Countless fathers and mothers have had to rush their children to the hospital due to accidents that have occurred as a result of taking selfies. Advances in technology have also brought with it many new and unforeseen challenges for parents as well as emergency services workers who have to treat the various injures and who also have had to pronounce young and old dead as a result of selfies.

Selfie Madness is sweeping not only the United States of America but most of the known world. Law enforcement has had to close off certain areas to protect selfie takers from being attacked by bears since the selfie takers were trying to photograph themselves with a wild animal.

Males and females alike have also fallen to their deaths while taking selfies and they have also suffered gruesome injuries, however, this has not deterred others from climbing onto railroad crossings in pursuit of the ultimate selfie. I personally witnessed Selfie Madness last winter when a 13 year old girl climbed onto a fence so she could take a picture of herself while standing in front of a painting that was on the side of a building.

The young lady slipped and came crashing down onto her genitals and consequently dropped her cellphone and broke it. This happened while I was enjoying biscuits and gravy and had to leave my breakfast to help her dislodge herself from the pole that was between her lges since she couldn’t get down and since her female friends were too busy laughing at her to help her since she was screaming and crying. The 13 year old obviously put taking a picture before her ouwn safety and as a result was crying uncontrollably for close to thirty minutes. However, not being able to walk or speak wasn’t at the forefront of her mind since the first thing that she uttered after the pain subsided is “I didn’t get the shot and I broke my cellphone.”

She wasn’t concerned about the damage that she had done to her private area and refused to allow me to help her to the restaurant so the workers could call her an ambulance. She just limped off with her friends after saying she needed to get a new cellphone, so she could come back and take the seelfie.    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –