Are you trapped inside Marona?

During the 70s a group of black intellectuals began to describe Marona as a social experiment and as a physical space that was created by a group of mad scientists who sought to rule the world from a far. This group was called ‘The Platform.’

The Platform was located in Los Angeles California and met from 1974 to 1985.

The Platform described Marona as a ‘Techno Prison’ since the puppeteers were using technology as an inescapable weapon, which would eventually rule over mankind while the puppeteers simply managed the system through war and through diseases and through entertainment and through the media.

Marona is video games and game shows and talk shows and movies and sitcoms and automobiles and all spheres of technology which separate humans from God and nature while giving them the illusion of freedom since they are trapped inside Marona since Marona is the ‘Techno Prison’ that controls our lives while the puppeteers mine our lives by forcing us to work within their system inside of living.

The Platform stated that ‘Chattel Slavery’ was the first ‘Techno Prison’ since a group of black human beings were forced to build their very own ‘Techno Prison’ since they were forced to use the technology of the day and to create new technologies to improve a system that they would never own.

Marona is the surveillance state that is presented as progress and as technological advances since we are being controlled and spied on and cannot live our lives as we see fit since the puppeteers are creating our emotional responses and our personalities by proving and manipulating the stimuli while we have the illusion of freedom since there can be no freedom outside Marona since no one can escape the news or the system since the puppeteers are the 10 families that control the entire globe since the mad scientists work for them.         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –