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Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr. is a freelance journalist and he will bring you the kinds of news articles that everyone can relate to, and he will also take a 21st century approach to journalism, which means that he will not allow his news articles to be stifled.

Now since it is important for the reader to receive the news exactly as it is written, Mr. Armstrong is committed to making sure that the reader receives the unabridged truth at all times and he will not compromise when it comes to reporting the news.

Mr. Armstrong is a professional and he holds a four year degree and takes great pride in everything that he does and will not reveal any of his sources unless they are willing to go on the record.

For other examples of Mr Armstrong’s work. Please visit Examiner.com because he is currently a contributor as well as a member of the US Press Association Member ID# 7090713

Mr. Armstrong,’s  press credentials can be verified by visiting the US Press Association website and by entering the username nathan or armstrong.

The credentials are under the name Nathan Armstrong.

The find button can also be used to scroll through the list of members.

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