While we as Americans have certainly heard a number of unflattering statements that have been made about the Millennials, such as they killed tuna, it is vitally important to remember that the Millennials, as the ‘Marketers’ and the ‘Sellers’ like to call them, are indeed individuals, and that they are also products of their leadership, and that they do indeed have a right to abstain from tuna, and from anything else that’s being specifically marketed to their particular generation since they were not created by their mothers and fathers for the sole purpose of being marketed to, and have absolutely no obligation to buy tuna or GM Products or a $1000.00 cellphones.

The Millennials have a right to make their very own decisions in life just like the members of the Generation X community, who decided as kids that they wanted to add ketchup to their eggs, which is something that the Baby Boomers and their parents had apparently never thought of, which explains the news coverage during the 1980s.  

The Millennials like the GenXers and the Baby Boomers are a diverse group of individuals, which brings me to the group that I have identified as ‘The Retro Millennials’ based on their thoughts and their actions and the desires that were expresses during the 155 interviews that I conducted between 2016 and 2017 and 2018.

The Retro Millennials as a group haven’t received any attention in the American Press, which is why I’m taking the time to cover this unique group of Americans before their generation’s time in the spotlight has ended, and before this generation is also completely forgotten about by the American Press.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed for this particular news article informed me that they are seeking the knowledge, and the wisdom of the elders, which by the way extends far beyond the Right vs Left politics that we are witnessing today, and far beyond voting for a group of candidates, who are only in office to do the bidding of the lobbyists, and the billionaire business owners.

The Retro Millennials that I interviewed prior to 12/25/2016 also informed me that they had taken their money out of the stock market, and that they had become savers rather than borrowers since their grandparents had been avid savers and had lived a happy life without buying a collection of meaningless high tech gadgets like many in their generation and the generation before them.

The Retro Millennials also informed me that they are seeking a deeper meaning in life, and that the political parties and the tech industry and the movies and the television shows and the radio personalities cannot fulfill this particular need for them.

This particular view was specifically expressed by 65 African Americans, and also by 57 white Americans, who like the African Americans had also informed me that they had been regularly attending church, and that they had also been reading the Holy Bible even though their counterparts were involved in other non-religious activities.

The African American Retro Millennials had also expressed a profound hunger for the Old Testament and the New Testament stories and lessons, and had also mentioned a particular Christian based website that’s called ‘The Narrow Path.’

The Retro Millennial group that I interviewed in 2016 and 2017 and 2018 had also included a group of Asians and Hispanics, who like the black Millennials, and the white Millennials, had also expressed an interest in wind-up alarm clocks, and in wind-up wrist watches since these ordinary items do not require batteries, and therefore do not have the very same environmental impact on the environment as batteries are known to have, and are therefore the ultimate form of renewable energy, which is something that The Retro Millennials had learned from a group of Baby Boomers and their Generation X children while they were attending church.

The Retro Millennials are not only interested in preserving the environment by using less impactful ‘Retro Technologies’ like wind-up devices, for they are also making their own lunches and dinners at home instead of buying fast food items.

The preparation of food items and an interest in ‘Retro Technologies’ like vinyl records and portable CD players is only one of the dimensions that can be readily found while speaking to The Retro Millennials since The Retro Millennials are also skilled at changing the oil in the  car, and at replacing the turn signal bulbs in any vehicle. The Retro Millennials can also change a tire, and they can also read a map, and can explain what a bumper jack is used for, and how it functions.

The Retro Millennials are also skilled in plumbing and in hunting and in construction and in engine rebuilding, and can tell you how thrilling it is to catch a fish, and how to thread a needle, and who President John Hanson was, and how to can foods, and how to make homemade ice cream, and homemade candy, and how to bake a cake or a pie, and how to prepare a turkey since they have not become ‘Information Slaves’ or non-readers, who rely on the television and the radio to bring them the news, and to tell them what to believe in, and what to buy, and who and what they should regard as important.

The Retro Millennials are the polar opposite of the ‘Information Slaves’ that are in their same age range since they understand the importance of being free to choose their own way in life, and even if it means a life without tuna.         

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –