On November 10, 2013, I had the opportunity to interview a woman named Melissa Rodriguez, and she provided me with critical insight into why she ultimately made the decision to transition from a woman to a man.

Melissa who had not yet completed her transition stated that her decision to become a man had nothing at all to do with any notion of her being oppressed by men or feeling inadequate and powerless as a woman. Melissa also stated that her decision to become a man had nothing at all to do with the feminist ideology and that what she was ultimately going to do should not be used by this particular political group to demonstrate that a woman felt so powerless and helpless in a society that men set up and that they built skyscrapers in and automobiles in and other remarkable technological devices in that she had to assume the identity of the male oppressor in order to feel whole since this is simply not true.

Ms. Rodriguez stated that she has never felt oppressed by men and that her father has always been a factor in her life and that she simply felt more of a kinship towards males than she ever felt with members of her soon to be former sex. Rodriquez also told me that she used to watch her little brother urinate when she would take him to the restroom and that she felt that she was meant to use the restroom while standing up instead of while sitting down. Rodriguez also stated that when one of her female friends showed her a pornographic movie during a sleep over that she fell in love with the male body once she was able to see the male penis do more than just urinate.

Melissa then began a campaign that consisted of her hanging around with males and secretly studying them and asking them what they liked most about being male. The males that Melissa hung around with were both heterosexual and homosexual which allowed her to gain insights from both worlds since each of the males could tell her how they viewed other males and females.

However, this wasn’t enough for Melissa because she also wanted to know whether or not she would be accepted by the males in her group and in the larger society of males if she were to have the sex change operation that she desired. The males in Melissa’s high school group and then eventually in her college group asked whether or not Rodriguez was serious about giving up her breasts as well as the use of her vagina? They also wanted to know what she felt about sporting an artificial penis and whether or not she would be okay with being unfairly targeted in person and in the media by members of the feminist political party who hold a tremendous amount of animosity towards the entire male population that currently exists on the planet earth and especially in America?

Once Melissa stated to her friends that she wanted to be male more than anything else in the entire world, and that she was ready to join their ranks, and that she didn’t give a damn about what the feminists were talking about, the males asked one final question which was. How do you feel about not having children since God is the only one that can produce real testicles which means that you won’t be able to impregnate a woman since you won’t have sperm to offer her?

To the final question Melissa proudly stated that she would simply join the ranks of the men who are unable to have children due to biological reasons and that after watching the gay pornographic film “LadyBoy Confidential” that she had come to realize that having children with a woman is not the ultimate victory in life, for it is just being happy with who and what you are.

Melissa who is now known as Patrick O. underwent her sex change operation in the summer of 2014. The transformative operation was performed outside of the United States and he absolutely loves being a man and he described feeling great joy in his life now that he can look at himself in the mirror from the waist down and see what he always wanted to see. He also enjoys sex for the first time in his life since he feels that he was always meant to be a giver rather than a receiver.

Patrick O. makes a little less money as a man than he did when he was a woman and he also notices that he gets far less discounts on clothing and shoes and other items as a man than he did when he was a woman and that he pays more for drinks as a man than he did as a woman since bars aren’t giving men happy hour specials. Also since he doesn’t know very much about cars he’s still getting ripped off by the same people that were ripping him off when he was a woman even though he has a mustache and doesn’t have large breasts like he used to.

During our post operation interview Patrick related to me that the same repairman that he had argued with as a woman had tried to charge him 130.00 for a car repair that he had only paid 85.00 for as a woman and that when he told the repairman that he used to be the same Melissa Rodriguez that he had asked out 8 months before the price suddenly dropped back down to 85.00 since the guy stated that he only charges guys more for being girly men who don’t know anything about cars.

Despite the lack of discounts and being ripped off by repair shops Patrick O. is happier as a man than he ever was as a woman and has also engaged in sex with homosexual males and states that he enjoys it since he’s able to relate to them and can finally give them what they want since he’s physically able to do what he could have never done as a female. Patrick also stated that he can now determine how much he has enjoyed sex with a particular woman since his penis allows him to make an informed decision just like other men.

Patrick also informed me during our follow up post operation interview that mutual masturbation between women which is the kind of sex that lesbians from his former sex have with one another and that he also had before he became a man is a false sexual experience since a woman can never experience the true joys of sexual intercourse that can be experienced by a man who has sex with a woman since a woman is physically unable to experience real sexual intercourse with another woman since she must have a functioning penis that is connected to her nerve endings and that responds to direct stimulation during intercourse and that produces an orgasm as a result of the direct stimulation that is experienced during intercourse.

My pre-operation and post-operation interview with Melissa Rodriguez who is now Patrick O. was indeed a real eye opener since Patrick had sex with both males and females prior to his surgery and afterwards and was able to articulate what was experienced before and after and how it is different and why her lesbian sexual encounters prior to becoming a man were false sexual experiences.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com