In the summers of 1995 and 2005 I conducted a series of time-capsule-interviews that were centered on what we as a species could quite possibly expect to experience in the year 2035. The subjects that I selected for the time-capsule-interviews were college students that were in their twenties when they were first interviewed in 1995. I chose the students since they were studying various subjects that could possibly impact their overall views with respect to the future.

At the very end of the 2005 time-capsule-interviews I will provide the answers that I provided the students after they asked my own views on 2035 since their professor advised them that I am also a futurist.  

The students were not told my own personal views until the last of the 2005 time-capsule-interviews had been concluded. This was done in order to preserve the integrity of the interviews which would have been tainted if I had disclosed my own thoughts about 2035 prior to conducting the interviews. My futuristic views were also kept from the professor since any good journalist knows that he or she cannot disclose his or her own views prior to conducting an interview.

The journalist’s views if he or she should decide to give them must always be seen as an added bonus for participating in the interview. The journalist must also clarify that he or she is not offering his or her opinion as a journalist, but as a private citizen or under his or her  other title which is why I advised the former students in 2005 that I was offering my views on 2035 as a futurist and not as a journalist. This is the essence of 21st Century Journalism.       

Summer of 1995

Carlito was a 22 year old Filipino American who was majoring in religious studies since he wanted to become a priest.

I honestly believe that the people in 2035 will be riding horses and donkeys since the devil will cause a nuclear war that will destroy a great percentage of the Western World and the Middle East and the Philippines since US troops are using our homeland. This will happen because the prophet Daniel tells us so. Revelation also talks about the coming disaster, however, the people won’t listen and this is why I want to become a priest so I can save their souls since Damascus will be the center of contention since the Christians will be being persecuted all around the world right along with the priests who will be the only thing that stands between the devil and the souls of the people.

Andrea was a 24 year old white American who was majoring in nursing since she wanted to become a registered nurse.

I believe the people in 2035 will learn to love one another once they see how Americans have worked together to end aids once and for all. The people in 2035 will also acknowledge the American volunteers that have gone to places like Africa and Haiti in their quest to save lives. The nursing students in 2035 will see the good side of America because we will bring the world’s poor medicine and vitamins and the kinds of free technology that will extend their lives. America will teach the world peace through acts of kindness.

Jake was a 21 year old African American who was majoring in propulsion systems since he wanted to enter the world of space exploration.

I believe that the people who are living in 2035 will have the time of their lives because the United States and Russia and China will collectively colonize Mars and they will call their new countries Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar since they will be microcosms of the countries that will still exist on the earth. The space tourism industry will absolutely explode since there will be no human on human wars on Mars since each nation will be a nonnuclear nation with no more than 200,000 troops that will only exist for the protection of the humans that will be living on Mars. The conventional armies will be necessary since the scientists on Mars will discover hostile extraterrestrial life forms shortly after the three nations start launching manned space exploration crafts from the surface of Mars. The humans on Mars will also have extremely powerful telescopes that will allow them to see into other galaxies that will be filled with intelligent life forms that will instantly take an active interest in Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar.  

Jun was a 26 year old Korean American who was majoring in political science since she wanted to enter the world of politics.

I believe that the Korean people that will be living in both North Korea and South Korea will be forced to live very simple lives that will be reminiscent of the unified Korea when it was ruled by kings and queens and crown princes. These conditions will exist in 2035 because the two Koreas will go to war with one another since outsiders will instigate the conflict through arms deals that will be directed at South Korea. I hope to help the two Koreas to rebuild under a single Korean flag despite my parents hatred of North Korea.

Summer of 2005

Carlito ten years later: I still believe that we are heading towards a nuclear war since we went back to Iraq after the 1991 war had concluded which means that we are going to remain in that region and that the prophecy of Daniel will come true. You see people love to call us crazy bible heads, but we are far from crazy because certain laypeople and a handful of priests and pastors alike who were active during the 1980s were using bible prophecy to predict the 1991 Iraq war and to also predict the second war in Iraq, however, these people cannot get any airtime on Fox or CBS or ABC or NBC because the truth must remain hidden underneath stories about celebrities even though the world is deteriorating on a global scale. This is the kind of information that needs to get out since certain people often like to talk about fighting an information war against other humans which simply means that they don’t understand that all of the good people that are upon the earth are fighting the very same information war that the devil started when he rebelled against God. The corrupt are with the devil and we are with God and this is the information war that we have been born into and that will still be fought in 2035 while the humans are openly cursing the leaders from the 1990s and the early to mid 2000s while riding horses and donkeys.

Andrea ten years later: We may not have dealt aids a death blow but we are getting close since we have extended the lives of aids patients. But on another note I am extremely sad that we went to war in Iraq because I had hoped that we would have learned enough from all of the other wars that we have been in and that we would be delivering food and medicine by now instead of bombs that only hurt innocent men women and children. The nursing students in 2035 will be ashamed of us because they will inherit a broken world that is ravaged by disease and hunger.

Jake ten years later: I still believe that Unisimar and Russimar and Chinamar will become a reality, but I also believe that the earth dwellers in 2035 will enter restaurants that will be completely different from the ones that we experience today because the menus will spring up from the table right before they appear in holographic form. The individual restaurant patron will have his or her mind read by the holographic menu while he or she looks over the menu. A water powered drone will then deliver the silverware and the napkins while an even bigger battery powered drone delivers the food. The cashier will be a life sized hydrogen powered robot that will accept all forms of electronic payment including credit cards. The cooks will also be hydrogen powered robots since humans will no longer be needed in most restaurants. The robots will have artificial intelligence so the patrons will be able to have a conversation with them. Plus they will be hooked up to the internet so people will be able to ask them anything. The restaurants will also serve beer and wine which will be delivered by appropriately sized battery powered drones which will have a life span of 25 years.  

Jun ten years later: I still believe that the Korean people in 2035 will be set back technologically due to war since outsiders won’t rest until they start a big war between the two Koreas. I think that the Koreas need to remember their collective history because this is the only thing that can avert war. The two Koreas need to remember their fight against Japan which was unprovoked. The people on both sides of the DMZ want peace with one another and remember how Mexico and other foreign nations sent troops to try to defeat North Korea who fought and fought until the foreign soldiers gave up. Koreans everywhere need to unite or the Koreans in 2035 will be lost to time.

My futurist thoughts on 2035 which were conceived well in advance of 2005

The people living in 2035 will be picked up by buses that will be self-driven and that will be dispatched by satellites that will possess artificial intelligence. The AI satellites will eliminate the need for a human to come into work when he or she is sick. The buses themselves will also have artificial intelligence so passengers will be able to ask the bus questions. Passengers will also be sold age appropriate bus passes right on the bus. This will be accomplished through the camera system that the AI will be using to separate the adults from kids and the handicapped riders from the non-handicapped riders who will be charged their appropriate fare which will be based on their disability.  

The battery powered AI bus will also use cameras to determine when it should stop for passengers as well as a GPS system to determine its routes and when it should stop for red lights and road closures. And if the AI bus breakdowns it will call for another bus to be sent while it troubleshoots the problem. The part will be ordered by the bus and will be waiting for the technician by the time that the bus arrives back at the yard.

The people living in 2035 will also have the limited option to ride in a flying car that will also be controlled by satellites that will have artificial intelligence. This will prevent midair collisions that will be the direct result of people racing through the skies. The cars will be able to hover at a standstill and they will either possess helicopter technology or they will fly like a jet once the wings come out of the body of the car. There will be four sets of wings and only the super-rich or Presidents or world leaders will be able to own one of these advanced automobiles that will drive like a brand new Mercedes Benz. The rest will be for commercial use only just like the flying buses that will be completely powered by battery cells just like the flying cars. This will prevent fuel explosions should the cars or buses happen to crash land. The occupants of the buses and car will be seated inside a protective foam capsule that will look like the inside of an ordinary car or bus. This will save lives during a crash.

The people in 2035 will fly on pilotless airplanes that will be controlled by satellites that will possess artificial intelligence. This will prevent future 911s from happening since human pilots will not be in control of the airplanes. The AI airplanes will deploy a sleeping aerosol during a high jacking which will put the terrorist or terrorists and everyone else to sleep while the satellite guides the plane to safety. The plane will also phone the police who will be waiting with handcuffs. The AI airplane will also commutate with the stewardess onboard the plane. Plus some flights will have AI robots that will serve food and check the vital signs of the passengers and in the event that the AI airplane detects a mechanical problem it will ask the satellite for a safe place to land the battery powered airplane that will be equipped with a foam capsule that will protect the passengers. No explosions will be experienced since fuel will not be used and since the batteries will be in a protective case.         

The aforementioned leaps in technology are achievable within our lifetimes if we only apply ourselves.                     


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –