Throughout the ages humans have had an unquenchable desire to visit the past or to even gain insights into the future which has morphed into plans to build a time machine that will allow humans to communicate with those in the future or in the past.

There have also been numerous television shows and radio episodes and movies that have been solely dedicated to the subject of time travel; however, there are a number of questions that still need to be asked which will be raised in this news article as well as how time travel is already being achieved today.

One of the questions that still needs to be asked of the time machine builders is who gets to decide whether or not the people in the past or in the future are disturbed by the humans from our time, and do their opinions really matter? Which is to say have you ever considered the fact that the people who are living in the past or in the future might find your visit offensive or that they might not want to be disturbed?

Also, have you given very much thought to the inescapable possibility that some of the humans who are living in the past might experience a heart attack as a result of you visit? In addition, how can you predict how your father or mother might respond to a grown up version of their child prior to witnessing the evolution of the life that they brought into the world and especially when they won’t have the benefit of knowing any of your accomplishments or what a grown up version of you looks like since physical features change over time? And what if your parents respond badly to seeing you in the 1950s for example and it alters the entire course of their life since our individual evolution is based on all of the forces that we interact with?

How might you be received in the 1700s when you will look nothing like the humans that lived back then? And I don’t mean your costume. I mean your physical appearance since the people in the 1700s will not have taken a battery of vaccines or prescription medication and since they will not have lived in a highly industrialized age that has changed their environment and the way that they think and speak. Our manner of speech will not be well received since the 1700s didn’t have television or computers or fitness gyms or smartphones or any of the things that makes us modern day humans. The communication will be extremely limited and the time traveler or travelers may even be killed since they will not look anything like the indigenous population.  

An example of such an encounter can be witnessed by reading about the various European explorers who time traveled by visiting lands that had lived the same way for thousands and thousands of years. Many of these explorers were killed simply because they didn’t fit the scene.

Time travel is achieved whenever we interact with people or writings or technology or music or pictures or movies or paintings from the past. For example, when we read about the lives of Frederick Douglas or George Washington Carver or W.E.B. Dubois or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we are able to experience “Post Slavery Racism” as well as their individual struggle to overcome it. When we read about the life and times of President Abraham Lincoln we are able to witnesses the challenges that he faced for standing for the truth and for being a leader of all people including the blacks.

When we listen to a 1978 music recoding from Prince we are able to travel back in time since the overall atmosphere and the spirit of the 70s will never be repeated. We also travel back in time when we listen to the additional recordings that Prince made up until his untimely and tragic death.  

When we purchase and drive an automobile that was manufactured in 1972 we travel back in time since we are able to experience the technology of the 70s as well as the thinking processes of designers. We especially experience the thinking processes when we examine the all but forgotten AMC (American Motors Corporation) creations and the designers who brought us the unequalled AMX and the AMX Javelin. We also see an automotive company who could have been bailed out by the U.S. Government, but who was allowed to go under which gave rise GMC since it didn’t have any other competitors like AMC. The fall of AMC is still felt to this very day and certain senior citizens that I interviewed told me that GMC and the government made a deal and that this is why AMC was allowed to die a completely preventable automobile manufacturing death. This is the kind of time traveling that can only be achieved by interviewing men and women who lived when AMC was lost to time.

When we read the Quran or the Holy Bible or the Egyptian hieroglyphic writings or ancient African writings or ancient Chinese or European writings from the past we are able to safely achieve time travel without causing direct or indirect harm to the people who are living during these past times. We also time travel when we look at pictures and at movies and television shows and when we view paintings which are said to express a thousand words, but are all of the words consistent with the thoughts of the painter who is from a different era?

When we read past news articles we also time travel since they tell the history of the world. We also time travel when we read The Playground novel by Carmichael Wolfe which allows us to see what was going on during “The Black Civil War” which was fought between the Crips and Bloods during the 1980s and 90s. This war was fought on American soil and claimed the lives of over 30,000 Americans, however, the violence and the overall cover-up and Cubans being on the scene has not been covered in the historical news or by the alternative news agencies like Infowars. The CIA and the FBI and the US Military are also mentioned as well as their involvement in certain communities. The real reasons behind the drug wars as well as the subsequent unreported Black Civil War are also laid out in The Playground which has a number of hidden stoppers that will cause the unsophisticated to miss the entire point.

We also time travel when we read about the deadly Opium Wars as well as the backdrop that surrounds the FDA approval of certain lifesaving drugs. We also time travel when we read about past elections and the kings and queens of by gone eras. We also time travel when we read about the Roman Wars and the Viking Wars and the African Wars.

The American Civil War also allows us to time travel and I often wonder what the humans that are fifty years into the future will gain from our writings and our music and movies and pictures and television shows and news articles and technology and presidential elections.

Will the future humans understand that they are safely time traveling while interacting with the various personalities of our age?         

   Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –