Can you imagine getting everything ready the night before Christmas only to wake up to a furry crime scene that is coupled with confusion and anger and frustration and possible financial ruin since you’ve spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for your family and friends?

Would you still be in the holiday spirit if you learned that you had incurred 400 dollars in damages while you were fast asleep and dreaming of all of the things that you were going to do on Christmas day such as driving to your grandmother’s house for dinner? Would you still say Merry Christmas or would you say something else?

Bette who still lives in the state of Colorado was asked these very questions two Christmases in a row when her car wouldn’t start. Bette who is 27 years old had no idea that the wiring in her car had been attacked and damaged by a band of hungry squirrels. She also didn’t know that some of her neighbors had also been hit by the very same squirrels until she heard them trying to start their cars. The entire ordeal was rather frightening and Bette initially assumed that she had been the victim of a botched car theft until she learned that the neighborhood squirrels had damaged the electrical wiring in her car since the wiring in coated with soy which the squirrels can smell and find to be quite tasty.

Bette still found the courage to say Merry Christmas even though her grandfather told her how much the bill would be.      

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –