We have certainly heard an awful lot about the kind of deplorable racism that currently exists inside the Hollywood subculture  as it relates to actors and actresses, however, we don’t often hear much about the specific types of racism that is currently being perpetrated against African American novelists and screenwriters who want to write about  other than ethnically based subjects that subconsciously teach immaturity as well as violence against one’s own kind and also against others that increasingly find themselves in the role of crime victim since a certain percentage of the unconscious viewers of these ethnically based movies will begin to act out the violent scenes that they’ve ingested while watching a Hollywood produced and funded ‘Violence-Fest ‘ that’s filled with young and misguided and sexually active and angry black  protagonists.

Whenever a dominant culture is insecure enough to deliberately stymie the creative works of a particular group of people who were enslaved physically and mentally and economically throughout slavery, and who still are in 2015, it speaks volumes about the collection of people who outwardly represent the tribe that is playing host to the minority members of its society. If there isn’t room for everyone to express themselves by creating the kinds of stories that they want and love, then the end result is tainted because the unconscious onlooker will begin to believe that the members of the minority group that is being oppressed by the dominant group can only write about certain ethnically based subjects because they are somehow inferior as well as less intelligent. This is how the Hollywood subculture controls reality.

African Americans are still being controlled intellectually and economically by the racist majority that controls Hollywood even though much is not said about the unpleasant subject of intellectual control that exists in Hollywood. This is due in part to an intentional media blackout since few journalists have the courage to report on what’s really taking place behind the scenes. The fact that Hollywood will only provide money for African American themed movies that show blacks in a negative or less than flattering light proves that there is a racist conspiracy that involves secretly influencing public opinion about African Americans. Young black males and females are seen as non-serious entities who aren’t interested in anything outside of sex and alcohol and marijuana and going to clubs when nothing can be further from the truth since many young black males and females are also interested in space and medicine and art and all of the other things that normal human beings are interested in which is why blacks were heavily into surfing prior to the advent of Gangsta Rap.

Young black males who wear their clothes in a manner that resembles hobos learned to dress like this by watching ethnically based movies that had secret white writers who had an agenda to corrupt young black minds and to clandestinely influence public opinion about blacks and to replace the images from the Civil Rights Movement with images of gang bangers and drug dealers and drug addicts and thieves.  The subculture of gang bangers and drug dealers and drug addicts and thieves quickly became the prevailing image of African Americans due to the Hollywood conspirators and their counterparts at the news stations and at the various newspaper outlets.

As part of Black History Month African Americans or blacks and Americans in general and foreign nationals are encouraged to look at footage from the past because by doing so a media savvy person, who looks at the photographs and at the news footage that represents African Americans prior to the 1960s, will be able to see how it differs from the Hollywood created version of blacks as well as the true untainted nature of African Americans. The creation and magnification of the subculture of African Americans was deliberate in nature and it was spread throughout the United States and the world through movies and television and radio. The Hollywood version of African Americans did not exist prior to the 1960s because blacks as a whole dressed like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and also like President Barack Obama and they also had dreams of being more than gang bangers and drug dealers and drug abusers and thieves and inmates in a correctional facility and unwed mothers with a legacy of welfare.

So, what happened to the blacks that wanted more out of life prior to the turbulent 1960s?

African Americans were influenced by the negative images that they saw on television and at the movies and also by the immaturity that they collectively heard coming through the radio. Prior to the negative influences invading their lives black males and females wanted to be like George Washington Carver and like Fredrick Douglas and like W.E.B. Du Bois and now they want to be like the gang bangers and the drug dealers and the drug abusers and unwed mothers and thieves and scam artists that they have come to know through watching the news and television shows and ethnically based movies and also by listening to entertainers that have lived the Gangsta lifestyle.

The aforementioned negative behavior is also reinforced by employers who discriminate against intelligent blacks while rewarding blacks that talk about getting high and who want to sleep with everyone in the office since they have not expanded their horizons by educating themselves since they have come to believe that ignorance is simply the state that the must achieve and maintain for the remainder of their days.

This is the result of not allowing blacks to write about other subject matter such as horror and science fiction and love stories that depict nearly all white cast members. The only kind of love stories that blacks are permitted to write about and that will be made into motion pictures are the kind of love stories that show abuse of alcohol and drugs and promiscuous behavior which further influences public opinion about blacks as a whole.

If I as a journalist were to write a screenplay about a group of white friends who don’t have any black friends, the whites in Hollywood would say you have to change your story because you must include someone black since this is what we expect a black person to do. You must also make sure he or she isn’t as smart as the whites in your story because whites must always be seen as the dominant entities unless there are even smarter whites in the story. In addition, the black character must be emotional and he must be seen to see women as a piece of meat since this reinforces the cruel myths of slavery as well as the images that Americans already have of blacks.

The racist tactics that exist in Hollywood and that control blacks intellectually are not openly discussed in the media, however, they go on all the time and racist remarks are always present and ideas are often stolen from African Americans since the whites that control Hollywood want writers to submit non-copyrighted works and since whites as a whole state that they can take your idea without using your specific characters which amounts to dishonesty and outright thievery which speaks volumes about the perceived dominant culture who has made it clear that they don’t want any intellectual competition or any stories from blacks that do not cast African Americans in a perpetual negative light.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com