The packaged foods industry has been taking a tremendous beating ever since Americans collectively realized through the alternative media, and also through certain grassroots efforts that they as individuals have a right to decide what to buy when it comes to nutrition as well as life sustaining foods that do not come with a whole host of side effects such as holes in the intestines.

Americans were much healthier and happier when they were eating the foods that they grew themselves and that they purchased from the local neighborhood farmers. However, ever since the packaged food industry came on the scene, and started buying advertising slots, Americans have seen a steady decline in their overall health and in their quality of life according to a number of alternative health experts who operate outside of the packaged foods industry.

When I was growing up in America the beef that I ate as well as the cheese tasted far different than it does today, and I believe that this is because my grandfather and his family members used a farmer in Texas to raise their cattle on natural sources and to slaughter a cow every six months prior to shipping the wholesome and steroid free and non GMO feed meat to Southern California. My grandfather had three deep freezers as well as a gas generator since each deep freezer would be filled to the top every six months. We had plenty of wholesome beef throughout the year and shared it with neighbors and friends and no one had any health problems to speak of.  We also grew our own vegetables since people who come from the West Indies and Texas and Louisiana and Jamaica and certain parts o France believe in self-sufficiency. We also made our very own ice cream as well. This was of course before the older generation started to die in their upper 80s and 90s and beyond.

The beef that I have eaten at some burger stands and also at some Mexican food restaurants doesn’t taste anything like the beef that we ate as children and therefore I cannot trust eating beef at any of the restaurants that I frequent because beef should still be beef. The only beef that I’ve tasted that tastes the same as the beef from my childhood is the grass fed beef that I’ve purchased from the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles California. The beef in the supermarket doesn’t even look like it used to because I can remember eating beef at a certain supermarket some years after my grandfather passed away, and it wasn’t as good as what I was used to, but you could at least tell that it was beef.

The packaged food industry is losing out to stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods since consumers have the ability to buy food items that can prolong their lives. The packaged food industry has lost well over 3 trillion dollars in sales since consumers want organic food items that aren’t filled with salt. Scientists who don’t work for the packaged food industry have stated that it is far better to consume an organic tomato than it is to eat a canned tomato due to the preservatives like salt, which is by the way directly linked to hypertension.

Growing up I found that some Asian Americans view salt in a very different light. For instance a Caucasian female offered a 15 year old Asian male some free candy, and he immediately refused it while Hispanics and whites and blacks who were far too trusting gathered around and lapped up the candy that was given by a stranger that they didn’t know from Eve. I of course didn’t accept the candy since I didn’t know the woman and since I was fully aware of the racism that permeates the United States and since I had also heard of several black kids being poisoned by a white female that was passing out free candy.

I asked the Asian male why he didn’t accept the candy figuring that his reasons would be the same as mine, however, he said that he didn’t want his blood sugar to go up which surprised me since I was more worried about being poisoned than I was about my blood sugar going up since a police officer had told me not to accept any free candy from anyone including white females since they were looking for a blonde haired white female who was passing out candy to the same kids that died from poisoning.

The same female that had offered the free candy heard us talking and then offered the 15 year old a bag of salty potato chips and he refused those as well because he said that Asian scientists in China had already linked the consumption of table salt to type 2 diabetes and that no one should be purposely consuming salt in their diet in high amounts since salt itself is directly linked to hypertension. He also said that Americans still haven’t figured out that certain packaged foods that they’re eating on a regular basis are causing them avoidable health problems that keep the healthcare industry in America afloat. He also went so far as to say that the packaged foods industry and the for profit healthcare industry in America are secretly working together since the scientists in America are aware of what food additives will cause death and also what food additives will make us sick in addition to what food related conditions will require treatment by a medical doctor as well as medication.

The same Asian teenager wouldn’t eat Mexican food because he said that it contains too much starch which would eventually lead to weight gain and possibly even to type II diabetes.

It’s interesting how you can learn certain things from other Americans who have access to international scientific data that suggests that salt is harmful and that it can cause both hypertension and type II diabetes. However, in all of the advertising that the packaged foods industry has done I have never heard them speak about the harm that the preservatives in their food can cause. We certainly have cigarette warnings as well as ads that are running to persuade a person to either stop smoking or to never start in the first place. We also have tremendous lawsuits against the tobacco industry, but how many against the packaged foods industry for products that contribute to obesity and to amputations and to kidney dialysis since sugar can be just as addicting as narcotics are in some people?

When are we going to see some real news reports on the evening news about the side effects that are associated with the preservatives that are contained in packaged foods?

When is the United States Government going to force the packaged foods industry to come clean and to place warnings on television and also on all of their products?

When are the big television news stations going to have alternative food experts on national television to talk about the harm that is being done to Americans by the packaged foods industry?

Will we ever see a serious news report on all of the news channels concerning the harmful effects of Mexican food on the human body since it’s high in carbs and increases blood sugar levels and since a great deal of Mexican nationals some of whom who are on kidney dialysis have come down with type II diabetes prior to moving to the United States?

When will there be a television news special that is dedicated to the history of food in the United States and that exposes all of the diseases that sprang up after the boom of the packaged foods industry?

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –