As a journalist I take great pride in interviewing ordinary Americans since they are the lovers and the fighters that have shaped America throughout the years even though some of our elected officials seem to have forgotten about at least one of our generations that still has the ability to vote. The candidate that remembers this will have the attention of the entire American voting block since the World War II veterans are still with us just like the Baby Boomers and Generation X and the Millennials and Generation Y who already named President Trump in my previous news article.  

The “Ultra- Senior-Citizens” or those that are 80 years old or older feel as though they are being deliberately left behind by the younger Americans since nothing is being done to incorporate them into the new technological age even though they are Americans.

One of the things that is not readily understood about the Ultra- Senior-Citizens is that many of them worked jobs that did not require them to use fax machines or typewriters or word processors or computers for that matter, so now that we have put just about everything online, we have alienated an entire generation of Americans that need our help.

I have done my part to help the Ultra- Senior-Citizens, however, we need “A Symphony Of Knowledge” that will sweep all across America and that will serve as a model for other Western countries that have modernized without educating their people.

During my interviews that averaged an hour plus. I fielded questions like, “I heard that you have to have a desktop in order to have a laptop or a tablet since the desktop is the central command center?” To which I replied they are all independent systems and do not need to be connected to each other in order for them to work. This particular question came from a mailman of 30 plus years.

Another question was, “What are the young people saying because they are no longer speaking English even though they are clearly black and white in most instances?” The Ultra- Senior-Citizens, who were mostly in their 90s, wanted to know what LOL and LMAO and a Tweet and OMG and Dawg meant. And they also wanted to know what a side Piece was and what a BFF is and what anime is all about, so I took the time to explain the differences and the Ultra- Senior-Citizens were extremely grateful since they still had the desire to learn and to engage with the younger people despite claims that you can only market prescription drugs to them due to their ages.  

I am highlighting this particular deficiency in our society since Bernice W. was in tears when she said to me, “My grandson said hold on grandma I need to send a text to my friend. And I was so embarrasses that I didn’t know what to do since I had no idea what he was talking about, and when I asked my 40 year old daughter she got mad at me and said ‘Oh mother don’t you know anything’?” I took the time to explain to Bernice that texting is really nothing new since there was something that Americans used to carry on their hips and that they called “Pagers” and that an advanced version of the Pager had come out and that it allowed the end users to send text messages like “We’re ready” and “Patient X is in cardiac arrest” and “Meet us at Grand Central Station” etc. Bernice instantly remembered the pagers since she was in a grocery store when a doctor received a text message prior to asking to use the cordless landline phone since the first brick sized cellphones hadn’t debuted yet. Mystery solved.

I was also asked by a 92 year old woman whether or not people are inside the computers or if someone is working behind the scenes like they are in the world of television since messages are coming up on the scene? And another person who was also in his 90s wanted to know why the people in the computer wouldn’t respond to his verbal commands when he asked them to help him out after he had gotten stuck while trying to find a document that he had recently crated?

A government funded program or a privately funded “Knowledge Suite” that addresses and/or covers all of the basic things that we do from day to day with regard to technology and our everyday communications; will help the current Ultra Senior Citizens, who I might add will one day be replaced by the Millennials, who will also need our help once they reach their 80s and 90s and 100s, and especially once we begin to build an entirely new infrastructure that will be based on a 22nd and 23rd Century state of mind since it will allow the cellphone to become a magic wand while using “The Majestic” which is the name of my “Single Categorized Universal Phone App” that I already contacted the US Patent and Trademark Office about since I conceived of an entirely new world and a world that would one day work with The Majestic since The Majestic will be able to interface with the upscale restaurants in Singapore and in Africa and in Paris France and in Mexico and in London England and in Los Angeles and in Beverly Hills and throughout the entire Continental United States of America and the world at large.

The rest of my futurist thoughts are below since The Majestic and Magic Wand Technology and my Single Categorized Universal Phone App and corresponding computer app are futuristic concepts that I developed a long, long time ago while observing the dual evolution of mankind and goods and services and their overall effect on us as a species.    

The Majestic will create trillions and trillions of lasting jobs as the intelligent businessmen and the intelligent businesswomen begin to adopt a 22nd and 23rd and 24th and 25th and 26th and 27th and 28th and 29th and 30th and 31st Century state of mind that will be ruled by artificial intelligence and advanced robotics and by the magic wand that will be carried around inside one’s pocket or purse or handbag since it will be the key that opens the mighty door to the kingdom of the world since it will be directly linked to all of the “Intelligent Businesses” that want to do business on a global level that surpasses anything that has ever been seen before since artificial intelligence and advance robots and full digital access to the world’s inventories and menus is the way of the future since aircraft will begin to deliver meals from all around the world since international upscale restaurants will be in demand once the end user and/or subscriber can access the menus while placing a to go order that will be delivered fresh by a licensed service provider that will bring the world’s foods to you.   

The Majestic will allow you to open and to drive any and all local and international car rentals since you will be given a unique code that will have an expiration date that will be determined beforehand. And if you own the vehicle then your code or password will never expire and you will be able to create your own unique password in the 21st Century or beyond if my idea is adopted and/or appropriated by car manufacturers and by the app makers and comes online during the 21st Century or after.

The Majestic or my concept for a Single Categorized Universal Phone App will make you the master of any world that you choose to create for yourself since it is indeed magic wand technology.

The Majestic if adopted will give you instant access to the ubiquitous worldwide “Rent-A-Robot” centers that will provide companion robots and housekeeping robots and talking artificially intelligent drones that will take breath taking High Definition vacation photos while you relax, and the fact that you’ll be in a country that still uses 220 Direct Current won’t matter because we will all have access to the goods and services that make our lives better.    

The Majestic or magic wand technology or my concept for a Single Categorize Universal Phone App and corresponding Computer App will link the entire world once the new “Intelligent Infrastructure” is securely in place which means that the humans of the future will inherit a world without digital borders as we continue to evolve as a species while slowly transforming our world into a unified home through the skillful applicant of magic wand technology which is a concept that I developed when I first observed The Evolution of Goods and Services when I was in elementary school.               

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –