The innocuous sounding term ‘Pharm Party’ is an unusual term that most Americans are not readily familiar with, and that they will slowly begin to add to their individual vocabularies once they or a family member or a friend or a relative or a coworker comes face to face with a personal tragedy that unexpectedly hits close to home, and that will provide an unmistakable explanation for the term that sounds innocuous on the surface.

Pharm Parties are increasingly taking place all over the Continental United States of America as more and more young adults and preteens are experimenting with prescription drugs that have not been legally prescribed for them. Young adults and preteens who are looking for the ultimate experience or for an unforgettable high are secretly pilfering their parents’ and neighbors’ and relatives’ prescription medication while claiming to need to use the restroom, so the unsuspecting adult will leave them alone long enough for them to execute their theft. Once securely inside the restroom the door is locked and the pill thieves begin to raid the medicine cabinet in a premeditated effort to obtain any type of psychoactive drug that they can get their youthful and inexperienced hands on.

The highly deceptive pill thieves are also known for knocking on a stranger’s door prior to asking to use the restroom, and once they gain entry into the stranger’s home due to their youthful and non-threatening manner, they immediately start stealing tablets and capsules that have been legally prescribed for various medical conditions. Some of the pill thieves are even bold enough to enter the stranger’s bedroom while the unsuspecting person, who is a senior citizen in 9 out of 10 cases, is nice enough to be preparing coffee or tea or hot chocolate for them since they feel that it is something that the young person needs.

The pill thieves are even heartless enough to stay in the stranger’s home long enough to consume the freely given beverage all the while knowing that they have stolen the senior person’s prescription meds. The pill snatchers raid closets and dresser drawers and shoe boxes and other places inside the stranger’s bedroom that they suspect that the senior citizen might have placed their medication. The same thing is also done to family members and also to parents of friends.

The stolen drugs are then taken to the local Pharm Party where they are placed inside an empty bowl right along with other stolen prescription drugs that have been legally prescribed. The young adults and preteens that are attending the underground Pharm Party begin to gather around the table where the bowl has been placed and once it is clear that all pilfered drugs have been placed inside the bowl they begin to grab handfuls of pills right before swallowing them without caring whether or not they are taking anti-psychotic medications or anti-depressants that suppress the Central Nervous System. The prescription drug consuming Pharm Party participants are simply seeking an unusual high or experience that is often deadly since drug interactions often occur since the young adult or preteen has absolutely no idea why the medication was prescribed in the first place or what signs to look for that could quite possibly spell death.

Young adults and preteens are so desperate to acquire legally prescribed drugs that they have resorted to combing through landfills at wee hours of the morning in search of discarded medications that are classified as psychoactive substances. Some preteens are even ditching school, so they can knock on the doors of strangers in an effort to steal prescription medications. The same kids that are playing hooky are also visiting landfills where they pay certain individuals to allow them to comb through the garbage for medications that can be sold at Pharm Parties and also consumed by them and their peers.

Young Americans are essentially playing Russian roulette with stolen prescription medications since many of them simply believe that the legally prescribed medications must be safe since they have been prescribed by a doctor. However, they have absolutely no idea what the pharmacist or the prescribing doctor has told the patient about the medications. They also haven’t bothered to do any research that would reveal the side effects of the drugs and consequently lose their lives due to ignorance.

Some of the prescription meds that find their way into ‘Pharm Party Bowls’ that resemble jellybean spreads are given to young adults and preteens by adults who don’t understand that the young adult or preteen must be evaluated by a medical professional who will determine what kind of medication if any they might need. The medical professional will also determine the duration that the medication should be taken as well as the proper dosage. Without knowing the possible sides effects of the drug or the duration and proper dosage and what condition or conditions the medication has been prescribed for, the young adults and preteens are asking for trouble and especially when mixing a handful of prescription drugs with alcohol which is exactly what’s being done on a consistent basis. Young adults and preteens are putting their lives in jeopardy all in the name of having fun at a Pharm Party.

Young adults and preteens are stealing prescription drugs without understanding that some drugs have been placed on a Q.L. List or on a Quantity Limitation List and therefore cannot simply be replaced if stolen since the federal government has set a total number of pills for a 30 day or 15 day supply.  The young adults and preteens also don’t understand that some private insurance companies and Medicare plans will not pay for stolen or lost medications, which means that the senior citizen will have to go without the medication for an undetermined amount of time if they cannot afford to buy another batch of meds after securing another prescription from their doctor, which essentially means that two lives are being placed into danger since the senior citizens needs their medication and since the pill thief might not leave the Pharm Party alive after swallowing a handful of unknown prescription drugs.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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