On 11/09/2016 I woke up early, so I could capture the raw and spontaneous emotions that I was sure that the American voters would have at the conclusion of the Election of the Century which is otherwise known as the 2016 presidential election.

The sun was shining particularly bright and people were everywhere and there was a feeling of cleanliness and relief that was in the air when I visited Orange County California. I witnessed coffee lines that were extraordinary long and at places that are normally empty. Blacks and whites and Hispanics and Asians were all holding hands inside small prayer circles while praising their God for the victory. Some were also praying for Donald J. Trump to receive divine protection and for him to be able to deliver the tax cuts that the poor so desperately need.

I asked the crowd whether or not they had been influenced by the radio host Alex Jones or by any of his guests that had appeared on his show and they stated that Alex Jones did not play a part in their decision to vote for the Republican candidate and that it was Trump himself that had convinced them since he was the only one to point out that the Democrats only go to the impoverished black areas when they need votes. They also liked the fact that Trump said the Democrats say thanks a lot and see you in four years after the election is over, but what really convinced them to vote for “The Age of Trump” was when he vowed not to do the same.

I also interviewed a Hispanic woman who told me that she is in the country illegally and that she voted for Trump because she was horrified by CNN giving the questions and the answers before the debates. She also stated that the black magic emails that came out on 11/04/2016 turned her stomach and convinced her to vote for Trump since he wants to deport the kind of criminals that raped her grandmother. Alicia also stated that learning that the Pharisees had been controlling the people through information until Jesus came on the scene really woke her up to the truth and caused time to slow down just enough for her to be able to think before she decided to vote for Trump and The New Age that he represents.   

I also traveled to Los Angeles where I met blacks and whites and Hispanics that were upset that Hillary Clinton had lost the presidential race. They blamed white females and the Polar Left for their defeat, but admitted that the tax cuts would help them since they are within the range that Trump wants to help. Many of the people also stated that they voted Democratic because it is a family tradition and that they are still with Hillary Clinton even though she lost the presidential race. Barbara who is the only one that was willing to give me her first name stated that the private citizens won the race for Trump since they were far more effective than NBC and CNN and CBS and talk radio which is seriously overrated. Barbara also stated that her grandmother and grandfather who had fled the South more than 50 years ago both voted for Trump since they remembered how a group of Democrats had attacked them because they are black.

Barbara also stated that her grandmother told her on 11/07/2016 that Trump was going to win the 2016 presidential race since she had had a dream that showed Jezebel being stabbed and thrown from the altar by God who was pointing at her while saying you shall not rule over my people. My grandmother interpreted this as Trump defeating Clinton and she turned out to be correct. And now that the race is over I hope that Trump will make the tax cuts because my brother Samuel needs a job which I understand will be available once the businesses receive tax cuts. My brother voted for Trump because he said that Trump understands that black people are hurting and will do more for the blacks than Obama ever did which is nothing since his whole focus was on the so called Dreamers whose dreams aren’t any more important than black Americans since we were actually born here and have fought in every single war that America has been involved in since we r real patriots.

I also visited North Hollywood where I met a group of whites who stated that the Democrats had relied too heavily on the Hispanic vote and that they had taken the blacks for granted and that this is why they had lost the race since black people don’t care about what the celebrities are saying since they care about having jobs and safe neighborhoods and food on their tables. I was also told that the Democrats don’t realize that the blacks that don’t purchase rap music or Beyonce records far outnumber the ones that do and that they are the kind of black Americans that must be treated as equals since they are not the kind of people t will go out and protest since they protest on election day.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –