Today is an extremely sad day for all Americans since our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico have been experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering while our collective media has been concealing the truth by diverting our attention to other stories of less importance.

I spoke with several people from Yauco Puerto Rico that were fortunate enough to get in touch with their family members on the island which has been completely devastated. And to add to the crisis the flood waters have unearthed many of the bodies that were buried throughout Puerto Rico. Citizens are  not only worried about themselves, but also about their deceased loved ones since they have absolutely no way of determining the identity of the corpses that are floating in the very same water that many of them are forced to drink from since clean water is extremely hard to find.

Plus some people are stealing food and leaving others without since the re-establishment of law and order is difficult since some people are completely shut off from all resources and from governmental control due to the sheer devastation that has taken place. However, I have received reports that Puerto Ricans on the island are displaying the true American spirit just like the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma since they are helping one another by sharing canned soups and vegetables and crackers and the occasional peanut butter and fruit that survived Hurricane Maria.

Some citizens of Puerto Rican ancestry, who are married to a number of African Americans,  cannot understand why the U.S. Military did not immediately start dropping water and ready-to-eat-meals or why the large corporations that are doing business in Puerto Rico did not fly in gas generators and fuel, so the people of Puerto Rico could have power. They also don’t understand why their government in Washington DC did not supply them with water purification pills since it knew that widespread contamination would occur.

The people of Puerto Rico just want the kind of humanitarian assistance that has been given to the rest of the world and that was given to Mexico immediately following the 1985 earthquake and that they are receiving today since Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States of America and have a long standing history of serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.             

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –