Elliot Rodger committed an unspeakable act of violence against his fellow college students, and I doubt that we’ll ever know why he did what he did since dead men tell no tales.

It seems rather unlikely that Elliot Rodger went on a rampage simply because he couldn’t get a date because millions of young men that are still virgins haven’t committed a single act of gun violence or an act of violence with a knife and have absolutely no plans to do so, which means that what Elliot Rodger did, however, heinous it might have been, was an isolated incident as well as the work of a seriously disturbed individual who doesn’t represent the hundreds of millions of American males that haven’t committed such a heinous act of violence. The fact that Mr. Rodger was the son of a Hollywood director who worked on a popular movie like “The Hunger Games” makes his actions all the more puzzling since it seems like he wouldn’t have had very much trouble getting a serious date since we often see persons with extreme disabilities dating people who don’t have any disabilities to speak of.

How hard did Elliot Rodger really try to get a date?

Are there any girls that we know of that he even asked out on a date and that turned him down?

How many blondes attended his school that can honestly say that they even knew who he was prior to the shooting or that he asked them out on a date more than once even though they had rejected him the first time around?

Mr. Rodger’s motives for killing a group of innocent people seem to be rooted in his mental health issues and not in being rejected by those of the opposite sex because being the son of a Hollywood director who worked on a blockbuster hit generally causes a person to become popular enough to be asked out on a date by someone of the opposite sex. As a journalist, I’ve been asked out on a date several times, and I’m not the son of a Hollywood director and nor did I work on an internationally recognized film.

Why hadn’t we heard of Elliot Rodger before his Isla Vista massacre when most children of Hollywood parents are featured on TMZ since they’re parents have a certain amount of notoriety since they’re in the lime light?

Why didn’t Elliot Rodger have a publicist that was drumming up publicity for him since his father worked on a Hollywood film like The Hunger Games and since he had certain aspirations of his own?

And why didn’t he have any Hollywood friends that he hung around with at clubs and at restaurants like all of the other celebrity kids?

Why wasn’t Mr. Rodger involved in the usual Hollywood celebrity scandals since he had this much rage inside him and why don’t we have photos of him with some of the females that he was reportedly interested in?

There are quite a few unanswered questions that I doubt will be answered in our life time, but one thing that’s for certain, is that there was much more than rejection that was at work in the case of Elliot Rodger since he obviously had some serious mental health issues since he was relying on the lottery jackpot to solve all of his perceived problems and since he felt that he needed a woman to define him and to establish and to validate his own self-worth.

There are millions of African Americans that are forced to grow up in impoverished areas since these are the very same areas that their ancestors were forced to live in after slavery and they aren’t massacring college students.

This same group of people would be much more deserving of winning the lottery jackpot than someone like Elliot Rodger since most of them don’t have a future due to a lack of economic opportunities and due to their futures already being decided for them by their flagged zip codes that have remained the same since their ancestors were forced to live in the ghettos that can be found all around the United States of America.

Elliot Rodger had endless opportunities and he drove the kind of expensive European made automobile that most underprivileged African Americans will never own, but yet and still he couldn’t see how good he really had it, which speaks to his mental health issues since there are millions of American women as well as foreign nationals that would have loved to have dated someone that had potential.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

This article was also published by Examiner.com