I would like to wish the children and their parents and everyone else who celebrates Halloween a Happy, Happy Halloween due to everything that we as a human family have been through this year. And while I don’t personally celebrate Halloween since I’m Jewish I do enjoy horror movies and want to encourage the adults to introduce their kids to the following classics since the kids in Southern California will be homebound.

My recommendations are below.

Cujo, Phantasm, Birds, Fright Night, The Exorcist, The Fog, Pan’s Labrynth, Re-animator, and Black Christmas 1974.

You might also want to show your kids Slime and The Boy and The Boy 2 and Black Christmas 2019 and Darkness Falls and The Thing since these are movies that they might enjoy since they cannot go outside and collect candy while wearing their favorite costume.                                  

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –