I had a chance to interview a number of consumers and recently unemployed workers concerning The New 2020 and 2021 Economy and this is what they said.

Ted male white aged 24:

Going forward I will no longer spend money the way that I used to since our jobs were taken away without warning, and although I’m still working I realize that many African Americans lost their jobs overnight and have to rely on the food banks since they did not have any savings since their rent was too high to save anything for a rainy day, and this is why I am buying groceries for my black neighbors instead of eating take out. I plan to save my money just in case I lose my job in the future.

Margarita female Hispanic aged 33:

I saw an older Jewish man from West Africa and he was buying shoes in January 2020 and when I heard him talking to Jose while Jose was ringing up his purchase I learned from their conversation that the West African Jew was married to an East African Jew and that they buy 2 pairs of tennis shoes and 2 pairs of dress shoes every 5 years, and I said you know what I’m going to do that instead of buying a new pair of shoes every month. So when the new economy opens up I am going to save my money once I get another job.

Jason African American male aged 45:

I grew up eating Mexican food and Chinese food and cheeseburgers 5 days a week, however, due to the Covid 19 quarantine I am not going to eat out anymore since 16% of African Americans are dying from Covid 19, which means that I will be exposing myself to danger if I continue to support the economy. I will cook my own food from now on.

Donald Asian male aged 19:

I don’t know what the governors are going to do in terms of the new economy, but I am not going to live football games anymore since a lot of Asians are dying from Covid 19 in America. I’m also going to skip the move theaters since the daily press conferences have shattered my confidence forever and this is why I am no longer interested in joining the army.

Angelina African American female aged 55:

I am looking forward to being able to atte4nd church again, and look forward to the bake sales and the fish fries and Easter breakfast. I’m not going to Denny’s anymore since I don’t believe a waitress in a mask won’t get me infected. I’m not afraid of my church family since I studied microbiology and know how our immune systems are formed.

Jefferson African American male aged 36:

I plan to do all of the same things that I did before.

As you can see no one has the same plan for The New 2020 and 2021 Economy, so I’m not sure what the United States will look like in the future since a lot of businesses also closed down and never came back during the AIDS scare that colored the 1980s and that caused waiters and waitresses to serve food while they were wearing masks and gloves.                                       

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –