Since I’ve been looking for a healthy way to help you enjoy 2021, I wanted to share a delicious ‘Afro Jewish’ recipe that was created by a Hebrew Israelite man named Netenal ben Netenal.

The recipe is for an apple pecan pie that I have permission to publish.

Step 1. Purchase 5 green apples and remove the skin before slicing and removing the seeds.

Step 2. Add the sliced apples and cinnamon and a half of a cup of Stevia to water and simmer until apples become soft.

Step 3. Line pie pan with olive oil and add pie crust to pie pan while apples are simmering.

Step 4. Once apples have softened add to pie crust and apply butter to the apples.

Step 5. Sprinkle whole raw pecans over the apples.

Step 6. Cover the apples and pecans with crust and add butter.

Step 7. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes and until crust becomes brown.   

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –