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Let me start off by saying that I also interviewed a certain degree of Baby Boomers between August 2016 and June 2017, and that they also expressed a profound interest in the emerging new technology, however, Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y displayed the most interest in “The Evolution of Goods and Services.”

The Evolution of Goods and Services consists of gradually moving away from low skilled laborers, and adopting a future that’s filled with Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics.

I also interviewed a group of foreign nationals that were visiting the United States during the same time period, and they were from Africa, and Asia, and Canada, and Europe, and Latin America, and the Middle East, and once I was able to determine that they were from the very same age groups as the Baby Boomers and Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y, I began the interviews by selecting an equal number of males and females from each of the various date ranges that have been assigned to Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y and the Baby Boomers.

And after being asked a number of probing questions about The Evolution of Goods and Services, and about the overall impact that they expected artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to have on their individual lives; the males and females, who had previously given it some thought, stated that they would love to live in a world where the AI computers and the robots provide such goods and services as nursing and massages and haircuts and cake baking and clothes manufacturing and designing and dentistry and car repair and trash collection and landscaping and fruit picking and laundry services and bartending and legal services and tax services and policing and color commentary and news broadcasting and music playing like you find on the popular radio shows.  

The males and females also stated that they want a car that is completely designed and manufactured for us humans by an AI robot that is completely autonomous since they are curious to see what the robot will make for us since it will reveal the robot’s true thoughts about us humans just like a child unconsciously reveals his or her true thoughts about his or her mother and father by the kinds of handmade gifts that they decide to give on birthday and especially on Father’s Day.

The results from the Generation X and Millennial and Generation Y and Baby Boomer interviews are listed below right along with one of my futuristic concepts since I belong to one of the aforementioned American groups.   

The Gen Xers that were born between 1965 and 1984, and who were previously considered to be lazy and underachievers even though they had the lowest birth rate of all of the other traceable groups that had come before them and right after the last of them were born, presented themselves as super sharp tech aware individuals that were looking forward to entering restaurants that are partially and entirely run by artificially intelligent robots that are like the ones that were mentioned in my 2035 news article.

The Millennials and Generation Y also echoed the very same sentiment while saying that they seek things that will allow them to spend more time on their phones, and when I asked them what they thought about my idea for a “Single Categorized Universal Phone App” and corresponding computer app that will allow them to pay their bills, and to start their car, and to control all of their appliances, while providing full access to all of their social media accounts, they wanted to hear more, so I explained that the Single-Categorized-Universal-Phone-App and corresponding computer app would be like a magic wand since it would allow the end user to order food at any upscale restaurant of their choosing while also making it possible for them to place orders at large chains like McDonald’s and Burger King and Taco Bell and Del Taco once the technology catches up to my idea since the Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app will also allow the end user and/or subscriber to control miniature and full-sized robots and drones that will perform various tasks for the consumer that will be fully invested in The Evolution of Goods and Services.

I developed the concept for one app that does it all or for a Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app for laptops and desktops and tablets quite some time ago when I first started to observe The Evolution of Good and Services and wanted you to hear it here first since the United States of America is still the King of Idea.     

The aforementioned group which consisted of 12 year olds to twenty-something-year-olds said that President Trump is the only American President that can appreciate an idea like my Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app since he speaks the language of the Millennials and Generation Y and Generation X and the Baby Boomers since he wants the best for all Americans which can be seen in his tweets that inform the very people that freely elected him.

Generation Y also said that they would like a Wi-Fi writing pen that can help them with their homework by speaking the answers to certain math questions and by helping them to spell certain difficult words. They also want the writing pens to have artificial intelligence, and to display certain anime characters on the built-in screen.

The Millennials expressed a desire to experience flying cars and flying busses and flying taxicabs while owning an AI robot that can accompany them everywhere and that they can talk to and that’s hooked up to the internet, so they can have it send messages and photos to Twitter and Facebook. The Millennials also want the AI robot to have movie making technology, so they can produce their own movies and music videos.

The Gen Xers want the AI Airplanes and the AI Satellites and the AI Buses that I described in my 2035 news article since the buses will be completely autonomous while the AI airplanes and the AI satellites will be working with each other and without any interference from the humans.

The abovementioned statements were shared with the Baby Boomers, and upon hearing them they seemed to be instantly transported back to their childhoods, and especially when I told them that I had, had a futuristic dream at the tender age of 5 years old, and that it had involved a planet earth that was filled with millions and millions of talking robots, and that the robots had continued to repair and to rebuild each other and our infrastructure, and that they had continued to do so long after the humans had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

I also told the Baby Boomers that the fully autonomous robots in my dream had become an enduring testament to the greatness of mankind since they possessed our knowledge and our workmanship, which was witnessed by the civilizations that had visited the planet earth, and that had found it to be completely inhabited by the robots that we had created a million years before we had suddenly disappeared off of the face of the earth just like the dinosaurs and the Mayans before us.

The fully autonomous robots had turned out to be our greatest creation since they had remained behind to tell the story of the men and women that had created them out of the earth.  

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


After hearing much debate about how America has changed over the years, and witnessing some of it firsthand while realizing the historical role that the elders have always played in every society on the planet since they are indeed the modern day scribes, I set out to get the scoop from the seniors of America since they are on the ground floor and can provide a wealth of information that can never be gained from listening to a radio host or to a television personality since the ordinary citizens make up the history of a given area since they are the guardians of the society since they fill the churches and the mosques while stimulating their societies through their everyday actions and decisions.

The elders are the history books, and this is why the young will always learn from them despite what they may be taught in the organized schools.

Elder Perspectives

Male black and aged 79: My name is John and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed because when I was coming up prior to 21st Century Journalism the ordinary citizens never had a voice since the reporters would simply pick an entertainer or a singer and say look see this is black America. However, things have changed for the better because now we have independent black journalists and independent white journalists that are putting out the real news on the internet, so now us Americans and the world itself can see the real Americans and not some made up psychological warfare crap like we see in some of the east coast and west coast newspapers.

Now there was a time in America when 7 out of every 10 young black men wanted to join the U.S. Army so they could serve their country, but after certain white agitators stole their minds by convincing them that this is not their country in order to get them to vote Democrat, 5 out of 10 young black men want to gang bang and to smoke dope instead of reading a book and going to school since they believe that they are rebelling against “The Man” when this is exactly what he wants them to do since he needs them in order to justify his prison budget which doesn’t provide the prison workers with a pension even though the governor gets to claim them as his or her constituents during elections that help his or her political party.

This is the underbelly of politics and the worst thing that could have ever happened to black people because now our children are strangers to us since they are listening to the demons that are coming through the television and the radio since they don’t have sense enough to turn that mess off since their minds are filled with Rap pollution and with images of the pimp and the preacher and the dope man and his cousin the penitentiary.

Female white and aged 68: My name is Rosa Mae and I can remember a time when American girls of all races were modest, but now they are constantly talking about their ugly private parts as if they have contracted a disease or some kind of blabber mouth syndrome because I cannot go one day without some girl yapping about her vagina at work. I mean don’t they realize that this is sexual harassment as well as disgusting? American women are also taking pictures of their vaginas and posting them on the internet which is something that my generation would have never done since we had class back then. The celebrities are also showing their vaginas in public like that Rap girl that supposedly had a wardrobe malfunction. And just the other day I heard about a girl filming another girl while she was urinating and posting it on the internet. The celebrities have stolen our kids’ minds because a mother in my day would have scolded her daughter for making a pornography film and she darn sure wouldn’t have watched it or leaked it to the media.

Male white and aged 73: My name is Peter and I remember a time during the 60s 70s and the early 1980s when 8 out of every 10 black males and white males, and either gay or straight, knew about what was going on with the government and the vaccines and the cancer causing chemicals, but now that Hollywood has stolen our kids’ minds you are lucky to find 3 out of 10 males or females for that matter that really and truly know what’s going on in the world because the males and females in my generation knew about the Globalists long before the radio host Alex Jones came on the scene after we had already fought and lost the information war in The North which was the crown jewel since we were the most advanced unlike Alex Jones who seems to fuel racism at times by calling black people racists when blacks are the victims of the kind of systematic racism and psychological and economic warfare that has never been witnessed by any other group in America, which is why I am surprised that the blacks are still standing after hundreds and hundreds of years of overt and covert racism that goes even further back than HG Wells and Nat Turner who led the slave revolt.  

I stopped listening to Alex Jones 3 years ago since the educational system in The South is designed to keep them in the dark and from ever achieving the level that we are at here in The North. I also stopped listening to him because all that fighting that he talks about is what we witnessed taking place in the black communities right after a decision was made to set the blacks back by flooding them with unemployment and drugs and guns and gang violence in a calculated effort to erase their memories of the past. You see I had a lot of Liberal and Leftist black friends that were killed during the 60s 70s and 1980s for simply speaking out and for trying to stop “The Erase” as we were calling it back then. My friends were gunned down in broad day light by white men that were wearing suits, however, their deaths were labeled as drug related and as gang related when they were activists that were carrying Goldwater documents and New Age takeover material and papers about the Catholic Church and human trafficking. The Agency stole our kids’ minds by flooding their neighborhoods with drugs which ushered in the final stage of The Erase and what you see in Chicago today is the aftermath and if you were to ask the black kids why they are killing each other they won’t be able to give you a reasonable answer since it is the same kind of biological and chemical and electronic warfare that the whites in Houston and other white on white high crime areas are currently experiencing since they have been infected as well.

Ever heard of G5 thought G10 or radio frequencies or satellite beams that can cause violence or the chemical agents that were given to Vietnamese kids that fought each other until one of them was dead? I heard that kids are killing kids in Syria just like they’re killing each other here in America, so what do you suppose is happening? Have you ever heard about the scientific study that was conducted by a white man who discovered an ingredient in the liquor that was being sold in the black community and that causes violence?

Female Hispanic and aged 69: My name is Elisabeth and racism and storytelling stole our kids’ minds because there was a time when Chicanos and blacks understood each other, however, some of the newer Latinos brought racism across the border since they were not sophisticated enough to understand what Bob Marley meant when he said they just want us fussing and fighting with each other, and now just look at the prison population. My uncle told me that it is filled with Mexican nations and with El Salvadorians and other Latino groups which equates job security which is why crime is being imported from these nations. You know what? A lot of the Chicanos are moving away because we are being surrounded by the other Latino groups that are forming gangs and drug cartel right here in the USA which is why I am glad that President Trump is doing something about the gangs and the drugs because the LAPD has known about this problem for years, however, everybody gets wrapped up in the stories that the Latino groups are telling them about their homeland since they simply don’t understand that this is how the powers that be are able to stunt the growth of their people since the stories steal the minds of the Westerners and prevent them from asking questions about the government.

Just look at what has happened to the blacks. I remember young black boys that wanted to learn how to build rockets, but as soon as the new girls arrived from Mexico they started trying to teach them how to speak English while listening to the stories about Mexico. And before long Johnny had stopped the rocket making and the star gazing since it was all about community service at that point since the girl hadn’t even put out yet. The fact that she was helpless since she could barely speak English is how I lost my boyfriend of 2 years since I simply could not compete with the stories that stolen his mind and stunted his growth.  

It’s the stories!

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


I experienced a great deal of push back when I first started conducting the taxicab-interviews that you are about to read. However, right after I informed the independent taxicab drivers, some of whom who are in the United States illegally, that I am an independent journalist and that I represent the independent media, they were glad to provide intimate details about their daily lives and taxicab adventures.

I also showed the independent taxicab drivers some of my past news articles, and since they were quite familiar with my past news article concerning California’s Smog War they were eager to speak with me after telling me that they had also read my black history month article The Forgotten Black Americans which gave them a new found respect for the hidden historical sacrifices and contributions that African Americans and other world history blacks have made for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Ramon aged 46 and resident of Norwalk CA: When I first arrived in the USA I did not have any papers, so a coyote told me to go to downtown Los Angeles where I would be able to buy an American’s social security number and other documents like a fake passport and a green card that would either have a number on it or that would be the older style that wouldn’t have a number on it which is why I should tell them that I am ten yoers older than I really am since the older green card will make me seem like I have been in the USA ever since 1977.

I was then told to go to the DMV on Grand in Los Angeles and to ask for a certain person that would hook me up with a Driver’s License way before the state of California decided to give all foreign citizens living in America illegally Driver’s Licenses

After I got the license I took out a loan for 1000.00 which allowed me to buy a car and to start my taxicab business more than 8 years ago. I had to pay the guy from the Mexican Mafia 1300.00 since he wanted 300.00 in interest which I gave him within 3 months of starting my business. I gave him a fake name so he has no idea where I am really from since I told him that I was from Mexico City.

My first cab fare was crazy because I received the call and when I picked up the black lady and received the information for where she wanted to go I completely forgot that she was in the back seat of the car after I started driving and listening to the music. You know what my friend? I drove the lady to my house because I thought I was going home since I didn’t realize that she was in the back seat of the car until she said, “Excuse me, but where are you taking me? I need to go to church.” Man I started sweating and shaking and all I could do was to apologize and give her a discount on the fare. I told her I am sorry and that I have only been here for two months. Her husband called me two weeks later for a ride and now they are regular customers.

Lesbia aged 23 and resident of Bellflower CA: Lesbia is my middle name and it doesn’t really mean anything because I only like men and would never be involved sexually with another woman, so I just want to get that straight since some people often get the wrong idea about me when they hear my mother calling me by my middle name.

I have owned my own taxicab business for 4 years and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world since I consider myself to be a “Taxicab Vampire” since I only work at night since I work with my father during the day. I love being a taxicab driver since every day is different. I pick up fares for the airport and nightclubs and restaurants and get to meet a lot of interesting people.

When I was 19 years old my first fare was a woman and her mentally disabled son who had to wear a diaper. I remember this fare just like it was yesterday since it was the very first time that I had seen a naked man. The mother had to change her 18 year old son’s diaper since he had urinated on himself. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it until the mother said, “What’s your problem haven’t you ever seen a naked man before?” I had to admit that it was my very first time since I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time. The mother looked puzzled at first until I told her that I am an only child and don’t have brothers.

I had another fare one night and the man had a cheese pizza since he doesn’t eat meat due to his religion. The man could tell that I was starving by the way that I was looking at his pizza and to my surprise he opened the box and said you take the first piece. This was the first time that I had ever met an African American Hindu. He didn’t care that I was a woman he just saw another human being that was hungry which is why my mother said the feminists are crazy because you can’t automatically judge a person because of the genitals that they were born with because otherwise your father wouldn’t have given you to me since you came out of his body as a living female sperm just like I came out of my father’s body 57 years ago.

Mr. Patel aged 52 and Resident of La Mirada CA: I came here from India as a legal immigrant since I respect the laws of the USA and its citizens. I have hundreds of stories that I could tell you but the one that sticks out in my mind is a fare that I picked up at the SEARS at the Cerritos Mall. I didn’t know that another cab had also been called to the same location, so when I saw the man standing outside the SEARS I waved to him and said your cab is here. And when he got into the cab I said your name is Ben and you are going to Bellflower CA. The man said “My name is not Ben and I am not going to Bellflower. “ After looking at my dash mounted screen I replied no sir I have your information on my screen, so just sit back and I will take you to your destination. And once I put the car in drive another cab pulled up on my right side and it was the cab that the man had called directly and once he got out my cab I started searching for my passenger who was nowhere in sight. I was so embarrassed since I had already told the man that his name was Ben when it was Keith. This is the first time in 22 years that something like this has happened to me, which is why I am looking forward to being the first taxicab driver to pilot/drive a flying taxicab after reading your 2035 news article and since you told me that your plan calls for passengers to have a chip or a sensor that will point the flying car to the person that they are supposed to pick up which will eliminate mistakes like mine.    

The taxicab-interviews allow the independent-taxicab drivers to talk about their world which existed long before Uber and Lift and cellphone Apps.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


I had the opportunity to interview a terrorism expert that specializes in financial security and its direct link to terrorism, and what I learned is that all consumers need to ask their financial institutions about their firewall protection and whether or not they restrict access to their online banking system since terrorists often target financial institutions since they can be used to fund terror cells that are located inside the United States and all over the world.

I was also informed that sophisticated terror networks often set up fake companies that are either internet based or bricks and mortar operations, and that the terrorists seek to exploit weak firewalls or firewalls that do not restrict foreign access to the financial institution’s online banking system, and that this is why President Trump’s ban on bringing electronics into the country from the 6 banned nations is an extremely good idea since it’s not only about potential bombs or explosives, but also about terrorists potentially accessing firewalls from within the United States that could not be accessed from outside of the country due to a strong firewall that restricts certain countries that are on the financial institution’s internal list.    

My terrorism expert also explained that a bank customer can also have his or her account accessed from outside of the country prior to a bill payment being set up for a fake company due to a firewall that does not restrict foreign access from certain countries that are known to be terror hot spots.

Terrorists will also report a debit card stolen right after they change the address online. This particular deceptive act allows the terrorist to withdraw up to five hundred dollars a day before the fraud department or the customer discovers the unauthorized activity. The money is not only used to pay for terrorist supplies, but to also deliver messages according to my terrorism expert who states that terrorists often write Arabic messages on their money and that this is their low tech way of carrying out terrorist operations while certain intelligence agencies are glued to a computer screen since they believe that everyone thinks like they do and that all of the terror data is electronic in nature when it is not since many of the terrorists are using 2000 year old terror tactics that cannot be picked up by a computer since there’s a group of terrorists that are completely unplugged and that cannot be contacted by cellphone or by computer since they operate off of spoken and written words that are either mailed or delivered in person due to the ubiquitous electronic surveillance that we’ve heard about.                         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The Forgotten Black Americans

The need to reintroduce the world to the other black Americans or to the forgotten black Americans became abundantly clear right after an eleven year old African American female abruptly asked me why the news media only shows Rappers and singers like Beyonce instead of showing inspirational black Americans that have a positive outlook on life like her and her 22 year old brother Antonio who is working on a Ph.D in Metaphysics and also in Christian theology since he wants to be able to reach out to the Americans and English speaking immigrants that are seeking counseling on a much higher level as well as the kind of counseling that doesn’t involve medication or the traditional psychological approach, which simply isn’t right for everyone since people, and blacks in particular, are as diverse as the stars themselves.

In honor of Black History Month, which is not only about the past but also about the present day, and in order to fulfill the wish of elven year old Tameka, I conducted a series of interviews that highlight the forgotten black Americans that are no longer being represented in the American news media or by their elected officials, who routinely put out news stories that highlight the various personalities of immigrants and nonblack Americans, which is what 11 year old Tameka pointed out when she said “It is as if we don’t exist.”  

Black Belief Systems and Black History Revelations

Maurice aged 32 and native of Nebraska: I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and also in God the Father, and I also respect everyone’s right to believe as they choose which is why I don’t knock my younger brother Kristopher who believes in “Demetry” who he states is the god of gay people and the only reason that he feels comfortable being a gay American.

Pamela aged 21 and native of Pennsylvania: I believe in Marduk who’s the god of the blacks, and I also believe in the creation story that surrounds Tiamat. I have been praying to Marduk for as long as I could talk since he is the god of my family. We have never known or prayed to another god, so don’t believe the Hollywood movies that only show blacks as Muslims or as Christians because we are neither.

Melissa aged 30 and native of California: I believe in the doctrine of the Anglican Church which puts more emphasis on how one should live. My family has been in America ever since they left England as free blacks and arrived in 1725.  

Donald aged 19 and native of Arizona: I am a proud American Muslim who respects everyone’s religion, and I do not agree with the minority of Muslims that are attacking others simply because they are not Muslims or because they are not Islamic enough for their standards. The Prophet warned us about these misguided Muslims, who don’t represent the real Islam or American born Muslims, who just want peace throughout the entire world as well as an end to terror in the name of Islam since Islam is a religion of peace, which is why I get upset when I see images of Arab Muslims, who have just come to the USA, and who are accosting American veterans that have fought in Vietnam and in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are saying things like we know that you killed our friends, but that isn’t going to happen anymore since we are here now. These Muslims need to respect our military heroes or they need to be deported or stopped from entering the country all together before they have a chance to kill Americans. 

Ezekiel aged 39 and native of Chicago: I was born Jewish and my family came to America during the Spanish Inquisition which is what caused a lot of black Jews to flee to America due to persecution. We were living in America as Jews prior to the white Jews and the other black Jews that came into America after the Holocaust that took place in Europe after we had already experienced our very own persecution for being Jews while living in Europe. This is an important black history fact that has been deliberately covered up by the American media, who seem to be dedicated to keeping atrocious black stereotypes and white supremacy alive and well in America.

There are a lot of black Jews in America and also throughout the entire world since the original Jews or Hebrews were indeed black, which is a fact that continues to be hidden by the collective media, who also won’t tell you that the blacks kicked off the American Revolution which took place shortly after the British started trying to tell black pastors what they could and couldn’t say during their sermons. The defiance of Crispus Attucks in 1770 as well as our experience as Spanish Inquisition survivors and American Jews is an ultra-important black history fact that should be brought to light since Obama failed to mention the fact that Crispus Attucks was black when he mentioned him in one of his speeches. This intentional omission during a televised appearance, which the entire world had access to, told me that Obama wasn’t going to do anything to better the lives of black people, which is why more blacks were killed by the police under the Obama Administration than were killed under George W. Bush who I actually voted for since blacks could find jobs when he was the president. 

The Black Patriots or the Black Revolutionary Soldiers that fought for America and that were either drafted or that freely enlisted during the American Revolution are indeed a crucial part of black history as well as American history since they are jointly responsible for the United States of America becoming a reality when few white men were willing to fight the British army. So don’t listen to the white racists that constantly yell 1776 without acknowledging the black Americans that fought from 1775 to 1783.    

The Black Confederates that fought under the Confederate Flag during the American Civil War is also black history since it tells us why these particular black Americans sided with the Southerners who eventually turned their backs on them after the war had ended, which is what gave rise to misguided and uneducated racist idiots like the KKK, who know absolutely nothing at all about the un-slaved or free blacks that lived in North America prior to the United States becoming a nation.

The Black Brigade in Cincinnati during the Civil War is also black history; however I don’t see it being covered by the media which is why our children don’t know their history and want to join gangs since the athletes and the Hip Hop artists are the only black history that they know, which is simply tragic since our children also need to celebrate the men and women that fought and died for them long before Rap music came on the scene and long before there was drug dealing and gang banging and welfare recipients. This is why we need to return to our black roots and values which taught us to love one another as well as love for our country that our ancestors fought and died for during the American Revolution of 1775 to 1783.        

The Black Loyalists that fought for the British during the American Revolution is also black history, so I cannot understand why the news media in America is only showing the marching that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did during the Civil Rights Movement. What about St. Maurice who headed up the Roman Legion that was known as the Theban Legion? Have they never heard of the other influential black men like Crispus Attucks or Nat Turner or W.E.B. Dubois or Fredrick Douglas or George Washington Carver? Heck Harriet Tubman has also taken a back seat to the Civil Rights Movement even though she played a key role in black history.

Now don’t get me wrong because it is important to celebrate the accomplishments of  Rosa Parks and Former President Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Malcolm X and Minister Farrakhan and the athletes and the singers and the Rappers and the entertainers, but we cannot afford to forget about the pioneers of the black movement that came before the Civil Rights Movements since they are the very foundation of black America and America itself because if they hadn’t taken a stand hundreds of years ago then the world would be a very different place altogether.      

I feel like our history is being purposely kept from black Americans and also from other Americans as well as from immigrants since we are not being taught about Crispus Attucks or George Washington Carver or Fredrick Douglas or the black Americans that courageously fought during the American Revolution and also during the Civil War that put brother against brother and father against father, which was also experienced by the blacks that fought during the Revolutionary war and as Patriots and Black Loyalists. We are also not being taught about the black Americans that were never enslaved since they came here as settlers. You see if the American media, which is supposed to be above propaganda, only shows images of blacks being slaves and struggling for freedom under white racism then black children and other American children and immigrant children will begin to perceive African Americans as inferior when we are not! The broadcast news and the racist white supremacist news outlets on the internet are not dedicated to the truth because if they were then they would start combating racism by showing “The Global Historical Record of Black History” which includes the contributions of W.E.B. Dubois and King Sakura as well as the ancient black Egyptians. The Global Historical Record of Black History also includes The Black Panthers that were fighting against racism in the Northern state of California which is supposed to be liberal and racism free since it’s The North.

The Global Historical Record of Black History wouldn’t be complete without the great African leaders that were once in power, and that did great things prior to and after the Eastern and Western slave trades that were perpetrated by the Arabs and also by the white Europeans who broke up our families and stole our languages after we befriended them and educated their children in universities like Timbuktu.  

Black history month should also include lessons about King David and his son King Solomon who is clearly black which is confirmed by his own description of himself, which is something that cannot be denied since we are indeed the people of the Holy Bible or of the Torah. You see if black people only look to Rappers and singers for inspiration then they will never learn the true history of black people which is not being reflected in their songs since the Rappers and the singers themselves don’t even know the true history of black people since the broadcast news is not covering it.

I want to thank you for being a real journalist and for covering the other side of black America as well as real black history, and I also want to thank you for understanding that all black skinned people don’t think alike, and deserve to be heard and even if they aren’t celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg.   

Angela aged 27 and native of California: I believe in the precepts of Hinduism which is the only religion that I have ever known since my mother and father have been Hindus for well over 60 years. My grandparents on both sides of my family are also Hindus, so the unfair stereotypes about all black people being Christians are false and really need to be done away with, which is why I don’t have time for ignorant people and especially the ones on talk radio who do nothing but repeat the same old news stories over and over again. I simply want to live in peace with everyone, which is why I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs of any kind since these substances cloud the mind and prevent the user from experiencing the real world which is why there are so many killings and abortions that are being committed by people that are simply out of their minds.   

Big J aged 54 and native of Texas: I believe in the power of Metaphysics and don’t do anything without using astrology. My mother and father also practiced Metaphysics and so did my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family. The Christian religion simply wasn’t for us since we saw a lot of hateful white folks that were going to church every Sunday and that were being abusive to blacks during services and right after, and it didn’t matter if they were Democrats or Republicans. However, a group of white Republican did help me out after some white Democrats jumped me while I was attending high school in Dallas.       

Carla aged 46 and native of Alabama: I am an atheist and always have been since my father who raised me by himself never believed in a god due to his experience with racism. He simply couldn’t understand why the pastor was telling them that murdering people was wrong while white people were lynching black people and getting away with it. He also couldn’t understand why he was going to hell for firing warning shots at a group of white men that were trying to rape his sister Marlene. However, now that President Trump has taken office and is trying to unify the country, he is hopeful for future generations since President Trump is the only American president that’s actually doing something to unite Americans by focusing on what we can do right now in order to heal the nation.

I am pleased to do this interview with you because I know that you won’t twist my words since I have read some of your past news articles that bring the readers the pure and unadulterated truth. You are a rare breed of journalist since most journalists are afraid of the politicians, which is why they simply link to other news articles while writing pieces that are based on someone else’s journalistic work instead of chasing down their own unique stories that enlighten and inform their readers.      

Andrew aged 47 and native of California: I’m a lifelong Buddhist and so are my parents and grandparents on both sides of my family, so it really irks me when people automatically assume that I’m a Christian since this is all they see in the fake news that doesn’t represent the diversity of real black people, which is why we need courageous independent journalists that aren’t afraid to tell the truth about both sides of black America since we as a people live tremendously different lives and lives that do not involve going to clubs or smoking marijuana or getting drunk or carrying knives or guns or joining gangs and going to prison.

The small percentage of black people, who do not number 30 plus million, and who are unfortunately involved in the aforementioned lifestyles, come from extremely different backgrounds, so they have not had access to the same resources that I have, so to make them the official spokes people for black America is wrong since they do not represent the entire race.

I feel sorry for the blacks that are involved in gangs because they have been brought up on garbage television just like the ignorant people that  have the nerve to grin at me while saying what happened as if black Americans don’t have the right to choose their own belief systems. The main people that have this kind of backwoods reaction as soon as they find out that I’m a Buddhist are the ones that have just come to the USA without any true knowledge about black Americans. The ignorant blacks and whites and Asians and Hispanics that have been brainwashed by their racist television programming, which only show black Americans in a negative light, when the vast majority of us are positive people who don’t engage in drug use or in alcoholism, have similar reactions since they themselves don’t fully understand how diverse black America really is, which is why I was extremely angry when Obama only invited Rappers to the White House since they don’t speak for me or for any of the other blacks that live a completely different kind of lifestyle.

Evelyn aged 77 and native of Louisiana: I am a Voodoo practitioner and in order to fully understand my family history Americans should read They Came Before Columbus The African Presence In Ancient America by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. This book will allow the readers to understand the very beginnings of black history as it relates to the landmass that eventually became America. My family was here long before Christopher Columbus and the colonies; however the white history books which were written by white people with an agenda don’t reflect the truth about black people or about America, which was fine before Columbus arrived and stole our land.

My family coexisted with the native Americans without any problems, and a number of my family members also married freed black slaves. They also fought in the American Revolution that took place between 1775 and 1783, however, the racist white people that control the American media will not allow this kind of information to reach American households since it tells the truth about the blacks that eventually became citizens of the United States of America once the country was formed out of the war with the British, who knew of our existence prior to the Revolutionary war that sent them packing. The name Crispus Attucks filled my childhood home since my father had learned about him from his father who learned about him from his father and from his father’s father. Stories about Crispus have been passed down from generations to generations since we have never forgotten our oral traditions that keep us grounded in the real world despite what might be happening outside of our homes.

You see young fella Black History Month is not just about the Civil Rights Movement. It’s about our collective experience as both free blacks and as enslaved blacks, and it’s also about the individual decisions that we had to make as black Americans, which is why I am glad that you are interviewing me because I am sick and tired of the know-it-all black celebrities that have been handpicked to speak for me when they don’t know my family history. You see the racist media will put a camera and a microphone in front of an impoverished and uneducated black person who, knows next to nothing at all about black history or about the various degrees of black history, and his or her uninformed opinion that isn’t founded on anything at all, will automatically become reality even though they are not educated and no nothing about the free blacks that were never enslaved and that came to America as settlers. The media will choose a buffoon in order to make us look like we’re stupid. I have a Master of Science degree in psychology, so I am far from stupid.              

Post Revolution and Civil War Sports and Activities That Black Americans Love

Damien aged 25 and native of California: I enjoy croquet and horseback racing as well as volleyball and tennis and surfing which have been a part of my family for over 50 years. I also windsurf with my dad who started doing it when he was only 13 years old which is quite remarkable if you ask me since it takes real skill and a lot of guts. My grandparents taught me to honor black history month by praying for the United States and for more and better opportunities for black Americans since we can do anything that we set our minds to. I was also taught to honor the blacks that came before me by reading a book since knowledge is the only true way to be free since the knowledge that we obtain while living on the earth will determine how well we will do in our next existence which is why it is vitally important that we as black people take the time to educate ourselves before our time is up.    

Douglas aged 38 and native of California: I enjoy skid car racing which is something that my grandfather introduced me to a long, long time ago. Watching the boys and girls racing around the track while trying to out maneuver each other is absolutely awesome. I celebrate black history month by living free and by honoring my ancestor with an ice cold beer.

Monica aged 23 and native of California: I enjoy roller derby matches and routinely attend matches with my 19 year old brother Mathew who introduced me to the old school roller derby kings and queens that used to rule the L.A. scene when roller derby was big in California. I love meeting older Americans that love to talk about the days of Danny Reilly and the Los Angeles Thunderbirds and John Hall who represented the Detroit Devils during the roller derby wars. I honor black history month by the way that I live.

Oliver aged 29 and native of Ohio: I love to throw darts and never pass up the opportunity to participate in a tournament. I also participate in crossbow tournaments as well as in hiking and biking expeditions. I honor black history month by doing some of the things that my African American ancestors couldn’t due to racism.

Bob aged 53 and native of Alaska: I enjoy hunting and fishing and camping since this is how I grew up. I have never been into drugs or alcohol since I enjoy my life which is a living testament to black history month.  

Jason aged 21 and native of California: I enjoy indoor go kart racing which is really, really cool since you’re racing on a rubber track. I think that if more and more inner city kids were exposed to the kinds of things that I’m into then there would be less and less gang violence since we don’t have any black gangs where I live in Orange County CA. I honor black history month by the way that I live.

Isabella aged 43 and native of New York City: I love doing volunteer work with my father and mother and two younger brothers Pete and Lorenzo. My father got me into volunteering when I was only 7 years old and I have been doing it ever since. My father also introduced me to bowling when we took a vacation to Southern California and now I am hooked on the sport. My father and grandfather are avid bowlers and ham radio operators and they have bowing trophies that span from the 1950s to the present. We honor black history month by doing things as a family.

Duke aged 38 and native of Virginia: I love dodge ball and soccer and spend hours watching old dodge ball matches. I also take a vacation during soccer season so I can watch all of the games. Soccer has always been a passion of mine. I also like basketball too, but dodge ball reminds me of the times that I spent with my grandparents out in California.

Professional Wrestling is also at the very top of my list since guys like Brock and John Cena and Randy Orton and Undertaker and Kane and Jericho and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles as well as Samoa Joe and The Hardys and The New Day are absolutely phenomenal.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks and Nia Jax and Asuka and AJ Lee as well as Paige and Naomi and Natalya and Gail Kim and Rose Mary are my favorite female wrestlers since they bring the fight. I honor black history month by the way that I live.

Nigel aged 46 and native of California: I enjoy bird watching and visiting botanical gardens and zoos and national parks and museums. I also enjoy wine tastings as well as plays and ball room dancing and classical music. I also produce my very own oil paintings as well, which is something that I learned from my grandfather who produced and sold over 600 paintings prior to his 2013. I honor black history month by the way that I live.

Vincent aged 28 and native of California: I build model trains and also enjoy working on classic cars and Cessna engines. I also come from a military family and served several years in the US Army. I honor black history month by the way that I carry myself which is consistent with my military background.            

Black Political View Points  

David aged 18 and native of Utah: I’m a political atheist since I have a mind of my own and don’t believe in voting for a party simply because millions of black people find it appealing. God gave us a brain for a reason which is why my entire family out in California votes Independent since we want transparency which is indeed what President Donald J. Trump is giving us by tweeting directly to the American people. He is the only president that treats all Americans like they matter. What other president do you know that specifically asked white people to hire blacks before he even became president? What other president has cared enough to try to lower the price of prescription drugs for the Americans that are being crucified by the prices?

Maxine aged 33 and native of Arkansas: I’m a Libertarian since I believe in freedom for everyone. If a woman wants to have an operation to become a man because she prefers have sex like a man then I have no problem with her decision. Also if a man wants to have an operation to become a woman then I say live and let live.

Josephine aged 22 and native of Wisconsin: I’m a Green Party member and will do everything within my power to make sure that Donald Trump gets reelected since we finally have a real man in the White House who isn’t afraid to confront Islamic terrorism. I am not a Democrat and never have been and never will be because they put votes before lives which can be seen in San Francisco politics. The US Army needs to disarm all of the police departments in California since they won’t cooperate with federal immigration. The feds are the highest law enforcement agencies in America.

Jonathan aged 42 and native of Tennessee: I’m a Republican just like my mother and father and grandparents before them. None of my family members have ever been Democrats, so I don’t understand why the media in The North continues to portray blacks in America as Democrats. Throughout our history as black people we have always voted Republican, but the media only shows the Northern blacks that are protesting and that vote blue, and this is why we need our own news agencies and independent filmmakers and movie theaters that show conservative and God centered movies that uplift the people. The single biggest mistake that the white people in The South ever made, since they had all of the money, was to allow Hollywood to become the only major movie making outlet in America. The South should have created a counter film making industry as well as a string of conservative movie theaters to show our Christian movies. This would have kept America rooted in God. You know us blacks in The South always wanted this but we never had the money to make it a reality and now we are plagued with a gangster culture that was created by Hollywood.

Donovan aged 34 and native of Georgia: I’m a Democrat and I voted for Hillary Clinton, however, now that I see what President Trump is doing for America, I hope the Democrats in Georgia and California and all over the United States will work with President Trump as he tries to bring prosperity and much needed changes to America. We need jobs down here in Georgia as well as real leaders that will work with President Trump because at the end of the day we are all Americans. We also need to show the world that we respect our own laws and democratically elected president as well as our election process. I will be voting for Trump in 2020 since he’s trying to unite the country while my party is trying to cause trouble for him. I fear what’s going to happen to America if another Democrat should get into the White House since my party doesn’t want us to have the tax cuts that President Trump wants us to have, and that they never offered us. Don’t the Democrats care whether are not we live or die which is what the tax cuts will mean for some people?  

Black History Month is about reflecting on the past while celebrating the diversity that can be found within the community of black Americans who are a diverse group of people as you can clearly see from the various interviews that genuinely describe who black Americans were and are in 2017.

We can only understand the true nature of black Americans by hearing from ordinary Americans who simply want to be heard since they feel like they have been forgotten since the blacks that are being featured in the broadcast news do not share their interest or values or thoughts or diverse political views or religious beliefs and convictions.              


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –



After listening to numerous pro-illegal-immigration statements that were being made by dozens of Democrats that were up for reelection, I decided to launch an independent investigation into the overall effects of deportation since all of the statements that I listened to seemed to be one sided in nature, which speaks of activism. My investigation began right after I learned that a handful of Republicans were also echoing the very same sentiment due to having large immigrant populations within their respective districts.

I traveled to Mexico where I had the unprecedented opportunity to interview three distinct deportees that are still living in Mexico and who never returned to the United States of America after being deported for entering the country without going through the proper channels of immigration that all legal immigrants have gone through out of respect for the laws of the United States of America.

I will conceal the identities as well as the specific location of the deportees who fear political persecution for being candid about their experience and success as deportees. This was the agreement that was made in exchange for the interviews that are sure to be a real eye-opener since they will reveal a side of the illegal immigration discussion that cannot be readily found since most journalists only focus on the deportees that have reentered the country illegally for the third and fourth time.

The interviews are listed below.

Marisol: I am 33 years old and lived in El Monte California for 4 years before I was caught and deported for entering the United States by less than legal means. I was working at a fast food restaurant when I was discovered and deported in 2010. And at first I thought to myself what am I going to do since my husband and two boys are citizens, however, my husband said don’t worry because me and the boys will move to Mexico, so we can continue to be a family. He also said if a husband or a wife truly loves their spouse or kids then they will move to Mexico with them and that all of the talk about separating families is just about getting and keeping votes since the American politicians only care about votes.

What he said made perfect sense to me since the corrupt government officials in Los Angeles and the LAPD tried to protect the illegal gang member that killed the young black boy (Jamiel Shaw, Jr.) that was on his way to college since he was really, really good at football and was also doing good in school. This is crazy because the 17 year old boy that was killed was a citizen of the United States just like my husband and my kids who were angry over the killing since they said Jamiel was killed because he was black. Well, I no longer want to live in the USA since it is a dangerous place and since I started my own restaurant in Mexico which is something that I could not do in America. I started making plans right after I returned to Mexico where I found an abandoned house that my husband painted and attached the electricity and the water to. I turned the house into a thriving restaurant with the care packages and money that my family in America sent me. I make 600.00 US dollars a week which is way more than what I was making in America. Plus my husband found a job at a factory and my kids are going to school which is what I wish my younger brother could have done. We paid the coyotes 5,000 a piece to come to America and they raped me and electrocuted my brother’s genitals right before they shot him in the head shortly after he screamed I love you Marisol. I couldn’t do anything because five guys were holding me while they were torturing my brother right in front of me who was crying and screaming while they were using pliers and a battery and battery cables on him. My heart broke into a million pieces in 2006, but now I love my life in Mexico and visit my brother’s gave often.

Enrique: I am 27 years old and used to live in a small apartment in Anaheim California before I was deported for entering the USA illegally. I was in the US for 6 years and used to work at a movie theater, but now I have a good job working in a clothing factory and my wife and kids visit me monthly since they are citizens of the United States. My wife also sends me money and I live like a king down here as you can see by the way that I am dressed which is way better than many of the Americans that I used to live next to. My shoes are brand new and so are my clothes. Plus 25.00 will buy me enough food to last me for about 2 months. And my rent is only 100.00 a month and I make 60.00 a week at my job that I started working shortly after I was deported in 2013. I have absolutely no plans to return to the USA since I have already saved enough money to pay my rent for the next 10 years. Plus my wife and kids are going to be moving to Mexico within the next 6 months since I am looking at an abandoned house that was left behind by a family that went to work for Taco Bell in the USA. I don’t understand why they left since we have 15 available positions that we cannot fill at the factory since the people are paying coyotes so they can go to America instead of staying here in Mexico where people are creating business every day which is something that we are not supposed to talk to foreigners about but it’s okay since you’re a journalist.

My friend I am happy down here in Mexico because we don’t have any Chicano gangs around here like America. Plus I talk to my wife and kids on Skype and I also own a car and no longer have to worry about catching the bus like I was doing in America. Don’t believe the things that you see on TV because the Mexican Government is run by criminals who don’t care about the people and this is why militias are springing up all over Mexico since the people are tired of the cartels stealing their money and raping their wives and children at gunpoint. We don’t have that problem here since there is no market for the drugs. We are free!

Miguel: I am 48 years old and I moved to Mexico with my three kids in 2016 right after my wife was deported for entering the USA illegally. When I lived in Los Angeles California I was working like a dog and could never get a day off. But after I moved to Mexico I started my very own taxi service and now I work when I want to work. I was born in America to Chicano parents who refuse to visit Mexico since they don’t feel that they have anything in common with the Mexican people since they are Americans through and through and belong to a church that has black pastor that loves them. However, I love being in Mexico since everyone knows me and since I am respected down here since I started my own business from scratch. I simply bought a used car and started letting everyone know that I can take them places for a small fee.

I pick up passengers from the border every day and routinely take people shopping and when I don’t want to work I turn off my phone and take my wife and kids out to dinner. I couldn’t do this in America since they want you to have smog checks and licenses and all kinds of stupid things that stop people from starting a business. The people in America aren’t free like I am they only think that they are just like they think that their kids are getting a good education. I have compared Mexican schools to American schools and American schools are way, way behind. I don’t want my kids educated in the US.  

I conducted the interviews at the beginning of 2017 and fully expected to hear horror stories based on what many of the politicians in America have been saying about separating families by deporting Mexican nationals that have entered the USA illegally, which by the way happens to Haitians on a regular basis even though the Haitians helped America during the Revolutionary war.

The interviews were a real eye-opener since I learned that the Mexican Government is deporting Cubans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals that are trying to make it to America. I was especially surprised when I learned that Mexico has a wall that is designed to keep the Guatemalans and other Central Americans from entering Mexico illegally, however, no one is talking about how Mexico is separating families by deporting Cubans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to African immigrants and Cubans and Guatemalans and El Salvadorians and Haitian nationals. We definitely need more coverage on this particular subject since many of our American politicians and their local police departments seem to be behaving like agents of a foreign power which should make it illegal for them to possess firearms within our borders. The American people must demand answers of their local politicians and police departments if they want the truth behind why these particular individuals will not cooperate with federal immigration and are willing to put the safety and wellbeing of American citizens at risk by giving up federal funding in order to protect those that have entered the United States illegally. We must have the truth.    

I ended my interviews after Marisol said that she cannot wait for the wall to be built in America since it will cut into the business of the coyotes who are paying corrupt politicians on both sides of the border while they are raping and killing innocent victims that are being convinced by the Mexican Government that they must cross the border, so they can send money back to their families since Mexico is not responsible for supporting them since the American people have to give them welfare and jobs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Attack Of The Squirrels

Can you imagine getting everything ready the night before Christmas only to wake up to a furry crime scene that is coupled with confusion and anger and frustration and possible financial ruin since you’ve spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for your family and friends?

Would you still be in the holiday spirit if you learned that you had incurred 400 dollars in damages while you were fast asleep and dreaming of all of the things that you were going to do on Christmas day such as driving to your grandmother’s house for dinner? Would you still say Merry Christmas or would you say something else?

Bette who still lives in the state of Colorado was asked these very questions two Christmases in a row when her car wouldn’t start. Bette who is 27 years old had no idea that the wiring in her car had been attacked and damaged by a band of hungry squirrels. She also didn’t know that some of her neighbors had also been hit by the very same squirrels until she heard them trying to start their cars. The entire ordeal was rather frightening and Bette initially assumed that she had been the victim of a botched car theft until she learned that the neighborhood squirrels had damaged the electrical wiring in her car since the wiring in coated with soy which the squirrels can smell and find to be quite tasty.

Bette still found the courage to say Merry Christmas even though her grandfather told her how much the bill would be.      

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The Day After

On 11/09/2016 I woke up early, so I could capture the raw and spontaneous emotions that I was sure that the American voters would have at the conclusion of the Election of the Century which is otherwise known as the 2016 presidential election.

The sun was shining particularly bright and people were everywhere and there was a feeling of cleanliness and relief that was in the air when I visited Orange County California. I witnessed coffee lines that were extraordinary long and at places that are normally empty. Blacks and whites and Hispanics and Asians were all holding hands inside small prayer circles while praising their God for the victory. Some were also praying for Donald J. Trump to receive divine protection and for him to be able to deliver the tax cuts that the poor so desperately need.

I asked the crowd whether or not they had been influenced by the radio host Alex Jones or by any of his guests that had appeared on his show and they stated that Alex Jones did not play a part in their decision to vote for the Republican candidate and that it was Trump himself that had convinced them since he was the only one to point out that the Democrats only go to the impoverished black areas when they need votes. They also liked the fact that Trump said the Democrats say thanks a lot and see you in four years after the election is over, but what really convinced them to vote for “The Age of Trump” was when he vowed not to do the same.

I also interviewed a Hispanic woman who told me that she is in the country illegally and that she voted for Trump because she was horrified by CNN giving the questions and the answers before the debates. She also stated that the black magic emails that came out on 11/04/2016 turned her stomach and convinced her to vote for Trump since he wants to deport the kind of criminals that raped her grandmother. Alicia also stated that learning that the Pharisees had been controlling the people through information until Jesus came on the scene really woke her up to the truth and caused time to slow down just enough for her to be able to think before she decided to vote for Trump and The New Age that he represents.   

I also traveled to Los Angeles where I met blacks and whites and Hispanics that were upset that Hillary Clinton had lost the presidential race. They blamed white females and the Polar Left for their defeat, but admitted that the tax cuts would help them since they are within the range that Trump wants to help. Many of the people also stated that they voted Democratic because it is a family tradition and that they are still with Hillary Clinton even though she lost the presidential race. Barbara who is the only one that was willing to give me her first name stated that the private citizens won the race for Trump since they were far more effective than NBC and CNN and CBS and talk radio which is seriously overrated. Barbara also stated that her grandmother and grandfather who had fled the South more than 50 years ago both voted for Trump since they remembered how a group of Democrats had attacked them because they are black.

Barbara also stated that her grandmother told her on 11/07/2016 that Trump was going to win the 2016 presidential race since she had had a dream that showed Jezebel being stabbed and thrown from the altar by God who was pointing at her while saying you shall not rule over my people. My grandmother interpreted this as Trump defeating Clinton and she turned out to be correct. And now that the race is over I hope that Trump will make the tax cuts because my brother Samuel needs a job which I understand will be available once the businesses receive tax cuts. My brother voted for Trump because he said that Trump understands that black people are hurting and will do more for the blacks than Obama ever did which is nothing since his whole focus was on the so called Dreamers whose dreams aren’t any more important than black Americans since we were actually born here and have fought in every single war that America has been involved in since we r real patriots.

I also visited North Hollywood where I met a group of whites who stated that the Democrats had relied too heavily on the Hispanic vote and that they had taken the blacks for granted and that this is why they had lost the race since black people don’t care about what the celebrities are saying since they care about having jobs and safe neighborhoods and food on their tables. I was also told that the Democrats don’t realize that the blacks that don’t purchase rap music or Beyonce records far outnumber the ones that do and that they are the kind of black Americans that must be treated as equals since they are not the kind of people t will go out and protest since they protest on election day.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


In the summers of 1995 and 2005 I conducted a series of time-capsule-interviews that were centered on what we as a species could quite possibly expect to experience in the year 2035. The subjects that I selected for the time-capsule-interviews were college students that were in their twenties when they were first interviewed in 1995. I chose the students since they were studying various subjects that could possibly impact their overall views with respect to the future.

At the very end of the 2005 time-capsule-interviews I will provide the answers that I provided the students after they asked my own views on 2035 since their professor advised them that I am also a futurist.  

The students were not told my own personal views until the last of the 2005 time-capsule-interviews had been concluded. This was done in order to preserve the integrity of the interviews which would have been tainted if I had disclosed my own thoughts about 2035 prior to conducting the interviews. My futuristic views were also kept from the professor since any good journalist knows that he or she cannot disclose his or her own views prior to conducting an interview.

The journalist’s views if he or she should decide to give them must always be seen as an added bonus for participating in the interview. The journalist must also clarify that he or she is not offering his or her opinion as a journalist, but as a private citizen or under his or her  other title which is why I advised the former students in 2005 that I was offering my views on 2035 as a futurist and not as a journalist. This is the essence of 21st Century Journalism.       

Summer of 1995

Carlito was a 22 year old Filipino American who was majoring in religious studies since he wanted to become a priest.

I honestly believe that the people in 2035 will be riding horses and donkeys since the devil will cause a nuclear war that will destroy a great percentage of the Western World and the Middle East and the Philippines since US troops are using our homeland. This will happen because the prophet Daniel tells us so. Revelation also talks about the coming disaster, however, the people won’t listen and this is why I want to become a priest so I can save their souls since Damascus will be the center of contention since the Christians will be being persecuted all around the world right along with the priests who will be the only thing that stands between the devil and the souls of the people.

Andrea was a 24 year old white American who was majoring in nursing since she wanted to become a registered nurse.

I believe the people in 2035 will learn to love one another once they see how Americans have worked together to end aids once and for all. The people in 2035 will also acknowledge the American volunteers that have gone to places like Africa and Haiti in their quest to save lives. The nursing students in 2035 will see the good side of America because we will bring the world’s poor medicine and vitamins and the kinds of free technology that will extend their lives. America will teach the world peace through acts of kindness.

Jake was a 21 year old African American who was majoring in propulsion systems since he wanted to enter the world of space exploration.

I believe that the people who are living in 2035 will have the time of their lives because the United States and Russia and China will collectively colonize Mars and they will call their new countries Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar since they will be microcosms of the countries that will still exist on the earth. The space tourism industry will absolutely explode since there will be no human on human wars on Mars since each nation will be a nonnuclear nation with no more than 200,000 troops that will only exist for the protection of the humans that will be living on Mars. The conventional armies will be necessary since the scientists on Mars will discover hostile extraterrestrial life forms shortly after the three nations start launching manned space exploration crafts from the surface of Mars. The humans on Mars will also have extremely powerful telescopes that will allow them to see into other galaxies that will be filled with intelligent life forms that will instantly take an active interest in Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar.  

Jun was a 26 year old Korean American who was majoring in political science since she wanted to enter the world of politics.

I believe that the Korean people that will be living in both North Korea and South Korea will be forced to live very simple lives that will be reminiscent of the unified Korea when it was ruled by kings and queens and crown princes. These conditions will exist in 2035 because the two Koreas will go to war with one another since outsiders will instigate the conflict through arms deals that will be directed at South Korea. I hope to help the two Koreas to rebuild under a single Korean flag despite my parents hatred of North Korea.

Summer of 2005

Carlito ten years later: I still believe that we are heading towards a nuclear war since we went back to Iraq after the 1991 war had concluded which means that we are going to remain in that region and that the prophecy of Daniel will come true. You see people love to call us crazy bible heads, but we are far from crazy because certain laypeople and a handful of priests and pastors alike who were active during the 1980s were using bible prophecy to predict the 1991 Iraq war and to also predict the second war in Iraq, however, these people cannot get any airtime on Fox or CBS or ABC or NBC because the truth must remain hidden underneath stories about celebrities even though the world is deteriorating on a global scale. This is the kind of information that needs to get out since certain people often like to talk about fighting an information war against other humans which simply means that they don’t understand that all of the good people that are upon the earth are fighting the very same information war that the devil started when he rebelled against God. The corrupt are with the devil and we are with God and this is the information war that we have been born into and that will still be fought in 2035 while the humans are openly cursing the leaders from the 1990s and the early to mid 2000s while riding horses and donkeys.

Andrea ten years later: We may not have dealt aids a death blow but we are getting close since we have extended the lives of aids patients. But on another note I am extremely sad that we went to war in Iraq because I had hoped that we would have learned enough from all of the other wars that we have been in and that we would be delivering food and medicine by now instead of bombs that only hurt innocent men women and children. The nursing students in 2035 will be ashamed of us because they will inherit a broken world that is ravaged by disease and hunger.

Jake ten years later: I still believe that Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar will become a reality, but I also believe that the earth dwellers in 2035 will enter restaurants that will be completely different from the ones that we experience today because the menus will spring up from the table right before they appear in holographic form. The individual restaurant patron will have his or her mind read by the holographic menu while he or she looks over the menu. A water powered drone will then deliver the silverware and the napkins while an even bigger battery powered drone delivers the food. The cashier will be a life sized hydrogen powered robot that will accept all forms of electronic payment including credit cards. The cooks will also be hydrogen powered robots since humans will no longer be needed in most restaurants. The robots will have artificial intelligence so the patrons will be able to have a conversation with them. Plus they will be hooked up to the internet so people will be able to ask them anything. The restaurants will also serve beer and wine which will be delivered by appropriately sized battery powered drones which will have a life span of 25 years.  

Jun ten years later: I still believe that the Korean people in 2035 will be set back technologically due to war since outsiders won’t rest until they start a big war between the two Koreas. I think that the Koreas need to remember their collective history because this is the only thing that can avert war. The two Koreas need to remember their fight against Japan which was unprovoked. The people on both sides of the DMZ want peace with one another and remember how Mexico and other foreign nations sent troops to try to defeat North Korea who fought and fought until the foreign soldiers gave up. Koreans everywhere need to unite or the Koreans in 2035 will be lost to time.

My futurist thoughts on 2035 which were conceived well in advance of 2005

The people living in 2035 will be picked up by buses that will be self-driven and that will be dispatched by satellites that will possess artificial intelligence. The AI satellites will eliminate the need for a human to come into work when he or she is sick. The buses themselves will also have artificial intelligence so passengers will be able to ask the bus questions. Passengers will also be sold age appropriate bus passes right on the bus. This will be accomplished through the camera system that the AI will be using to separate the adults from kids and the handicapped riders from the non-handicapped riders who will be charged their appropriate fare which will be based on their disability.  

The battery powered AI bus will also use cameras to determine when it should stop for passengers as well as a GPS system to determine its routes and when it should stop for red lights and road closures. And if the AI bus breakdowns it will call for another bus to be sent while it troubleshoots the problem. The part will be ordered by the bus and will be waiting for the technician by the time that the bus arrives back at the yard.

The people living in 2035 will also have the limited option to ride in a flying car that will also be controlled by satellites that will have artificial intelligence. This will prevent midair collisions that will be the direct result of people racing through the skies. The cars will be able to hover at a standstill and they will either possess helicopter technology or they will fly like a jet once the wings come out of the body of the car. There will be four sets of wings and only the super-rich or Presidents or world leaders will be able to own one of these advanced automobiles that will drive like a brand new Mercedes Benz. The rest will be for commercial use only just like the flying buses that will be completely powered by battery cells just like the flying cars. This will prevent fuel explosions should the cars or buses happen to crash land. The occupants of the buses and car will be seated inside a protective foam capsule that will look like the inside of an ordinary car or bus. This will save lives during a crash.

The people in 2035 will fly on pilotless airplanes that will be controlled by satellites that will possess artificial intelligence. This will prevent future 911s from happening since human pilots will not be in control of the airplanes. The AI airplanes will deploy a sleeping aerosol during a high jacking which will put the terrorist or terrorists and everyone else to sleep while the satellite guides the plane to safety. The plane will also phone the police who will be waiting with handcuffs. The AI airplane will also commutate with the stewardess onboard the plane. Plus some flights will have AI robots that will serve food and check the vital signs of the passengers and in the event that the AI airplane detects a mechanical problem it will ask the satellite for a safe place to land the battery powered airplane that will be equipped with a foam capsule that will protect the passengers. No explosions will be experienced since fuel will not be used and since the batteries will be in a protective case.         

The aforementioned leaps in technology are achievable within our lifetimes if we only apply ourselves.                     


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –





The Coming Water Apocalypse

Is there really a society-ending-water-shortage or a coming water apocalypse as some are presently predicting, and if so, then what can we do in order to avoid the apocalypse?

This very question was posed to a number of concerned American citizens after I overheard a heated discussion that was taking place inside a Palm Springs California coffee shop. I will list many of the responses and a number of the solutions below as well as the comments that were made in conjunction with the solutions.

Male Caucasian aged 63: I am terrified for my grandchildren and also for the younger generations because Governor Jerry Brown is out of touch with reality because instead of putting Americans, and inner city black Americans in particular, through a training program that will allow them to build hundreds of desalination plants, he’s too busy taking trips and imposing fines for using the water that we get from other states who are eventually going to run out of water since we aren’t sending a single drop of water their way even though California is surrounded by water. And why try to bring the Olympics to California when we don’t even have enough water for ourselves and when we have police officers of all colors that are murdering people in the streets as if they are hunting game or nonhuman entities.

I thought we had a free and open society but this is nothing more than a penal colony and we are the prisoners who are to be disarmed and massacred and this is why the politicians aren’t interested in fixing the water problem since we won’t be around in the future.   

Female Hispanic from El Salvador aged 33: Desalination plants will definitely help us out and if the politicians don’t start taking this issue seriously then there are going to be water wars that are going to be fought between the states because I immigrated here legally and settled in Nevada and we aren’t going to continue to send water to California just because they won’t do anything about their illegal immigration problem. We also aren’t going to die of thirst just because they have all of those stupid sanctuary cities that require more and more water which Washington and the governor of California are purposely ignoring, which is a mistake because the people of Nevada are going to fight for their water when things get down to the wire and if California wants a state vs state war then they will get one because our children deserve to live just like the Californians who should be asking the federal government to use some of its foreign policy money to build the desalination plants. The Californians that care about the safety and the wellbeing as well as the futures of their children should also ask the federal government to end all forms of illegal immigration by providing Mexico with the money that it needs in order to create jobs for its people.

The foreign policy dollars should also be used for Puerto Rico and for El Salvador and other Latin American countries whose citizens are illegally immigrating to the United States. And Africa and Haiti and Belize should also be given the money as well because they also need clean drinking water and jobs for their people, but because their skin is black no one cares about their lives. Well, I love all of God’s people and want them to succeed and I wouldn’t be a true Catholic if I didn’t want the best for my black brothers and sisters here in America and across the world.    

Male black aged 65: What she said about the states fighting water wars could come in the next 10 to 15 years because I remember when the Hoover Dam was full and now it just looks like a river and it won’t be long before the citizens in Nevada and Arizona realize that they are being bled dry by the Californians, which is why I plan to move back to Texas in the next 5 years because you see us Texans take care of our own and we are not going to allow the Californians to steal our water when they are surrounded by water. When I used to visit my relatives in Southern California during the 1970s and the early part of the 1980s the aqueducts were full, but now people are walking through them and they are also driving cars through them since all of the water has disappeared because of overpopulation, which is the result of illegal immigration from all around the world.

The US Government and the governors and the employers and the renters and sellers of homes as well as the banks and the politicians and organized religion and community based organizations and the mass media created this avoidable water crisis by allowing illegal immigration which would have never gotten off the ground if not for a group of corrupt Americans who loved money more than their country.

I can honestly say that the powers that be sold us out because legal immigration, which I am in favor of, allows the planners to ensure that our resources will sustain us Americans as well as the legal immigrants whose numbers are known.

Female black aged 26: I meet water conservationists every day because of the kind of work that I do and they are absolutely terrified since they understand that Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are eventually going to go away if something isn’t done on a federal level, which is why they support Donald J. Trump since he’s a builder as well as a visionary who understands the concerns of ordinary Americans like us. And if proactive measures aren’t taken within the next few years then it’s going to create a big, big problem for us Americans. The simple solution according to my African American water conservationist contacts is to stop all illegal immigration and to replenish our water supplies by enlisting the help of Mexico. The plan is to have Americans build desalination plants and to also have Mexico provide jobs for its citizens who will also build and maintain desalination plants in Mexico. The water will then be purchased from Mexico and used to replenish certain areas that have already been devastated. Inner city training programs for African Americans and Asian Americans and poor white Americans and documented Hispanics would also be on the table since the overall safety of our nation is at stake since all of our military bases in the affected areas would be compromised during a complete water shortage that can be prevented if the responsible parties act before it is too late.    

Female Mexican American aged 38: I remember the Hoover Dam being a lot fuller as well and agree that illegal immigration should be stopped because I have been run into three times in the past 4 years and the accidents have all been caused by undocumented workers who didn’t have insurance or the necessary skills to be behind the wheel of a car.

And if we start using our brains then we can clearly see that the water is running out and that illegal immigration is the cause since Mexican Americans and blacks and whites and Asian Americans aren’t having that many kids, which is obviously a problem for some people because my 71 year old uncle who lives in Los Angeles and who fought in the Vietnam War told me a month ago that his neighborhood used to be peaceful back in the late seventies when it was just church going blacks and whites and Chicanos, but after the news media started saying Americans aren’t having enough children, just like they’re saying in Europe, people from Mexico started appearing in his neighborhood during the 1980s and since he doesn’t speak Spanish it was extremely rough and many of his possessions were stolen and his water bill went up because the entire population increase overnight.

My uncle also said that you will know that we have reached the coming water apocalypse when the birds start falling from the sky because they are dying from thirst and when dead homeless people start collapsing inside the grocery stores as they try to steal water. You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when you go to turn on the water faucet and nothing comes out and when you go into the streets to see if anyone else has noticed because millions of Californians will be searching for the very same answer to your question which will be what happened to all of the water? You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when you hear news reports that say Nevada and Arizona have declared war on California. You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when the news reports that people have been arrested for smuggling water across the Nevada and California border and that the state troopers from both states have engaged in gun battles with one another and that people leaving Nevada and Arizona while heading for California are being asked whether or not they are carrying water.

The things that my uncle told me are absolutely frightening, so we definitely need more and more desalination plants and Mexico should build them as well because believe it or not Mexican Nationals would like their government to provide jobs for them so they can remain with their families in Mexico instead of coming to the United States, but as my uncle always says companies in America don’t want to hire blacks because of racism so they create a surrogate state of hell in Mexico which forces people to cross the border which is why there is a coming water war that the US Government won’t talk about even though all of the signs are there.  

There is clearly a great deal of concern when it comes to water which is evidenced by the citizens that I interviewed, so perhaps one of the Presidential hopefuls will come up with a solution to the problem since the men and women who have already weighed in on the current situation want to see something done before the nation reaches a state of emergency which will also affect our military bases that are located in California and other states.

So what should our leaders do to address the concerns of the people, and should it also include a complete stoppage of all illegal immigration as some have suggested?

Is the safety of our nation truly in jeopardy as some have suggested after some real time observations of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and the aqueducts?

Lastly, are we as a society able to ration our way to safety while millions and millions of people are tapping into our water supply on a daily basis or must we build more desalination plants which will create jobs for Americans? In addition, should the federal government fund this undertaking by using foreign policy dollars to aid Mexico in building desalination plants inside their country that will support the ones that are built right here in America?  


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –