Despite numerous claims by radio host and modern day propagandist Alex Jones of infowars there is absolutely no evidence to support his claims that President Obama and the White House are either trying to start a race war or have started one.

We need Alex Jones to back up his outlandish and unfounded claims because there is either a race war that is going on or there is not.

During the course of this news article I will explain what needs to be present in order for there to be an all-out nationwide race war as well as what signs to look for and why Alex Jones is not dealing with the facts that govern the collective reality that we share as Americans. I will also explain why President Obama or “The Left” cannot cause a race war by demonstrating what some blacks are involved in and what some blacks want to do in life.

Now in order for there to be an all-out nationwide race war that is initiated by Americans or African ancestry, who are also known as Black Americans or as African Americans, something would have to happen that would cause 80 to 90 percent of the member of the black race to essentially lose their will to live and to develop a kill or be killed attitude which would consist of an ideology of all whites must die no matter who or what they may be. We are not there and nor do I expect us to ever reach this point because we have a lot to live for and because our lives do indeed matter.

Black Americans did not reach a suicidal pitch as a whole after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed who was nationally and internationally known, so 80 to 90 percent of blacks will not lose their will to live simply because a group of racist white police officers decide to kill disadvantaged and in some cases mentally handicapped black youths and adults.

The Palestinians have been oppressed for years; however, they like African Americans have not lost their will to live which tells us something about human beings and their collective ability to adapt to oppression. The BLM is simply calling attention to the plight of some blacks who are still trapped behind the walls of “The Virtual Plantation” since a group of racist police officers are keeping them there and have killed many of their family members and friends  before they could recognize the American dream that everyone is supposed to be afforded.  

“The Virtual Plantation” exists because only the racist police officers and those who are trapped in it can see it when President Obama isn’t in town and when the cameras aren’t rolling. This is the real unseen America that hopefully the Global Police Force will do away with.

Alex Jones was called deeply racist by a member of his own race who is obviously cut from the same cloth as the courageous white abolitionists who fought and even killed racist white people who were hell bent on killing blacks and who wanted to enslave them. The abolitionists stopped the race war that was directed at blacks simply because of the color of their skin.

Readers, if we cannot trust Alex Jones to deliver the truth with respect to the supposed race war that is going on across America then what can we trust him with?  

The unmistakable signs of an all-out race war after an entire race of people have lost its will to live are as follows.

African Americans will stop attending church and other religious centers since heaven and hell and God will no longer exist in the minds of the 80 to 90 percent who choose death over life because of their oppressive which is what caused black mothers to kill themselves and their children during “The Middle Passage.”

African Americans would stop going to work and they would also stop going to school since and education would no longer matter to a race that wants to leave the planet because of racism.

African Americans would stop attending social functions such as clubs.

African Americans would stop eating at restaurants and they would stop attending movie showings and all communication with whites would come to an end.

African Americans would withdraw from society which would cause America to look like a ghost town.

African Americans would stop attending political rallies since there would be no hope for the future.

African Americans would attack without warning and if there are 300 police stations in a given area they would be hit simultaneously by tens of thousands of suicidal blacks who would be firing all calibers.

African Americans would be attacking and killing anything white for 18 to 20 hours a day which means that some light skinned blacks would be mistaken for whites and killed just like they were during the Watts Riots. The violence would be akin to the time when the Arabs and the blacks joined forces in Africa under the banner of Islam and crushed the white European slavers.

African Americans by the tens of thousands would also attack news stations and radio stations while defeating the security and not a single while person would be left alive because a race war is about killing the other race and not about reasoning with them, and you can ask the family of the white female who was visiting South Africa when the blacks ran through the streets and started killing everything white. She was killed even though she was an American who had nothing to do with the past politics. This is what happens in a real race war.  

African Americans would attack all white churches during worship services because they would remember that the whites had done this to them as a race.

African Americans by the millions would attack all white areas which would be declared a total loss and no go zones for whites who would lose homes and cars and schools.

African Americans would have Mexican Americans and Asian Americans as well as Hispanics who immigrated here by less than legal means joining them in their race war against the whites.

African Americans would introduce some whites who think that they control them to a “Julius Caesar Moment.”

African American pilots and copilots would crash planes filled with whites into the ocean and into packed freeways.

African American bus drivers would drive whites off a cliff since they would want to take the whites with them since in their minds the white would not have a legitimate reason to remain on the earth.

African Americans would jump out of high-rise buildings while taking screaming whites with them since neither one of them can remain on the earth due to white racism.  

African Americans would attack hospitals in white areas since the whites are getting much better care while they are dying on a daily basis.

African Americans and Mexican Americans and Asian Americans would attack white grocery stores and would not allow delivery trucks into white areas so the whites would starve to death.  

African Americans would cause white to boards planes for Europe where they would be killed by Arabs who are not going to put up with racism.

Can Alex Jones produce any evidence that shows that any of this has happened or is happening all across America, and more importantly, can he prove that President Obama is involved or what he would gain from something like this?

A race war is hell on earth and any blacks caught in the company of whites would be killed on sight which means that I would also be killed for interacting with whites.

African Americans are playing videogames online with people in Canada and in England and in Haiti and in different parts of America and also with people in China and South Korea and are therefore not interested in a race war. African Americans are interested in visiting Turkey and Cuba and Moscow and China and Ireland and France and other parts of the world and do not subscribe to Alex Jones’ twisted world view of ubiquitous race wars and boogeymen at every corner.

African Americans have done much more for the reputation of the United States than Alex ever will because black entertainment is a real American export not infowars.       

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –