Is there really a society-ending-water-shortage or a coming water apocalypse as some are presently predicting, and if so, then what can we do in order to avoid the apocalypse?

This very question was posed to a number of concerned American citizens after I overheard a heated discussion that was taking place inside a Palm Springs California coffee shop. I will list many of the responses and a number of the solutions below as well as the comments that were made in conjunction with the solutions.

Male Caucasian aged 63: I am terrified for my grandchildren and also for the younger generations because Governor Jerry Brown is out of touch with reality because instead of putting Americans, and inner city black Americans in particular, through a training program that will allow them to build hundreds of desalination plants, he’s too busy taking trips and imposing fines for using the water that we get from other states who are eventually going to run out of water since we aren’t sending a single drop of water their way even though California is surrounded by water. And why try to bring the Olympics to California when we don’t even have enough water for ourselves and when we have police officers of all colors that are murdering people in the streets as if they are hunting game or nonhuman entities.

I thought we had a free and open society but this is nothing more than a penal colony and we are the prisoners who are to be disarmed and massacred and this is why the politicians aren’t interested in fixing the water problem since we won’t be around in the future.   

Female Hispanic from El Salvador aged 33: Desalination plants will definitely help us out and if the politicians don’t start taking this issue seriously then there are going to be water wars that are going to be fought between the states because I immigrated here legally and settled in Nevada and we aren’t going to continue to send water to California just because they won’t do anything about their illegal immigration problem. We also aren’t going to die of thirst just because they have all of those stupid sanctuary cities that require more and more water which Washington and the governor of California are purposely ignoring, which is a mistake because the people of Nevada are going to fight for their water when things get down to the wire and if California wants a state vs state war then they will get one because our children deserve to live just like the Californians who should be asking the federal government to use some of its foreign policy money to build the desalination plants. The Californians that care about the safety and the wellbeing as well as the futures of their children should also ask the federal government to end all forms of illegal immigration by providing Mexico with the money that it needs in order to create jobs for its people.

The foreign policy dollars should also be used for Puerto Rico and for El Salvador and other Latin American countries whose citizens are illegally immigrating to the United States. And Africa and Haiti and Belize should also be given the money as well because they also need clean drinking water and jobs for their people, but because their skin is black no one cares about their lives. Well, I love all of God’s people and want them to succeed and I wouldn’t be a true Catholic if I didn’t want the best for my black brothers and sisters here in America and across the world.    

Male black aged 65: What she said about the states fighting water wars could come in the next 10 to 15 years because I remember when the Hoover Dam was full and now it just looks like a river and it won’t be long before the citizens in Nevada and Arizona realize that they are being bled dry by the Californians, which is why I plan to move back to Texas in the next 5 years because you see us Texans take care of our own and we are not going to allow the Californians to steal our water when they are surrounded by water. When I used to visit my relatives in Southern California during the 1970s and the early part of the 1980s the aqueducts were full, but now people are walking through them and they are also driving cars through them since all of the water has disappeared because of overpopulation, which is the result of illegal immigration from all around the world.

The US Government and the governors and the employers and the renters and sellers of homes as well as the banks and the politicians and organized religion and community based organizations and the mass media created this avoidable water crisis by allowing illegal immigration which would have never gotten off the ground if not for a group of corrupt Americans who loved money more than their country.

I can honestly say that the powers that be sold us out because legal immigration, which I am in favor of, allows the planners to ensure that our resources will sustain us Americans as well as the legal immigrants whose numbers are known.

Female black aged 26: I meet water conservationists every day because of the kind of work that I do and they are absolutely terrified since they understand that Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are eventually going to go away if something isn’t done on a federal level, which is why they support Donald J. Trump since he’s a builder as well as a visionary who understands the concerns of ordinary Americans like us. And if proactive measures aren’t taken within the next few years then it’s going to create a big, big problem for us Americans. The simple solution according to my African American water conservationist contacts is to stop all illegal immigration and to replenish our water supplies by enlisting the help of Mexico. The plan is to have Americans build desalination plants and to also have Mexico provide jobs for its citizens who will also build and maintain desalination plants in Mexico. The water will then be purchased from Mexico and used to replenish certain areas that have already been devastated. Inner city training programs for African Americans and Asian Americans and poor white Americans and documented Hispanics would also be on the table since the overall safety of our nation is at stake since all of our military bases in the affected areas would be compromised during a complete water shortage that can be prevented if the responsible parties act before it is too late.    

Female Mexican American aged 38: I remember the Hoover Dam being a lot fuller as well and agree that illegal immigration should be stopped because I have been run into three times in the past 4 years and the accidents have all been caused by undocumented workers who didn’t have insurance or the necessary skills to be behind the wheel of a car.

And if we start using our brains then we can clearly see that the water is running out and that illegal immigration is the cause since Mexican Americans and blacks and whites and Asian Americans aren’t having that many kids, which is obviously a problem for some people because my 71 year old uncle who lives in Los Angeles and who fought in the Vietnam War told me a month ago that his neighborhood used to be peaceful back in the late seventies when it was just church going blacks and whites and Chicanos, but after the news media started saying Americans aren’t having enough children, just like they’re saying in Europe, people from Mexico started appearing in his neighborhood during the 1980s and since he doesn’t speak Spanish it was extremely rough and many of his possessions were stolen and his water bill went up because the entire population increase overnight.

My uncle also said that you will know that we have reached the coming water apocalypse when the birds start falling from the sky because they are dying from thirst and when dead homeless people start collapsing inside the grocery stores as they try to steal water. You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when you go to turn on the water faucet and nothing comes out and when you go into the streets to see if anyone else has noticed because millions of Californians will be searching for the very same answer to your question which will be what happened to all of the water? You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when you hear news reports that say Nevada and Arizona have declared war on California. You will also know that the water apocalypse has arrived when the news reports that people have been arrested for smuggling water across the Nevada and California border and that the state troopers from both states have engaged in gun battles with one another and that people leaving Nevada and Arizona while heading for California are being asked whether or not they are carrying water.

The things that my uncle told me are absolutely frightening, so we definitely need more and more desalination plants and Mexico should build them as well because believe it or not Mexican Nationals would like their government to provide jobs for them so they can remain with their families in Mexico instead of coming to the United States, but as my uncle always says companies in America don’t want to hire blacks because of racism so they create a surrogate state of hell in Mexico which forces people to cross the border which is why there is a coming water war that the US Government won’t talk about even though all of the signs are there.  

There is clearly a great deal of concern when it comes to water which is evidenced by the citizens that I interviewed, so perhaps one of the Presidential hopefuls will come up with a solution to the problem since the men and women who have already weighed in on the current situation want to see something done before the nation reaches a state of emergency which will also affect our military bases that are located in California and other states.

So what should our leaders do to address the concerns of the people, and should it also include a complete stoppage of all illegal immigration as some have suggested?

Is the safety of our nation truly in jeopardy as some have suggested after some real time observations of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and the aqueducts?

Lastly, are we as a society able to ration our way to safety while millions and millions of people are tapping into our water supply on a daily basis or must we build more desalination plants which will create jobs for Americans? In addition, should the federal government fund this undertaking by using foreign policy dollars to aid Mexico in building desalination plants inside their country that will support the ones that are built right here in America?  


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –