friends and family with Merry Christmas.

The African Americans that I interviewed advised me that they still start shopping for their Christmas foods and girts beginning in the month of October and that they also start playing their Christmas music in mid-October in anticipation of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so they haven’t been affected by the assault either since they stated that Merry Christmas and the cross are here to stay.

The Mexican Americans that I interviewed stated that although their American birth certificates might state that they are white that they as a group do not agree with the Anglos that want to exchange Merry Christmas for Happy Holidays since they grew up saying Merry Christmas. They also stated that they still prepare tamales for Christmas as well as turkey dinners since they love Christmas and aren’t going to stop saying Merry Christmas just because someone on the television tells them to.

The only group that I could find that has been affected by the assault on Christmas is white Americans who unanimously stated that the whole idea of changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays is a satanic conspiracy to control the language of the children of God and that it is going to fail because the Christian Zionists are aware of the plot to end Christianity throughout the world and right here in the United States of America.                

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Chi-Town Refugees

The endless wars in Chicago have produced more “Chi-Town Refugees” than we can count since African Americans have been fleeing Chicago ever since the 1970s since governor after governor and mayor after mayor and police official after police official has fueled the violence and corruption through inaction.

This year alone over 3700 Americans have been shot and injured in Chicago, and well over 555 have been murdered while a Democratic mayor and a Republican governor are governing the state of Illinois. So far the elected officials don’t seem to have a solution to the ever widening problem or the will to try to solve the issue of violence even though President Trump has also weighed in on the situation.

The Chi-Town Refugees that I interviewed stated that they lost jobs since they could not get to work due to the violence on the public transportation system that never seems to end since there are fights all the time and since people are being shot on the bus while others are using drugs. The refugees are also afraid to take their kids on the bus since used needles and other drug related items are often present.

The scene in Chicago has been described as “The Valley of The Shadow of Death” since American citizens are leaving their homes for school or for work or for sport and never returning home since they are being caught in the crossfire. Americans are also being shot and killed while they are watching television and while they are eating dinner at the kitchen table. And according to the Chi-Town Refugees that have had to flee their place of birth due to the violence and corruption that exists many of the police officers are on the take and are selling drugs while killing rival drug dealers and men and women that owe them money.

The Chi-Town Refugees told me that if I wanted to understand Chicago then and now then I would need to imagine a world where jobs are scarce and where poverty and racism are rampant and where my city is being militarized and where there is no one to turn to since snitches and spies and con artists and gamblers and hustlers and prostitutes and FBI surveillance and black sites and killers and dope fiends are everywhere.

The Chi-Town Refugees that are in their 80s now stated that the violence increased exponentially right after they received a new batch of vaccines during the 1970s. They also described not being able to concentrate and having strange thoughts and unexplained and uncontrolled episodes of anger and a feeling of being stuck by thousands of needles at a time.

Our world literally changed overnight is what the Chi-Town Refugees told me during the Illinois interviews that deal with the awful state of affairs in Chicago and the Chi Town Refugees themselves.        

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


The Death Notice

As a child that was clearly beyond his years since I was reading medical dictionaries while observing The Evolution of Goods and Services while my peers were playing hopscotch and the game of basketball, I sought to understand the inner workings of “The Death Notice” that seemed to be all around me at the time since people were dying just about every month.  

A recent passing took me back to my childhood, and it also reminded me of a promise that I had made to myself all those years ago, and now as I sit here as a Journalist Futurist Designer and Inventor, who is actively engaged in taking stock of the world, I can honestly tell you that the phenomena that is known as The Death Notice is taking place on a daily basis, however, I can only provide antidotal evidence or eyewitness testimonies since no empirical scientific module currently exists since the phenomena is random and cannot be readily reproduced at will which is indeed what makes it all the more perplexing since it affects both males and female alike as well as all of the nations.

The fact that the evidence is antidotal or based on eyewitness testimonies should not alarm you since eyewitness testimonies are good enough for a court of law and since they have been used to sentence the accused to death and to life in prison. Plus millions upon millions of humans have experienced The Death Notice beginning with the 12 Apostles who according to the biblical account were told of Jesus’s death in advance.

Lucinda: Told her son’s wife to take care of her son after visiting them for the very last time. She also told her son who is African American that he would never see her again after that day and he simply shrugged it off since his mother wasn’t sick and had come to his home for dinner. Lucinda died two days later and her son could not get out of bed when he heard the news of his mother’s passing.

Harry: Told his three adult sons that they would have to take care of their mother when he was gone. He also gave them his insurance papers and told them not to tell their mother what he had discussed with them since he didn’t want her to worry about him. Harry died in a car accident three days later.

Maria: Told her father that he wouldn’t have to pick her up from school anymore and when he asked why she simply said you will see. Maria was killed by a stray bullet as she was saying bye to the 11 year old boy that she loved.

Benjamin: Told his mother that she needed to make sure that she had burial insurance for him since she would need it, and when she told him not to talk like that since he was in the third grade he simply walked away. He was hit by a car that jumped the curb a week later.

Samantha: Told her 6 grade teacher that she was turning in her last homework assignment since she was going to die during the summer break and that she was going to drown. And it happened just as she had predicted.

Milton: Told his mother that he didn’t want to go to school since her mother was going to die. His grandmother died two hours after his mother dropped him off to school so he never had a chance to say good bye.

Naomi: Told her mother that she would need to get another husband and that her unborn brother would need a new sister because the house would be empty. Naomi and her father died in a car accident on Halloween. The deaths came some two weeks after the announcement.  

In rap song Tupac said I see death around the corner. He also talked about headlines of his death and most people simply understood his statements as music even though the lyrics came true.

The Death Notice is being experienced each and every day since there are multiple eyewitnesses to the pre-death phenomena.


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –





The Truth About Puerto Rico

Today is an extremely sad day for all Americans since our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico have been experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering while our collective media has been concealing the truth by diverting our attention to other stories of less importance.

I spoke with several people from Yauco Puerto Rico that were fortunate enough to get in touch with their family members on the island which has been completely devastated. And to add to the crisis the flood waters have unearthed many of the bodies that were buried throughout Puerto Rico. Citizens are  not only worried about themselves, but also about their deceased loved ones since they have absolutely no way of determining the identity of the corpses that are floating in the very same water that many of them are forced to drink from since clean water is extremely hard to find.

Plus some people are stealing food and leaving others without since the re-establishment of law and order is difficult since some people are completely shut off from all resources and from governmental control due to the sheer devastation that has taken place. However, I have received reports that Puerto Ricans on the island are displaying the true American spirit just like the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma since they are helping one another by sharing canned soups and vegetables and crackers and the occasional peanut butter and fruit that survived Hurricane Maria.

Some citizens of Puerto Rican ancestry, who are married to a number of African Americans,  cannot understand why the U.S. Military did not immediately start dropping water and ready-to-eat-meals or why the large corporations that are doing business in Puerto Rico did not fly in gas generators and fuel, so the people of Puerto Rico could have power. They also don’t understand why their government in Washington DC did not supply them with water purification pills since it knew that widespread contamination would occur.

The people of Puerto Rico just want the kind of humanitarian assistance that has been given to the rest of the world and that was given to Mexico immediately following the 1985 earthquake and that they are receiving today since Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States of America and have a long standing history of serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.             

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –







Political Armageddon

As a Journalist Futurist and Designer I am able to bring you the contents of my mind while pinpointing the kinds of interviews that will enrich us as a society since our problems tend to manifest themselves due to a lack of understanding as well as the absence of compassion and a real education that is coupled with the truth.

I had the opportunity to interview a 43 year African American named Masimo and he stated that the radio station KPFK is an example of “Political Armageddon“ since they are only beholden to the listeners that support them which is why you can listen to a tribute to the late great Dick Gregory who created a Political Armageddon in his day by fasting for the things that were right and that still plague us Americans today since African Americans are still getting the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs and housing and health care and overall opportunities since the White Supremacists still want to place black Americans in lesser and lesser roles in society while the undercover White Nationalists and Nazis are stealing black American ideas since the White Supremacists are the only ones that can shine in America.

Masimo also stated that Dick Gregory changed the hearts and minds of many white Americans by producing the kind of comedy and eye opening speeches that revealed the truth about the times that he was living in. Masimo also stated that Dick Gregory put his life on the line by taking a stance against racism and injustice and by fasting for 40 days.

Political Armageddon was also achieved when the very first African American appeared on the radio and television since it caused a battle between the modern day Abolitionists and the White Supremacists that never wanted blacks to be involved in any aspect of American life.

Dick Gregory fought to change the old America that only saw blacks as property. He also helped to pave the way for the removal of the Confederate statues that Masimo states have been used to bully black Americans and to remind them that the White Supremacists are still present in America and that they will control what history is told and even if it excludes the contributions of the African Americans that fought during the Revolution and the Civil War that Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee lost since they were on the wrong side of history.    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



A Symphony Of Knowledge

As a journalist I take great pride in interviewing ordinary Americans since they are the lovers and the fighters that have shaped America throughout the years even though some of our elected officials seem to have forgotten about at least one of our generations that still has the ability to vote. The candidate that remembers this will have the attention of the entire American voting block since the World War II veterans are still with us just like the Baby Boomers and Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y who already named President Trump in my previous news article.  

The “Ultra- Senior-Citizens” or those that are 80 years old or older feel as though they are being deliberately left behind by the younger Americans since nothing is being done to incorporate them into the new technological age even though they are Americans.

One of the things that is not readily understood about the Ultra- Senior-Citizens is that many of them worked jobs that did not require them to use fax machines or typewriters or word processors or computers for that matter, so now that we have put just about everything online, we have alienated an entire generation of Americans that need our help.

I have done my part to help the Ultra- Senior-Citizens, however, we need “A Symphony Of Knowledge” that will sweep all across America and that will serve as a model for other Western countries that have modernized without educating their people.

During my interviews that averaged an hour plus. I fielded questions like, “I heard that you have to have a desktop in order to have a laptop or a tablet since the desktop is the central command center?” To which I replied they are all independent systems and do not need to be connected to each other in order for them to work. This particular question came from a mailman of 30 plus years.

Another question was, “What are the young people saying because they are no longer speaking English even though they are clearly black and white in most instances?” The Ultra- Senior-Citizens, who were mostly in their 90s, wanted to know what LOL and LMAO and a Tweet and OMG and Dawg meant. And they also wanted to know what a side Piece was and what a BFF is and what anime is all about, so I took the time to explain the differences and the Ultra- Senior-Citizens were extremely grateful since they still had the desire to learn and to engage with the younger people despite claims that you can only market prescription drugs to them due to their ages.  

I am highlighting this particular deficiency in our society since Bernice W. was in tears when she said to me, “My grandson said hold on grandma I need to send a text to my friend. And I was so embarrasses that I didn’t know what to do since I had no idea what he was talking about, and when I asked my 40 year old daughter she got mad at me and said ‘Oh mother don’t you know anything’?” I took the time to explain to Bernice that texting is really nothing new since there was something that Americans used to carry on their hips and that they called “Pagers” and that an advanced version of the Pager had come out and that it allowed the end users to send text messages like “We’re ready” and “Patient X is in cardiac arrest” and “Meet us at Grand Central Station” etc. Bernice instantly remembered the pagers since she was in a grocery store when a doctor received a text message prior to asking to use the cordless landline phone since the first brick sized cellphones hadn’t debuted yet. Mystery solved.

I was also asked by a 92 year old woman whether or not people are inside the computers or if someone is working behind the scenes like they are in the world of television since messages are coming up on the scene? And another person who was also in his 90s wanted to know why the people in the computer wouldn’t respond to his verbal commands when he asked them to help him out after he had gotten stuck while trying to find a document that he had recently crated?

A government funded program or a privately funded “Knowledge Suite” that addresses and/or covers all of the basic things that we do from day to day with regard to technology and our everyday communications; will help the current Ultra Senior Citizens, who I might add will one day be replaced by the Millennials, who will also need our help once they reach their 80s and 90s and 100s, and especially once we begin to build an entirely new infrastructure that will be based on a 22nd and 23rd Century state of mind since it will allow the cellphone to become a magic wand while using “The Majestic” which is the name of my “Single Categorized Universal Phone App” that I already contacted the US Patent and Trademark Office about since I conceived of an entirely new world and a world that would one day work with The Majestic since The Majestic will be able to interface with the upscale restaurants in Singapore and in Africa and in Paris France and in Mexico and in London England and in Los Angeles and in Beverly Hills and throughout the entire Continental United States of America and the world at large.

The rest of my futurist thoughts are below since The Majestic and Magic Wand Technology and my Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app are futuristic concepts that I developed a long, long time ago while observing the dual evolution of mankind and goods and services and their overall effect on us as a species.    

The Majestic will create trillions and trillions of lasting jobs as the intelligent businessmen and the intelligent businesswomen begin to adopt a 22nd and 23rd and 24th and 25th and 26th and 27th and 28th and 29th and 30th and 31st Century state of mind that will be ruled by artificial intelligence and advanced robotics and by the magic wand that will be carried around inside one’s pocket or purse or handbag since it will be the key that opens the mighty door to the kingdom of the world since it will be directly linked to all of the “Intelligent Businesses” that want to do business on a global level that surpasses anything that has ever been seen before since artificial intelligence and advance robots and full digital access to the world’s inventories and menus is the way of the future since aircraft will begin to deliver meals from all around the world since international upscale restaurants will be in demand once the end user and/or subscriber can access the menus while placing a to go order that will be delivered fresh by a licensed service provider that will bring the world’s foods to you.   

The Majestic will allow you to open and to drive any and all local and international car rentals since you will be given a unique code that will have an expiration date that will be determined beforehand. And if you own the vehicle then your code or password will never expire and you will be able to create your own unique password in the 21st Century or beyond if my idea is adopted and/or appropriated by car manufacturers and by the app makers and comes online during the 21st Century or after.

The Majestic or my concept for a Single Categorized Universal Phone App will make you the master of any world that you choose to create for yourself since it is indeed magic wand technology.

The Majestic if adopted will give you instant access to the ubiquitous worldwide “Rent-A-Robot” centers that will provide companion robots and housekeeping robots and talking artificially intelligent drones that will take breath taking High Definition vacation photos while you relax, and the fact that you’ll be in a country that still uses 220 Direct Current won’t matter because we will all have access to the goods and services that make our lives better.    

The Majestic or magic wand technology or my concept for a Single Categorize Universal Phone App and corresponding Computer App will link the entire world once the new “Intelligent Infrastructure” is securely in place which means that the humans of the future will inherit a world without digital borders as we continue to evolve as a species while slowly transforming our world into a unified home through the skillful applicant of magic wand technology which is a concept that I developed when I first observed The Evolution of Goods and Services when I was in elementary school.               

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Let me start off by saying that I also interviewed a certain degree of Baby Boomers between August 2016 and June 2017, and that they also expressed a profound interest in the emerging new technology, however, Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y displayed the most interest in “The Evolution of Goods and Services.”

The Evolution of Goods and Services consists of gradually moving away from low skilled laborers, and adopting a future that’s filled with Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics.

I also interviewed a group of foreign nationals that were visiting the United States during the same time period, and they were from Africa, and Asia, and Canada, and Europe, and Latin America, and the Middle East, and once I was able to determine that they were from the very same age groups as the Baby Boomers and Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y, I began the interviews by selecting an equal number of males and females from each of the various date ranges that have been assigned to Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y and the Baby Boomers.

And after being asked a number of probing questions about The Evolution of Goods and Services, and about the overall impact that they expected artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to have on their individual lives; the males and females, who had previously given it some thought, stated that they would love to live in a world where the AI computers and the robots provide such goods and services as nursing and massages and haircuts and cake baking and clothes manufacturing and designing and dentistry and car repair and trash collection and landscaping and fruit picking and laundry services and bartending and legal services and tax services and policing and color commentary and news broadcasting and music playing like you find on the popular radio shows.  

The males and females also stated that they want a car that is completely designed and manufactured for us humans by an AI robot that is completely autonomous since they are curious to see what the robot will make for us since it will reveal the robot’s true thoughts about us humans just like a child unconsciously reveals his or her true thoughts about his or her mother and father by the kinds of handmade gifts that they decide to give on birthday and especially on Father’s Day.

The results from the Generation X and Millennial and Generation Y and Baby Boomer interviews are listed below right along with one of my futuristic concepts since I belong to one of the aforementioned American groups.   

The Gen Xers that were born between 1965 and 1984, and who were previously considered to be lazy and underachievers even though they had the lowest birth rate of all of the other traceable groups that had come before them and right after the last of them were born, presented themselves as super sharp tech aware individuals that were looking forward to entering restaurants that are partially and entirely run by artificially intelligent robots that are like the ones that were mentioned in my 2035 news article.

The Millennials and Generation Y also echoed the very same sentiment while saying that they seek things that will allow them to spend more time on their phones, and when I asked them what they thought about my idea for a “Single Categorized Universal Phone App” and corresponding computer app that will allow them to pay their bills, and to start their car, and to control all of their appliances, while providing full access to all of their social media accounts, they wanted to hear more, so I explained that the Single-Categorized-Universal-Phone-App and corresponding computer app would be like a magic wand since it would allow the end user to order food at any upscale restaurant of their choosing while also making it possible for them to place orders at large chains like McDonald’s and Burger King and Taco Bell and Del Taco once the technology catches up to my idea since the Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app will also allow the end user and/or subscriber to control miniature and full-sized robots and drones that will perform various tasks for the consumer that will be fully invested in The Evolution of Goods and Services.

I developed the concept for one app that does it all or for a Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app for laptops and desktops and tablets quite some time ago when I first started to observe The Evolution of Good and Services and wanted you to hear it here first since the United States of America is still the King of Idea.     

The aforementioned group which consisted of 12 year olds to twenty-something-year-olds said that President Trump is the only American President that can appreciate an idea like my Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app since he speaks the language of the Millennials and Generation Y and Generation X and the Baby Boomers since he wants the best for all Americans which can be seen in his tweets that inform the very people that freely elected him.

Generation Y also said that they would like a Wi-Fi writing pen that can help them with their homework by speaking the answers to certain math questions and by helping them to spell certain difficult words. They also want the writing pens to have artificial intelligence, and to display certain anime characters on the built-in screen.

The Millennials expressed a desire to experience flying cars and flying busses and flying taxicabs while owning an AI robot that can accompany them everywhere and that they can talk to and that’s hooked up to the internet, so they can have it send messages and photos to Twitter and Facebook. The Millennials also want the AI robot to have movie making technology, so they can produce their own movies and music videos.

The Gen Xers want the AI Airplanes and the AI Satellites and the AI Buses that I described in my 2035 news article since the buses will be completely autonomous while the AI airplanes and the AI satellites will be working with each other and without any interference from the humans.

The abovementioned statements were shared with the Baby Boomers, and upon hearing them they seemed to be instantly transported back to their childhoods, and especially when I told them that I had, had a futuristic dream at the tender age of 5 years old, and that it had involved a planet earth that was filled with millions and millions of talking robots, and that the robots had continued to repair and to rebuild each other and our infrastructure, and that they had continued to do so long after the humans had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

I also told the Baby Boomers that the fully autonomous robots in my dream had become an enduring testament to the greatness of mankind since they possessed our knowledge and our workmanship, which was witnessed by the civilizations that had visited the planet earth, and that had found it to be completely inhabited by the robots that we had created a million years before we had suddenly disappeared off of the face of the earth just like the dinosaurs and the Mayans before us.

The fully autonomous robots had turned out to be our greatest creation since they had remained behind to tell the story of the men and women that had created them out of the earth.  

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

After hearing much debate about how America has changed over the years, and witnessing some of it firsthand while realizing the historical role that the elders have always played in every society on the planet since they are indeed the modern day scribes, I set out to get the scoop from the seniors of America since they are on the ground floor and can provide a wealth of information that can never be gained from listening to a radio host or to a television personality since the ordinary citizens make up the history of a given area since they are the guardians of the society since they fill the churches and the mosques while stimulating their societies through their everyday actions and decisions.

The elders are the history books, and this is why the young will always learn from them despite what they may be taught in the organized schools.

Elder Perspectives

Male black and aged 79: My name is John and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed because when I was coming up prior to 21st Century Journalism the ordinary citizens never had a voice since the reporters would simply pick an entertainer or a singer and say look see this is black America. However, things have changed for the better because now we have independent black journalists and independent white journalists that are putting out the real news on the internet, so now us Americans and the world itself can see the real Americans and not some made up psychological warfare crap like we see in some of the east coast and west coast newspapers.

Now there was a time in America when 7 out of every 10 young black men wanted to join the U.S. Army so they could serve their country, but after certain white agitators stole their minds by convincing them that this is not their country in order to get them to vote Democrat, 5 out of 10 young black men want to gang bang and to smoke dope instead of reading a book and going to school since they believe that they are rebelling against “The Man” when this is exactly what he wants them to do since he needs them in order to justify his prison budget which doesn’t provide the prison workers with a pension even though the governor gets to claim them as his or her constituents during elections that help his or her political party.

This is the underbelly of politics and the worst thing that could have ever happened to black people because now our children are strangers to us since they are listening to the demons that are coming through the television and the radio since they don’t have sense enough to turn that mess off since their minds are filled with Rap pollution and with images of the pimp and the preacher and the dope man and his cousin the penitentiary.

Female white and aged 68: My name is Rosa Mae and I can remember a time when American girls of all races were modest, but now they are constantly talking about their ugly private parts as if they have contracted a disease or some kind of blabber mouth syndrome because I cannot go one day without some girl yapping about her vagina at work. I mean don’t they realize that this is sexual harassment as well as disgusting? American women are also taking pictures of their vaginas and posting them on the internet which is something that my generation would have never done since we had class back then. The celebrities are also showing their vaginas in public like that Rap girl that supposedly had a wardrobe malfunction. And just the other day I heard about a girl filming another girl while she was urinating and posting it on the internet. The celebrities have stolen our kids’ minds because a mother in my day would have scolded her daughter for making a pornography film and she darn sure wouldn’t have watched it or leaked it to the media.

Male white and aged 73: My name is Peter and I remember a time during the 60s 70s and the early 1980s when 8 out of every 10 black males and white males, and either gay or straight, knew about what was going on with the government and the vaccines and the cancer causing chemicals, but now that Hollywood has stolen our kids’ minds you are lucky to find 3 out of 10 males or females for that matter that really and truly know what’s going on in the world because the males and females in my generation knew about the Globalists long before the radio host Alex Jones came on the scene after we had already fought and lost the information war in The North which was the crown jewel since we were the most advanced unlike Alex Jones who seems to fuel racism at times by calling black people racists when blacks are the victims of the kind of systematic racism and psychological and economic warfare that has never been witnessed by any other group in America, which is why I am surprised that the blacks are still standing after hundreds and hundreds of years of overt and covert racism that goes even further back than HG Wells and Nat Turner who led the slave revolt.  

I stopped listening to Alex Jones 3 years ago since the educational system in The South is designed to keep them in the dark and from ever achieving the level that we are at here in The North. I also stopped listening to him because all that fighting that he talks about is what we witnessed taking place in the black communities right after a decision was made to set the blacks back by flooding them with unemployment and drugs and guns and gang violence in a calculated effort to erase their memories of the past. You see I had a lot of Liberal and Leftist black friends that were killed during the 60s 70s and 1980s for simply speaking out and for trying to stop “The Erase” as we were calling it back then. My friends were gunned down in broad day light by white men that were wearing suits, however, their deaths were labeled as drug related and as gang related when they were activists that were carrying Goldwater documents and New Age takeover material and papers about the Catholic Church and human trafficking. The Agency stole our kids’ minds by flooding their neighborhoods with drugs which ushered in the final stage of The Erase and what you see in Chicago today is the aftermath and if you were to ask the black kids why they are killing each other they won’t be able to give you a reasonable answer since it is the same kind of biological and chemical and electronic warfare that the whites in Houston and other white on white high crime areas are currently experiencing since they have been infected as well.

Ever heard of G5 thought G10 or radio frequencies or satellite beams that can cause violence or the chemical agents that were given to Vietnamese kids that fought each other until one of them was dead? I heard that kids are killing kids in Syria just like they’re killing each other here in America, so what do you suppose is happening? Have you ever heard about the scientific study that was conducted by a white man who discovered an ingredient in the liquor that was being sold in the black community and that causes violence?

Female Hispanic and aged 69: My name is Elisabeth and racism and storytelling stole our kids’ minds because there was a time when Chicanos and blacks understood each other, however, some of the newer Latinos brought racism across the border since they were not sophisticated enough to understand what Bob Marley meant when he said they just want us fussing and fighting with each other, and now just look at the prison population. My uncle told me that it is filled with Mexican nations and with El Salvadorians and other Latino groups which equates job security which is why crime is being imported from these nations. You know what? A lot of the Chicanos are moving away because we are being surrounded by the other Latino groups that are forming gangs and drug cartel right here in the USA which is why I am glad that President Trump is doing something about the gangs and the drugs because the LAPD has known about this problem for years, however, everybody gets wrapped up in the stories that the Latino groups are telling them about their homeland since they simply don’t understand that this is how the powers that be are able to stunt the growth of their people since the stories steal the minds of the Westerners and prevent them from asking questions about the government.

Just look at what has happened to the blacks. I remember young black boys that wanted to learn how to build rockets, but as soon as the new girls arrived from Mexico they started trying to teach them how to speak English while listening to the stories about Mexico. And before long Johnny had stopped the rocket making and the star gazing since it was all about community service at that point since the girl hadn’t even put out yet. The fact that she was helpless since she could barely speak English is how I lost my boyfriend of 2 years since I simply could not compete with the stories that stolen his mind and stunted his growth.  

It’s the stories!

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


I experienced a great deal of push back when I first started conducting the taxicab-interviews that you are about to read. However, right after I informed the independent taxicab drivers, some of whom who are in the United States illegally, that I am an independent journalist and that I represent the independent media, they were glad to provide intimate details about their daily lives and taxicab adventures.

I also showed the independent taxicab drivers some of my past news articles, and since they were quite familiar with my past news article concerning California’s Smog War they were eager to speak with me after telling me that they had also read my black history month article The Forgotten Black Americans which gave them a new found respect for the hidden historical sacrifices and contributions that African Americans and other world history blacks have made for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Ramon aged 46 and resident of Norwalk CA: When I first arrived in the USA I did not have any papers, so a coyote told me to go to downtown Los Angeles where I would be able to buy an American’s social security number and other documents like a fake passport and a green card that would either have a number on it or that would be the older style that wouldn’t have a number on it which is why I should tell them that I am ten yoers older than I really am since the older green card will make me seem like I have been in the USA ever since 1977.

I was then told to go to the DMV on Grand in Los Angeles and to ask for a certain person that would hook me up with a Driver’s License way before the state of California decided to give all foreign citizens living in America illegally Driver’s Licenses

After I got the license I took out a loan for 1000.00 which allowed me to buy a car and to start my taxicab business more than 8 years ago. I had to pay the guy from the Mexican Mafia 1300.00 since he wanted 300.00 in interest which I gave him within 3 months of starting my business. I gave him a fake name so he has no idea where I am really from since I told him that I was from Mexico City.

My first cab fare was crazy because I received the call and when I picked up the black lady and received the information for where she wanted to go I completely forgot that she was in the back seat of the car after I started driving and listening to the music. You know what my friend? I drove the lady to my house because I thought I was going home since I didn’t realize that she was in the back seat of the car until she said, “Excuse me, but where are you taking me? I need to go to church.” Man I started sweating and shaking and all I could do was to apologize and give her a discount on the fare. I told her I am sorry and that I have only been here for two months. Her husband called me two weeks later for a ride and now they are regular customers.

Lesbia aged 23 and resident of Bellflower CA: Lesbia is my middle name and it doesn’t really mean anything because I only like men and would never be involved sexually with another woman, so I just want to get that straight since some people often get the wrong idea about me when they hear my mother calling me by my middle name.

I have owned my own taxicab business for 4 years and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world since I consider myself to be a “Taxicab Vampire” since I only work at night since I work with my father during the day. I love being a taxicab driver since every day is different. I pick up fares for the airport and nightclubs and restaurants and get to meet a lot of interesting people.

When I was 19 years old my first fare was a woman and her mentally disabled son who had to wear a diaper. I remember this fare just like it was yesterday since it was the very first time that I had seen a naked man. The mother had to change her 18 year old son’s diaper since he had urinated on himself. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it until the mother said, “What’s your problem haven’t you ever seen a naked man before?” I had to admit that it was my very first time since I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time. The mother looked puzzled at first until I told her that I am an only child and don’t have brothers.

I had another fare one night and the man had a cheese pizza since he doesn’t eat meat due to his religion. The man could tell that I was starving by the way that I was looking at his pizza and to my surprise he opened the box and said you take the first piece. This was the first time that I had ever met an African American Hindu. He didn’t care that I was a woman he just saw another human being that was hungry which is why my mother said the feminists are crazy because you can’t automatically judge a person because of the genitals that they were born with because otherwise your father wouldn’t have given you to me since you came out of his body as a living female sperm just like I came out of my father’s body 57 years ago.

Mr. Patel aged 52 and Resident of La Mirada CA: I came here from India as a legal immigrant since I respect the laws of the USA and its citizens. I have hundreds of stories that I could tell you but the one that sticks out in my mind is a fare that I picked up at the SEARS at the Cerritos Mall. I didn’t know that another cab had also been called to the same location, so when I saw the man standing outside the SEARS I waved to him and said your cab is here. And when he got into the cab I said your name is Ben and you are going to Bellflower CA. The man said “My name is not Ben and I am not going to Bellflower. “ After looking at my dash mounted screen I replied no sir I have your information on my screen, so just sit back and I will take you to your destination. And once I put the car in drive another cab pulled up on my right side and it was the cab that the man had called directly and once he got out my cab I started searching for my passenger who was nowhere in sight. I was so embarrassed since I had already told the man that his name was Ben when it was Keith. This is the first time in 22 years that something like this has happened to me, which is why I am looking forward to being the first taxicab driver to pilot/drive a flying taxicab after reading your 2035 news article and since you told me that your plan calls for passengers to have a chip or a sensor that will point the flying car to the person that they are supposed to pick up which will eliminate mistakes like mine.    

The taxicab-interviews allow the independent-taxicab drivers to talk about their world which existed long before Uber and Lift and cellphone Apps.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –