Currently in the United States of America crimes routinely go unsolved and unpunished for an alarming reason that isn’t readily discussed in the mass media for political reasons.

The perpetrators of these crimes aren’t always who they appear to be on the camera, however, due to certain stereotypes and deeply held biases that are often held by some law enforcement agencies and the individual law enforcement officers and the manufacturers of certain racially sensitive items, it is easy for these crimes to continue to persist while the guilty continue to escape justice and while the innocent citizens of the United States of America are often harassed for no reason at all since they are innocent.

Now it goes without saying that there are real perpetrators of crime, and that they definitely deserve to be arrested and tried by a jury, but when the individuals that have been entrusted with enforcing the law and with investigating the individual crimes choose to look no further than the nearest black person, which is a decision that’s based entirely on the prevailing attitudes of a large percentage of white Americans who’ve essentially grown up with certain outdated racial biases, and with images of America’s Most Wanted still swirling around inside their minds since this is the kind of handpicked diet that the Hollywood elites chose to feed the general public, then it becomes exceedingly difficult to convince the detectives to take a second look at some of the bank robberies and gas station hold ups and convenience store stick ups when the suspect is black.

A white American who went online and lawfully purchased a mask that allowed him to look like an African American male used the very same mask to rob three banks and the police were all but convinced that the suspect in the bank robberies was black up until they realized that the bank robber was a white man in disguise.

Make-up has also been used by white women to commit crimes in the name of black women and no one even gives it a second thought.

White criminals also study the speech patterns of certain black Americans in an effort to make their crimes of identity all the more convincing which is why the unsuspecting clerks are thoroughly convinced that the robbers are black when the perpetrators are in fact nothing more than master manipulators and dastardly imposters who are only capable of impersonating certain “Urban Blacks” since many of the black Americans that you haven’t seen on TV sound profoundly different.                               

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –