The Horror Social Reset has been made possible since most people are at home due to governmental restrictions.

So what is The Horror Social Reset?

The Horror Social Reset is the period which allows us adults to educate the children about what horror moves meant to us in the past. For example we would not watch a movie without ‘Jiffy Pop’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’ and ‘Red Vines’ and ‘Bon Bons.’

We would also gather around with our siblings and cousins and our neighborhood friends and classmates while exchanging camp fire stories before watching the movie of choice. The Horror Social Reset will allow us to introduce the younger generations to our ‘Horror Movie Rituals’ since our rituals make us a cohesive American society.

The Horror Social Reset will allow us to introduce our children to Vincent Price and to horror classics like Carrie and The Omen.

The Covid 19 Lockdown should be used to strnghten our human bonds and to pass our knowledge and our traditions to the next generation less we become preoccupied with Covid 19 fears and damage our minds and our society in the process.                                    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –