Has the obvious call for new and interesting ways for Inanimate Technological Devices or I.T.D.  to perform certain strength building and character building tasks that men and women used to perform on a constant and daily basis prior to being replaced by machines and computers; robbed us of our ruggedness and of our effectiveness as a military power?

Well, some would argue that technology has made us weak since our young men no longer hold many of the traditional roles that men have held for hundreds of years. These same individuals would highlight the fact that young men, who used to enjoy spending their Saturdays learning something of a  mechanical nature from their fathers and grandfathers, are no longer participating in such activities as automotive repair and plumbing and roofing and drywall replacement and tile replacement and cabinet making and shelf construction and transistor radio building and mechanical clock repair and agitator replacement and fence construction that requires one to dig a hole and to fill it in with cement in order to support the post that the wire fence will be attached to.

Men and women that lived in happier times and in pleasant eras that did not witness the kind of mindboggling crime rate that was witnessed during the 1980s and 90s, and that’s also being witnessed in the 21st Century, have unanimously argued that the aforementioned items build character, and they have also stated that the purposeful elimination of certain high school sports programs as well as the absence of the father in the home and the promotion of the mother as being both a mother and a father has had a profound effect on the overall development of our young men and women since they have yet to understand what a real father does or doesn’t do in the presence of his children or when he is alone.

In their words the children that are unfortunate enough to live in a broken home have only seen life through the eyes of their mother, who can’t teach them who or what a man is or what a father does or doesn’t do in the presence of his children or when he is alone.

In addition to the various baby boomers and non-baby boomers that I had the pleasure of interviewing, I also had the opportunity to interview a white female that’s fifty two years of age and she was reduced to tears as she painfully described her son and grandson as not possessing the kind of manly qualities that were previously held by her recently deceased seventy three year old father, who along with both of her grandfathers and older brothers and uncles had built a vacation house in the state of Georgia that they had been vacationing at for the past twenty plus years.

The woman that I interviewed is an office manager and she is extremely proud of her father and of her grandfathers and of her uncles and of her older brothers and she actually called her son and grandson weak and she also stated that the educational system and society itself had robbed her son and her grandson of the joy of being men since they have been effectively removed from certain male activities that are no longer offered in the schools due to certain programs being intentionally eliminated due to reduced funding and claims of fairness.

Francine M. also stated that her son and grandson had been robbed of the joy of being men due to the marketing of certain electronic devices that she would call feminine in nature and due to the ubiquitous unflattering television shows that show men in a negative light and due to the Hollywood movies that depict men in roles that are normally reserved for women and that also show the female as the hunter and the gatherer when this is not the story of the human species. Francine actually called the movies as well as certain television programs and radio programs a purposeful reversal of the roles since she can’t tell whether it’s a man or a woman that’s speaking over the radio since they all seem to sound the same, which leads her to believe that certain people in authority wanted males to get used to listening to a female voice that’s giving them directions since a distinct male voice causes men and boys to want to participate in male activities.

During our interview Francine who has an A.S. in political science also expressed concern over the potential vulnerability of the United States of America, and when I asked her what she meant by her statement, she stated that the presence of so many males that cannot be considered “Weathered” had made the United States less effective as a military power since the ruggedness of a nation is also determined by the mustard of its ordinary citizens that could be called upon to defend the nation at a moment’s notice should the nation be attacked by a hostile state.

Is Francine correct in her assessment or has she completely misjudged the entire state of the nation’s ruggedness? Or has she correctly identified a drastic change in a society that now seems foreign to her since the vast majority of the males that she encounters are nothing like the men that she knew while growing up?

If Francine isn’t correct, then what about the other men and women that I interviewed and that expressed concern over what they’re seeing? Are they also wrong or have they stumbled onto something that isn’t being discussed out in the open?

Most of the men and women that I interviewed were college educated and they held various degrees and came from different social economic backgrounds and from different ethnic groups, however, what united them is their belief that there’s been a fundamental change in our society since the men of today do not resemble the men of yesterday.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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