I like you have certainly heard numerous claims about there being an attack on Christmas and a coordinated effort to change the language around the Christmas holiday which begs the question. What is different about the world that the individuals are living in that causes them to believe that Christmas is being assaulted by a group of unseen conspirators that want to ban Christmas altogether and whether or not it is working?

While investigating the assault on Christmas I have found no evidence that the alleged attempted attack on Christmas has had the desired effect on African Americans or Filipino Americans or Mexican Americans since these particular groups continue to celebrate Christmas in its original form and had absolutely no idea that there was an assault on Christmas since they never stopped saying Merry Christmas since it’s a time honored family tradition. They also never considered replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays since they have never been involved in discriminating against anyone on the basis of their religious preference.

The Filipino Americans that I interviewed still put up their Christmas decorations in the month of September and keep them up throughout the month of December, so they have not been affected by the alleged attack on Christmas since they regularly attend church and greet all of their friends and family with Merry Christmas.

The African Americans that I interviewed advised me that they still start shopping for their Christmas foods and girts beginning in the month of October and that they also start playing their Christmas music in mid-October in anticipation of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so they haven’t been affected by the assault either since they stated that Merry Christmas and the cross are here to stay.

The Mexican Americans that I interviewed stated that although their American birth certificates might state that they are white that they as a group do not agree with the Anglos that want to exchange Merry Christmas for Happy Holidays since they grew up saying Merry Christmas. They also stated that they still prepare tamales for Christmas as well as turkey dinners since they love Christmas and aren’t going to stop saying Merry Christmas just because someone on the television tells them to.

The only group that I could find that has been affected by the assault on Christmas is white Americans who unanimously stated that the whole idea of changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays is a satanic conspiracy to control the language of the children of God and that it is going to fail because the Christian Zionists are aware of the plot to end Christianity throughout the world and right here in the United States of America.                

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –