In an attempt to try to further understand some of the bizarre behaviors that seem to surround many of the American based school shootings that have been taking place throughout the country, and for an extremely long period of time, and without a satisfactory and generally accepted explanation that doesn’t serve to further the traditional political flames of hostility that have succeeded in dividing the entire country into two halves of a whole, and along socioeconomic and racial and gender lines; it has therefore become absolutely essential to find out whether or not there are any other nonpolitical Americans, who might have something to say that’s of a unique and thought provoking nature, and that can quite possibly be added to the overall discussion that presently surrounds the history and the prevalence of the ongoing school shootings since the shootings themselves don’t always involve psychotropic drugs or a breakup or a documented history of bullying or a troubled childhood in the modern sense of the meaning.

The prevalence of school shootings in the United States of America, as well as the seminal event that currently surrounds them, requires an all-journalistic-hands-on-deck-approach, so with the insurmountable task of trying to find a nonpolitical answer that can quite possibly shed some sunlight on what a large percentage of Americans are openly calling an, “Extraordinary Act of Nonhuman Intention,” that goes far beyond the whole left vs right argument, and far beyond the standard secular explanations that often surround the usual statements that are gradually released to the public concerning the shooter’s troubled childhood and bullying and psychotropic drugs and troubling breakups, I as a seasoned American journalist, who takes his profession and his work seriously, decided to research the evolution of school shootings in the United States of America, and what I discovered in the course of my independent research is quite surprising, as well as enlightening since the answer that I received doesn’t necessarily fit into the generally accepted framework that a large percentage of Americans are being forced to accept even though there’s a nontraditional explanation that the general public has a right to read and learn about since a true “Journalistic Democracy” will cover all aspects of a conversation.  

My news articles, which are an example of a “Journalistic Democracy” at work, and this news site are a written record of my life and of my time on the planet earth, and are not commercially or artificially generated by a human gatekeeper or by a master AI computer, so I am therefore determined to continue to bring you the kind of unique news reports that will continue to reveal the very things that you have a right to know, and that represent the concept and the real life application of a “Journalistic Democracy” like the one that I have created right here at by covering the other aspects of the news since there are no masters or slaves in journalism.        

The school shootings themselves have been with us for far longer than most Americans are willing to admit to themselves in most cases, which is why my news article, and journalistic search for a nonpolitical explanation that can possibly be accepted by the non-secularists, who abandoned the commercial news a long, long time ago, and who are still searching for a deeper and nonclinical meaning for what they presently perceive to be an expression of pure evil; is crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” that absolutely respects everyone, and that also seeks to bring the news to the nonpolitical alike despite the prevailing direction that the larger news agencies might be moving in.

My news article is also crucial to a functioning “Journalistic Democracy” since it can quite possibly help us Americans to better understand why a seemingly healthy white male student with absolutely no history of violence towards himself or towards anyone else would attempt to commit suicide while he is still on school grounds, which by all standards should be a continuous place of uninterrupted peace and learning, as well as a place that’s free from all forms of school violence, which includes a student asking to be excused from the classroom and then coming back with a handgun and shooting up the classroom, and triggering more and more angry and warlike calls for gun control, and for the abolition of The Second Amendment, and for outright gun confiscation, which will further divide the nation since law enforcement officers and civilians and veterans and active duty military personnel and conscious members of the clergy are all on the record as being vehemently opposed to such a provocative and dangerous and nation altering event that will effectively put Americans with guns and training at odds with each other while the external threats to the nation continue to grow throughout the world.

There are a number of things to consider with respect to the safety and the security of the United States of America, and by putting the politics of gun control aside while conducting my research, I was able to learn through a great deal of research that the school shootings are being viewed through a very different lens, and that some Americans view the school shootings as a continuation of a curse that was placed on the white settlers, and also on all future generations of Americans, and that the curse had started as far back as 1763, which was the beginning of, “Pontiac’s War,” which had followed the French and Indian War, which is also known as, “The Seven Years’ War,” that had ended with the, “Treaty of Paris,” in the year 1763.  

The preliminary information that was given to me about the centuries old Indian curse was just the tip of the iceberg since the very same Native American Elder that had provided the information about the 250 year old curse of Enoch Brown, and the ten students that were also buried right alongside him in the mass grave that was tragically discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, also stated during our two day long interview that the curse was placed on the settlers shortly after the Pennsylvania authorities started to offer a reward for the scalp of any male or female Indian that was above the age of ten years old.

The Native American Elder also informed me that the curse was sealed with the killing of Enoch Brown, who was born in Ireland in 1694, and who had been the Head School Master up until he was murdered on the morning of 07/26/1764. Enoch Brown was murdered on the Pennsylvania frontier right along with a group of innocent children, who never even had a chance, and who weren’t as fortunate as Archie McCullough, who had been located during a frantic search for survivors, and who is said to have been found while he was washing his badly injured head since he had been effectively scalped during the surprise attack on the schoolhouse.      

The Native American Elder, who asked that his tribe not be named since he fears reprisal, also advised me that the 4 Lenape Indians that had carried out the attack on the schoolhouse, even though there are credible reports that suggest that Enoch Brown was a kindhearted man, and that he had also offered to give up his life in exchange for the lives of the slain students, had placed an eternal curse inside the United States of America, and that the curse will continue to affect our ability to learn in peace and to protect our children since the Lenape Indian students in the 1700s were being murdered in cold blood by the white settlers, and were robbed of their right to learn the ways of the Lenape Indian people since they were being forced to accept foreign white laws and customs and strange religions.

Enoch Brown and the ten slain students that didn’t survive the school shooing or massacre were murdered in cold blood by a group of school shooters, and there have been nonstop school shootings in America ever since “The 1764 School Massacre” took place on the Pennsylvania frontier 250 years ago.

I will begin to list the school shootings that mysteriously took place during the 1800s, and after the mass grave was discovered in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in the year 1764, so you can see the kind of school shooting phenomena that has followed the 1764 killing of Enoch Brown, who was beaten and scalped in front of his students by two elderly Native Americans and a young warrior that had accompanied them. And while some say there were 4 Lenape Indians others simply say two elderly men and a young warrior suddenly burst into the classroom while the children were being taught and stained the last part of the 1700s.

The 07/26/1764 massacre in Franklin County, Pennsylvania seems to have touched off the tragic school shooting phenomena in America since nothing like it had ever been recorded by the white settlers, who had been coming to America long before the start of Pontiac’s War. The 1764 school shooting of Enoch Brown by the 4 Lenape Indians must have been just as unsettling to the people in the 1700s as the Iraqi boy’s case, who by the way was accidentally shot in the head by a 12 year old female classmate, who brought a loaded handgun into a Los Angeles, California classroom.

The subsequent school shootings that have followed the July 26, 1764 massacre are absolutely staggering, and seem to justify a much wider look into the Native American Elder’s “Lenape Indian Curse Legend” that I as an investigative journalist was informed about in June of 2017, however, you will have to decide for yourselves once you finish reading my reports from the 1800s and trace the evolution of school shootings to present day America.

Louisville, Kentucky 11/2/1853: A lone student named Matthew Ward had purchased what is described as a self-cocking pistol during the morning hours of the day, and subsequently took it to school where he used it to kill Schoolmaster Butler for the offense of excessively punishing his brother the day before. Matthew Ward was later acquitted of all charges even though he had shot and killed Schoolmaster Butler at point blank range.

New York City 06/08/1867: A 13 year old boy smuggled a loaded pistol into Public School Number 18, and used it to shoot a fellow student, who never even saw the attack coming. The shooter’s parents, just like the shooter’s parents in 2018, had absolutely no idea that their son, who obviously hadn’t had access to violent video games in the 1800s, had, had a gun or that there had even been an issue at school. The teachers in 1867 didn’t know anything either.

Chattanooga, Tennessee 12/22/1868: A boy who had refused to accept corporal punishment (i.e., swats or strikes to the hands or buttocks for misbehaving) from one of his school teachers abruptly left his school and returned the following day with his brother and with one of his friends, and when they couldn’t find the teacher on the school grounds they paid a visit to his home where a gun battle had quickly ensued that had left three people dead from gunshot wounds. The boy’s brother was the sole survivor.

Salisbury, Maryland 03/09/1873: Ms. Shockley was innocently walking with 4 small children shortly after school had already ended when a menace named Hall suddenly approached her and shot her dead while the children watched in horror. The schoolmaster ran out to render her aid, but she was already dead. Hall committed suicide later on that night by throwing himself underneath a moving train.

Lancaster, New York 05/24/1879: A man named Frank Shugart, who was a telegraph operator by trade, abruptly shot and wounded Mr. Carr, who was the Superintendent of the school’s stables. The shooting had taken place while a carriage that was filled with female students was pulling out of the school’s stables.

Gainesville, Georgia 03/15/1884: A group of extremely drunk Jackson County farmers, who had become drunk in the middle of the day, were walking down the street while continuing to drink, and while shooing their pistols without any regard for the safety of others. The farmers had exited the Jug Tavern prior to firing their pistols and prior to forcing the onlookers to flee to their homes for safety. The men continued to drink and as they approached a female academy a group of girls ran from the schoolyard and entered the school building where the drunks decided to follow them. The men were cursing and drinking up a storm, and recklessly fired several shots into the front door of the school, but thankfully none of the girls were injured.

Charleston, South Carolina 07/04/1886: A little girl named Emma Connelly unexpectedly shot and killed John Steedley during their co-ed Sunday school class. Emma reportedly killed John for spreading slanderous lies about her. The killing had come a few days after Emma’s brother had already whipped John a couple of times for the very same offense.

Watertown, New York 04/12/1887: A boy named Edwin Bush, who was a student at Potsdam Norman School, decided to take a loaded gun to school with him, and used it to kill himself by firing a round into his head while he was still on school grounds.

Cleveland, Tennessee 06/12/1887: A boy named Will Guess smuggled a loaded gun into his school and used it to murder Irene Fann, who was his little sister’s unwed school teacher. The atrocious killing of Ms. Fann had come the day after she had subjected Will’s little sister to corporal punishment, which was a common form of discipline during the 1800s.

New Brunswick, New Jersey 06/13/1889: A boy named Charles Crawford had grown extremely angry over an argument that he had, had with a School Trustee at his school when he suddenly marched over to an open window and fired his pistol into a crowded classroom. However, no one was killed during the incident, but a bullet had lodged itself into the space on the wall that was just above the teacher’s head.

Newburgh, New York 04/9/1891: A 70 year old man named James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students while they were innocently standing on the playground at St. Mary’s Parochial School. The students received minor injuries during the unprovoked attack that had shocked the nation since no one had suspected that an elderly man of 70 years would deliberately target children.

The one thing that we can clearly see when we examine the historical records with an unbiased mind, and with a journalistic heart, is that young people were solving their own problems back then, and that they weren’t involving the adults in the problem solving processes like they had previously done in past centuries, so what happened to the youth of America, and what made them turn on each other, and on the authority figures of the 1800s, and why didn’t this happen in 1619 or in 1632 or in 1702 or even in 1764?

We can clearly see the overall change in the nature of America’s children during the 1800s when we examine the case of Emma Connelly, who murdered John Steedley over a few slanderous lies that in her immature mind had equated death by pistol.

We can also see the change in Edwin Bush, who had committed suicide at school since he simply couldn’t see any other way out.

The change can also be noted in the case of Will Guess and his little sister, who must have seen corporal punishment as an act of war, and as a reason for Irene Fann to die.

We can also see the profound change in America’s youth when we examine the case of Schoolmaster Butler, who was murdered by Matthew Ward, whose immature mind had also told him that he should sentence Mr. Butler to death for the act of excessively punishing his brother.

The parents of the children that are listed in the cases from the 1800s had absolutely no knowledge about what their kids were going to do since the kids in the 1800s had their very own “Child Kingdom” just like you and I had when we were growing up, and just like the kids had in 3800 BCE, and just like the kids have in 2018.

So, now that we have established the existence of the “Child Kingdom” on the earth, which is filled with secrets upon secrets, the question then becomes, is the curse of Enoch Brown fact or fiction since the school shootings in America started with his death, and with the deaths of greater than 6 children, and have continued even though a radio host had recently stated that school shootings didn’t start until 1999, which is some 235 years after the first school shooting that took place on 07/26/1764?                

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –