On 06/15/2014, I started conducting interviews that were centered on the American frenzy to obtain digital television before the rabbit ears stopped functioning.

I can remember a great deal of people being overly concerned about missing out, and desperately signing up for cable television or for satellite television or for internet service, so they could stream movies while reading different news sites. There was also a great deal of confusion and mistrust and questions about why the government was going to turn off the television signal. And some recent immigrates were so terrified that they packed up and left the country because they believed that a major war was going to be fought in America and that this is why the analog television signal was being turned off.  

Some conspiracy theorists also believed that the US Government was going to send a digital killer wave that was going to wipe out all of the poor whites and blacks and Hispanics and that this is why poor people were being forced to obtain a digital signal. There was also another set of consumers that were in a state of sheer panic since purchasing cable or satellite television or the internet would cause them to have to cancel their newspaper subscriptions since they wouldn’t be able to afford both.

The interviews below are the aftermath, and they reveal some of the other thoughts concerning the change from analog to digital.

Andre Lewis was interviewed on 06/15/2014 nd this is what he had to say. As a 32 year old African American male I had initially thought that my life would be over since I was going back to school at the time after a layoff, and couldn’t afford to purchase cable television or the internet. However, after a couple months without television I decided to visit my grandmother so I could catch up on the news, and I was surprised to find out that she hadn’t made the switch and when I asked why she didn’t have cable, she simply pointed to a pile of books and said your grandfather and I couldn’t afford a television for many years and this is how we entertained ourselves. She also said America used to be a nation of readers, and you need to understand that reading isn’t just for school. This statement changed my life because the only time that I sit in front of the television is when I am watching the WWENetwork. The rest of my time is spent reading news sites and books on everything.

Michelle C. is a 42 year old white female that was interviewed on 06/25/14 and this is what she had to say. I did not make the switch to digital television because I felt that I would be much better off reading books than watching the news because I am sick and tired of hearing about deranged females who have been made into heroines after getting away with sexually mutilating the men in their lives. These people are not heroes and they belong in prison for the rest of their lives because there is no excuse for this type of repugnant behavior and any decent woman who is worth anything would tell you the very same thing. My mother was a decent woman and she said that the new women that have come into the USA behave like wild animals and that they know nothing about being a woman because real women do not sexually mutilate males. I agree with my mother and simply stick to my books because the news isn’t the news anymore because the people reporting the news are downright silly.  

Jennifer W. is a 23 year old Asian American who was interviewed on 07/17/2014 and this is what she had to say. I am glad that my parents did not make the switch to digital television because reading creates a much stronger brain. Plus reading helps you to think better and to solve problems since you are constantly interacting with the author’s intelligence which causes you to use your brain to create the scenes. I am also glad that I don’t have television at home because all of the males are acting stupid which teaches the males in our society to mimic characters. I want a man who is serious and it doesn’t matter if he is black or Asian or white just as long as he is serious about his life and wants to something besides drinking and playing videogames and going to clubs. I want a guy to give me the kind of life that my father has given my mother because he is always taking her place and surprising her with girts and with food and things. Plus he shares things with her that he has read and she loves it. This is the kind of America that I want my sons and daughters to inherit.               

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –