Prior to deciding to dig deeper into this particular subject, I had heard that several heterosexual women had become heavily addicted to watching gay pornographic films, and decided to conduct several interviews to try to understand why this particular phenomena is occurring, and what you will be reading below will shed some light on this seldom talked about issue, and it will also provide several solid reasons for why and how this particular addiction first got started for the four courageous women that were interviewed prior to this news article being written.

The names of the women that I interviewed appear in the order that they were interviewed.

Marisol G. who is Hispanic and aged 34 and a housewife shared with me that she first started watching gay pornographic films after becoming increasingly interested in how two men have sex with one another. Marisol also stated that she happened to be in a video store one evening about five hours after hearing a pastor say that homosexuality was wrong and that those that engage in the activity are sinners. The lessons of the Sunday morning service were still fresh in Marisol’s mind when she accidentally bumped into a Hispanic man that she states was clearly a homosexual. The man was holding a DVD that depicted two men kissing one another, so she started to ask the stranger what kind of things he liked during sex, however, the man became angry with her and he told her that it was none of her business and that if she wanted to know how men have sex with one another then she should get a visual aid like the one that he was holding. Marisol quickly apologized to the man since her questions had obviously offended him, and she became hooked after watching the very first movie and currently watches gay pornographic films at least three times a week, and when asked why she watches the movies that many times a week, she stated that she watches them because she prefers to see transsexuals engaged in sex since there’s a lot more action in gay films and since she’s learning a lot of things that she didn’t already know. Marisol also confessed that she watches the films because she becomes stimulated by the male on male scenes.

Carol K. who is white and aged 52 and a legal secretary stated that she became addicted to gay pornographic films a little while after watching two men kissing in the park while on her way home from school. This was something that Carol had never seen before and when she asked her older brother what men did to each other when they were alone since she figured that he would know since he was a boy, she got nowhere since she didn’t understand that although her brother was anatomically male, he had absolutely no idea what men did in the privacy of their bedroom since he was a heterosexual male that was only attracted to females. Carol waited until she was old enough to buy a gay magazine and then she progressed to gay movies and after watching the men performing sex acts like women, she couldn’t stop watching the movies and has developed quite the collection, which she keeps hidden from her husband since he wouldn’t understand her addiction and since he’ll get upset since he’s a church going Christian that wouldn’t approve of her viewing selection. Carol’s husband may not approve of her viewing selection due to his religious beliefs, however, she stated to me that she has absolutely no intention of giving up her collection since they have exposed her to a world that she previously didn’t know existed and since the collection of movies have also helped her to become a better lover since the movies get her in the mood more often and since they also teach her new ways to satisfy her husband, who has a bigger smile on his face now that she’s watching the movies that he still doesn’t know about.

Gail W. who is Japanese and aged 23 and a college student stated that she got addicted to watching transsexual gay pornographic films after watching the movies with her brother’s best friend who happens to be openly gay. Gail also confessed to me that she had a major crush on her brother’s best friend, and thought that if she started watching the movies with him then it would make him sexually attracted to her like guys that become sexually attracted to women that also like to watch sports, however, she found out the hard way that it doesn’t work that way with gay men because they either want a woman or they don’t since there has to be sexual chemistry in order for the sexual relationship to work since opposites don’t always attract even though this is still an accepted scientific theory that is still being taught to children even though the homosexual community as a whole has proven that opposites don’t always attract. Gail was operating off of the principle that opposites always attract and by the time she realized that her love interest was never going to feel the same way about her that she felt about him she had already become addicted to watching gay porn and currently watches it at least four times a week since she states that she can’t get enough of the movies since they stimulate her and since they simply blow her mind since they’re an eye opening window into a new world that not very many people know about since they aren’t aware of how men make love to each other.

Kim S. who is African American and aged 26 and a social worker became addicted to gay pornographic films after finding a gay magazine while riding the bus while her car was in the repair shop for a week and a half due to major repairs that totaled more than five hundred dollars. In addition, to telling me about the seminal moment with the gay magazine that was lying on the seat next to her before she realized what it was, Kim also told me that she couldn’t stop looking at the magazine once she took it home and that she also parked outside a gay bar where she witnessed a group of gay white men kissing and hugging each, which only made her want to know more about the mysterious world that she wasn’t a part of and that she didn’t even know existed prior to finding the magazine that opened her eyes since she had never seen anything like it before. Kim desperately wanted to approach the men that were standing outside the bar with her questions, but was afraid that she would be sent away since she’s a woman, so she decided to put on a pair of dark sunglasses prior to entering an adult novelty shop and prior to paying cash for a couple of DVDs since she didn’t want to create a paper trail or an account in her name that would show that she was renting gay porn. After arriving at home with her newly purchased DVDs Kim became hooked from the very first scene that showed a fully functioning transsexual male and his chiseled lover having sex. The first scene had a profound effect on Kim since she never knew that men had sex in the very same positions as women and in other positions that women can’t achieve due to anatomical reasons. I asked Kim what she gets out of watching the movies and she stated that they stimulate her even though she doesn’t understand why. Kim also told me that she has more than fifty five DVDs since they’re nothing like the ordinary pornographic movies that she watched back in high school while she was attending a slumber party that consisted of ten girls.

None of the aforementioned women have ever watched lesbian porn, and stated that they don’t want to. The women also stated that this phenomenon is sweeping across America and that there are a lot of women that are addicted to gay pornographic films, but are afraid to say anything about it since they can’t understand why the male on male movies stimulate them or why they keep them coming back for more and more.

The only thing that the women have in common aside from being anatomically female is their overwhelming curiosity as well as their deep desire to understand a world that they can’t be a part of since they aren’t gay males.


Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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