On 05/18/2015, I set out to investigate numerous complaints that had been brought to my attention concerning the business practices that are being employed by the Enterprise Rent-A- Car that’s located at 10901 Auto Square Drive Cerritos, CA. 90703. Tel: 562-860-3500.

The complaints that I received explained that the terms of the individual reservation, which is attached to the customer’s name and telephone number during the telephone call to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car representative, routinely change once the unsuspecting customer arrives at the individual location where the rental is said to be waiting for them. The car classification might be in stock, however, the employees at the Enterprise rental counter who haven’t personally taken the reservation over the phone, but who can see what the call center representative has placed in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car system, seem to go out of their way to completely change the terms of the telephone reservation which is what I experienced when I went to pick up my rental that I had reserved with the call center representative.

Prior to arranging for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick me up, I was assured that my rental would be 25.00 a day and that the deposit would be 100.00 if I provided a major credit card which is what I presented to Tanner upon arrival. However, Tanner stated that the deposit would be 300.00 and that it is only 100.00 if a third party is paying for the rental because the customer has been involved in an accident.

The cheerful female employee taking the reservation over the phone never mentioned anything about a third party needing to pay for the rental in order for the deposit to be 100.00 because if she had then I wouldn’t have wasted my time going to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car office to pick up a vehicle. By the way I could not get any documentation to support Tanner’s claims about a third party needing to pay for the rental in order for the deposit to be 100.00. There also wasn’t anything posted in the office or outside the building.

In addition, Tanner could not provide an explanation for why the person taking the reservation over the phone would have deliberately lied about the price for the rental per day as well as the 100.00 deposit with a major credit card. Tanner was also extremely rude to me when I explained to him that the price that I was given over the phone as part of my official reservation, which was issued a reservation number during the call, was completely different from what I had agreed to while making the reservation..

Based on the extreme rudeness and unprofessional behavior of Tanner as well as the reservation change, I advised Tanner that I no longer wanted to rent the car since the terms of the reservation that I had agreed to were suddenly being changed from what I was originally told.

After politely informing Tanner that I would not be doing business with Enterprise Rent-A-Cara since my reservation had suddenly changed, Tanner began to raise his voice towards me in the presence of customers prior to snapping my credit card down on the counter in an angry manner, which could have caused the credit card to sustain irreparable damage.

The entire ordeal was like something straight out of a Twilight Zone movie, and during our conversation, Tanner who was dressed in a suit and tie, and who was still very much angry with me for not wanting to pay a higher amount than what I was originally given over the telephone, also stated that they don’t go by what the reps say over the phone and that they use a different system altogether, so the price is not going to be the same. Now with this haunting statement alone, If Tanner is to be believed, it would appear to the objective investigator that the reps on the telephone are there to get the customer in the front door and that they accomplish this by promising things that will not be honored by the individual location. This wasn’t always the case because I’ve rented numerous vehicles from this same location in the past without any issues of this kind.

The rude and unprofessional approach that Tanner Hudson. took with me, whose business card states that he’s an Assistant Manager for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Division, is something that I’ve never experienced before when renting a car, and since I’m not a consumer who’s going to allow himself to be taken advantage of, I simply asked Tanner for his business card and called myself a taxi cab prior to renting a car from an entirely different company who required a deposit of 300.00. I gladly paid the 300.00 to the other car rental company since the company hadn’t lied to me just to get me in the door.

In addition to my personal encounter with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which was part of my official investigation since I had received several complaints, there were several customers of senior citizen age who had also experienced their reservations suddenly change once they arrived to pick up their vehicle. During my visit on 05/18/15, I personally witnessed three senior citizen customers expressing their displeasure with the sudden reservation change which amounted to nothing short of an unexpected price hike. The complaints about the reservation change and price hike were made directly to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car staff, who were also asking for a 300.00 deposits instead of the 100.00 that the senior customers were told over the phone while making their reservation.

One senior citizen explained that she couldn’t  charge more than a 100.00 on her credit card since this was all the credit that she had available.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car should be able to find out who the telephone employees were if the recorded telephone conversations are reviewed from 05/18/2015. The calls will reveal the 100.00 deposit statements since I spoke to a male employee over the phone before I set up the reservation with a female employee during a separate telephone call to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car call center. During both calls I was assured that the price for the deposit would be 100.00 and there was no mention of a third party needing to pay for the rental.

Share this news article with your local news channel or radio station and ask them to investigate the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location in your neighborhood because the public needs to be fully aware of what is transpiring at some Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations. The public needs this information, so it can collectively make the very best choice when it comes to their rental car needs since there are a lot of choices when it comes to renting a vehicle due to car repairs or simply out of wanting a newer car for a road trip.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –