There are many Americans who have spoken out about a world in crisis, and these individuals include Christian leaders as well as politicians like Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul. However, none have captured the attention of the American people or that of the international community like Alex Jones of

Each week that a listener or a viewer tunes in or watches Prison Planet TV he or she is treated to news from all around the world, so it’s kind of hard to make the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ label stick when Alex Jones and his crew at infowars are simply reading and displaying news articles that have already been written by reporters from all around the world. If what Alex Jones is reading to his audience is a conspiracy theory then what role do the authors of these news articles play in this large and all-encompassing conspiracy theory that is being used as a source by Alex Jones during his daily broadcast?

I have had the opportunity to listen to Alex Jones on several occasions, and the conclusion that I have come to is that he is not so much a journalist in the commercial sense of the word, but rather that he is an activist when it comes to certain issues that he finds extremely important since he often offers his opinion on certain matters where as a journalist would simply ask a questions. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing since Mr. Jones is relying on expert testimony from secret sources from inside the U.S. Military and other vital parts of the United States Government, so based on what has been revealed to him he cannot present it as a question since it is based on the facts that have been provided to him in confidence by those that are unwilling to speak publically for various reasons.

I don’t agree with some of the things that Alex Jones has said on his radio show especially when it comes to calling black Americans racists because you see African Americans are simply responding to the racism that was perpetrated against their ancestors during slavery and that has continued to this very day, so blacks are not racists, for they are the victims of a racist system that includes the U.S. Government and both political parties and Corporate America and various past and present media outlasts who claim to be fair and impartial, but who have traceable racist roots right along with deliberate character assassinating footage.

African Americans have never been able to escape American racism because just when certain whites were starting to progress past the sticking point of racism. Other people from foreign lands like Mexico and Armenia and Asia who learned of what while Americans had savagely done to blacks right here in America picked up right where they had left off even though they had never met anyone black before and even though none of them had ever experienced the full horrors of slavery and racism and discrimination like black Americans have.

The atrocious and never ending racism and discrimination that African Americans as a whole have experienced and endured while growing up and while raising children and while trying to practice a profession in an inhospitable American society that never wanted them to be free or to be anything other than a slave or a prison inmate who works for pennies for large corporations, which is legalized slavery by the way, as well as the overwhelming reason that so many blacks have been deliberately framed and unfairly imprisoned and intentionally corrupted through black exploitation movies and through song, includes, but is not limited to, false arrest, and political assassinations inside and outside of prison, and police brutality that is so egregious that it would cause the Russians to nuke an entire police force if the American police were doing the very same thing to the Russian citizens living in Ukraine, as well as the full weight of unchecked and government sanctioned systematic racism as well as blatant and unrestrained discrimination.

The other races living in America and who brag about their successes have never faced the same magnitude of racism and never ending discrimination that African Americans as a whole have because if they had faced the same exact circumstances as African Americans, which includes being forced to live in ghettoes and cut off from all forms of intellectual stimulation, and outdated text books that are ten to fifteen years behind the ones that the whites are using, as well as no access to  natural resources or contact with the international community, then they wouldn’t own the businesses that they own and they also wouldn’t have attended the colleges that they have attended and they wouldn’t have gotten bank loans and they also wouldn’t have been permitted to live in certain areas of the United States of America since real estate agents were forbidden from selling homes to blacks in certain areas that Hispanics and others were allowed to move into, which is something that shocked some Filipino real estate agents who weren’t aware of just how deep the racism runs in America,

I had a Filipino American teacher who was also a real estate agent and who quit his job as a real estate agent after he was aggressively told during the late 70s and the early 80s that he couldn’t sell blacks homes in Yorba Linda California and Irvine California and Gardena California and Torrance California and Norwalk California and Downey California and Pico Rivera California and Orange California and Whittier California and Anaheim California or outside of South Central Los Angeles as it was called before the name was changed.

My Filipino teacher was told that all blacks were being confined to Los Angeles and that they were not welcome in the white areas, but that he could sell homes to Hispanics in these areas since the Democratic Party was on the verge of creating a secret voting bloc in the republican held areas and that the Hispanics would eventually identify themselves as Democrats once their numbers had increased and once the racist white people in these areas had accepted them with open arms since they weren’t black. My teacher also stated that he was told that the wealthy Democrats that were living in these areas that he couldn’t sell blacks homes in even though he was licensed to sell anywhere in California didn’t want blacks living next to them or going to school with their kids. My instructor also said that the Democrats didn’t want the whites to talk to blacks about the Republican Party or to teach them that blacks used to be Republicans or that the Democrats were the Ku Klux Klan that many Republicans had fought against in the past.

My instructor was in tears when he recalled what had happened and how he had to break the news to his African American buyers who were doctors. He also said that America belongs to everyone except for the blacks and that he would never fight a war for a country that treats blacks the way that America treats them. .

What my Filipino teacher told me in junior high school is something that Alex Jones has never personally experienced as a black person, and other than Alex Jones’ unqualified views on racism in America since he has never grown up black in America, and since he grew up in a Southern stronghold that was defeated during the American Civil War, he does make some interesting points while using various news articles and video clips that were produced by numerous journalists who are not activists/journalists since they are pure journalist and try not to engage in editorializing as much as possible. So with that said, if Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist then what part do us journalists play in the conspiracy if he is using our collective work?

At the end of the day English is English when you really get down to it whether it be the Queen’s English or American English, so Alex Jones cannot redefine the entire English language and must use the already established definitions of words, so if a news article says that prominent members of American society are relocating to New Zealand for fear of a financial collapse the general public and journalists alike must take notice of such statements. .

In addition, when Alex Jones reads news articles from around the world and displays them on screen, it is definitely worth looking into if only to vivify that the news agency actually put the documents out. I like others don’t have the time that is required to read 200 to 300 news articles a day, however, Alex Jones and his crew are dedicated to doing so and to also bringing them to the attention of the general public,, so based on this, one would have to conclude that infowars is bringing already published and edited news articles to the general public, who has a right to know what’s happening all around the world, and who also have a right to know what international journalists are saying due to the past and present history of some of the American based news organizations who have willfully participated in blatant racism and in black character assassination.

Alex Jones and his crew also provide some original reporting as well as startling news footage like the five plus hours that were captured in Ferguson Missouri and that did not air on the usual news channels.

Is Alex Jones breaking an unwritten rule that states that only the government sanctioned news organizations (i.e., the ones invited to the White House) can bring Americans the news? Does this rule also state that Americans must not be told what international journalists are saying about America and about American politics? Is Russian Television also on the list of things that shouldn’t be discussed? And what about aliens and supernatural matters since Alex has guests that also talk about these subjects from time to time? What exactly is Alex Jones’ crime or offense? Is he guilty of causing CarmWolfe to expose the truth about certain things that he hasn’t discussed or that he has skirted around? I can’t find anything that he is guilty of other than his misrepresentation of racism in America, which may be primarily based on pure ignorance on his part as well as a lack of understanding about how racism impacts those that are being discriminated against since the same rates a crime can be found in Australia amongst the indigenous people who are also the victims of white racism.

Aside from Alex’s political views and dedication to informing the general public, which is what he seems to be doing, he is also a family man and good to his wife and children, and I believe that this is why he is also opposed to mandatory vaccines since there is overwhelming American and international evidence that vaccines kill and sicken children and adults. The health experts that have appeared on Alex’s show have also talked about the dangers of vaccines and also about aspartame and other harmful substances that are being placed inside the very food that is being sold to us. I researched aspartame for myself and will not ingest anything that contains it.

The National Rifle Association, is a long standing American institution and it is a source that Alex often quotes with regard to the Second Amendment and gun rights in general. Alex also mentions the historical fact that the NRA originally taught black Americans how to shoot as a way to protect themselves against the KKK, however, he is called a conspiracy theorists when he is reading word for word and when he expresses his agreement with statements that have been made by the NRA, so with this taking place, I ask the question, which American institutions are we as Americans supposed to follow if not the NRA who took a stand against the KKK by teaching blacks to protect themselves against the dangerous and extraordinarily racist organization of white men and women some of whom who state that they are feminists?

I am neither for guns or against guns, but am following the war that is taking place between long standing American institutions like the NRA and other long standing American institutions and the U.S. Government, who continues to float gun legislation ideas when three hundred million people are not committing gun crimes.

We either read about the aforementioned conflict or we watch the ensuing war of words on television, however, we haven’t heard anything about American tanks being on Russia’s border, which is something that Alex and others are talking about. I personally haven’t seen anything about American tanks stationed on Russia’s border while watching MSNBC or ABC or CBS.

Before we as journalists accept a particular label that has been placed on an individual we owe it to ourselves to investigate the public figure that is being beat to death by words just like we should not accept ‘He or she was reaching for their waist band or I thought that he or she had a gun and feared for my life’ since this has been the official line since forever.

We as journalists need to do our jobs by questioning what is being said and by writing unbiased news articles.

I’m sure that I might get some flack because I have not written a provocative predominantly anti-Alex Jones news article that is designed to cause people to hate Mr. Jones even more than some of them already do, however, I’m a journalist and do not believe in piling on if the evidence simply isn’t there, My personal charter is to tell the truth to the best of my ability.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –